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Annual 1985
Annual 1985

  • Released: September 1984
    ISBN: 0 7235 6719 0
Battle Planet 6th Doctor and Peri
The Doctor and Peri should have landed on Exar 3, but the Doctor does not recognise the location. Without warning, a shot from a laser gun hit a rock, which stands directly between them. As they could not see where it came from they decided to run back to the Tardis in the hope of escaping. Suddenly they started getting an odd sensation that made them feel tired, and slowly they feel unconscious.

They woke up to find themselves in a chamber where everything was gold. The Doctor believes they were knocked out by a moisture evaporator, which was enough to knock them unconscious but not to die. A small gold alien enters and jabs the Doctor with a sharp talons indicating him towards the door. Peri try's to follow, but is told to stay where she is whilst the Doctor was taken out of the room.

The Doctor is taken to another golden room where many of these aliens stand in military way. At the very end of the room was another alien that looked different from the rest and was taller. The alien addressed the Doctor asking for his name, which the Doctor gave. The alien introduced himself as Ranon, who was the guardian of the Debans. He stated the planet was called Belstar and apologised on bringing the Doctor and Peri down here.

He said they were in need of help as they were at war with the Siros who want to control their sister planets Lostar and Kristar and all the secrets of the planets is stored in a blue rocket that is kept in the Tower of Selsor. The tower is in the Nomed Zone, which is a very deadly place. The Siroses are specially equipped to go into the zone but the Debans are not. That is why he asks the Doctor to go and retrieve the stone for them.

The Doctor agrees and along with Peri they head out to find the Nomed Zone by following the largest rock formation that was suggested by Ranon. While trying to find it, the Doctor falls down a hole and luckily survives. He tells Peri that she should come down the hole as he has found the entrance to the Nomed Zone.

They enter and find that Nomed Zone is a complex place of caves with the walls covered in golden nuggets. Peri touches one of them, which opens a trapdoor in the floor that leads them to the stone itself. Wasting no time they picked up the stone and head out the Nomed Zone and successfully give it to Ranon.

Time-Placement: Between The Two Doctors and Timelash, more precisely between Blue Box and Davros. This because the Doctor and Peri appear well acquainted with one another but they're still bickering allot amongst each other. Also, Peri wears a suit which is very similar from The Two Doctors.

Source: Cameron Stewart
Day of the Dragon 6th Doctor and Peri
After talking to Colonel Latham in his drawing room, the Doctor and Peri leave the room only to hear a scream. When they rush back in, the Colonel has been burnt to a cinder. The Doctor suspects Spontaneous Human Combustion but Harper, the butler, enters with a maid who is screaming about dragons in the cellar. The Doctor sees a door that leads from the drawing room to the cellar.

They go down to investigate the well-lit cellar but there is nothing to be found except a green scale. The Doctor takes Peri aside and tells her he once fought Qualar, the Grand Master of Fire. Unable to defeat him, the Doctor gave him the planet Zaron to wreak havoc on. Qualar could take the form of a dragon.

The Doctor and Peri leave the house to go back to the TARDIS. In the wood outside they are confronted by five dragons. One of them burns the Doctor's arm with fire while leaving his clothes unscathed. He then reverts to the humanoid form that the Doctor recognises as Qualar. He says that he has come to Earth for its 'secrets' rather than the barren planet the Doctor tricked him into taking. Qualar and his dragons abruptly vanish.

Peri and the Doctor find the TARDIS wreathed in fire. Qualar tells them that it is dangerous to fight him, as Latham found out. The Doctor then runs back to the house, telling Peri that the colonel must have been onto something for Qualar to kill him. They don't find anything in the colonel's files but when Harper arrives saying that a dragon is coming, the Doctor thinks of a plan. He turns on all of the gas taps in the laboratory. They collect Sarah, the maid, and then all four of them run to the TARDIS. All too soon, there is a huge explosion. Qualar and his dragons are gone forever.

Source: Mark Senior
The Real Hereward 6th Doctor and Peri
The TARDIS lands in marshland and the Doctor and Peri get lost in the mist. They take refuge in the home of an old man. Shortly after, a band of Saxon outlaws arrives, also seeking shelter. The Doctor and Peri discuss the possibility of this being the guerilla army of Hereward the wake.

The Saxons are trying to make an alliance with the Danes to force the Normans off the throne. The Doctor says that they could only do this if Harold was still alive. It soon transpires that 'Hereward' is really King Harold, who survived the Battle of Hastings.

The Doctor quietens the men when he hears a noise outside: the cottage is surrounded by Norman soldiers. The Doctor scares them off with a toy robot. He then advises Harold to maintain his identity as Hereward and continue to harry the Normans, thus maintaining the morale of the Saxons. Harold thanks him for his advice. As the dawn breaks, the Doctor and Peri leave to find the TARDIS while Peri pesters the Doctor about why he keeps toy robots in his pockets.

Source: Mark Senior
The Deadly Weed 6th Doctor and Peri
While visiting the planet Kyros, the Doctor and Peri stroll by a tranquil lake and see a small creature eating some dark weeds. The creature convulses, dies and turns a bronze colour. They rush back to Vama, the Time Lord who looks after that solar system. He says that a comet hit the planet recently and the crew of men he sent out to investigate all vanished, all except one. That one returned and died, also turning bronze.

While the Doctor and Vama are talking, Peri runs in saying she has been attacked by a robot. The robot enters and fires a stun ray at Vama. The Doctor grabs a freeze gun and uses it on the robot. When Vama recovers he says that the robot was Neltar, one of the team that went to the comet site.

The Doctor says he visited a planet called Jerimi once where the robot race perpetuated itself with a similar weed. They decide that the solution is to go to the crater and destroy the comet. Setting off with an armed escort, they are soon attacked by a group of robots. As the Imperial Guard fights back, some robots are destroyed. The problem is that their wreckage hits the Guards and they in turn are transformed into robots. After a fierce battle, the Doctor and his friends, with the surviving guards reach the crater.

They plant explosives that destroy the weeds in the crater. This has the effect of killing all of the other weeds on the planet and destroying any remaining robots. The Doctor decides it is time to leave.

Source: Mark Senior
Vorton's Revenge 6th Doctor and Peri
Peri finds herself regaining consciousness in a dead forest. The Doctor is standing in the doorway of the TARDIS, watching her. He does not know where they are but suspects some force has dragged them there. Four small humanoids dressed in dark blue approach, each carrying a laser gun. They take the Doctor and Peri to a cave where hundreds of other blue-clad people are waiting. One of them, wearing red, says that the Doctor has been brought to Exclon to fulfill a purpose. He says that his name is Vorton. The Doctor remembers that the planet was destroyed by the Time Lords for its attacks on neighbouring worlds.

Vorton says that his people have been rearming. He wants the Doctor to tell the Time Lords that he has negotiated a peace treaty so that the Exclons can attack with surprise on their side. The Doctor and Peri are put in a cave to be guarded. The Doctor says that he needs to destroy the anti-gravity beam that pulled them in, and then the spacecraft that Vorton intends to use to attack the Time Lords.

As the Exclons test their ship it causes an earthquake. Rocks tumble down and in the confusion Peri and the Doctor escape their guards and run down the tunnels. They run straight into Vorton and a guard who take them to the chamber where the massive ship is waiting. As they get there the ship begins to explode. The Doctor grabs Peri and drags her back to the surface just as a massive explosion underground signals the demise of Vorton and the Exclons. They find the TARDIS and leave.

Source: Mark Senior
The Time Savers 6th Doctor and Peri
On his way to Palaran, the Doctor feels the Time Lords take control of the TARDIS and dragged to the High Council chambers. He lands in the Panoptican with the council in session. The Lord President guides him to a seat and tells him that something on Earth threatens to destroy the planet and part of the universe. It is something to do with the manipulation of time and is happening in 1996.

Thus the Doctor and Peri arrive on Earth on 3 September 1996 with no idea what they are looking for. They find themselves in a park just outside Cambridge. The Doctor sits on a bench near a tramp, to whom he gives ten pounds. It seems as if there is nothing untoward happening when two men in brown overalls suddenly appear and then disappear. The Doctor tells Peri that they are members of the Ipsilon Foundation and are time travellers from the future.

The Doctor's response is to sit on the bench for several hours, deep in thought. He overhears a radio broadcast saying that there have been mysterious goings on at the Arthur Jeffries building, home of the National Union of Psychic Investigators.

That night, they go to the Arthur Jeffries building and break in easily, only to be caught by six armed guards. The two Ipsilon men appear briefly and see the guards. They run away, startled, and two of the guards chase them. The guards take them to a laboratory where the Doctor recognises Professor Thomas. After a brief conversation it transpires that the Professor is building a time machine. The Doctor wonders where he got the idea from but all is revealed when the Master steps forward.

The Master, or Professor Masterman as he is known, says that he has been trapped on Earth since the Doctor stole his time-matter adjustor. He is trying to regain his freedom. He makes some final adjustments to the time machine. Suddenly, four Ipsilon men appear. They tell Professor Thomas that his time machine is a success, but greedy people use it to plunder the past and the future and destroy the planet. They point their weapons at the time machine. The Master warns them that they are probably going to wipe themselves out of existence but they say that is a risk they are prepared to take. They fire.

The time machine is destroyed but the Master escapes in the mayhem. The four Ipsilon men fade from existence. The Doctor and Peri return to the TARDIS. He tells her that the mission was a success even if all they did was stand there and watch. He tells Peri they need to go back to Gallifrey to report but he thinks a spell on the beaches of Palaran might be preferable.

Source: Mark Senior
The Mystery of the Rings 6th Doctor and Peri
Peri has been complaining how the TARDIS never works properly so the Doctor lands on a late 1970s autumn evening in England. He wants to get a screwdriver from the shop to replace one he lost. The ironmonger they call at tells them that there have been a lot of people visiting the standing stones ('The Rings') at nearby King's Hill. He says that there was a witch once who turned a king and his men to stone but, no matter how many times you count, you will never count the same number of stones twice. He adds that people are going to see the strange lights and the sounds from the top of the hill.

The Doctor leads Peri to the hill. On the way he tells her it sounds like the Valiark at work. On the top of the hill they find a circle of young people, apparently hypnotised, staring into the circle of stones. There are a dozen silvery shapes dancing in the centre. The Doctor warns Peri not to look at them. He says that they are from Valiark and that their normal shape is more like a gargoyle but they are currently using their electromagnetism to defend themselves rather than adopt their true shape (which they will have to do to colonise the world.)

He remembers that the last time the Valiark came to Earth millions of people died. The planet was only saved when somebody broke the magnetic circle. He and Peri therefore hide behind the stones and taunt the aliens until one of them is jostled against a stone. There is a flash, the villagers are freed from the hypnosis and the Valiark revert to their gargoyle shape before fading away. Peri, a bit chilly now, suggests they get back to the TARDIS.

Source: Mark Senior

Comic strips in blue
Short stories in black

Annual 1986
Annual 1986

  • Released: September 1985
    ISBN: 0 7235 6747 6
The Fellowship of Quan 6th Doctor and Peri
The TARDIS materialises in a tunnel on Tuven III. Peri says that the tunnel looks man-made even though the planet is meant to be uninhabited. They walk down to a control room where a computer stands. The Doctor waves his hand over the display and accidentally sets off the defence system. Peri screams as guns point out of the walls and they dive for cover as bullets fire around them. The Doctor picks himself up and says that the computer insists the tunnels are all submerged so Peri guesses that they are in an air pocket. They make their way back to the TARDIS.

Three cowled figures watch them on a screen. The Sentinel of Quan is worried that the visitors may endanger the Fellowship of Quan. He is intrigued that the Doctor understands the old machines and orders that the travellers do not leave. One of the other figures operates a mechanism that dumps sand into the tunnel, cutting the Doctor and Peri off from the TARDIS. Only the TARDIS light shows above the sand.

The Doctor scoops up some grains and says they are too angular to be natural. He heads back to the control room for answers. The Sentinel tells his colleagues, Svan and Passon, to capture them. He intends to revive Quan.

The Doctor looks at the computer and says that the entire surface of the planet has been mined by robots for centuries. At that moment they are surrounded by cowled figures who lead them through the tunnel matrix to the Sentinel, Svan and Passon. The Doctor tells Peri that these are the survivors of the planet's population after they destroyed the surface in their exploitative endeavours. The Sentinel agrees and says that he needs to awaken Quan who will be their saviour. As only the Doctor seems to have the knowledge, he must be the one to do it. If not, Peri and the Doctor will be shot.

The Doctor is taken to the Sentinel's chamber and shown an inscription. He reads it out, translating as he does so. The Sentinel says that this is what he really wanted the Doctor for and then reveals himself to be the Master. He says that he drew the Doctor there by using one of the devices on the planet. After eliminating the Sentinel with his Tissue Compression Eliminator he used a voice synthesizer to carry out his deception. He adds that Quan is a powerful robot and that the inscription has told him that Quan was made to protect the other robots on the planet.

When Svan and Passon enter with their 'brothers' the Master covers his face and, as the Sentinel, orders a door open. Quan steps out, revealed to be a squat humanoid robot. It asks where its fellow robots are. The Master says that they are gone but he will give Quan a purpose: to conquer. The Doctor says that this is not the real sentinel and Quan uses infra-red vision to see that the 'Sentinel' is using a voice synthesizer. The brothers close in on the Master and the Doctor and Peri leave him to it. They head back to the TARDIS, dig through the sands and make their departure.

Source: Mark Senior
Time Wake 6th Doctor and Peri
The Doctor and Peri walk through London early one morning, using a black box to find a time anomaly. The Doctor says that someone is using a primitive time ship that has left a wake between 1986 and 1720. When the box bleeps, they climb down a manhole into the sewers and follow a patch of light. They walk through a brick wall and arrive in a cellar, beneath an inn in 1720. Peri finds a doorway into a passage and they follow it into a room. The room is full of glass tubes containing mist and a British Prime Minister. The Doctor says that these are android replicants.

Just then, a figure in a dark cloak steps out through the door and closes it behind him. The glass tubes slide up and the androids lurch towards them. The Doctor makes a rapid adjustment to his black box. Now it transmits a control signal to lead the androids. The Doctor and Peri run up the cellar steps, out of the inn and through London to the Thames. They get into a boat and move away from the bank. The androids follow them and disappear beneath the waves.

Back in the inn they find the primitive time machine. The Doctor takes out a component to disable it. Then they rush back to the Time Wake which is contracting rapidly. In front of it stands a large blue alien in a cloak. He tells them that he is Tasq, a time engineer from Bestonas. His ship crashed in 1986 so he rigged a vessel to take him to 1720. He made android Prime Ministers to change history so that by 1986 there would be time travel and he could steal a ship to replace his own.

The Doctor says that this is a dastardly plan. He offers to take Tasq home in the TARDIS but the alien refuses. The Doctor tells Peri to jump through the Time Wake and then follows. They arrive in the sewers in 1986. As the wake collapses a blue hand reaches through and then is gone. The Doctor says that the alien will have died as the vortex closed in on him. Peri and the Doctor head back to TARDIS for a bath.

Source: Mark Senior
Interface 6th Doctor and Peri
The TARDIS has landed on Ketra VIII but from the way the Doctor is working under the console it seems he doesn't know why. Peri looks at the scanner and sees that they are in a rain-lashed castle courtyard. There is a tower with a single lit window. The Doctor dematerialises the TARDIS and takes them into the tower. They emerge into a stone corridor. Entering the room, the Doctor sees an artificial log fire and, on a table, a scroll with the ribbon of the High Council of the Time Lords. The Doctor reads the scroll which says that they are at a convergence of time. The Lord President has sent them to the interface of several time streams.

They walk down a corridor and look into various dusty, empty rooms. The Doctor tells Peri to keep watching while he fetches the TARDIS. Peri sees the rooms change. Sometimes they are peopled by laughing folk, others they are the scene of grisly slaughter. The Doctor reappears and says that the TARDIS is ready to deal with the convergence. The scenes replay themselves and then vanish. The interface has gone.

Source: Mark Senior
Beauty and the Beast 6th Doctor and Peri
The Doctor and Peri are standing by a beautiful lake admiring the scenery when they are approached by one of the angelic inhabitants of the planet. The angel invites them into the citadel and warns them that there have been occasional frightening incursions by savages this far from the safety of the city. Also, he adds, the king and queen would like to speak to them. They follow him through an architectural wonderland, surrounded by beautiful silver-haired people. The king greets them with civility and offers them a guided tour. While he leaves to go to a council meeting, the queen shows them around. And they see only beauty, peace and harmony.

That is, until Peri glimpses a misshapen creature lurking furtively in the shadows. She is alarmed but the queen tells her that this is a member of the slave race which performs all the manual labour. She says that the slaves are born for that life and are content. Normally, she adds, they live and work underground.

The Doctor and Peri wait for night to fall and then make their way through the underground corridors until they find a chamber full of these misshapen wretches. Their spokesperson says that, far from being created for labour, all of the people on the planet are born equal. A test, at age ten, sorts them into two groups: one group does all of the work and lives on minimal rations, the other lives in the citadel and enjoys a life of luxury. The savages, too, are only slaves who ran away to live wild and free. The spokesperson adds that his father was the designer of the citadel but had his ideas and plans stolen because he had failed the test when he was ten.

The Doctor agrees that all of this sounds unfair but he cannot intervene because of his Time lord code of behaviour. The slave says that is alright, he just wanted the two travellers to leave before the revolution starts. He says that the slaves will be victorious, even though they do not want to kill, but the 'angels' have deadly weapons. When the revolution is over, he says, everyone will be equal again.

The Doctor and Peri leave, with the Doctor telling Peri that he has seen this scenario many times before.

Source: Mark Senior
Retribution 6th Doctor and Peri
The Doctor promises to take Peri to Edward VII's coronation but when they emerge from the TARDIS they find themselves in the English countryside. The Doctor has some hope of catching a train but they end up sheltering from the rain under a tree. A horse-drawn carriage stops for them. Its occupant is Robert Lawton and he takes them to the house of Professor Watkins.

As they disembark, Watkins rushes out of the house. He takes a silver (coffin shaped) object from the roof of the carriage. He takes it through, with the help of the others, to his laboratory. After some introductions, Watkins says that the casket was found on Middle-Hill. He intends to drill it open. The Doctor warns that there may be an interplanetary occupant but Watkins laughs at him.

After three hours of unsuccessful drilling, all four of them join Emily in another room for tea. While they are gone, the casket explodes open. They rush back to find it empty but the back door is open. Watkins tells Lawton to fetch his shotgun. The Doctor and Lawton follow the alien's trail into the countryside but the sun sets and they return to the house. They find that Peri has found a transmitter in the casket which the Doctor says will have told the mothership that the casket's occupant has woken up from suspended animation.

The Doctor tells Watkins to send his groom to warn the authorities while the professor, his daughter and Peri should barricade themselves in the house. He, meanwhile, will take Lawton to the TARDIS to locate the mothership.

The two men reach the TARDIS, though Lawton is suitably astounded by the interior being bigger than the exterior. He is more amazed when they step out into a vast spaceship filled with many thousands of the silver caskets. The Doctor seems to think they are on the way to Earth for an invasion so he finds the controls and sends the ship back to where it came from.

The alien, a large insect on two legs, breaks into the house and finds its casket. It sends a signal to the mothership. As the Doctor and Lawton make their way back to the TARDIS, the insects begin to wake and leave their caskets. They see the intruders and open fire with their lasers. The Doctor takes Lawton's shotgun and kills one insect as they re-enter the TARDIS.

Emily and Peri are able to escape from a bedroom window by tying a sheet to a bedpost. Professor Watkins buys them some time by holding up the alien but he is killed by its laser. The girls run into the forest.

The TARDIS arrives and the Doctor leaves Lawton inside but takes the shotgun. He finds the alien and tells it that he has sent the mothership home. The alien, scout Chintor of the Kyle system, says that they were coming to Earth for retribution. A ship from this spiral arm of the galaxy had crashed into their homeworld, killing millions. The Doctor says that aimless revenge is stupid but Chintor opens fire on him. The Doctor rolls away in time and uses the shotgun to kill his assailant. He returns to the TARDIS grim-faced, to find the two girls waiting for him.

Source: Mark Senior
Davarrk's Experiment 6th Doctor and Peri
The TARDIS wheezes into existence in the overgrown grounds of a large house. The Doctor and Peri step out and speculate on why the house is deserted. Perhaps it is haunted? The house is full of cobwebs. As they split up to investigate there is a prevailing sense of evil. Unseen by them a statue of a cherub in the garden responds to a signal and leaps from its pedestal, following them to the house.

Peri explores upstairs and finds a ladder to the attic. The metal ladder is out of place in 1924 England. She climbs it. The trapdoor slams behind her and she screams at what she sees.

In the drawing room, the Doctor finds an open copy of "Mythological Creatures". He glances out of a window and sees two workmen open the gates to the grounds and a Rolls Royce drive up to the house. Three people get out: two men and a woman fashionably dressed. The Doctor comes to the door to greet them and they mistake him for a tramp. In the garden, the cherub hides in the undergrowth.

The men introduce themselves as Charlie Turner and Mark West. The Doctor is somewhat mollified when the young woman, Susan Mansfield, recognises him as a man of breeding. They tell him that Charlie has bought the house after its previous owner (who never lived there because he said it was evil) died.

Peri wakes up, tied to a chair, surrounded by electrical equipment. There is a creature in the room, half man but with a pincer at the end of one arm. One foot seems to be a hoof. He tells her that his name is Davarrk and soon she may look like him. He sends a signal and all of the statues in the garden come to life.

The Doctor searches for Peri in the cellar where his torch shows him the broken remains of statues, including the cherub. He suddenly realises there is trouble and runs upstairs. Out in the garden, the two workmen are killed by the statues. As the statues approach the house the four people inside run up the stairs while the Doctor tells the others that they are dealing with androids. The androids smash into the house and the Doctor fights off the cherub as they all run up the ladder into the attic.

Davarrk is very interested in the Doctor's method of travel and the Doctor is intrigued by Davarrk's appearance. The alien says his ship crashed in a nearby lake and he has been using transmorphology to give himself the strength of an android. He needs these humans as guinea pigs to complete his experiments to give himself the perfect body. He says he has killed several poachers and tramps to get so far but now he has these five he can complete his task.

Two androids put Charlie into a chamber. The machinery operates and then the door opens. His disfigured corpse falls out. A ringing sound outside distracts them. It is a bicycle bell as the local policeman arrives to welcome the new residents. The Doctor pushes an android into the cabinet and then wrestles with Davarrk. Susan pushes another android down the steps and slams the hatch. Susan smashes a vase on Davarrk's head. Outside, the policeman flees, pursued by the cherub. He finds himself encircled by androids.

Other androids smash through the hatch. One reaches for Peri's throat. The Doctor pulls out the Deactivation Key from the console. All of the androids freeze. Davarrk sneaks into the chamber. It hums into life. When the process finishes, he tumbles out, returned to his normal form. He is also dead.

The Doctor and Peri return to the TARDIS.

Source: Mark Senior
The Radio Waves 6th Doctor and Peri
All across London people who are listening to the radio abandon their cars or leave their homes and make their way to the Houses of Parliament and stand in silence. After an hour they come to themselves and return to whatever they were doing.

The Doctor and Peri are called in by the Chief of Police. The Doctor is puzzled by the whole affair and seems to think that it was a process that went wrong somehow. He is, however, sure that it was caused by the radio. Perhaps it was only a test run?

Sirens sounding, the Chief of Police, Peri and the Doctor drive to the Post Office Tower through which all radio signals are routed. The Chief tells them that it is November 8th, the opening day of parliament and all of the MPs and the Queen will be in the Houses of Parliament.

On the way up the tower in the lift, the Doctor lets slip that he thinks the culprit will turn out to be his old enemy. Out in the suburbs the people once again lave their houses and cars, this time armed with anything that comes to hand. As the Doctor leaves the lift he is confronted by three workmen, armed with their tools. The Doctor pulls something shiny from his pocket and spins it. The workmen, hypnotised (or unhypnotised?), sit down. The Doctor leads two armed policemen through a door to find the Master at some controls.

The Doctor says that the plan, to kill the Queen and politicians, will never work. The Master looks at the policemen's guns and asks if he can shut the machine off. After a lengthy pause, the Doctor agrees. The Master flicks some switches and vanishes. Peri realises that the Doctor must have known this was the Master's plan. Outside, the people come to themselves and the day continues as ordinary as any day could be.

Source: Mark Senior

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