Auton 3: Awakening
Auton 3: Awakening
Produced by Bill Baggs
Written by Arthur Wallis with additional material by Paul Ebbs
Directed by Bill Baggs and Patricia Merricks
Music and Sound Design by Alistair Lock
UNIT created by Derrick Sherwin
Auton and Nestene concepts created by Robert Holmes

Jo Castleton (Natasha Alexander), Bryonie Pritchard (Dr. Sally Arnold), Michael Wade (Lockwood), George Telfer (Winslet), Graeme Du Fresne (Ross Palmer, Andrew Fettes (Sergeant Ramsay), Helen Baggs (Nurse), Peter Trapani (Dalby); Peter Trapani, Blane Coughlan, Steve Johnson (Autons.

The Millhampton Event has left an entire population at the mercy of the Nestene Consciousness. UNIT's only hope of halting an unstoppable AUTON invasion is to find Lockwood. But UNIT's most enigmatic and talented operative is missing. Within his mind are the means through which the Consciousness will return to life and destroy the human race. Lockwood will not be given up easily. Palmer knows that time is running out, as the world's computer networks break down he leads a desperate mission into the heart of AUTON control. Sal and Ramsay can only hope they will survive to find Lockwood before the Nestene Consciousness takes over his mind completely and extinguishes all life on earth...
  • Released on video in PAL and NTSC by Reeltime Pictures.
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