Blood Sports
Blood Sports
Written and Directed by Nigel Fairs
Post-Production and Music by Graheme Wilson

Sylvester McCoy (The Dominie), Sophie Aldred (Alice), Jackie Skarvellis (Betty Durham), Bernard Kay (Sid Durham), Keith Drinkel (Baloney), Andrew Laycock (Leach), John Cormack (Zagess), Jo Castleton (Djala).

Travelling on the luxury train service to Vienzza, The Dominie and Alice discover that one of their fellow passengers is a killer: but which one? As time runs out and the body count begins to rise, the Time Travelllers realise that things may not be all they seem.
  • This is the ninth story in BBV's audio series featuring the Time Travellers.
  • Released: June 1999

  • ISBN:
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