The Search
The Search
Written by Mark Duncan
Directed by Bill Baggs
Post-Production and Music by Michael Neilson

Lalla Ward (The Mistress), John Leeson (K-9), Graeme Du-Fresne (Kimmel / Vulich), Bryonie Pritchard (Jora), Mike McCormack (Caloyer).

To maintain their vessel, the Mistress and K9 must locate a sustainable power source and e-space-compatible technology - or lose the ability to time travel forever.

Their answer lies within an ancient derelict Dyson sphere. But all is not as its seems, and the arrival of alien archaeologists from planet Herta, searching for evidence of the ancient, brings further danger.

  • This is the second story in BBV's audio series featuring the Mistress and K-9 (Adventures in a Pocket Universe).
  • Released: September 1999

  • ISBN:
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