The Root of All Evil
The Root of All Evil
Written by Lance Parkin
Directed by Paul Ebbs
Post-Production and Music by Steve Johnson

Catherine Church (Eve), Mark Donovan (Karl), Will Warrior (Jeff), Neil Bull (Martin), Holly King (Sally).

"All is Krynoid, all will be Krynoid..."

On an isolated Yorkshire hill farm a strange species of plant has been discovered. Between the stalks of wheat and through the ancient hedgerows an alien horror is silently choking the land.

Eve Black a young biologist working for the Ministry of Agriculture is called to the farm to investigate, but instead of finding a simple case of weed infestation her enquiries uncover an sentient hostile life form. One that is intent on destroying every living thing on Earth.

The harvest is beginning and the human race is the crop.

  • This is the first story in BBV's audio series featuring the Krynoids.
  • Released: October 1999

  • ISBN:
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