Infidel's Comet
Infidel's Comet
Written by Colin Hill and Simon Gerard
Directed by Jo Castleton
Post-Production and Music by Mike Neilson

Kieran Smith (Jimmy), Paul Ryan (Henry), Adam Stafford (Haworth), Gary Barber (Terin), Jo Castleton (Kate Spencer).

The nightmare of generations has finally come true: a huge comet is on collision course with Earth, a holocaust is imminent. But.

From the Comet come a million copper tentacles that snatch up gorgeous, feral news reporter Kate Spencer and intergalactic bank robbers Jimmy and Henry. Escaping from the most improbable prison-cell in the universe, these three must destroy the brain of the Comet before the day is out, or Earth and several thousand alien species will die.

But the Pure Crusader has his Army of Drones, Kate Spencer has a secret, and it might just be Jimmy and Henry's last stand, in humanoid form at least...

  • This is a stand alone story in BBV's audio series. It was released with a second CD containing music from Mike Neilson.
  • Released: April 2000

  • ISBN:
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