I Scream
I Scream
Written by Lance Parkin
Directed by Paul Ebbs
Post-Production and Music by Mike Neilson

Lisa Bowerman (Narrator), Peter Yapp (Eyescreen), Andrew Fettes (John), Jo Castleton (Sol).

'I know you're watching me. I know you're listening.'

Our planet of Galspar is renowned for the quality of its ice cream, which is shipped across the universe. Life on Galspar is perfect - just as the eyescreens tell us it is.

There are those who say that if you look in the right places and ask the right questions, then this perfection is exposed as an illusion, and a terrible conspiracy is uncovered.

But there have always been some intent on disruption, who are not happy with the jobs they themselves have selected or with the wide range of freedoms granted by the Company.

Ignore these troublemakers, citizen, and you'll see that they do indeed disappear. For your own safety, and to secure your promotion prospects, please do not ask where they go.

  • This is a stand alone story in BBV's audio series.
  • Released: August 2000

  • ISBN:
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