The Barnacled Baby
The Barnacled Baby
Written by Anthony Keetch
Directed by Paul Griggs
Post Production by Ian Knight
Music by Steve Johnson

Nigel Peever (Jethro), Kerry Skinner (Doris), Clive Merrison (Sir Frederick Maltravers), Henry Burge (Demeris), Anthony Keetch (Toby), Deborah Watling (HRH Queen Victoria).

Victorian London is not a great place to be if you're a wounded shape-shifting alien.

Your ship is at the bottom of the English Channel, your crew are probably dead, and your nearest source of food is in a Loch six hundred miles away.

And the natives are insane.

Life isn't looking too promising for a Zygon called Bobby.

  • This is the third story in BBV's audio series featuring the Zygons.
  • Released: July 2001

  • ISBN:
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