In 2 Minds
In 2 Minds
Written by Iain Hepburn
Directed by Nigel Fairs
Post Production and Music by Nigel Fairs

Martin Broad (Foley), Ashleigh Gray (Nicola), Nigel Peever (Wight), Jackie Skarvellis (Liz), Richard Stemp (Cashier / Newsreader / Host / Nash), Joe Young (Dunne), Mark Greig (Tommy), Nigel Fairs (Hall).

Mysterious death. Grieving mother. Government conspiracy. Edinburgh hackette Nicola McLaren has heard it all before. Just a routine investigation into the whole heap of nothing that forms the humdrum grind of real life journalism, right?


Before long people tried to kill her, a lunatic ex-soldier abducts her and she finds herself chased half way across the country to meet aliens she's not even sure exist.

Oh, and then she has to save the world.

  • This is the first story in BBV's audio series featuring the Rutans.
  • Released: September 2002

  • ISBN:
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