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Big Finish Magazine - Issue 1
issue 1
Released with the audio story Loups-Garoux.

1.Coming up... An audio contents page, complete with moaning and groaning actors.
2.The Tomorrow People - Nicholas Young (John), Philip Gilbert (TIM), Gareth Roberts, Rebecca Levene (Seventie sthrowback writers) and the new cast interviewed.
3.Fly Me to the Moon - Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery talks about Sylvester McCoy and India Fisher's live comedy antics. Preview clips recorded before a studio audience.
4.Doctor Who: Bloodtide - Silurians, Charles Darwin, banging doors and someone eating all the pies. There's a fly on the studio wall, and it's holding a microphone. Colin Baker, Maggie Stables, Gary Russell and Alistair Lock feature.
5.'They were kind enough to say that they thought I was sh*te...' The Colin Baker interview.
6.Earthsearch - The third series of James Follett's epic sci-fi adventure. Preview clips.
7.Dalek Empire - Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nick Briggs and John Ainsworth get quite excited about the new adventures of those 'outer space robot people'.

Big Finish Magazine - Issue 2
issue 2
Released with the audio story Nekromanteia.

1.Sarah Jane Smith - Behind the Scenes with the first solo adventures for, aguably, the Doctor's most popular companion; but since the first adventure was recorded last. this provided an excellent opportunity for an overall apraisal of the series. Interviews with Elisabeth Sladen and Jeremy James (who performs his Doctor Who Greatest Hits!).
2.Benny and Iris - Nicholas Briggs stumbles into the loo at Moat Studios, but escapes in time to interview Lisa Bowerman and Katy Manning. Watch out for tips on microphone adjustment!
3.Judge Dredd - Interviews with all the major players in Big Finish's 2000AD audio action, including a mind-blowing trailer.
4.Doctor Who - Ian Farrington is in the chair for in-depth interviews with Caroline Morris (Erimem) and Nicola Bryant (Peri... and Queen Anne!). Also featuring a trailer for Nekromanteia.
5.Jubilee - Heard the one about a Doctor Who CD overrunning? Directors Nick Briggs and Rob Shearman (also the scribe) discuss and listen to the scenes that had to be cut.
6.Dalek Empire - With Dalek Empire II: Dalek War now beginning, Nicholas Briggs rummages through the interviews John Ainsworth conducted during the studio sessions for the first series. Sarah Mowat, Mark McDonnell and Gareth Thomas feature.

Big Finish Magazine - Issue 3
issue 3
Released with the audio story Omega.

1.Project: Lazarus - The teaming up of Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy is covered in a studio report which proves that double the Doctors can easily mean double the fun...
2.Doctor Who and the Pirates - This sea shanty sing-a-long spectacular showsthat the Sixth Doctor is sensationally ship-shape. Or something. But, as we discover, not all is as it seems... for a start, the baddy is a Goodie.
3.The Tomorrow People - Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery discusses the range's development, as well as plans for the future.
4.Doctor Who Books - Editors Jacqueline Rayner and John Binns open the book on Big Finish's series of Doctor Who short story collections and preview the upcoming releases.
5.Bernice Summerfield - Taking a break from her adventures with Draconians and Sea Devils, professor Bernice Summerfield and her boss Irving Braxiatel (aka actors Lisa Bowerman and Miles Richardson) take a look at the latest Benny audios.
6.Doctor Who Unbound - 2003 saw Big Finish cast six new Doctor Whos! In this in-depth behind-the-scenes feature, you'll hear deleted materials from Auld Mortality and specially recorded trailers, one for Deadline featuring Sir Derek Jacobi, and one for He Jests At Scars... featuring Michael Jayston. All the major players - including Geoffrey Bayldon, David Warner, David Collings, Michael Jayston, Nicholas Courtney, Carole Ann Ford, Bonnie Langford, Ed Bishop, Siri O'Neal, producer John Ainsworth, script editor Nicholas Briggs and director Gary Russell - discuss the new Doctors... and the new dimensions.

Big Finish Magazine - Issue 4
issue 4
Released with the audio story Scherzo.

1.Doctor Who - Big Finish's third season of Eighth Doctor audios kicks off with Scherzo. In this in-depth feature, the season's cast - including Paul McGann, India Fisher, Conrad Westmaas, Michael Keating and Alan Rothwell - and producer Gary Russell discuss how the season shapes up and look ahead to all four stories.
2.2000 AD - Mega-City One's main guy, Judge Dredd himself (aka actor Toby Longworth), talks us through Big Finish's range of pump action, diesel-fuelled audios set in the worlds of 2000 AD.
3.Doctor Who Vilains - 2003 saw a loose trilogy of Doctor Who adventures pitting the Doctor up against three of his old enemies. We hear from all three returning vilains.
4.Professor Bernice Summerfield - Benny's creator, Paul Cornell, discusses the archaeology adventuress's audio and book ranges...
5.Doctor Who Unbound - In a follow up to the behind-the-scenes feature on Big Finish Magazine #3, we catch up the final Doctor Who Unbound play, Exile, which brings us the Female Doctor, played by Arabella Weir.

Big Finish Magazine - Issue 5
issue 5
Released with the audio story The Roof of the World.

1.Doctor Who - We meet the audio range's newest companion. Philip Olivier talks about Hex, Doctor Who and plans for the future...
2.Sapphire & Steel - Producer Nigel Fairs and Jason Haigh-Ellery discuss Big Finish's upcoming series of Sapphire & Steel audios.
3.Gallifrey - The three L's - Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson and Lynda Bellingham - talk us through the recent Doctor Who spin-off series set on the Time Lord homeworld...
4.Garrick Hagon - With the help of Toby Longworth, the Star Wars actor looks back at his two appearances in 2004 Big Finish audios, Judge Dredd: Jihad and Doctor Who: The Axis of Insanity.
5.Dalek Empire III - In this feature-lenght documentary, writer/director Nicholas Briggs and the cast of Dalek Empire III - including Sarah Mowat, William Gaunt, Steven Elder and David Tennant - tell us about the production of the latest series.

Big Finish Magazine - Issue 6
issue 6
Released with the audio story Terror Firma.

1.Introduction by Lizzie Hopley, who plays Gemma in Big Finish's Doctor Who audio drama Terror Firma.
2-5.Doctor Who: Terror Firma - The latest Eighth Doctor audio sees our heroes face off against Davros and the Daleks... The story's writer, director and cast -- including India Fisher, Conrad Westmaas, Lee Ingleby, Julia Deakin and Terry Molloy -- talk us through the production process.
6.David Tennant - Mark Wright, who adapted The Adventures of Luther Arkwright for audio, chats to star David Tennant about his Big Finish roles past and present.
7.The Tomorrow People - Producers Nigel Fairs and Jason Haigh-Ellery give us an update on the audio series as it enters its fourth season.
8.UNIT - writers Jonathan Clements, Simon Guerrier and Joseph Lidster join sound designer David Darlington and porducer Ian Farrington in discussing Big Finish's recent UNIT audio range. Also included are two deleted scenes from the penultimate story, The Longest Night.
9.Doctor Who: The Last - An exclusive deleted scene from November 2004's Eighth Doctor audio play, The Last, introduced by producer/director Gary Russell.
10.Sapphire & Steel - Stars David Warner and Susannah Harker talk us through Big Finish's Sapphire & Steel audios...

Big Finish Magazine - Issue 7
issue 7
Released with the audio story The Kingmaker.

1.Introduction by Nicholas Briggs.
2-7.Sarah Jane Smith – An in-depth look at the second run of Big Finish’s Sarah Jane Smith spin-off. Star Elizabeth Sladen, producer John Ainsworth and the cast talk us through the series.
8-10.Night Thoughts – We hear from the actors Bernard Kay, Andrew Forbes and Lizzie Hopley.
11-12.Simon Guerrier – The new story editor of the Professor Bernice Summerfield range of audios and books drops by for a chat about future of the series.
13-16.Pier Pressure – Writer Robert Ross and guest stars Roy Hudd and Doug Bradley.
17-19.The Kingmaker – April 2006’s Doctor Who release is The Kingmaker, the latest story from Nev Fountain. We talk to Nev and his star-studded cast – including Arthur Smith, Jon Culshaw, Michael Fenton Stevens and Chris Neill.
20.The Settling – A look ahead to May’s Doctor Who`/I> release, The Settling.

Big Finish Magazine - Issue 8
issue 8
Released with the audio story The Reaping.

1.Introduction - John Ainsworth introduces the latest issue of the Big Finish magazine.
2.I, Davros - We despatched Joseph Lidster to the recording of Big Finish's new mini-series, I, Davros, where he caught up with star Terry Molloy.
3.Nicholas Briggs - The new executive producer of Big Finish's Doctor Who audios talks about his new role and plans for the future.
4.Mark Strickson - We chat to Mark about his time as a companion and also his work away from Doctor Who.
5-7.The Reaping & The Gathering - We talk to the writer of September 2006's two Doctor Who audios, Joseph Lidster, and hear from Janet Fielding, too.
8.Conclusion by John Ainsworth and Trailer.

The Audio Companions
The Audio Companions
Directed by Gary Russell. Featuring Maggie Stables, India Fisher, Lisa Bowerman.

When Big Finish initially launched their range of Doctor Who audio dramas, it was with the intention of featuring the actors who had played the various Doctors and companions on screen. However, the company soon took the gamble of creating their own, brand-new, companion for the Time Lord - Dr Evelyn Smythe. A few months later, the Doctor was joined by Professor Bernice Summerfield and most recently by Edwardian adventuress Charley Pollard. Here the three actresses involved in bringing these characters to life discuss their memories, anecdotes and pleasure at being part of this never ending legacy...

  • Released: June 2001
    ISBN: 1 903654 42 4
Paul McGann
Paul McGann: In Conversation with the Eighth Doctor

The Marriot Bristol Royal Hotel, December 2001.

Actor Paul McGann met up with Big Finish producer Gary Russell to discuss, in depth, his career so far. From the early days on the West End stage, starring with this brothers in the musical revue Yakety Yak, through to his TV breakthrough in The Monocled Mutineer and starring roles in movies such as Withnail & I, Alien 3 and The Last Emperor. Not forgetting, of course, his acclaimed portrayal of the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 TV Movie Doctor Who.

An intensely private individual, Paul McGann rarely grants interviews, so this DVD affords a unique glimpse into the thoughts of one of Britain's best-loved actors, as he talks openly about his life, his work and, in particular, his period as the time-travelling Doctor.

Plus, in a supplementary interview, Paul talks about his return to the role in Big Finish's ongoing series of Doctor Who audio adventures, and is joined by actress India Fisher who plays his travelling companion, Charley Pollard.

    • Region 0 (PAL & NTSC).
    • Discussion of the Eight Doctor Audio Adventures with India Fisher.
    • Outtakes.

  • Released: September 2002
    ISBN: 1 903654 91 2
The Eighth Doctor Authors
The Eighth Doctor Authors
Directed by Gary Russell. Featuring Mark Gatiss, Robert Shearman, Paul Cornell, Caroline Symcox, Nicholas Briggs, Justin Richards, Alan Barnes.

The beginning of 2002 saw Big Finish takes their biggest gamble with their Doctor Who range yet ­ six plays all closely linked, with an arc running throughout ­ an arc that told the story of the Eighth Doctor's discovery, and subsequent attempts at concealment, that his travelling companion, Charley Pollard should be dead. And how the fact that she was alive was causing terrible chaos throughout the web of time. Here, the authors of this arc discuss how it was all planned out and the way that their own contributions to the story came together.

  • Released: September 2002
    ISBN: 1 903654 97 1
The Nicholas Courtney Memoirs
The Nicholas Courtney Memoirs: A Soldier in Time
Directed by Gary Russell. Featuring Nicholas Courtney.

He's seen off Daleks, Cybermen and Yeti. He's witnessed Giant Robots running amok, met himself in the future and saved the world from the life-devouring Destroyer. He is, of course, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, alias actor Nicholas Courtney.

After five decades of acting alongside far more than just the eight television Doctors (nothing compared to the likes of Frankie Howerd, Donald Wolfit and Michael Winner), this is his story. His memoirs. His personal recollections of his life on and off the stage. Read to you by that most gentlemanly of gentlemen, Nicholas Courtney.

  • Released: November 2002
    ISBN: 1 903654 98 X
The John-Nathan Turner Memoirs
The John-Nathan Turner Memoirs
Directed by Gary Russell. Featuring John Nathan-Turner.

Between 1980 and 1989, John Nathan-Turner produced over 130 episodes of BBC TV's award-winning science-fiction series Doctor Who, and was responsible for casting three of the actors who played the Doctor.

His long association with the programme began during Patrick Troughton's era, continuing with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, when he became Doctor Who's ninth producer. Now, for the very first time, John discusses frankly, and in depth, his many years' involvement with a series of which he is enormously fond and proud.

This then, is his story. Packed with a multitude of anecdotes and memories, this special release offers a unique point-of-view of the sometimes difficult, frequently bizarre but always worthwhile business of entertaining the Doctor's millions of loyal fans.

  • Released: September 2004
    ISBN: 1 84435 143 2
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