Cartoonist Kurt Lewis has sent me
these superb illustrations of
the many incarnations of the Doctor.

I could not use them all on the main site,
but I had to display them.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

The First Doctor The Second Doctor The Third Doctor The Fourth Doctor
The Fourth Doctor
(Second Outfit)
The Fifth Doctor The Sixth Doctor The Seventh Doctor
The Eighth Doctor The Ninth Doctor The Tenth Doctor Unspecified Doctor
Peter Cushing
(The 60's Movies)
Rowan Atkinson
(Comic Relief)
Richard E. Grant
(Animated Series)
The Valeyard
Geoffery Bayldon
(Unbound Doctor)
David Warner
(Unbound Doctor)
David Collings
(Unbound Doctor)
Arabella Weir
(Unbound Doctor)
David Banks
(The Ultimate Adventure)
Nick Briggs
(The Nth Doctor)
Mak Gatiss
(Future Doctor?)
(The New Adventures)

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