3rd Doctor
Find and Replace
by Paul Magrs

Cover Blurb
35.Find and Replace
Written by Paul Magrs
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Sound Design and Music by Daniel Brett

Christmas 2010, and Jo Grant finds herself stuck in a department store elevator with an alien creature called Huxley.

Huxley is a narrator from Verbatim Six, and he is here to let Jo revisit the best time of her life - when she was the plucky companion to that eccentric Space/Time traveller known only as... Iris Wildthyme.

Confronted with memories she knew nothing about, Jo agrees to a meeting with Iris inside her transdimensional bus, and together the three of them take a trip back in time. Back to the 1970s, to UNIT HQ, and a meeting with the only person who knows the whole truth...

  • Read by Katy Manning as both Jo Grant and Iris Wildthyme, and featuring Alex Lowe as Huxley.

    Time-Placement: Between TBC and TBC.

  • Released: September 2010
    ISBN: 978 1 84435 485 6
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