3rd Doctor
The Sentinels of the New Dawn
by Paul Finch

Cover Blurb
The Sentinels of the New Dawn
Written Paul Finch
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Sound Design and Music by Richard Fox and Lauren Yason

Some time after leaving UNIT, Liz Shaw calls the Doctor to Cambridge University, where scientists are experimenting with time dilation. A device hurls them to the year 2014, and a meeting with Richard Beauregard, heir to the Beauregard estate.

But there's something rotten at the core of this family. The seeds of a political movement that believes in a new world order.

The Sentinels of the New Dawn are stirring. And their malign influence will be felt for centuries to come.

  • Released: Avril 2011
    ISBN: 978 1 84435 508 2
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