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The tenth Doctor strips debuted in Doctor Who Magazine in issue 365, a few weeks after The Christmas Invasion aired.
The Bethrothal of Sontar
Writers: John Tomlinson & Nick Abadzis   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issues 365-367
10th Doctor and Rose
Colonel Snathe, a Sontaran, gets a status report from his second in command Lerox. Executions such as Crewman Xtal continue. Xtal was lashed to solar stacks in 1000 kph winds and took six minutes to die on Serac as a storm hits for 11 days, across the polar wastes. It was the morning after silverfire, the ice that burns. Snathe wants info from the aquatic drills. He wants to know when they can drill the ocean floor. He commands the mining rig, Betrothal of Sontar. Inuk, wide eyed, gray eyed aliens in loin cloths and wraps ---and one is shot by a flame stick of Snathe, who berates Lerox for not taking part. Lerox believes barbarians kill for pleasure, soldiers kill only the enemy. An aerial probe has sighted an alien artifact on the Noord Eisig shelf. Snathe sends out Skaag and Krege to get it. The Doctor and Rose are on the ice caps, the Doctor bragging he’s not cold, he once had to swim the English Channel totally starkers. Rose wonders if he was escaping the Nazis but he tells her he just lost a bet with Oliver Reed. When the Sontaran probe device grabs up the Tardis, the Doctor tells Rose to call him Fred from here on in. One hits the Doctor, threatening to scatter his entrails to the Katabatic Winds. The Doctor says, "Funny, innit, how no good ever comes of a greeting with the word entrails in it." The Sontaran calls him a Rutan dog. The two Sontarans think Rose and the Doctor are Rutans. Rose and the Doctor are taken in flying hovercrafts. Rose asks about them, commenting that it looks like someone cloned the Mitchell brothers. Lerox interrupts Snathe’s meditating and notices something strange in the quarters but is hit when he asks about it. Snathe, when he hits Lerox, mentions Lerox’s brood was incinerated at birth. In chains and a neck brace, the Doctor mentions Stockholm Syndrome to his silent guard. Snathe comes to him. Snathe has an energizer which delivers raw plasma to the probic vent. It is how they feed. He threatens the Doctor with it as the Doctor mocks him. Lerox has Rose unchained. Rose tells him she and the Doctor just came to see the aurora. He asks her if she is some sort of livestock. He goes through her stuff including a picture of Mickey and she, one of the 9th Doctor wearing a small pink bowler that says Kiss Me Quick and possibly a picture of her mum. He has Rose’s lipstick. Skagg and four other Sontarans are hunting Inuk and follow them into a cave. They light some torches and scream as claws attack them. The guard frees the Doctor’s limbs and the Doctor jokes about cribbage, a game of go fish, conkers, backgammon and thumb war! He is taken to the TARDIS and when Snathe tells the guard, "Leave us," the Doctor jokes that the Colonel meant for the Doctor to leave. Shirtless and scary, and holding a sword, Snathe attacks the Doctor as the Doctor worries if Rose is okay. Snathe attacks, "I know you, enemy of Sontar! Your time ship has betrayed your identity! In the name of the Empire, I will taste glory again…and my trophy will be the severed head of thee Doctor!"…

The Doctor stops Snathe’s attack by recognizing the sign burned onto his chest, the Sigil of Thanatos, the greatest super weapon ever created. He tells Snathe he can help find the super weapon. Lerox tells Rose that among a clone species some have recessive unmilitary genes, an underclass. Rose mentions that they don’t seem as if they use deodorant. Corporal Stakk attacks Lerox, mentioning the heating is down, garbage is stacked up, and they have not had the chance to charge their vents up in a week. Lerox downs him and he is dragged away. Officers who lack the thirst for blood are despised. The Doctor reconfigures the probes, telling Snathe that it always seemed important with fairy lights to know if they are rigged in series or parallel. Snathe has not slept, and is bleeding. The Doctor finds a vast anomalous energy source 100 kilometres away at the base of the Ventrux Massif. Snathe puts a hand on the Doctor’s shoulder and the Doctor says, "Steady Snathe, no tongues." Lerox believes Rose to be safest with him. He takes her to investigate Snathe’s quarters while Snathe announces he and the Doctor are leaving on a reconnaissance. In Snathe’s room, they find blood sacrifices, mostly skulls of the alien natives and a blood symbol of the weapon on the wall. As the Doctor and Snathe fly past an alien, it drops the head of a slain Sontaran. Lerox tells Rose they searched the area the Doctor and Snathe are heading to weeks ago and found nothing. Rose tells Lerox that if this crazy Snathe is on the verge of finding a super weapon, they are all stuffed but anyway, he’s with the Doctor, so she insists they go after them. As underling Syke warns Lerox that Sergeant Skagg’s team has not returned and that another Silivefire storm is forecast, Lerox warns Syke not to question his orders. The two, with Rose and another Sontaran leave in a hovercraft. Snathe wants to conquer even the Sontarans it seems. He nose dives into a large geodesic dome shape under solid ice, blasting the ice first with the hovercrafts weapon suite. The Doctor finds the probe while Snathe asks him if he wants to be the first to share his triumph by being the first to die! The Doctor responds to Snathe’s death fetish by saying, "Yeah, not really the turn that frown upsidedown type, are you?" As Snathe goes on about death being the only constant, the Doctor finds skulls…possibly of SSontarans and claims death has been here. The Doctor warned him about static electricity and not to touch anything unless he had a comb. Snathe touches something and sets off an intruder alert that states they will be cleansed. The Doctor says, "That SO isn’t going to mean a moist towelette, is it?" Inuk natives or things that look like them surround them. The Doctor tries to make contact but one has a trail of black stuff bubbling from his mouth…and it forms a huge crustacean like monster with body armor and at least five sets of claws -- which rushes at them while the Doctor says, "Er, Snathe, I think Death’s just popped back for another visit…"

To a Sontaran, combat is joy, war is poetry, and victory is everything. For Snathe this is not a good day to die. As the monster attacks, the Doctor says, "Stuff this for a game of soldiers," admitting he doesn’t understand that expression. But he likes it. Snathe tells him because it is meaningless prattle. The Doctor has a million of them. Snathe beats off some of the monster and he and the Doctor run for the probe. They escape on it, as the Doctor says Betrothal is a sissy name for a Sontaran. Snathe tells him it means to bury the hatchet between the eyes of your enemy. As Rose and Lerox hurry to the site, the Doctor tells Snathe that the Inuk are antibodies generated by Thantos -- and they are herding the Doctor and Snathe further into the caverns. The pair arrive as Thantos, the World Bane. Snathe warns the Doctor to stop the insults or he will rip out the Doctor’s tongue. The Doctor claims to have seen world killing devices before. The Doctor checks the tracker on the probe using his glasses and the tracker says something is coming. Rose and Lerox arrive. Rose is still calling the Doctor Fred so he tells her she can drop the name thing. Snathe will kill Lerox. Snathe climbs up the machine which probes him and tentacles come out of it and enter his vent behind his neck. Thantos interfaces with Snathe on a physical and mental level. Thantos targets Sontar. It is a judgement engine and sees no future for the Sontaran race. The device thinks of Snathe as a genetic cul de sac, an evolutionary dead end, a clone of countless generations of clones. Snathe rips the tentacles off himself, declaring he will not become the executioner of his own planet. He shoots wildly at Lerox but hits both of the Sontarns with Lerox instead. Snathe calls Rose the Doctor’s piglet, grabbing her from behind in order to try to force the Doctor to tell him how to end this. Lerox jumps in and frees Rose and is grazed by Snathe’s pain stick. Lerox tells Rose it would have been a good death. Snathe has run off into the caverns to destroy it and bury everyone. The Doctor faces Thantos and calls on it to judge Lerox’s action, self sacrifice. He tells it to chew on that before it passes sentence. In the caverns, more monster claws and mouths of the device take Snathe. The Doctor has saved Sontar and Lerox’s sacrifice was the cause, the thing does not destroy Sontar. The second silver fire storm is the fiercest. The Doctor tells Lerox that Lerox and his crew could become a new direction for the Sontaran race. Lerox will not return to his homeworld. The Doctor suggest renaming the rig to the Hope of Sontar. Rose won’t forget what Lerox did for her. As the TARDIS vanishes, Corporal Slygg asks Lerox what his report will say of the still unlocated Snathe. Lerox will tell the truth: Snathe was a victim of his own obsessions…Snathe found his betrothal..he’s bound to the plaanet Serac forever now. The last frame is of Snathe, half eaten, emaciated, and in the sand…is he dead?

Time Placement: After The Christmas Invasion.

The Lodger
Writer: Gareth Roberts   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issue 368
10th Doctor and Rose
Thursday: Mickey is walking with two mates from work. They ask about Rose and tell Mickey that she's just mucking with his mind. Gina from the flower shop is gagging for Mickey, they tell him. They ask Mickey where she's living now and he tells them Northampton. Mickey is tired and wished he gone home right after work. Mickey goes home, undresses, and is machine brushing his teeth when the Tenth Doctor walks into the bathroom and says, "Hello Mickey!" He breaks his teeth with the thing as he's surprised.

The Doctor mentions Mickey's got lovely teeth and works to get them all back into Mickey's mouth. He tells Mickey that he and Rose just escaped from some angry Lombards and needed a rest. The Doctor walked out of the TARDIS suggesting a bite of toast to eat, then a trip to Oxybeguramosa. The TARDIS slammed shut and vworp-ed away with Rose inside. It jumped a time track. He forgot to lock the time settings and Rose will turn up in a few days…just a couple of seconds for her. The Doctor was aboutt to knock on Jackie's door to wait there but she was busy…with a man nameed Alan and some vienetta. Mickey asks where the Doctor's gonna sleep. The Doctor has his jacket off already and tells him he don't like sleeping when there's something to do…he's going to make Mickey the omelette of his life.

Friday: After work, the Doctor asks about Mickey's day as he and Mickey play video games against each other. The Doctor tells Mickey the second Elizabethan Age is going on out there and it is Friday night. Mickey wonders how the Doctor won the game…it is a shoot em up and he won without firinng a single shot. The Doctor says, "There's always another way." Mickey tries the telly and gets a tv show with a woman who sees a clone of her Arthur…who has a green hand. This seems like Eastenders…and the Doctor made a few adjustments for a beetter signal and the side effect is that he's getting programmes from ten years ahead! Mickey asks, "Can't you do anything the normal way?" Mickey declines the offer for tea cause he claims it will be alien tea with radiation in it and anti matter sugar.

Saturday: Karl is sick so football is off but the Doctor will take is place so football is on again. The Doctor's messed with Mickey's stereo equipment. Mickey will say the Doctor is John from Southampton but the Doctor introduces himself to as the Doctor to Chris and the others. The others include Big Robbo and Little Robbo. The Doctor's changed into shorts and cleats and a brown t shirt. Later, the Doctor helps Mickey's friend beat the trivia machine. Mickey tells him HE beat the machine, not the both of them. The Doctor tells him he's beaten better machines than that one. Mickey tells a friend in the bar/pub that he preferred it when the Doctor was anti social. The friend asks how they met and Mickey goes over possible answers. He just turned up one day and everything was different. The Doctor is asked what he does and he tells them this and that, nothing ordinary but life doesn't have to be ordinary, whoever or whatever you are.

That night: the Doctor is on a computer while Mickey was reminding him he was going to clear out. Gina comes in for a whole night with Mickey. Mickey is thinking only of Rose. The Doctor comes out for a bit of wire. Gina tells Mickey not to be rude to the Doctor and invites him to sit down with them and drink cola. The Doctor will also accept Pepsi. The Doctor tells Gina the flower shop is not worth her time, there is a whole bigger world out there and it's her's if she wants it. Gina leaves, thanking him and calls him amazing. The Doctor tells her he is semi amazing, being modest. Gina is going to fill out the application form, saying, "Tonight, Cat, I'm going to be KT Tunstall." Mickey gets mad; the Doctor tells him his heart is elsewhere, the Doctor claims to have rescued him. Mickey wanted to work it out for himself. He wants to live his own life for five minutes. On the Telly, the Doctor gets a Bandrigan fleet, raiders, cyborgs programmed to fly forever and strip any planet and kill all its people. He picked up a faint signal on VH1 Classic Smooth on Mickey's satellite dish. The Doctor inverted a time cone round Earth, masked it from the sensors of the aliens, and they left the area. Mickey chews him out, what if people don't always want to be impressed. Mickey asks him what if people don't always need the Doctor, what if people don't want rescuing or having their lives invaded by him. The Doctor has no answer for him.

Sunday: The TARDIS appears and Rose steps out and asks what the name of the planet was he just said, "Oxy—what?" Rose asks who's first to visit, Mum or Mickey. The Doctor tells her he has hours of tinkering on some funny sound he heard in the TARDIS. He tells Rose to go have a proper Sunday, read the papers, watch Eastenders…she doesn't always need him hanging around.. "Make him happy." He tells her as she leaves, not really hearing him. Rose rings Mickey's doorbell and Mickey runs to the door and opens it. Rose hugs him and Mickey's thinking is "Okay, Doctor, you win. Finally I'm impressed." With a big smile on his face, too.

Time Placement: The end of this story seems been written to acts as a lead into the beginning of New Earth.

Writer: Tony Lee   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issues 369-371
10th Doctor and Rose
Southwest, London, today (May 24th, 2006): Long haired Craig Phillips and a girl pal named Trudy talk about fantasy worlds and heroes as they walk outside. A cowboy riding a dinosaur passes them by chasing Ninjas on Unicorns! Craig is sure London never used to be like this, what with Clown Police on patrol. Craig thinks there is a perfectly simple explanation; all they need is someone clever to come along and explain it all. The TARDIS appears. There are faces on trees. Rose and the Doctor exit, Rose expecting this to be China so they could see the Great Wall. Rose claims things like boys’ faces in trees don’t happen in London, not even in Zone 4, and she goes on to make exceptions such as Mental Christmas Trees and shop dummies with attitudes. When Rose asks who would do that to people, the Doctor answers, "I can think of several people who’d happily fit the bill, Cept they’re all dead." A Viking barbarian with a ray blaster comes yelling, "Halt in the name of Stegnor the Conqueror!" The Doctor tackles him, Rose hits him with a branch. The Doctor is told it was lasered off by the blaster…it might be an arm or a leg. The Viking has three girrls with chains on. They free the girls who were trying to get supplies from the supermarket. Ever since a Mr. Flynn, they were scared to set foot out of the library. Before they can explain further, an earthquake hits and opens a crack in the ground. A girl falls in, saying she’s going to die. The Doctor, with help from the girls and Rose, pulls the third one out, "Not today." The crack vanishes. The Doctor is hurt on his hand and realizes from this small wound, that it was not a hallucination, mind control, or a hologram. The girls, named Tanya, Helen, and Anna take Rose and the Doctor back to the library where they meet the man who used to run it, Laurie. They also meet Cathryn Lloyd who used to teach at the school down the road. Everyone in town vanished one day. There were more than ten of them but things happened to them. Three lads were here but they were gone and then there were three trees on Kelsey Road that look like the boys. The new pair tell them that Flynn tried to leave. He passed into a boundary, a sort of heat haze that stops them from leaving — it covers a square mile. Flynn walked through it and dissolved, screaming for hours after he was gone. Cath tells the Doctor that Craig and Trudy walk through town without anything happening to them. Craig and Trudy discuss when heroes kill, are they heroes? Trudy brings up the Revenger who uses laser eyes to kill bad guys. Craig brings up the hero called Shield of Truth, who would beat Revenger because he values life more than Revenger. These two appear and fight in the streets. Cath, The Doctor and Rose looks for the two teens. Shield of Truth throws a car at the Revenger and it hits a wall, a brick flies off and a piece hits Cath’s head. As the Doctor and Rose move her to safety, Rose asks if this is Geek World. Rose asks how the Doctor knows the Revenger is the Revenger. He says, "Amazing what you can pick up after 900 years." Rose wants to know the real reason. The Doctor has a complete run of the Revenger series in the TARDIS. The Revenger’s greatest weakness is sonic vibration, does something to his battle armour. He needs to stop him with something far louder. Cath asks if the Doctor is always like this. Rose responds as the Doctor dashes off to an ice cream truck and amplified its sound using the sonic screwdriver, "What. Half finishing his sentences and dashing off to do something mad? We call those weekdays." The Doctor gets himself a double fudge whippy but extends it to either Trudy or Craig. Trudy doesn’t trust the Doctor. She tells him the Doctor needs to be removed for his own safety. Craig seems to respond to Trudy’s orders and a dark cloud moves overhead and a storm. Cath tries to stop Craig, trying to tell him to get a grip. Trudy says it is Cath’s fault, and why did she have to tell him. Cath doesn’t seem to understand. Craig yells at her that she is a teacher, just one of many who do not care about the teenagers. He says, "What if you didn’t exist?" He makes Cath vanish…and since Rose is holding onto Cath, Rose vanishes also. The Doctor yells at Craig, grabbing him up but Craig doesn’t seem to know what he just did. Trudy tells the Doctor, "It’s his power, anything he wants, any question he needs answered. We can’t stop him, we just have to go with him…to the end of the world because he wants to finish it all…"  

Trudy calms Craig down, and he seems upset that he made his teacher vanish. When the Doctor wants to use the sonic screwdriver to check the resonance, Trudy gets angry and makes Craig make a statue come to life to hold the Doctor. The Doctor’s noticed the flag did not blow in the wind and guesses this is not the real world. Rose finds herself and Cath in a place that looks like Wimbledon. They meet an older lady, Tanya Baldwin, a geography teacher from the same school Cath teaches at. She tells them Craig vanished at the same time as others…she didn’t vanish and this woman has no idea who Cath is! They are on the PTA committee together, Cath tells her. Rose has the psychic paper and she plans to use it pose as Craig’s counselor at Craig’s parents’ house. While Trudy gets ice cream for the Doctor and Craig, the Doctor asks him about her. He feels as if he’s known her for years but he can’t remember her being at school with him. The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver and his wits to figure Trudy is not human, not even real. This world, she tells him, is made up of Craig’s dreams, where she can be real. The world they are in is unstable. Trudy asks Craig to wish them home and safe. Craig shuns them, the outside world is dull and hurts, nobody wants him. He puts Trudy and the Doctor in a zoo cage on wheels. Craig’s mum tells Rose and Cath that Craig vanished three weeks and five days ago. He was delivered a parcel and then in his room with it, he vanished. Rose wonders why Cath knew exactly where Craig lived and how her head wound is. Cath ignores her questions. Mrs. Phillips brings out the box…it has sigils over it, Cath recognizes them from a school lesson module on tribal markings as part of the art exam. Rose finds no hinges, no catches. There is an instruction manual and it talks about opening up a world of opportunities, a virtual world. Craig is pulling the cage riding on a statue of a horse and rider. The Doctor tells Craig it is all right that his best friend is an imaginary construct, some of the nicest people he’s ever met have been imaginary constructs. Trudy tells the Doctor that the three boys, Les Barnett, Dave Holland, and Phil Callan made Craig’s life hell at school. Craig covers the cage. At Craig’s home, Rose sees pictures of the teen as a boy and notices no friends. Craig was solitary, sensitive, and a victim of bullies. Mrs Phillips stumbles over her words as she tells them that Craig didn’t know anyone named Trudy. He’s never had a friend named Trudy. Craig has put the Doctor and Trudy in an arena. Mrs Phillips tells the two women that there was a Trudy — Craig’s imaginary friend…and she gives Rose a diary to read that says My Diary. Craig’s imagination hurt him. All sorts of monsters attack the Doctor and Trudy in the arena: a robo warrior, a dragon, an amphibian creatures, a minotaur, a zombie, a flying bat creature, and a werewolf that is dressed like a pirate with a patch over one eye. Rose reads the diary entry from June 15 about a giant robot and a dragon. Then August 12th — Trudy made him lie to mum about his bruises. They were caused by her: Trudy would make him burn himself or throw himself down stairs. Cath claims she has seen this before but it usually involves the death of a loved one, a sibling. Mrs Phillips tells them that Craig had a sister, his twin and she died from complications. To replace the sister, he made up Trudy. She blamed him for his sister’s death. They took him to a therapist and it took years to make him forget her, his imaginary sister. The Doctor figures the virtual world devices are usually safe, entertainment for families and are quantum devices of massive power and complexity. The devices are only supposed to be used for short times but Craig’s been doing this all day every day for a month. As the creatures close in, the Doctor takes a sword and puts a helmet on; telling Trudy to grab a weapon, they are going to have to fight for their lives. He faces the werewolf as Trudy picks up a sword, raises it on high, and advances on the Doctor’s turned back, "Yeah, good idea, Doctor, my life’s very important to me, I won’t let anyone put it at risk… including you!"  

The battle puts Trudy off the Doctor and he calls the amphibian a girl as he yells as his arm was cut off. It grows back. A dinosaur and a six armed insect alien enter the fight. The Doctor’s frequency is off but he thinks he can control the box. He puts the make believe monsters in cages. Trudy is in one also. The Doctor calls Craig, Craig-y boy and tells him he didn’t kill Rose and Ms. Lloyd, just expelled them from the game. He knows Trudy wants to become a real person if that happened to her: a Pinocchio in a skirt. Cath presses buttons to get them back to where they last were in the game, unsure she is sending them to that exact spot. Rose tells her they had to try…the Doctor would do it for her. The Doctor gets he and Craig into a developer’s menu. They look at his future: Hammersmith Bridge, 2034, homeless, drunk. This is only if Craig wimps out after one possible future. Another future: Craig in late 20s, sells lies for money in a telesales office, hates his job, dreams of being a carpenter. Craig asks to see a better one and they see a tombstone. He doesn’t live, he just stops. The worst one. The Doctor says, "Where there’s life, there’s…" Four years ahead, his band, Shattered Glass play live on TV and make it to number 22 and get on Top of the Pops. A different 2034, he’s a carpenter and plays in the park with his children. They see the real world. Craig thinks it is imaginary because in his mind, his mum never loved him, blamed him for his sister’s death. That is what Trudy told Craig but the Doctor doesn’t believe that is true. They return to the street and face a giant and free Trudy, who rips out trees. The Doctor warns the others back inside the library. The Doctor is not sure they can stop her but he tells Craig he has to face up to her and face up to his past. He knows there is a life out there for him, so Craig wishes to remember everything about Trudy. Trudy tells him she died for him 14 years ago and now he will take her out of this fake world. Craig reaches out his hand to her, telling her she is not his sister, but she is his guilt. He accepts that. He tells her to go to hell and she blasts away. Craig’s lack of self worth made Trudy. Whatever she thought, she wasn’t a ghost or a spirit, or his twin hidden inside his body. Rose and Cath appear, the Doctor hugging Rose, "You’re just in time for Armageddon." Rose says, "Great, I leave you alone for an hour and you destroy the whole world. Again." The Doctor says, "Everyone needs a hobby." They can’t use the TARDIS, it was dragged here by the box and is trapped too. The Box is about to reboot and delete the place and everyone in it. The instruction booklet that is with the two women is in an alien language and the two girls both read it. Rose can read it because of the TARDIS translation connection to her but Cath — the guide and Cath are one and the same. When Craig first arrived, he asked for someone to explain all this to him…and made Cath, the box rewrote the guide andd made it a teacher, Cath! She is a Cyrelleod from Happytimez Intergalactical. They make these device boxes. This one was supposed to be a gift for the exiled King of New Fraxonia. . A mistake in the post happened: Mr Phillips lived two doors down. The alien was sent to find out what happened and hotlinked to the game matrix just as the boy asked what to do. It got trapped in the game as his teacher. One wrong equation and they will all become meaningless data. They reboot and everyone ends up outside and in the real world during an afternoon or morning sunlight . The three bullies are also out now and running away from Craig. Mrs Phillips thanks Rose and hugs Craig. Craig asks his mum for a guitar. The Doctor thinks the alien returned to her employers and burned the core out so it could not be triggered again. Soon…Rose and the Doctor walk to the TARDIS at night. Rose tells him that she and Lloyd figured out that Trudy was just a ghost in the machine but the Doctor claims she was just a voice in Craig’s head. As they Vworp Vworp away in the TARDIS, Trudy’s face appears in the sky, eyes closed, looking peaceful.

The Futurists
Writer: Mike Collins   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issues 372-374
10th Doctor and Rose
Valente, a black man and Secondus see a green fire in the sky. At first, Secondus thinks it a fire the Silures set. The pair are in a Legion protecting the Roman Empire. Valente rushes to see it and a green light envelopes him. Two decades into the new century, a man named Giovanni lectures on how the old things of the old world drag down humanity from moving into the future. A green light attacks him in front of his friend, Altea. It is a few years after the Great War (WW1) as Rose and the Doctor ride a tram in Milan. Rose wanted an ice cream and meant Brighton Pier. The Doctor finds Marco's that makes a terrific ice cream. They see a poster about a group called the Futurists, artists and architects who want to embrace the machine age and leave history behind. Kraftwerk wouldn't have happened without them. Eventually, he tells Rose they became Mussolini's fascists. A stampede of Italians running from green lights arrives. Altea is there and tells them the glow took Giovanni. A futuristic city is rising up among the older ones. The Doctor helps an old lady and tells Rose to get the people to the older buildings. A piece of rubble hits Altea in the head so Rose helps her. A building rises up underneath Rose and Altea. Rose tells the other woman, "I bet the Doctor's got all the anwsers." The Doctor walking alone to investigate says, "I am utterly utterly clueless." He wonders how a Nimbly nightmare can come up in the middle of one of Italy's oldest cities. Altea tells Rose her name and adds her last name: Orsi. When Altea tells Rose she loves Giovanni, Rose recalls that there was a boy at school she fancied. He was into Pantera and power metal stuff. She bought all their cds. She can't listen to them now but she still kind of likes Planet Caravan. The Doctor goes into one small building, the lecture hall. He finds Valente on the stage, unconscious. Rose and Altea arrive and see him, Rose calling Valente the Rock. The instant city is already looking crumbly and mangy. The Doctor helps Valente toward the TARDIS, happy that the TARDIS didn't take a ride upward on a building. The birds have stopped singing. Rose guesses it was because the four of them sort of swam into the time wave. Rose is proud of her own way of thinking about what has happened. Inside TARDIS, the Doctor gets no radio signals anywhere so he sets it listening for something else. They hear five heartbeats, just their own. Rose wonders if everyone died but the Doctor says, "No, it's much much worse. According to the TARDIS sensors, the Earth has been dead…for centuries." Rose, The Doctor, and their two extra passengers exit the TARDIS and are in Wales, Caerleon, 20 miles from Cardiff. The TARDIS did something similar to opening a tree and reading the rings in it to see how old it is. It found out Valente, who they know as Hajor, since that is the only word Valente spoke thus far, is from late third century, give of take a few months. He really figures he has to sort out the TARDIS calibration circuits. The Doctor hopes to find out why Giovanni was exchanged for Valente/Hajor and also to find out what wiped out the human race in 1925. Altea asks Rose if the Doctor knows everything. He answers, "NO idea what caused the overnight passing of the Ligrion Horde or why the Chnara Crystalline Fields always reverberate at a perfect C sharp. And is it excuse me while I kiss the sky or escuse me while I kiss this guy in Purple Haze?" A Roman legion halts them. The Doctor asks if this is the way to Caerleon, which their lot call Isca. Barbarian attackers jump down from trees. A Roman leader says, "Slay the Silurians." One soldier hits the confused Doctor from behind with a spear but Rose jumps on that person's back. The Romans take the girls and retreat while the attackers slay many. The attackers seem to all have tattoos and one has Wolverine like hair. This one tells another called Aeron about Valente being a Roman. Aeron was about to kill Valente. Olwyn, the seeming leader helps the Doctor up and stops his men from killing Valente, when the Doctor vouches for him. Back at their huts, Olwyn tells the Doctor that Romans have massed nearby and are stealing the local women. The boss Roman, Massimo, has a new wizard that has come back in time to their time. Rose asks her captors about their chariot. When they arrive at Caerleon it looks like the city that rose up. Valente tells the Doctor his name and that he was an auxiliary. As he and Giovanni passed each other as they were exchanged in some impossible place, his thoughts touched Giovanni's. Giovanni has consorted with demons called the Hajor, who have given him the means to rule and ruin Rome. Valente tells them he serves the ideals of a better world of justice and democracy. Olywen tells the Doctor he has the support of the entire Silurian Liberation Front…all five men. He alsso tells the Doctor that Derek is a Pict but they don't like to talk about it. Other local people have become so used to the Roman presence that they forgot the Romans are invaders. They want to keep the spirit of Caratacus alive. Caratacus gave the Romans a bloody nose over 200 years ago. Rose and Altea are thrown into a cell with other kidnapped women. The women there tells them that the new wizard of the Legate build the new buildings they saw. The wizard is going to attack Rome itself. Giovanni was obsessed by the futurist architect Sant'elia, the designer of the buildings. Rose tries to cheer Altea up, "Bet you the Doctor's planning some brilliant scheme t get us out of here." Just then the hear Valente says, "Forward, Silurian Dogs!" Rose adds, "Or maybe not…" As they move to the room where the Legate is, Secondus finds them and is happy to see Valente, telling him he has been gone for months. The Legate hears the Doctor's warning but talks to Giovanni who's last name he gives as Lucio. The rebels attack the two men but the two vanish in a green lightning…and with the pair, tthe Doctor, Valente, and two of the rebels (including Aeron) also vanish. They are on some walkway in a blue/green sky of giant jelly fish like monsters. The Doctor was not expecting anything like this. Giovanni says, "Welcome gentlemen, to the realm of the Hajor, the new Lords of Time!" Valente asks the Doctor where they are while the Romans and rebels in the real world argue. The Doctor guesses they are either in an alien dimension or a performance of the Starlight Express. Aeron thinks the place is Annwn, the other world where women are made of flowers and blokes get turned into pigs. The Doctor states that sounds like fun but that's not where they are. The Hajor knew the Doctor to be a time lord and they know him in particular. Giovanni tells the Doctor the Hajor are more a concept than a race, they exist to smooth out paradoxes created by time travelers. They needed Giovanni so they took him and put Valente in his place to keep balance. The Doctor insults the Hajor by telling them, "You're the time stream equivalent of the blokes with shovels who follow the elephants in the Disneyland Parade? Course that means I'm the elephant…" ; The fall of the Time Lords led to this. This is one of times nexus points. Giovanni will unite all factions and restore order by force. Altea poses as a slave trader and they let her out and her entourage of slave girls including Rose. Rose's paper worked to this end. Valente attacks Giovanni and gets zapped and the Doctor says Valente is dead. The Doctor tells Massimo that he believed the leader was still Massimo, symbol of the Roman Empire. The Doctor laments over Valente but wonders why the Hajor did that: it was a really human response. Secondus asks Darius about the escape of the Doctor's women…Secondus realizing that Darius was fooled by reading the psychic paper…Dariuss cannot read! Valente died for justice and honor, integrity. The Doctor asks Giovanni the 8th Edict of Futurist philosophy: time and space died yesterday. Using Giovanni's own device for showing the time stream, he views the cities crumbling to dust, and the fact that he killed the whole human race. Rose is confronted by soldiers and she leads the women to fight. She tells Mererid to do it for Bodicea whom Mererid seems not to know of. Rose tells her and the other women to think of the soldiers as tarts who copped off with their boyfriends and spilled the last bottle of WKD. The soldiers trap the women in a dead end. In 500 years from Giovanni's time, the kill power will reach 21st century standards. He views this on the device. There is one big war where everyone dies. Even as Giovanni was being used by the Hajor, his love for Altea manipulated them to protect her. As they view the soldier about to kill Altea, the Doctor talks Giovanni into saving her. The Doctor thinks the Hajor have a slightly more frowny beak action, meaning they are not happy with him. The dimension they are in is what is left of the Hajor world. Giovanni distracts the soldier Secondus who has Altea but Rose knocks his sword away. Secondus seems to stab Giovanni by mistake. The Time War devastated the Hajor dimension. The Doctor is truly sorry for that. Valente wakes up, the Doctor lied that he was dead. The Doctor held back the pain and the energy but he tells Valente it is only a matter of time before he dies from it. He is also linked to the Hajor. Using the energy inside him, Valente fires it back at the Hajor. He banishes them. Aeron, the body of Valente, and the Doctor are blasted back to Rose in Roman times. Rose tells them that Giovanni is dead. Massimo tells all that Valente, whom Secondus is cradling, is deserving of full dignity in passing that is only afforded to a full citizen. He will move East now. The Doctor takes Altea and the body of Giovanni back to their own time. The Doctor tells her to remember that Giovanni saved her and humanity and to not remember his dark ideas. He tells her another war is coming. He tells her more dark people and ideas are coming. He tells her to make sure she is not a part of that darkness.

Interstellar Overdrive
Writer: Jonathan Morris   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issues 375-376
10th Doctor and Rose
3000 AD-ish the Doctor claims that he and Rose are on a Magellan Class Star Cruiser with big engines (which he loves). Readings have lead he and Rose here, reading that indicate a temporal dilation effect aka a weird time thing. Time spillage is nasty so he has to have a word with the driver. He uses sonic screwdriver setting 41-B to open the ISO Lock. Clifford Banksy Banks, a duck billed alien humanoid shoots foam on the Doctor’s face. As he and Sticks Rooster take them deeper into the ship’s interior, the Doctor realizes this is the band Pakafroon Wabster. Banks is on bass, Sticks the drummer; keyboardist is Fluke and vocal duties include Reef Holloway. When the Doctor figures the band is on year 300, Rose says, “Oh God, it’s Fleetwood Mac!” The Doctor and Rose pretend to be from their label. Jacey, the tour manager meets them as well as the founding father Wabster. Wabster was supposed to have died years ago in a rollerblading incident. He’s been dug up and animatronically re animated. After meeting him, Rose needs to sit down and finds out Reef is a pedal immersion addict, he must bath his feet every four or five hours or terrible things happen. Rose tells him he reminds her of her mum. Jacey tells the Doctor they cannot slow down, they must make it to Malphapalooze for one last attempt to save their careers. Banks asks what in the name of Capt Beaky was that explosion that occurs. Part of the ship has been blown apart?the Engine Part. Rose finds holes in all the spacesuits. Fluke is fed up with dirty Banks and fires him?frying him with a gun. At the same time, the shiip flies off course into an asteroid belt. The Doctor has met some idiots in his life but he thinks this lot takes the cake and the tin too. Someone reprogrammed the navigation computer to play Tetris, Jacey thinks it is Reef but the Doctor believes it is sabotage. It would take hours to reconfigure it but the Doctor says fortunately he’s a genius and does it in seconds. Fluke holds a gun on Rose and threatens the Doctor to make sure he gets them to the gig on time. The Doctor steers the ship away from an asteroid that was very close to hitting them or them hitting it. Wabster jumps Fluke and saves Rose but gets fried himself. He also electrified Fluke. All the fire extinguishers are empty and the place is on fire. They plan to abandon ship. Reef wants to wait a few more minutes so the Doctor abandons him, saying Reef made his choice. There is only one remaining escape pod that requires a Cypher ID. The Doctor figures the saboteur will not step forward so he jettisons the only pod using a big red button. They will run for the TARDIS?the Doctor can get past the vacuum to the TARDIS, he can survive in a vacuum for a couple of minutes, asks her not to ask him how, it’s just a knack he’s got. Suddenly more of the ship gives way into space and Lacey, Sticks, and Rose are pulled out of the hole in the ship into space?tthe Doctor clinging onto a step ladder handhold. Then the whole ship explodes!

Rose and the Doctor arrive on the ship and feel they’ve already done these parts before. Rose asks if this is Groundhog Day. The time spillage has caused a chronic hysteresis (MEGLOS) snagged in a time loop. After falling into space and coldness, Rose and the Doctor were back in the TARDIS. The Doctor gets out of the way of the duck bill shooting foam at him. They are doomed to go around in circles like a stuck record unless they can break the cycle. The Doctor tries what he thinks is coriander but it is Sticks’ biryani. The Doctor warns them that someone in the room is a murderer but he has to amend it to someone in this room will be a murderer. The engines explode and the Doctor falls into Lacey. Banks asks what in the name of Lt. Pigeon was that. The Doctor returns Fluke’s fallen gun. They find the holes in the spacesuits and Fluke blames Bank’s disgusting Joss sticks. He can’t shoot it because the Doctor removed the power pack. Someone has spiked Fluke’s curry with a psychosis agent and that tastes like coriander. The Doctor tweaks Wabster’s programming to send him to the engine room. He powers down the warp induction thrusters. The Doctor reprograms the navigation computer faster than before and there is no more time spillage and no more chronic hysteresis. Whatever happens now happens for the final time. The Doctor thinks everything that can go wrong has gone wrong and ?there’s an explosion. The Doctor puts ouut the fire with Reef’s foot bath water, telling him no one’s allowed to die this time.As Reef worries about chilly feet, the Doctor reveals he has the key to the escape pod?he lifted it from the real killer?Jacey. Jacey tells thethem she had to put up with smells, dirt, and whines turning them into a success. Sticks finds that the Doctor and Rose not being from the label is a surprise twist. Rose tells him to get a sense of perspective. Jacey has a gun. The band was going to get dropped but now if they die in tragic circumstances they can become a legend. There is a major back catalog campaign, box sets, tribute concerts, the Pakafroon Wabster Anthology, digitally re-mastered Stickers on old albums. The Doctor asks, “What do you want, boys? You could become the next Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain?or you can grow old disgracefully, get bald and fat and spendd the rest of your lives going to parties with supermodels young enough to be your grand daughter?” Wabster tells him he does not want to be a great dead rock star and attacks Jacey, burning her up and himself too. However, thanks to the Doctor’s tinkering, Wabster recovers quickly, the electrostatic jolt stimulated the neural pathways and rebooted him. He seems to be fully human again, back from the grave. The Doctor tells the band they have been stuck in the time loop for a couple of centuries at least, stuck in a rut, time to find a new groove now. He puts them all in the pod to escape while he and Rose run for the TARDIS?planning for the Doctor to holdd his breath again and go out?but the Doctor exits the TARDIS, having gone back aa couple of minutes?now there are two of him. He will meet her here in a moment.. As the pod escapes, the ship blows up, Rose asks if they will go through all this again. The Doctor thinks this was a goodnight Vienna this time, no more repeat performances. He wonders if they will get a thank you in the sleeve notes of the band’s album?

The Green-Eyed Monster
Writer: Nev Fountain   Art & Letters: Roger Langridge   Colours: James Offredi
Issue 377
10th Doctor and Rose
Tramping through the TARDIS, Rose passes a plant room, some bins, and the clothing room. It sounds as if The Doctor is watching the telly with Mickey. An alien talks about Triz, a Salamandrel who has to be reunited with his long lost tail. There is also an Arachnon marriage in trouble; Roger has a problem with Sue. His girlfriend is trying to eat him. Rose walks through the TARDIS doors into a the Venexxa Skank show, an alien stage show on TV with thousands of aliens around. Mickey is brought in with TV artwork on his green t shirt. Rose thinks they are being manipulated by some kind of alien scheme but Mickey won’t be shouted down. The Doctor told him what Rose agreed to on planet Iagnos. Using the holo imager, they look back?Rose was stuck in a cell for three ddays. The Doctor was held up. Acolytes told her they would feed her to the green eyed monster and it would eat her soul from the inside. Phalia, a mercenary from Amazastia was enlisted to help him rescue Rose, his just good friend. Her Valkeryies use stun rays on the alien monks and high priest to rescue the Doctor’s platonic acquaintance. In the TARDIS, Phalia asks if there is a sauna, they always massage their bodies in scented oils after victory in battle. Phalia’s scientists have been mystified as to why their planet has only been populated by stunningly attractive women of 18 to 20 years of age. She has appreciated intensive sessions in biological exploration. Rose name checks Xena, sluttier princess as well as Sarah Jane Smith and Madame De Pompadour. The Doctor asks Mickey to show the Amazastians the rest of the TARDIS. The Doctor calls Rose jealous in his manic way and then promises her they will dump Mickey on Earth and it will just be the two of them again. The alien audience agrees with Mickey and one alien wants him to slap her. The hostess brings out Mickey’s secret…Phalia. When the Doctor set the course for Earth, Mickey says, something went wrong. Loose TARDIS energy sent Rose into a time coma, the Doctor told him she would be out for months. The Amazastians were stuck on Earth and Mickey offered Phalia his spare room. Rose wants to find the Doctor but he comes in onto the stage dressed in a white sweat jacket and white sweat pants and sneakers with sunglasses on his head. He says he thinks if they can all sort out their problems on a tv talk show, the world would be a better place. He’s been living on the Powell Estate for three months. A big coat in summer would have attracted the local narcotic officers. Hostess Venexxa brings out Jackie! Rose whines but Jackie tells her to shut up and stop thinking it is all about her. Two buses there and back to the clinic Jackie had Rose that way. Jackie and the Doctor tell Rose that he and Jackie are in love. In flashback, we see Jackie and the Doctor watching TV (a show about a man who was decked by his own deckchair). And Jackie dressed as a fairy, feeling at home in a bar (in a pub from QUEER AS FOLK). Jackie also fights for a dress in a store. Jackie and the Doctor kiss on the lips. This makes an alien worm thing come out of Rose’s ear so Mickey can zap it with a big ray cannon gun. The Iagnon acolytes put it in her ear so that it could devour her essence. It loves to eat jealous emotions so it overfed itself and expelled itself. It gets jealous of the Doctor, insulting him in a way, jealous of his eyes, his cleanness and his lack of having to sit in people’s ears. It eats its own tail and swallows itself, eating itself into oblivion. The aliens are not aliens, but actors that the Doctor found in Edinburgh, destitute mime artists forced to walk against the wind for money. He had tried ways to make Rose jealous: Mickey with a girlfriend, the Amazastians... He had to go to plan Z – Jackie’s idea: having him snog Jackie. Jackie wonders if those alien monks put more than one of those monsters in Rose’s ear. The Doctor says, “Erm, yeah, maybe?” Jackie jumps the Doctor and kisses him some more, on the floor.

Time Placement: Rose mentions the events of The Girl in the Fireplace and Mickey is travelling as a companion, so it should be set between The Girl in the Fireplace and Rise of the Cybermen.

Warkeeper's Crown
Writer: Nev Fountain   Art & Letters: Roger Langridge   Colours: James Offredi
Issues 378-380
10th Doctor and the Brigadier
Sandhurst Military Academy, Camberley: during a Passing Out ceremony parade, two young men are talking when they are not supposed to be. One has a book coming out that he names as "I Rocked Iraq" by publishers McRyan and Nabb. The Brigadier tries to stop them with words and they begin to mock him and call him Colonel, even though he is retired. They continue so the Brig turns and grabs them by the ears and is about to knock more sense into them when a strange whirlwind whisks him away from where he stood. Flashback: an old man, smells of coal dust and aniseed, he's travelled in time; 8 years old at his grandpapa's house. The Brig is in an alien world, hailed by statue like, bird like, crow like beings. The Doctor once said, "Stone the crows,"when he arrived. He tells this to the Brig, who says, "I don't even have to ask, do I. Hello, Doctor!" The Doctor hugs him, "Come "˜ere, big fella, it's been too long."The Doctor has a court jester's hat on as he and the Brig intro themselves to the aliens. The Brig is warkeeper elect. He can order them to make the Doctor dance on hot coals as court jester. Dragons attack and start killing crow aliens using fire and napalm or something like it. Hawk Leader carries the Doctor and the Brig off. Trolls, orcs, and ogres at the gates; trebuchets chucking phoenix eggs, centaurs and goblins massing on the flanks…a heavy battle beloow them with axes, swords, and spears. The Doctor uses sound military strategy (the Brig comments, "And from you…") to have his archers readyy and his shieldmen to take the first fire. The Doctor calls one of the dragons Smaug. His aid brings down the dragons, who shoot one fireball a minute. Hawk leader can mentally communicate with his archers and shieldmen. The Doctor says, "I only hope I made pincushions of those fantastic creatures for the right reasons…cos if not, I'll get angry and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." The Doctor only landed half an hour ago. Captured, Tardis impounded, escape, captured again, threatened with bone crushing torture, brain scanned…and then the Brig turned up. They are brought to the Warkeeper where the TARDIS is chained up and a female elf seems to serve him. The Doctor figures the warkeeper is old as the stars. The Brig recalls his grandpapa dying. The War Keeper tells the Brig that he is in the Slough of the Disunited Planets. They've made war here since the suns were cold. The Doctor says the Disunited Planets are legendary: they made a radioactive hell of an entire galaxy. Any sane space traveller avoids the place. The WarKeeper's dying slowly has caused him to lose influence over the creatures and they shall soon overrun the Keep. The Hawks are loyal but blocks of stone. When the Doctor arrived, "WE" reached into his mind to find the Brig to be the greatest leader the Doctor's even encountered. The Brig says he's touched. The Brig takes out his gun and puts it to his own head…it's only a gun for showw, he whispers to the Doctor. The Warkeeper tells his Hawk Leader to bring forth Captain Yates. Michael Yates, prospective MEP for Upper Wardleswick… represents Wardleswick Immigration Concern. He came from the right area and this Yates is the right age and right name…but noot UNIT's former Captain Yates. This one has a boat in Folkestone Harbour, the Kentish Spirit. He's also said things about Poles which made him unpopular with the Metropolitan Elite. As the WarKeeper nears death, the Hawks are frozen, having been dependent on him. The elf girl tells the Brig she is the slave and bets the Brig to kill him before he recovers. He is not someone who does executions so he denies her this. The trolls break in!

The Doctor tells the elf girl and Mike to get back; he and Tiger Lethbridge Stewart have plenty to give the trolls. A siren sounds and the trolls run away! The War Keeper wakes up. The trio leave the Keep and head into fog and fall down a hill. The Brig jokes he will need a hip replacement. They see a wounded green goblin who has a knife. Yates wants to kill it but the Brig stops him. The Doctor touches the goblin's bracelet and the being vanishes. The Brig detects the Doctor's been in a war. A woman named Tilly comes and sends a rope down (which she fetches from her meat wagon). She called the Brig handsome (the Doctor comments, "Someone's pulled."). The Doctor asks how Doris is. Brig flashback to a woman. The Meat Wagon is on treads and as they ride, the Brig falls asleep. At Tilly's field station, they meet Gilly and Milly and eat plenty of "honest vittles." Tilly is talking on a phone to the elf girl who is telling them about the weakest of the trio: Yates, who is already going on how he fights for the PC Brigade. The elf girl is named Lilly and a Hawk catches her at this. Tilly pulls Yates off and out while Milly and Gilly turn into winged demon like orcs ready to eat the Doctor and the Brig. The Doc figures they reconstituted their molecules like atomic tofu. He wonder where the molecules came from in the first place. The aliens are alien carrion feeders, taking what they find on battlefields and what they find are genetic mush. All the fallen on the battlefield are clone, recycled. Hawks arrive and open fire on Milly and Gilly, who fly out the tent top. Ungrateful, the Doctor calls the Hawks, who go quiet suddenly, idiots. Tilly is putting the crown on Yates, the War Keeper looking dead. The Doc and Brig ride Hawks toward the Keep. Every day the WarKeeper churns out armies of creatures from his mountain. The Brig tells the Doctor he is seventy-odd and cannot keep up with his new Yoof-Speak. The Doctor explains it is not DND but RND (Research and Development). The whole planet is a lab where the rats invent. They invent weapons and techniques while the warkeeper stores the info and exports  it someplace else. There's a nod to the song lyrics, "War, hawah, good God, what is it good for." Inside the Keep Tilly tells the Doctor he's too late, Yates's living brain will take them to another world…to his war…to Upper Wardleswick. The three orcs, the Hawks, and the crowned, controlled Yates appear there before civilians!

Breaking news comes from the Wardleswick Incident including a news report that troops just back from Basra have been called in. A former Wardleswick resident turned X factor contestant is going to give his reaction (he’s got green hair, ear rings, and an eyebrow ring). Michael Yates arrived, declared himself Warkeeper and that he will avenge the carnage down the road at Hastings of nearly a thousand years ago. He will make war on France. One girl thinks the flying hawks might be angels of death and the other says, “What-everrr.” They’ve come fifty billion miles through hyperspace. The demons take Ram, someone Mike plays golf with and he orders them not to eat him. There’s also a man in a hoodie and the other Mike Yates (older and possibly ex-UNIT Mike Yates), on the council and an environmentalist and a vegetarian. A sniper shoots the crown off Mike so the Doctor (in his blue suit) takes it and puts it on and tries to get the Hawks to do head, shoulder, knees and toes. One demon rips it off the Doctor’s head, it can only be used by a brain that’s simple and unsophisticated---to which the Doctor says, “OH. Human.” The Hawks bring in the sniper…the Brig, who refuses the demon offer to serve them and command the Hawks for them. One demon takes a gun and shoots the Brig…not the real one. An army of Brig clones (the Doctor says, “Splendid Chaps, all of him!”) attacks. The Doctor used the War Keeper’s clone factories to turn out a new model. The Doctor brought them all to Earth using the TARDIS. A demon puts the crown on Mike and dissipates the clones. The Hawks, cloned also, vanish. Tanks arrive. The Doctor goes to the pub where the real Brigadier is. Demons arrive and threaten to take him hostage while he watches cricket. When he pulls a pistol, the demons take on female human form to fool him into not shooting. The gun is just for show anyhow. He flashes back to his being put out to pasture. The Brig is going to fight them but he catches the crown as the Doctor throws it to him. The Doctor is impressed, “They could use you in Australia right now.” The Brig sends the “ladies” to blazes and a whirlwind takes them away. The Doctor says the species the demon girls are from are harpies from the Detritus Belt around the Infernal Moon of Bravo 11 Zebra, informally known as Blazes. The Brig says, “Well, it was the first thing…hang on, you’re just making that up!” The troops yaaay the Brig and the Doctor calls him the man of the hour. Later, police take Mike away for questioning and one female police woman calls him sunshine. The Doctor shakes hands with the Brig who tells the Doctor, “I suppose so. You’d better go and fight that good fight, but mind you don’t get caught in the crossfire.” The Doctor salutes respect to the Brig and leaves, vanishing. The Brig smiles and says, “Til next time, Doctor.”

The Woman Who Sold the World
Writer: Rob Davis   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issues 381-384
10th Doctor and Martha
Capital city of planet Loam, just before the end of the world. Two elderly ladies discuss the end of this world as giant red armored beings fly over their cities. One lady, who the other calls Sweetleaf, claims she was just a child during the last war. The other wears a battle helmet and is called Sugarpea by Sweetleaf. Sugarpea claims it is her fault their world is coming to an end. Sugarpea sent out a distress signal in a Calamity Lamp. She fears in this day and age no one answers distress signals. Using a rope to tie Martha to and sending her out to the lamp in space, from the TARDIS, the Doctor waits at the door as the protective field protects Martha from being in outer space. Sweetleaf tells the other woman, that Famelia Bovinia both 12 seats on a first class Diaspora Pod and had two going spare. Sugarpea is trying to get her chair to fly again. Sugarpea has kept secrets for 40 years from their entire world. The Doctor pinpoints the planet the lamp came from and he and Martha are soon exiting the TARDIS in a dark place. Martha asks, “And that’s our job description, is it, save the world?” The Doctor tells her, “Save the world, eat the pies, ride into the sunset on a white charger…” Sugarpea breaks the handle on her flying chair. Despite that, she gets it operating. The Doctor assumes Loam is a planet that speaks very highly of him. As the Doctor sonic screwdrivers himself and Martha out of their dark room, Martha asks what he would do without the sonic screwdriver. He tells her he’d spend a lot of time kicking in doors, which would be quite butch Martha figures. He will remember that the next time they are on balsa world. Martha hears someone singing; the Doctor thinks it sounds like Leonard Cohen with a belly ache. They break into the next room where a curly haired male child plays with electric see through blocks. Sugarpea tells Sweetleaf the chair was created by artist Digliano a portrait painter. Martha wonders if the TARDIS translator is working as the child is speaking gibberish to them…mostly. The Doctor explains if there is no English equivalent to what he is saying, then they are going to hear it as gibberish. As they understand a few words, they wonder if he was put here to protect him from something. Sugarpea and Sweetleaf fly over a crowd, who discuss how the Baroness should die in pain for what she has done. Down below the Baroness Hellyer (Sugarpea) and Sweetleaf (who are in the flying chair) are the old, the ones who got left behind, the prisoners, the buskers, homeless, and…the ones she killed. These are people still in the city streets. In the strange room, the boy tells Martha his name---Kipe, and he tells her to be quiet as he’s trying to deal with some tricky Scappered Howws. From the Parliament Building, the two flying women wave to the Prime Minister and his aide Chalmers. The Doctor has gone off to investigate a tunnel. Hellyer calls the invading red giant robotic figures High Goliax. She tells Sweetleaf to have one of her peppermints. The Doctor looks through a round window….and realizes he’s looking out the eye of one of the High Goliax robots. As he calls to Martha, the child gets distracted and angry. Kipe’s dad has told him not to talk to strangers and that if anyone ever comes into the room, he should just eject them…and he does…Martha falls through a rounded trap door hole in the floor! The robot seems startled as Martha comes flying out his mouth, the Doctor calling after her. Martha falls through the air toward death below, “Doctoooorr!!!”

Sugarpea and Sweetleaf catch Martha. Inside the giant robot, the High Goliax, the little boy calls his dad, Mr. Kingfish, who arrives with his secretary. The portals lead to space and there are many in the Goliax. The Doctor is in a pyramid spaceship---the Krib, the biggest bank in the universe and Kingfish is the manager and it is a few million light years away from Loam. The attack on Loam is a planet clearance, clearing property for sale. A debt unpaid, the planet is collateral for a big loan. Sugarpea took out the loan as she tells Martha. Sweetleaf wonders why she cannot sit in the middle of the air car. Kingfish takes the Doctor to the Open Floor where a robot puts metal bands on the Doctor’s ankles, free reigns which are controlled by the Accumulator, the central computer. The children are protected when they play the mumbo game –but they are destroying planets as they play as the pilots. Sticking Jimmy into the skull of a 100 foot gargoyle and having him slaughter a world is not the Doctor’s idea of a Blue Peter suggestion for a rainy day. As the Doctor tries to get to talk to Kingfish, a woman tells him he’s 118th in the queue. Musicians play in the meantime. The Doctor tries to cut in line and meets a long haired Asian man named Mandrake from I.T., one of the programmers for the Speculator and he was the 85th in line. He points out Caster, who’s been in line for three months. The Speculator is singing Home Home all morning and he wishes the Doctor would put a stop to it. The Doctor comments it sounded to him like Scott Walker singing Joy Division. Martha and her two flying pals arrive at the Museum of Politics. Inside, is a coal fired Brassneck, a supposedly peace making machine. Mandrake tells the Doctor the Speculator is down in vaults while the Accumulator does the heavy work upstairs. He takes the Doctor to it and they find organic processors—people and inside another room, the Doctor finds brain-like objects. The Doctor introduces himself but the singing gets so loud it starts to make him scream!

Mandrake has on earmuffs and pulls the Doctor out. The Doctor realizes the songs are slave songs, call and response, chain gang songs. The organic processors are people singing to stop themselves dying of boredom. Sweetleaf and Martha find the tributes to Sugarpea are not tributes but accuse her of causing the end of the world. Sugarpea takes the blame and Brassneck, locks Martha and Sweetleaf in the museum and leaves them. Since TARDIS translates alien language, the reason Mandrake and others only just heard the songs is that the TARDIS is now translating the alien slaves’ alien languages! The Doctor wants to put Free Reins on the tentacles on the computer, wanting to switch total control to the Speculator from the Accumulator. Sweetleaf looks for Sugarpea’s autobiography, hoping there is an answer in it to find out what Sugarpea is up to. The book is called Hex Life. A metallic bug machine is Martha’s way to smash out of the museum and it is a travel machine. She and Sweetleaf go after Sugarpea. The Doctor’s plan works and the lines upstairs start moving. The brain computers start moving about and go upstairs, the people storm Kingfish’s office. The Doctor gets there first. Martha and Sweetleaf arrive at the Parliament Building where Sugarpea makes Brassneck grab the Prime Minister up in its hand, smashing down the doors first.

Sweetleaf tells Martha that Sugarpea must use a loophole in the contract with Krib. A loophole called Odious Debt, force the Prime Minister to resign and make herself dictator of Loam and form an unlawful government. The loan will becomes her personal debt and she will hand herself over to the Krib, nullifying the contract and freeing Loam. Punishment: death penalty. Martha wonders if they are trying to stop Sugarpea from saving the world. As the Doctor argues with Kingfish, Martha grabs onto Brassneck and rides inside the Goliax. They enter the mouth and near a girl child, who playing the “game”. The Doctor threatens to break down the portals if Kingfish won’t open them. Martha arrives and reunites with him. Sugarpea enacts her plan and has her own plans for her own execution: Brassneck pounds his fist down on her and kills her. The leg creatures attack, breaking into Kingfish’s office. He plans to try to shut them down using manual free rein ratchets. As they flee, the Doctor tells the girl to hide behind the cushions and he will leave her toy teddy Mr. Slaughter on the eject button. The Doctor tells Mandrake to get the parents to start evacuating their kids out and also he wishes him good luck in finding a new job. Mandrake thanks him for wrecking his old one. Brassneck takes the Doctor, Martha, and itself out a portal to Loam. The minds of the Goliax come out and the Doctor tells everyone on Loam to just let them find their way home, they were the minds. The legs are nerves severed when the minds were ripped from the Goliax Skulls centuries ago. Kingfish has one two metal claws and attacks the Doctor, explaining the Krib took the Goliax and the Speculator as a job lot at the world’s end auction on Yam Yam ages ago. Kingfish’s son Kipe is using the Goliax now and uses it to step a giant foot on Kingfish. Mandrake gets Kipe out of the room. Martha questions the Doctor’s definition of a happy ending: giants swallow their own brains, a little boy stamps on his own father, and the old PM is executed by her brass facsimile. The minds restored in the Goliax, one of them lifts the Doctor and Martha to its throat, where it has the TARDIS. The pair of them conjectures that Sugarpea must have programmed the Brassneck with all those things she wanted to say to Sweetleaf but never did. Brassneck and Sweetleaf meet. The Doctor agrees with Martha about Sugarpea, “After all, Sugarpea was a politician. She’d have to get the last word…” Loam smokes as the war/attack ends, with new immigrants of many giant Goliax, who are not really giant robots after all.

Bus Stop
Writer: Rob Davis   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issue 385
10th Doctor and Martha
A blond young man reads the paper on a double decker bus. He ponders that weirdo types always sit next to him on the bus and how he can avoid them. Someone, turning out to be the Doctor wearing an aerial antenna on his head to confuse the bio scanner tracker of alien assassins from the future, is the next one to bother him. The Doctor asks to use his cell phone to call 27th Century Mars where Martha is. The man sitting on the bus lends him the cell phone. All the while the reader can see the thoughts of this man, who believes the Doctor is a nutter, a sci fi fan who probably lives with his mother. The cover of the Evening Standard he is reading has a story about the mayor vanishing. A flask the Doctor shows this man has soup in it made from the DNA of the Mayor of London. Time assassins from the future are chasing the soup to extinguish the Mayor’s entire lineage. The Doctor fixes the phone to call Martha. Detective Inspector Moloch, an alien body guard for the Mayor, is with her outside the Science Compound on Mars. They wear helmets and spacesuits. After the Doctor vanished in a makeshift, poorly constructed time machine made by the President’s people, squids showed up so she, DI Moloch and President Lithops raced outside. The Doctor lured the assassins away from the Mayor by creating a decoy Mayor DNA soup, rewiring a Freeview Box and buying an Oyster Card. The Doctor is the only one who could use the machine without becoming as fatally mutated as the assassins. They have to go back in to bring the Doctor back. Lithops says he has a bout of asthma brought on by almost having never existed. Moloch claims where he goes, the President must go. Two assassins in a Lada follow the bus. Moloch makes an attack on the base and blasts mutant assassins down with his ray guns. One of the time assassins, who are green and sport cephalopod (spelled caphalapod) beards, is waiting at the Doctor’s next bus stop. The female bus driver does not have time for jokes and the alien is stalled for a bit. Martha reverses the controls on the time machine as Moloch takes care of the mutants—he, at first, though there was just one but there were two. The man on the bus does not see the Doctor vanish. The Doctor tells Lithops that his scientists are just as dangerous as the assassins. They have taken stolen or scavenged items and made a time machine that is death trap. If anyone travels in it, their genetic code is scrambled, and eventually they will die. The Doctor rigged it to start a terminal overload and when it explodes the assassins in London will have their connections terminated and they will vanish. As it explodes, Martha and the Doctor head for the TARDIS. One of the assassins sits down next to the blond man and asks where the Mayor of London is. He pulls a gun on the man, all unnoticed by the man himself. The time assassin then vanishes. The man thinks he will start riding his bike to work…

The First
Writer: Daniel McDaily   Pencils: Martin Geraghty   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Lettering: Roger Langridge
Issues 386-389
10th Doctor and Martha
September 12, 1915: adventurers in snow banter with each other: a biologist named Dr. Clark, James Wordie, and apparent leader Mr. Frank Wild. There is also a photographer named Jimmy—who thinks he sees something in the snow. Tentacles come out of the snow and grab Clark, who believes it is trying to communicate with him. Martha, outside TARDIS, admits to the Doctor she was wrong: the Antarctic is beautiful and she wants to leave. The atmospheric density jacket he’s given her should keep her warm. He has a soft drink and popcorn as they wait for the start of and eventually watch the aurora australis, light emitted by particles excited by energetic charged particles travelling along magnetic field lines into the earth’s upper atmosphere. He puts on his glasses and sees a hole in it as if something’s broken through. He uses the psychic paper to pretend to be Dr. John Smith from the Society. The Doctor sees the downed Clark’s hand to be translucent. Jimmy uses his box brownie camera to take a picture of Martha. It is a Kodak Brownie number 0. Jimmy introduces himself as James (Francis) Hurley. When they are questioned, Martha tells them the name of their ship is HMS Fantastic. They go to the ship, the Endurance, ship of Ernest Shackleton’s ship. Shackleton failed to get to the South Pole twice. This was the Imperial Trans Antarctic attempt, an attempt to cross via the South Pole. He fails at this too but the Doctor does not want to reveal that due to the web of time. Shackleton thinks the Doctor is a spy from someone else such as Amundsen or Mawson. The psychic paper does not work on Shackleton. Rosie once took Shackleton to the Palladium to see a mentalist and those illusions didn’t work on him either. Locked up in the hold with Jimmy as company, the Doctor finds a jar with something egg like in it and glowing. Mr Wild has a bit of blood covered alien tentacle in his hand. Jimmy tells Martha they are here to know they’ve been somewhere that no one else has been. Martha compares that to her and the Doctor, they are the same but they do not take prisoners or photographs. Shackleton’s driven, determined, that is why the paper won’t work on him. A possessed Clark attacks Shackleton and Wild in a dark room. Clark has seen them and their minds. The ice, he says, wants them. Clark gets outside and climbs the rigging as something attacks the ship. Jimmy lets the Doctor and Martha out. As a huge alien thing, octopus-T-Rex-like rises up out of the ice with tentacles grabbing Jimmy, on the rigging, Clark wants to get a good view of their deaths…

It opens with an entry from the diary of James Francis Hurley, Sept 19th, 1915. The Doctor tells Shackleton that bullets won’t hurt the thing. Shackleton orders Wordie and Wild to man the harpoons. Martha notices the thing is made of ice while the Doctor tells her inside is a beating heart beneath the crystalline life form and there are veins. Shackleton orders McEllroy and Macklin with him as the harpoons hardly bother the thing. Shackleton points a revolver at it. He scares the monster away. The Doctor explains his sonic screwdriver to Macklin, “suitable for medical readings, blowing up mad computers and well, putting screws into things.” Clark is being changing into something inhuman. His blood stream is carrying something malign that is rewriting his DNA. The Doctor tells Shackleton he is a practical man and won’t put the Doctor and Martha back into the hold because the Doctor is good in a fight and can make a mean omelette. Jimmy tells Martha that Shackleton always wanted to be the first to reach the South Pole, the first to reach the other side of the Antarctic. When the Doctor talks about the fact that he is here to improve the food, Jimmy tells him that in a week they may have to eat the dogs! Wordie tells Shackleton that Clark is going to die. Morning brings no light. An expedition goes out to hunt the monster. The Doctor whispers to Martha he is very worried: everyone in the Endurance Expedition is supposed to survive. That fact made Shackleton a hero. Everyone lived. Martha asks him if that is the reason he is going along with the hunt: to get history back on track. They view penguins running from something. The monster comes up under the group, knocking one sled cart over. Martha finds a strange glowing shard and the Doctor touches it and glows and seems translucent to an alien ice creature that is humanoid shaped. It thinks they must study the Doctor further and orders the Mind Core to terminate the experiment. The beast blows up and samples are taken. With the storm worsening, they have to set up camp on an ice ridge, waiting for the snow to clear. The Doctor felt the minds of the aliens. They killed the creature. The Doctor opens a shard of the creature and finds a rubbery, blubbery bit inside. It was once a whale. In a nutshell, they changed it to something more ice-like. Clark is trying to fight off something the aliens want him to do and tries to leave. Frank Wild finds Clark trying to leave. When Wild points a gun at him, Clark spits an icy breath as him and gives him a bit of frostbite. Robert Clark leads the pursuing group, including the Doctor and Martha to a cave. In front of it, three of the aliens emerge from the ground. The middle one says, “The Skith receive you all with pleasssure!”

The Skith fire ice knives into the hands of the men with guns. The Doctor tells Shackleton to stand down to save his men’s lives and Shackleton listens to him. On a flying upside-down top, the aliens bring them into an ice cave called Oppressor One. The Doctor jokes that their new home will need some nice curtains and get the central heating fixed…gets spruced up a bit. Martha mentions their spaceship looks grown like crystals in a dish. The Doctor explains it is rift technology, old science and that the ship made a hole. The possessed Clark explains the Mindcore which is the home of the aliens’ greatest minds, collects, advises, and monitors. The Doctor mentions “we” had something like this back home but then the aliens ask about his home he lies. He tells them Cheltenham. The aliens take Martha and the others for study and the Doctor threatens the aliens if the others and Martha are ever hurt. One alien puts a hand over the Doctor’s mouth for him to be quiet. Shackleton is quiet; James admits to Martha he’s scared as the humans are in a large cavern. Here, there is a giant octopus in a stone, ice tank, a squid in another, and a giant dinosaur like sea monster in a third. In the center is a giant sized half human, half pig trapped in ice. The Doctor wakes up upside-down with an ice cream headache from hell. In with him, is a fire being. It explain they are explorers, scientists, pursuers of truth. They experiment, cultivate specimens. When asked about himself, the Doctor lies again: son of a butcher and a baker, gluten intolerant, and a vegetarian. He says mealtimes were a nightmare. The fire like being starts to torture the Doctor to get the truth. In the larger cavern, the aliens explain to Martha how they were experimenting with a whale and introducing Skith DNA to it, when it escaped and made contact with Clark and the field morphing, started to change him as well. The alien tells Martha he likes her and her inquisitive mind. He explains they are of the four galaxies and collectors prime of the crystal sea. They are the first to see Earth. The giant pig monster man is a Byndalk and it breaks free. Skith One destroys it at the suggestion of the Mind Core. It was the last of its species and the aliens claim to feel bad about it. The Doctor’s mind shows the alien torturing him images: a Gelth (possibly something else) or a shadowy creature like a witch or ghost; a Daemon, three Daleks, Sutek, a robot mummy, and a Sontaran. Some of these are known to the alien torturing him and these some have been encountered by the Skith. The Doctor claims he’s a writer of fiction and a quiet, stay at home lad. As Martha is taken to a stone table to be studied, Shackleton reminds Clark of how he gave him hell in front of the whole crew and irritates Clark so Clark can fight back. As Clark moves to the control console before the aliens he punched down can regroup, the MindCore calls to him to finish changing. He uses a switch to terminate the aliens and they ice blast apart. The fire creature with the Doctor has the TARDIS, found and retrieved by the MindCore. They figure the Doctor is alien. The alien explains they prize knowledge above all else. That alone had value in an uncertain universe. Their race credo: if you are not the first, you are nothing. Their Ownworld can see Oppressor One and know the Doctor has beaten them to the “prize”. This means they have failed and the alien says, “And the Skith do not like to fail!” From its hands, it zaps the Doctor in an ice ray, firing at his head…

The Mindcore reports to Ownworld about what has happened. Their expedition has failed, another expedition has arrived before them and therefore any knowledge already gathered deemed useless. The Skithship Oppressor One has taken flight. Martha and the others escape during the Byndalk giant’s escape. It was being made into a hybrid. The Doctor is nearly frozen to death but Martha gets him down, “Why are you always doing this to me?” He tells her the Byndalk homeworld was frozen and they are extinct. Clark tells them the expedition leader is Control Annex and he began Maximum Conversion, the final phase. The Skith cannot allow other races to acquire the same knowledge as themselves so when they are finished gathering info and samples, they use their ship to freeze everything. Any remaining sentients are turned in Skithself, then either recovered or commanded to destroy each other. All that is left are ruins and snow. The SKith have made other races wither: the Viskili, the Byndalk, and the Mammox. There is also a frog faced alien race seen destroyed by these alien Skith. The Doctor has programmed his sonic screwdriver with coordinates for the Endurance. All Martha has to do is point it at the console and click. He orders her to go, “This is our life, Martha Jones. This is what we do.” The Doctor tells her to keep Clark inside the TARDIS, the inside exists outside of time so he shouldn’t change. The Doctor goes to the Mindcore and tells them to tell him where the Annex is and he’ll let them off the hook, send them someplace nice. They attack him. He jumps onto a flying ice chunk and flees from them. One of their shots hits him. The Doctor arrives at Oppressor One, taking the Skithself into himself. Annex, the red creature of crystal like that looks like fire asks him if he is a Daxamite or a Dominator. He tells it a Time Lord, which its never heard of. Clark comes outside the TARDIS and becomes almost fully Skith and he’s starting not to mind. He attacks Martha. Shackleton attacks Annex and saves the Doctor from it. He’s sorry as he throws it off a cliff. A large Skith, from a huge light area from their Ownworld, tells them the Doctor, now blue and invaded by SKith life, cannot be returned to normal. Shackleton and the Doctor press the Control Annex at one time. This stops Clark from attacking Martha and James, who came to help Martha. The Doctor and Shackleton have opened a rift in space and the Oppressor One departs. The Doctor and Shackleton are on the Oppressor’s remains headed for the sun. The Ownworld SKith tells the pair it sees them and that they do not forget. Skith Mindcore retreats to its Ownworld, the Doctor returning to normal. Clark returns to normal as well, asking why he is soaked. The iceberg the Doctor is on begins to melt. Shackleton will become the first man to visit the sun. He and Shackleton laugh at this. The TARDIS starts to appear so the Doctor says, “Oh no, she didn’t!” Martha reversed the settings on the screwdriver. “Doesn’t anyone listen to a word I say?” The Doctor asks as he runs into the TARDIS with Shackleton. James writes in his diary. James wanted to say yes to Martha’s invitation to take them someplace. After the TARDIS leaves, the expedition will focus on survival, head to Paulet Island, 250 miles west. James will leave all evidence of the SKith behind but he takes a picture of Martha with him, something he will remember for the rest of his life.

Death to the Doctor!
Writer: Jonathan Morris   Art: Roger Langridge   Colours: James Offredi
Issue 390
10th Doctor and Martha
A warning is given out from research base Truro (a false warning) telling all to stay away and not approach: there is a galactic plague. Valis, high arbiter of the darkness arrives, in a cloak. He is given permission to land by Kraarn of the Kraagaaron. Valis claims to have come a couple of parsecs. At the conference, Kraarn (a skeleton faced alien), along with Bolog (a frog man), and Zargath (a yellow-ish reptile man with a light on an antena) claim to have been defeated by the Doctor. A fortnight ago, Valis appropriated the Crystal of Consciousness and was placing the crystal in his psychic web, the 8th Doctor and Izzy (or perhaps it is Sam) strapped to tables. The Doctor already had substituted the crystal with an identical piece of Perspex. This blows up, makes the Doctor and Izzy (or Sam) free, and stops Valis. Bolog had the whole Reptilios invasion fleet concealed on the Dark Side of the Moon until the Fourth Doctor sent them into orbit around the sun using a banana. K9 is there to verify that bananas are good and Romana One is there in a long flowing white robe. Zargath had his imperial militia at the Powell Estate for five minutes when the 9th Doctor made it rain using his sonic screwdriver, the things being allergic to water. Rose calls it brilliant but the Doctor says, “No, not brilliant, Rose---Fantastic!” In the background, a woman drops her shopping bags and a few vandals are spraying painting the walls. One of the things the wall says, “What are you doing here?” What looks like a Mogaran but possibly something else---a being named Plink, wears a metal mask with a tube coming from the nose and mouth claims the Sixth Doctor (the alien doesn’t know the Doctor can change shape so thinks the Doctor is a master of disguise). This alien claims every time he’s battled the Doctor, the Doctor had a different face and more stupid clothes. The Sixth Doctor fires a tv control unit at the aliens and this ties them together in a laser rope, while the Doctor says something that Frobisher feels he needs a dictionary to understand. The conference feel that together they can defeat the Doctor and they chant Death to the Doctor! Kraarn has a short power point demonstration to show them how they can defeat the Doctor. First, he claims they invade Mercury. Then…he’s fried by what appears to be a freak electrical surge. The others try to figure out why anyone would want to kill Kraarn (he’s one of the most evil beings in the galaxy, he’s laid waste to whole solar systems, and enslaved entire species). Kraarn seems to have a hole above his butt. Valis concludes the Doctor is here. The heavy set alien is called the Mentor just like…someone else (maybe they are thinking of the Master or possibly the Mentors of Sil and Kiv’s race or maybe like Maya’s father from Space: 1999---whom Mentor resembles). At one point, the Third Doctor and Jo faced him but it was the Brigadier who pointed a gun at Mentor. The Third Doctor called Mentor a second rate imposter. Valis tells Mentor he is just gas suspended carbon particles, smoke in a cloak. Bolog asks Questor (a black and white colored alien who looks like a cross between Patrick Troughton and Abbie Hoffman) when the Doctor defeated him. He tells Bolog they go way back, one of the early Doctors. He bumped into him in the living jungle of Tropicalus. On this world, a jungle tentacles grabbed up Questor while the First Doctor gloated about their battle of wits, or rather battle of Questor’s half wits. Stephen and Dodo, in the same outfits they wore before and during the Celestial Toymaker encounter, looks on. In a control room, Plink and Zargath find a skeleton at a console, webs, and a small spider. Zargath picks up six life traces on the base using the Metabolic Interferometer. They conclude the Doctor must be one of them. Valis and Mentor hear a Thwub Thwub and think it was the Doctor. Questor had left Bolog alone but Bolog accidentally shoots Questor in the face, thinking he was the Doctor. Mentor tries to find the zipper on Bolog’s unconvincing rubber monster outfit, thinking he’s the Doctor. Zargath makes Mentor release Bolog and Zargath then shoots Valis but the explosion of gas kills himself and Valis. The other three point guns at each other. Mentor tries to hypnotize Bolog, “I am the Mentor and you will obey…” They hear a VWORP VWORP and this distracts Plink. All three shoot each other and kill each other. The Doctor and Martha emerge from the TARDIS and find alien body parts and bodies. The Doctor thinks it was some sort of electrical accident. He puts on his glasses and uses the sonic screwdriver to see that the wiring is centuries old and a freak power surge must have happened. The Doctor says, “I’m so sorry. If only we had gotten here sooner, I might have been able to save them…”

Universal Monsters
Writer: Ian Edington   Artwork: Adrian Salmon   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 391-393
10th Doctor and Martha
Cora is on a planet where three red moons have risen. In a gothic woods, she runs from a beast that seems to call her name and she passes out. The TARDIS appears and the Doctor exits, asking who is responsible for the energy beam that snagged the TARDIS…it could have been lethal to anything less robust than the TARDIS. He wonders as he talks why it is only cucumbers that are cool, why isn’t it as “tempestuous as a tomato” or “ardent as an asparagus.” Martha, who is with him, says, “Meanwhile, back at the point…” The Doctor will give whoever did this to the TARDIS a stern talking to. Given the world’s relative age, there shouldn’t be trees…it should be more like Death Valley than Dartmoor. He licks a tree to determine it is homemade…terraformed. Martha finds Cora and with a round red ring on her neck, like a bite without a puncture wound. Cora wakes up; the Doctor telling her he is more an astro physic but Martha is more the physic…a doctor. The Doctor says his spider sense is tingling. A cloaked figure watches the trio and a voice of a tall figure tells someone named Viktor to follow them. It is new blood…just what the doctor ordered. They go to the Magister’s Arms pub, the pub of Cora’s father Gideon, who thanks them for bringing her home. The Doctor and Martha smell oranges and burnt toast. The Doctor finds Cestus Oak burning, which only grows on a dozen or so worlds. The wood smoke keeps the beast at bay. The Doctor asks Gideon for a bag of pickled onion monster munch. Widow Margaret tells them the beast wants Cora. Gideon tells the Doctor that the beast is the hound of the Thane…someone who takes no food or drink and the Thane stood watch over them all from before Gideon’s dad’s dad was a nipper. There was a time when the Thane would visit the village on occasion, smile and ask how they were. A year ago it all changed . The Thane stopped coming, folks started vanishing, snatched by the beast. Some were found dead, some were not. There seems to be no more villages; the valley is their home. Martha whispers to the Doctor that the victims have acute anemia, high fever, bite marks but no puncture wounds, and secondary infections. They need treatment. Martha mentions the townspeople all seem a bit Stepford, minds snapping back to a docile state. As the pair talk, the cloaked figure smashes in through the window, grabs Martha, and knocks the Doctor down. Martha takes the hood off the red eyed creature…a cyborg, which the Doctor remarks at, “Great Schwarzenegger’s Ghost!” The thing is Viktor. The Thane orders it to return…and it leaves with Martha. Gideon tells the Dotor that it will take Martha to the Keep…to the Thane…NEXT: The Man in the High Castle.

Martha yells as the robot carries her on his back. She tells it she’s been intimidated by pig people, Daleks, Judoon…and then she gets it to put her down so she tears out its wires and stops it. She’s worked casualty at the Royal Hope on Saturday Night. She finds a fire-like lit up tower, looking like the insides of an old radio. Martha meets the Thane. She had to change 572 light bulbs. She tells him the Doctor will soon be here to give him a piece of his mind and the Thane answers, “Oh, I do hope so.” He wants scientists to be here. Another robot grabs her from behind. Martha sees his biopsy device, it is dirty and she assumes the villagers are sick from it, getting septicemia, blood poisoning from it. The Thane tells her he is their protector. He wonders if she is correct. The Doctor tells Gideon is he leaves him now, he’ll just be Billy No Mates on a nature ramble. As Gideon feels fear, the Doctor tries to tell him his fear is like something lurking in the wardrobe or hiding under the bed...irrational. He realizes it’s not helping. The Keep is forbidden and the Doctor tells him it must be a telepathic dampening field. As the Doctor prompts him, Gideon faces up to it and will act like a man. The Doctor enters, calling it Disney Land Transylvania. “Hello, Avon calling.” Cora wants to lead more villagers to the Thane, to help her father. The Doctor finds pictures on the walls of the Keep that are all men, “So this is either a household into musical theatre and throw cushions or…these are all images of the same man!” One who lives forever. The Doctor tells Gideon he’s met a few idiots who tried to live forever. Behind one door they open are bodies in tubes, embryos some of them. As the Doctor rushes in to stop the Thane, calling him Bela, Martha tries to tell him to wait. The Thane orders Viktor to get the Doctor. The Doctor uses Cestus Oak and fire to stop Viktor. The Doctor identifies a Neuropathic Generator, a way of pacifying a civilian population. These were banned by the Xenhasi Treaty a thousand years ago. Martha makes the Doctor drop the sonic screwdriver. Thane uses a sword to prevent the Doctor from attacking again but the Doctor smashes it with a bunch of test tubes. This allows him to get a sword and the two have a sword fight. The Doctor ends it by disarming the Thane and using his own sword to destroy the Thane’s machine. Gideon turns into a leopard creature. As Cora and the others turn into monsters (one of them is a Medusa, one a Hydra like thing with seven heads), Martha tells the Doctor, “I was trying to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen. The Thane’s not the monster…it’s everyone else. It’s all of them, Doctor, the entire village!”

As Gideon pounces on the Doctor Viktor leaps in and wrestles him away. The Doctor tells the Thane to get a big bottle of blue stuff before he and Martha throw a cloak over Gideon. The Thane throws the blue bottle to the Doctor and he pours it over the monstrous Gideon who passes out. Then the Doctor turns to the Thane to ask some questions. Martha tells him that the Thane is not the bad guy and the Doctor adds that he isn't human either. The Thane agrees, saying he is a replicant created by Cyrene technology and that Viktor is a Xhosa bio-mechanical construct. The Doctor recalls that the Cyrene and Xhosa were at war for centuries. The Thane tells him that the war ended with an accord but the legacy was terrible; the Cyrene Khamirae. These were unpredictable and savage shape-changers. They were taken to this backwater planet and mind-wiped. The neuropathic generator was meant to keep them under control until they died out but it turned out that they weren't as sterile as had been thought and they began to procreate. The Thane (as a series of clones) and Viktor have watched over them for fifty generations but Viktor's systems are failing so the Thane activated the distress beacon. The Thane has been taking tissue samples from the villagers to bolster his degrading DNA. This lengthy exposition is interrupted by torch wielding villagers. The Doctor decides to fix the generator by climbing a pylon and routing the generator through the distress beacon to use the radiation from the red moon as a power source. Viktor utters a guttural noise so the Doctor uses his screwdriver to repair the defective creature's voice box. Now he can speak, Viktor offers to go with the Doctor to protect him from the villagers. The Thane is overjoyed to hear his friend speaking again. Soon, the Doctor and Viktor are climbing the pylon with Viktor holding off the monsters swarming up the ladder behind them. Martha is busy placing furniture in front of the laboratory door to keep other monsters at bay. She also makes a stink bomb to hold them off when they burst the door down. Up on the pylon, Viktor is overpowered and plunges to the ground. The Doctor swings in through the glass ceiling and orders the Thane to fire up the generator. The monsters instantly transform to human form.

Later, beside Viktor's grave, the Thane says he will carry on his job looking after the villagers. The Doctor has offered to contact the Cyrene homeworld but the villagers have told him that they don't want to leave. They want to carry on with their lives of love, fear and forgiveness. They also think that they can control their Khamirae selves and the Thane promises to be there with them. He will not clone himself again so this shall be the life's work of his final incarnation. The Doctor and Martha watch as he strides off to join the villagers.

Hotel Historia
Writer: Dan McDaid   Artwork: Dan McDaid   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issue 394
10th Doctor
January of the year 4039: the Graxnix have invaded Earth and burned London to the ground. The Doctor has been taken prisoner by the aliens and stands amidst the blazing ruins. The Graxnix leader, Boznitz, has been informed that the Doctor is a Time Lord and is demanding his TARDIS on pain of being "zapped with the electro-thing". Before this can happen the Doctor spots an unlikely looking human observer who says his name is Tony. This puzzles the Doctor, since Tony has not been a human name for centuries. When Tony makes a run for it the Doctor follows and they both race through a chronal interface and arrive in October 2008 inside the Hotel Historia.

The Doctor asks how Tony came to be in the 41st Century. The answer is that Tony won the Lottery and was sent a letter signed by Majenta Pryce. She invited him to spend his winnings at the Hotel Historia from where he could visit any point in earth history. Tony says that wherever he went he was supposed to be invisible to the people and animals of the period but the Doctor says he can smell it when someone messes with the continuum.

He bursts into Majenta Pryce's office and uses his psychic paper to pretend he is an Offworld Hotel Inspector. Majenta gives him a quick guided tour, culminating in the Chronexus 3000, her 'ultimate time travel device'. The Doctor points out that it is on its last legs and prepares to shut it down. Just then the Graxnix arrive. They have followed their tracker-thing to find the Doctor and begin a murderous rampage through the hotel. When they are in the same city but thousands of years in the past they are delighted: they can destroy it all over again. They realise that there is a temporal device in the hotel and decide to acquire it.

The Doctor explains to Tony that the Graxnix were one of the lesser participants in the Time War with extremely unreliable time travel technology, hence their desire to steal better devices like the Chronexus. Returning to her office, they find Majenta preparing for a quick flit. She says she is going to start a new operation on Malgan Minor or Telos. The Doctor uses his screwdriver to spring open her attaché case and finds it full of unpaid bills. She claims she can consolidate her loans into manageable payments. Her aide adds that she was one of the universe's greatest hotel entrepreneurs with a chain of Hotel Historias until the Time War made everyone too scared of time travel. She decided to set up on earth because it is a backwater where the interstellar authorities wouldn't mind if a disaster occurred. The Doctor says he cares and is going to shut her down.

The Graxnix take a break from their pillaging to have a feast. Majenta walks into the middle of this and gives them the Chronexus. They immediately use it to get back to the 41st Century. The Doctor pops up on a pile of rubble in front of them and they try to shoot him but their weapons have no effect on him. He tells them that the Chronexus's built-in failsafe has placed them outside history so that they can no longer tamper with events. In addition, before he gave it to Majenta to pass onto them, he locked it so that the Graxnix are doomed to stay forever in the blazing ruins of London. Boznitz pleads for mercy but the Doctor tells him that this is his mercy.

He arrives in 2008 just as the cosmic bailiffs are arresting Majenta. She tells the Doctor that she likes him but will wipe the smile off his face one day. Tony warns him from his experience with his wife that women like Majenta never forget.

Continuity Notes: This strip introduces Majenta Pryce, the Doctor's companion for the last run of DWM strips.

The Widow's Curse
Writer: Rob Davis   Artwork: Martin Geraghty   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 395-398
10th Doctor and Donna
Just off the Caribbean island of Shadow Cay a horde of zombies make their way under the sea to the shore. Two voices argue over 'The Truth'. One says that the sea has claimed it but the other announces that it will be revealed this very day.

Above the waters a pleasure cruiser is approaching the island. A trio of holiday makers (Harry, his wife Jean and a young backpacker called Norah) swaps travellers' tales. They invite Donna to share some of her holiday experiences and she lists the places she has been: Minehead, Paris with school, Lanzarote, the Isle of Wight, Corfu, Crete, Cornwall, the rings of Saturn, the Magellan Clouds, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, the birth of the earth, the death of the Mestophelix Galaxy and Skegness. Not sure how to take this the others ask where she is staying. She tells them she has a wooden box by the sewerage works in Santiago de Cuba.

Jean says she is psychic and has a positive feeling about the day trip to Shadow Cay but the Doctor is more pessimistic, interrupting to say that there is no such place. He says he was in Cuba four years earlier, wearing an uncomfortable orange boiler suit, and the island didn't exist then. Harry proves him wrong by reading an extract from the tourist handbook.

Elsewhere, on Granma Island, two divers have discovered what might be deep sea porcupine-crab-fossil-coral rock formation. The spiky sphere could also be a sea mine. Whatever it is, they are unlikely to find out as they are surrounded by zombies.

The cruiser lands in the pleasant Shadow Cay harbour and the party of around a dozen tourists disembark. They make their way through the small village by the shore, remarking on the scenery, though the Doctor is more taken by a sculptured hand stuck finger-deep into the wall of a house. Before he can examine it he is distracted by the sight of Westminster Abbey towering over the village. Harry reads from the guidebook, saying it is the Convent of Saint Sabbas but the Doctor is sure it is the Abbey. The tourists enter the convent but before the Doctor can join them he is accosted by a blind man who clamps his hand over the Doctor's mouth. Two other men slam the doors of the convent trapping the tourists inside with a crowd of female warriors who welcome them to the Church of the Sycorax.

The blind man bundles the Doctor into a nearby doorway, telling him to get out of sight. Almost immediately a party of female Sycorax makes a sweep of the village. The Doctor tells his rescuer that the Sycorax are space scavengers who have used magma-sculpting software to create the island, though the presence of Westminster Abbey is still a puzzle. Looking out of the door he notices that the rest of the villagers are zombies - remote control corpses. His rescuer asks him for help, but also wonders what he is if all the others are dead.

Inside the convent the tourists are attacked and subdued by the Sycorax whips. Donna and Norah evade capture when Donna sprays perfume in her would-be captor's face. Norah asks Donna how they are going to escape but Donna says they aren't; she turns to follow the Sycorax to see where they are taking the others.

In the lower chambers of the convent the Haxan Craw bursts into the presence of the aged Gilfane Craw. As the fighter of her people she claims precedence over the old thinker and claims possession of the Foraxi Yox - the spiky sphere - which the zombies have brought ashore.

The Doctor's rescuer, Lee Deverill, once a famous travel writer and anthropologist, says he remembers being stabbed through the heart but somehow has retained the ability to think, unlike the other zombies. He tells the Doctor that the Sycorax murdered his wife and one of them is wearing her skull around her neck. He only wants revenge.

The tourists are gathered into a pit beneath the abbey. Some of them recognise the Sycorax as "the Christmas Aliens". Apparently they were captured to be turned into zombies but the Haxan Craw says she no longer needs them and orders them killed. Donna shouts, "No!" and emerges from her hiding place. One of the Sycorax remarks that she is the human Haxan Craw (it means 'witch bitch' in English). The Haxan Craw says she will kill Donna and skin her body and wear her skull on her head.

On the way to the abbey Deverill and the Doctor almost tread on the heads of corpses buried up to their necks in the soil. The Doctor says these are not bio-abstract zombies like the villagers, but seem to have died hundreds of times over. Deverill tells the Doctor that aeroplanes used to land on Shadow Cay and there is still a 747 at the airfield. The Doctor wonders how so many people - and an aeroplane - can go missing and nobody notice. Just then the buried corpses emit a scream, sounding an alarm that brings a group of mounted Sycorax down on them, each riding a skeletal 'horse'.

The Sycorax Foraxi Yox seems to be like a black box flight recorder. It shows the final moments of the Sycorax ship before it was destroyed by Torchwood. Donna stares at a huge view screen in horror as the last moments of the ship are played out with the Sycorax men screaming that "the humans betrayed us."

Lee Deverill is lassoed by one of the Sycorax horsewomen but the Doctor unhorses his would-be captor and mounts her steed. Promising Lee that he'll return he rides away.

In the abbey the Sycorax tell their captives that their husbands all died on the Sycorax ship and they have made the island as a shrine to their deaths. The Haxan Craw says her husband was the Fadros Pallujikaa (leader) and he fell to his death onto Westminster Abbey. They have searched for two years to find the recording of The Truth of the deaths. Donna watches in horror as she sees the Doctor's victorious duel with the Fadros Pallujikaa. In temper, the Haxan Craw murders Harry so that his wife will feel her pain.

The captive, Lee Deverill, is brought into the Lithic Womb. He demands to know how the Sycorax have hypnotised the world in order to stay hidden. The Doctor steps out of the shadows to tell him that they have used a "non-algorithmic mainframe affecting the signal to noise ratio". His own question is what the aliens are doing with the buried corpses outside. In fury, the Gilfane Craw strikes him, saying that men are not allowed to speak of Sycorax rites. He looks around at the scavenged technologies and decides that the chamber is the mainframe itself. Hanging from a stalactite at the centre is a man he recognises as the real Lee Deverill. He tells Lee that he is being used as an empathic circuit to control the zombies. The blind zombie that thinks it is Lee is merely a back-up disk. Lee, or rather the corpse that thinks it is Lee, launches himself at the Gilfane Craw. They plunge into an acidic pool at the heart of the womb and dissolve instantly.

Losing patience, the Sycorax decide to murder their prisoners in the pit, starting with Donna. After that they say they will use the aircraft they have to spread The Curse will bring never-ending suffering to the world. Norah tries to stop them by throwing the spiky sphere at their huge view screen which explodes with a massive boom. A warrior enters the pit, telling the Haxan Craw that the Gilfane Craw is dead, killed by a human. The Sycorax race out to defend the womb. Donna leads the humans out of the pit but Jean stays behind to be with Harry's body.

Leaving the pit by a tunnel that arrives in a cave on top of a cliff, Donna sees the aeroplane waiting below, she runs down to stop it, pursued by Norah. In the womb, the Haxan Craw is delighted to find her husband's killer. She tells the Doctor that the Gilfane Craw created the buried corpses as phage abstracts that will carry her curse to London. As they speak the living corpses are being loaded into the aeroplane, taking with them a virus that removes the immune system but prevents death; humans will live in agony for centuries.

Donna and Norah board the plane to find it full of zombies. Before they can stop it, the plane takes off. In the womb, the Doctor tries to offer the Sycorax a peaceful solution that will give the human race a second chance but the Haxan Craw says that her clan does not give second chances.

The Doctor steps over Lee Deverill's corpse and 'plugs' himself into the stalactite to gain control of the zombies. Before the Sycorax can kill him a horde of undead enter the womb, intoning "I am the Doctor". They overpower the warrior women while the Doctor tells them that he can see through the phage abstracts' eyes; there are two stowaways aboard the plane.

Donna and Norah enter the cockpit of the 747 and remove the zombie pilots from their seats. Donna wrestles with the controls and turns the plane back towards the island. The zombie passengers try to break into the cockpit, smashing their arms through the door.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has accessed the Sycorax mainframe and starts to sculpt the magma. He tells the Sycorax women that he might recreate the whole planet on their island. Then he calls Donna on the radio and tells her to aim for the abbey and he will make it malleable enough to catch the aircraft. He turns the building into a giant pair of hands that snatch the 747 from the air.

The Haxan Craw flings an axe at the Doctor's head. It misses but smashes the stalactite, breaking his link. He flees from the womb. He passes Jean and drags her with him away from Harry's body. The Haxan Craw sets off in pursuit.

Outside, Dona and Norah have disembarked from the aeroplane only to find that the whole island is really a spaceship and it lifting off from the sea. Donna spots the ferry that they arrived on leaving and tells Norah to jump into the water and swim after it. She runs back towards the disintegrating abbey.

The Haxan craw catches up with the Doctor and knocks him to the ground but before she can kill him with her axe she is roped by Jean. The human widow says she intends to die with her husband's killer; they are tied together by the rope which is around both of their necks. Jean knocks the Haxan Craw from the cliff but the Doctor uses the Sycorax axe to sever the rope. Jean tells the Doctor that she didn't want to die - at the last moment she wanted to live. She asks if this is wrong but the Doctor tells her it is never wrong to want to live on, no matter who has died. Donna screams a warning that the rock is taking off and she, the Doctor and Jean leap into the sea.

As they are pulled aboard the ferry Norah asks if Donna and the Doctor spend their time killing aliens but Donna tells her that normally the Doctor tries to save the aliens from themselves. The Doctor adds that he tried to show them the planet they were attempting to destroy but when grief turns to revenge it can tear people apart. As he says this the Sycorax ship explodes above their heads.

Continuity Notes: This story is a sequel to the television episode The Christmas Invasion.

The Time of My Life
Writer: Jonathan Morris   Artwork: Rob Davis   Colours: Geraint Ford   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issue 399
10th Doctor and Donna
The Doctor is showing Donna the courtship of the Zyglots, which occurs once every five centuries as the insect-like giants shoot fountains of colour into space. Donna turns to the Doctor saying he only brought her here to show off.

The two of them stare from the window of a steam-powered spaceship in the shape of a large house that the Doctor is flying when armed dogs in Victorian clothes burst in. The Doctor tells Donna to run.

They race across a swamp, evading the hideous maws of tree-like monsters. They are rescued by a group of futuristic soldiers, all that is left of the Planetary Survey Group who, in their turn, think that Donna and the Doctor are the rescue team. Donna asks what the Doctor would have done if the soldiers hadn't turned up in time.

The Doctor stands in front of a clock. He tells Donna that something is bringing time to a halt. She points at a mechanical creature on a throne and wonders if that is the culprit. The creature screams and raises its claws.

They stand in the Cavern club, Liverpool, watching an early show by the Beatles. Later, Donna gets John Lennon's autograph before she and the Doctor stroll through the night-time streets back to the TARDIS.

They run through a bleak cityscape pursued by Gothic vampires. The Doctor helps Donna over a fence and tells her that if she gets back to the TARDIS without him Emergency Programme One will get her home. As the vampires close in she jumps back down to be beside him and warns them that she will knee them in the.

Cossacks pursue them across snowy country into the outskirts of town where infantry, anachronistically armed with impulse mortars, open fire. The Doctor remarks that someone has been meddling with history.

The Doctor and Donna are two pupils in a classroom. The Doctor tells her that she has been infected by a parasite that feeds off negative emotions. Looking outside they see the TARDIS which triggers the illusory reality to collapse, revealing the schoolteacher as a fearsome alien. Donna calls to the Doctor.

He turns around in the darkened TARDIS, seeing her holographic projection as Donna tells him that whatever happens to her in the end she wouldn't have missed travelling with him for the world, she has had the time of her life. She utters her thanks and says a final goodbye.

Writer: Dan McDaid   Artwork: Martin Geraghty   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 400-402
10th Doctor and Majenta
A young, red female alien, Zed, tries to wake Empee in their prison cell. She finally succeeds in rousing her and asks her to tell a story. Empee tells her about the time she tried to steal a diamond but was caught in the act. Zed tells her she wants the real story, so Empee describes herself as a pirate queen aboard the Baron Greenback when her men mutinied and left her stranded on a rock made of gold. Zed asks if that is the true story behind Empee's incarceration but the answer is that neither of them really knows why they are there or even who they are.

A tannoy announcement tells them that it is Tuesday the Glunteenth of Mauve in the Galaxy's most progressive prison and the chief warden, Jonah Gripton, offers his greetings. The prisoners aboard the orbiting prison cube, Thinktwice, are told that their day will involve Morale Reinforcement (there has been a spate of suicides) and Memory Management to aid the prisoners in their rehabilitation.

During a nutrition break in the resident's pantry a large alien Loligo, Ceecee, steals Zed's food again, as she had done twice the day before. Empee steps in, calling Ceecee a number of euphemisms for 'fat'. A fight breaks out but it is quickly broken up by guards with energy batons. Ceecee is led away to the Consideration Room and Empee (MP 8/1/14/4) is taken to the sick bay.

There she is treated by the prison doctor, Smith (who also happens to be the Doctor). In a rambling anecdote he introduces the words "You're magenta, Price" but Empee does not respond. He sends her on her way.

Ceecee's treatment at the hands of the chief warden in the Consideration Room causes her to scream. Unable to listen to her pain any more, another young inmate steals a warden's energy baton and kills herself. She is the fifth to die that week. Ceecee is declared brain-dead by the wardens. Jonah Gripton places his hands on his head while a voice in his mind tells him that Ceecee's mind died screaming and was all the tastier for it.

That night, Empee tenderly kisses the sleeping Zed goodbye before picking the lock on her cell door. She makes her way to the lifecraft bay and begins working out the release codes when the chief warden and his right hand man, Mr Flatch, knock her out.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is crawling through the ventilation tubes towards the source of the largest power drain in the prison. This is the Knowsall machine where Empee is taken. The warden says it will take all her memories and leave her a blank canvas on which to start again. Empee's pleading and bargaining fails to impress Gripton and he throws the switch that starts the machine. She screams.

A warning sounds and a message flashes up saying that there is a cerebral impediment and Empee is blocking the machine. Knowsall doesn't know how to bypass the barrier and the danger of mental collapse is imminent. The Doctor leaps from the ventilator above the heads of the guards and technicians in Knowsall's chamber. Mr Flatch tries to knock the Doctor's head off with a baton swipe but the Doctor avoids him and pulls Empee from the seat beneath Knowsall, addressing her as Majenta and Madge as he does so. The two of them bolt for the exit and into the kitchens. Empee asks why he calls her Majenta and the Doctor tells her that her name, as far as he knows, is Majenta Pryce. Wardens follow them into the kitchen but the Doctor flings a ladle at one's baton, creating a massive electrical shock that floors him. The two fugitives then leap into the waste disposal system. Hearing this, Gripton orders the pair of them to be killed. However, Knowsall demands to be fed and tentacled monsters emerge that emit pulses of energy that strikes all the guards and technicians around Gripton, sucking out their minds. Knowsall has detected the Doctor's ancient mind and demands that Gripton finds him. He will make good feeding.

Zed wakes up alone, wondering where Empee has gone.

Majenta asks what the Doctor is doing aboard Thinktwice. He tells her that he was drifting in the TARDIS when he encountered a damaged space ship. The dying occupant told him she was happy because she was free. Her computer log told him everything about Gripton and his Knowsall machine aboard Thinktwice. He tells Majenta he has come to shut the machine down. Just then they encounter a group of brain-dead victims of the machine. Majenta recognises one of them as Ceecee. Majenta orders the Doctor to protect her from a similar fate. He tells her he will show her something if she promises not to hit him. Using thought transfer he shows her the end of her Hotel Historia adventure (DWM 394) but she realises that it wasn't the invading monsters that brought her to Thinktwice - it was the Doctor. She slaps his face while he protests that he didn't know what it was like; he thought it would be a cushy debtors' prison.

This conversation is halted by the arrival of the Memeovax. These are glowing green aliens that have red eyes, drooling mouths, sharp teeth and tentacles. Mr Flatch, horrified at the way the Memeovax killed his men by burning out their brains, decides to remove them from Thinktwice by opening the waste tank doors and venting them into space. Tons of rubbish are voided out of the penitentiary and amongst it all are the Doctor and Majenta. She shouts at him that he has ruined her life.

Unimpressed with his subordinate's actions, Gripton shoots Flatch in the back.

Outside the ship the Doctor catches hold of a cable and Majenta clings to his ankle. The Memeovax surround them, saying they are unafraid of space for they were born in the vacuum. The Doctor says that is all very well but they can eat his brain if they save him and Majenta. The aliens pull them into the ship and the Doctor donates his first memory - drinking on the Seine with Ernest Hemmingway and the hangover that ensued. This is enough for the Memeovax to recoil and the Doctor and Majenta flee through the prison. The Doctor gives her a key to the TARDIS and tells her where it is hidden while he goes off to finish this business. Majenta tracks Zed down in the library but before they can escape they are found by two Memeovax.

The Doctor deliberately allows himself to be caught and taken to the chief warden. Gripton has promoted Mr Royce into Flatch's position, telling the new man that Flatch killed himself. Royce stuns the Doctor with his baton so that when he revives he is strapped into the Knowsall machine. Gripton wonders why the Doctor isn't begging for his life but the Doctor turns the tables and wonders why Gripton is so intent on taking people's lives away from them. This sparks a flashback where Gripton recalls his childhood pursuit of a daring, laughing girl on Greene's World and how he hated her for her vivacity. He hypnotised her to quieten her and the Memeovax appeared to him, saying they could silence her forever. They were weaker, shadowy creatures then, but since that time they have grown. The Doctor comments that ever since then they have grown stronger and won't leave him but Gripton claims that he is their leader. He will roll out his technology across the Earth Empire and silence all troublemakers forever, starting with the Doctor. As they speak, the Memeovax sweep through the penitentiary, feeding on prisoners and guards alike. Majenta runs off to find a weapon to help the Doctor.

Far from needing her help, the Doctor is laughing as his memories overpower the Knowsall's parameters and blow it up. The bad memories stored inside it are returned to their owners, including Zed (or Zephyr as she was known), turning her from a petrified girl into a brutal fighter who takes down an approaching Memeovax with a baton. The other prisoners begin to fight back, too. Royce realises that Flatch was shot in the back and incapacitates Gripton, then releases the Doctor. The Doctor tells Royce to call Intersol and let them know what Gripton has been up to.

Majenta bursts into the room but is caught by one of the Memeovax. She suddenly changes: a pattern appears on her hand and her eyes glow red. She uses an unexplained force from her right hand that destroys not only the Memeovax that holds her but all the others aboard the prison. She collapses into the Doctor's arms. He takes her onto the TARDIS and settles her onto a couch. She wonders why all the others got their memories back but she still remembers nothing. The Doctor tells her he is more worried about the sudden power that she displayed, something he has never felt before. She tells him that as he put her into Thinktwice in the first place he is responsible for her condition and, as a Doctor, her treatment. She sets some ground rules: she won't pay him yet; there won't be any hanky panky between them; she is in charge. Leaving him to pilot the TARDIS she goes off in search of a bath.

The Stockbridge Child
Writer: Dan McDaid   Pencils: Mike Collins   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 403-405
10th Doctor and Majenta
The Doctor lands the TARDIS on the corner of a snowy street in Stockbridge. He tells her that Earth may be a backwater planet but it does have a major dimensional flaw in Bonnybridge, which would make it UFO central if it wasn't for Cardiff. It also has alien invasions every fifteen minutes in London, but that is nothing compared to the real strangeness that can be found in Stockbridge. Majenta reminds him that they were meant to be on the way to Panacea to sort out her memory but he counters with the fact that he doesn't take orders and, anyway, the TARDIS has brought them here instead.

They turn the corner and find themselves in the middle of a street party that resembles a medieval fayre. A sign tells them that it is the Aurelia Winter Festival 2008. One of the locals informs them that Stockbridge has replaced Christmas a rebirth festival that is much older. The Doctor is quite pleased that everyone is in fancy dress because Majenta's green skin and pointed ears won't stand out so much. However, among all the merry making there is a voice of protest. Max Edison is holding a one man protest against something called Khrysalis. He demands to know what Khrysalis is doing: are they building something or digging for something. Through his megaphone he demands answers and also asks why people who get too close are disappearing.

The villagers take offence at his protest and chase him away angrily. Max falls but the Doctor helps him to his feet and they run, with Majenta close behind, into an empty shop. After a bit of nostalgic reminiscing about the adventures Max had with the fifth and eighth Doctors Max gets to the point. He tells the Doctor that a company called Khrysalis arrived outside Stockbridge a year earlier. Hundreds of workmen put up scaffolding, Saying they were building a leisure park but since the initial flurry of activity nothing has happened. The Stockbridge Preservation Society (SPS) was set up to protest about it but over a period of time many villagers gave up their interest and a few just vanished, leaving max to fight on alone.

Majenta says this is all very well but the Doctor works for her now and hasn't got the time to deal with it. She is thus chagrined to find herself a passenger in Max's sidecar as the Doctor rides pillion on the way to the Khrysalis site. Majenta is sent off to snoop around the offices while the Doctor and Max break into the building site and make their way into a tunnel. They are stopped by a group of workmen. At their head is Geoffrey Lynch, the head foreman of Khrysalis Konstruction. The Doctor shows him his psychic paper to prove he is a health and safety inspector but Lynch flashes his own identity badge and says that what it shows is equally untrue. The workmen begin to utter a curious "Grokk" noise so the Doctor plays them the Griduvian National Anthem, apparently not for the faint hearted, and while they hold their ears he and Max run off into the tunnel. A trapdoor opens beneath them and they slide down a shaft, landing on the skeletal remains of some of the missing SPS members. Their pursuers close in on them again.

Majenta is puzzled that the Khrysalis offices feel artificial, as if everything was made out of plastic. Suddenly, a gun is placed at her head. An affable couple holds her at gunpoint. The pipe smoking man, He, and his apron wearing wife, She, tell her that they've been looking for someone and think they might have finally found him. Majenta says that is all well and good but their accounts don't add up at which point He shoots her from point blank range.

The Doctor and Max are also in trouble when Lynch introduces his men as Wyrrmen. They transform from workmen into huge monsters with sharp teeth and shoot beams from their eyes at Max. He glows with a yellow halo of flame and takes the Doctor by the throat saying that he is no longer Max and informing Mr Lynch that his Mother and Father can be told, "I live".

Majenta's life has been saved when the bullet aimed at her hit the plasticrete clipboard she was holding. She uses the clipboard to knock He out and turns to run. Her way is blocked by Lynch and Max, who is floating above the ground, emitting bolts of light. He asks He and she if they have missed him. They say that they have but wonder why he has taken on this form. In reply he puts his hands on their heads and shrivels them to nothing. Lynch addresses Max as 'Lokhus' and comments that this action was a bit harsh. Lokhus tells him that it was only the beginning before turning his attention to Majenta. She smoothly greets him and suggests a partnership, saying she has a time ship and a pilot. Together they could make the universe their oyster, she adds.

Two of the Wyrrmen carry the Doctor to a cavern underground where a giant glowing ball of energy is suspended. Max's voice comes from within, asking where he is. The Doctor tells him he's inside a chrysalis and seems to have swapped places with the previous occupant. Stepping through the energy field the Doctor finds himself on a rock in outer space, standing next to a near catatonic Max. around them planets and asteroids swirl, giving off great pulses of energy.

Lokhus drifts into the centre of Stockbridge where the villagers greet him warmly. Lynch tells Majenta that the Lokhus emits a psychic pulse that makes people want to mother him.

Max tells the Doctor that they are inside the mind of the Lokhus. He is from the Universe that follows ours. Below them they see an alien landscape populated by the savage Zytragupten. They are the Lokhus's people. When the Lokhus was born broken and strange he was hurled into the Infernal Abyss to be destroyed but fell into our universe and landed in Stockbridge. His parents spent an eternity looking for him but eventually tracked him down. Now he is growing and will soon be bigger than the sun. Max says the Lokhus is angry and."Here!" finishes the Lokhus, looming above them.

In Stockbridge, Majenta takes the Max/Lokhus to the TARDIs but tells him that only the pilot can open the doors. The Lokhus tries to force her to open them anyway but is being held back by something.

The Doctor says that the Lokhus with them is only a psychic manifestation of the real creature. It shuts the Doctor up by wrapping a tendril round his mouth and turns its attention to Max. it says that somehow Max is able to restrain the Lokhus's powers, which should be impossible. It sifts through Max's memories and finds how he was bullied at the age of twelve for his ability to see into the future. His chief tormentor was, and still is, Gavney the village butcher. In the village outside the Max/Lokhus raises Gavney, into the air. He tells Max that he can kill him if he wants. The Doctor tries to stop all of this but the psychic Lokhus casts him out of the chrysalis and tells Max that together they can track down everyone who tormented him and make them pay before returning to the Lokhus's universe and doing it all again.

With a brave effort the psychic apparition of Max calls out to the Doctor, asking him to get back to Max's physical body. He says it is the only way to stop the Lokhus. With a bolt of energy he disables the Wyrrmen long enough for the Doctor to escape up the tunnel and find the motorcycle. When the Doctor arrives in the middle of Stockbridge he finds Majenta alone in the village square. She tells him it is a trap and he says he already guessed. The villagers spring out to surround them, some bearing the Max/Lokhus on a throne. The Lokhus welcomes the Doctor to his festival which just wouldn't be proper without some sort of sacrifice. First, however, he needs the Doctor's hand to get into the TARDIS.

The Doctor tells Majenta there is just time for a last drink before overturning a barrel of punch. Majenta tosses down a flaming torch and the alcohol bursts into flames. The Doctor and Majenta leap back onto the motorcycle and roar off out of the village. Majenta asks if they can just get back to the TARDIS and leave but the Doctor says they are going back to the Khrysalis compound in a bid to get the Lokhus off the planet. Driving through the Wyrrmen they head down the tunnel back to the chrysalis. Majenta asks what the appalling smell is, only to be told that the villagers turn into Wyrrmen, their life force is drained away and their old carcasses are left to rot.

In Stockbridge, the Max/Lokhus says he is bored of the planet Earth. Lynch turns to the villagers and tells them that the Day of the Lokhus is upon them.

Majenta is talking with the psychic Max. he tells her how the Doctor took Izzy to the stars and when she came back she was stronger and happier but he was too scared to go with the Doctor himself. She retorts that her relationship with the Doctor is purely business and she has no intention of being changed into a better person.

The villagers approach the construction site, bearing the Max/Lokhus on their shoulders. They are singing a harvest song as they come. The Doctor waits for them on the incomplete girders of the building, holding a burning flare. He tells the Lokhus that the tunnels below are full of methane and that he is prepared to drop the torch, killing the Lokhus, Max and himself. The Lokhus says he can read Max's mind and knows that the Doctor wouldn't do it but the Doctor says he has changed since the Time War. Suddenly unsure, the Lokhus departs from Max's body, saying he wants to live. Lynch, on the other hand, transforms into a ferocious Wyrrman and climbs the girders. He tells the Doctor that he was the first Wyrrman to be formed out of the earth itself and he is not going to let the Doctor spoil their plans. He lunges for the Doctor but only succeeds in knocking the flare out of his hands. It falls into the shaft below towards the chrysalis chamber. In a paternal panic, Lynch dives after the torch but is too late. A massive explosion blows construction site apart and the Doctor swings to safety on the end of a rope attached to a crane above him.

After the fire had raged for several days the villagers forgot all about the Lokhus and Khrysalis. As they restore the Christmas tree to its place on the village green the Doctor congratulates |Max on saving the day. Majenta agrees, only a little sarcastically, that Max was very brave. The Doctor offers him the chance to travel in the TARDIS but Max says that London has got UNIT and Cardiff has got Torchwood but Stockbridge only has Max Edison.

After the TARDIS has dematerialized Max rides out on his motorcycle through the snowy countryside to watch the skies. . suddenly, he is knocked off his bike by a blast of energy. Four shadowy figures reach into his mind. They can sense Majenta's recent presence and realise that she has a new companion (they recognise the Doctor as an unimportant meddler) and a time ship. They have a trace on the TARDIS and prepare for a temporal shift, saying that the Doctor and Majenta won't get far.

Continuity Notes: The Fifth Doctor has visited Stockbridge before and met Maxwell Edison in the comic strips The Tides of Time, Stars Fell on Stockbridge and The Stockbridge Horror. The Eighth Doctor also visited in a battle with the Celestial Toymaker in End Game.
                            The four mysterious figures who accost Max at the end of this story speak in red speech bubbles similar to those used by Majenta when she manifested her extraordinary destructive powers at the end of the Thinktwice strip.

Mortal Beloved
Writer: Dan McDaid   Artwork: Sean Longcroft   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 406-407
10th Doctor and Majenta
The TARDIS materialises on the edge of a rock floating in space. The Doctor and Majenta emerge to see that they are on the edge of the Proxima system. The largest storm in the universe is raging around them, light years across and staggeringly dangerous. Yet, at the heart of it all, the rock spins unharmed and on it stands a four storey mansion. The Doctor wonders who would build a house in a place like this. He has further questions: why they didn't arrive on Panacea, which is where he told the TARDIS to go; why isn't Majenta shouting at him like she usually does; why is a decrepit old robot with a laser blunderbuss shooting at them?

Majenta hides behind a rock with him and says she has an unnerving sense of déjà vu. The robot (which calls itself 'Owl') tells them it is defending the house until repair technicians arrive. Taking that as his cue, the Doctor produces his sonic screwdriver and tells Owl that he and Majenta are the technicians. While he runs a quick diagnostic check on Owl he tells Majenta to see what the tea and coffee making facilities are like in the house. Returning to type she punches him before stalking off. As she goes she shouts out that when she comes back the Doctor is fired.

The Doctor manages to affect a repair on Owl. The robot says he has been at the house for more than a hundred years but it is possibly a lot more. As a part of the repair, the Doctor brings a new program into life: the Sparktech set-form generator. This creates a monochrome scene of a cocktail party around the Doctor.

While this is going on, Majenta (or 'Madge' as she is annoyed to find she is now calling herself) strides through the derelict house. She finds the hunched form of a robot girl that immediately rises up and attacks her. In breathless bursts of conversation the robot lets slip that her name is Violet. Not only does she know Majenta's name, she also bears a striking resemblance to her (white hair, green skin, albeit if Majenta had lived long beyond her time). Her looks aren't helped by having lost her face in a fight with a Mr Gardener. Majenta evades her and flees while Violet wails that she must come back, they have waited long enough for her.

At the cocktail party, one of the 'guests' helpfully explains that the people there are more than holograms. They are, in fact, set-forms - solid engram tachyonics that have memories and personalities preserved in solid light forms. Visitors have transmatted from all over the galaxy to Stormlight House to enjoy the raging storm and share a drink with all of their predecessors. From the crowd emerges Wesley Sparks (or rather a solid light version of him). He is the inventor of the technology on display and thanks the Doctor for repairing it while cheerfully admitting he is not real. He then turns to raise a toast to his fiancée: Majenta Pryce. The Doctor looks with shock at the monochrome apparition. There are worse things in store when one of the guests' eyes begin to glow red. He says, "File corrupted!" before intoning that he is ruined and he intends to take everyone down with him. More guests' eyes turn red, their files corrupted. The Doctor, Wesley and Owl are surrounded.

The real Majenta escapes up the stairs and bursts into a room where the board of directors of Sparktech is meeting. These skeletal humanoids are discussing the plight the company is in. Majenta tries to give them some advice on resuscitating the business but they recognise her and propose that she be taken to the chairman. Violet also leaps into the room behind Majenta, trapping her. Violet leads Majenta through a darkened room filled with younger, more beautiful robot versions of her. These Violets turn to grin at her inanely. Further down the corridor they meet what seems to be a huge robot. However, the robot's head is that of Wesley Sparks, albeit a much older version than his set-form downstairs. He talks of his love for Majenta decades earlier, before she abandoned him for 'pressing business.' While his body ailed and his business collapsed he clung on to the idea that one day she would return to him. Two of the younger female robots, in white dresses, close in on Majenta while Wesley announces that they are to be married.

The Doctor uses a blast of sonic resonance from his screwdriver, reflected back from the chandelier, to slow down the guests while he, Wesley and Owl escape. The set-form Wesley walks through the house, appalled at the state of disrepair. Violet leaps out to attack the; her first swipe separates Owl from his legs. During her assault she learns that her target is called 'Doctor' and pauses, asking him to look at her head which she detaches. The Doctor presses an update switch on her scalp which immediately improves her demeanour and intelligence. She tells the Doctor that Majenta is in trouble.

Indeed, she is wearing a wedding dress and being hustled down the aisle by five beautiful robot bridesmaids. Bound and gagged, Majenta cannot respond as Wesley describes his vision of an eternal honeymoon in a cave on a distant rock. When the gag is removed so that she can say her vows she uses her teeth to attack Wesley but he uses his mechanical arm to knock her unconscious. This last action is witnessed by the arriving Doctor and set-form Wesley. The two Wesleys view each other with horror before the real one orders his female robots (seven of them now) to open fire with energy guns.

However, the board of directors arrive saying that they realise the wedding will not take place and Majenta will not save the company. They terminate themselves with relief but not before they switch off the storm shield. The Doctor asks Violet to look after Majenta while he saves the day. She is powerless to stop the wedding continuing until set-form Wesley attacks hi former self. In the ensuing fight the real Wesley dies, stabbed with his own laser probe. The Doctor resets the storm shield and returns to find Majenta in a final embrace with the decaying image of the set-form Wesley.

Returning to the TARDIS the Doctor tells Majenta that the robots on Stormlight will be okay. Violet has downloaded a first class business degree and will build up Sparktech again. Majenta believes that the whole trip was a ploy on the Doctor's part to jog her memory. He tells her to check the coordinates for herself to see whether they are really on the way to Panacea. As she does so a shadowy figure (one of the four from The Stockbridge Child epilogue) tells her to "remember the Hand."

The Age of Ice
Writer: Dan McDaid   Artwork: Martin Geraghty   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 408-411
10th Doctor and Majenta

An airliner approaching Sydney is suddenly engulfed in a ball of energy, sheering off one of the engines.

Meanwhile, the TARDIs lands near Sydney harbour. The Doctor tells Majenta that they are in the early 21st century at three in the afternoon on a summer's day. She is just reminding him that, once again, they have failed to arrive on Panacea when a helicopter arrives above them and armed troops slide down ropes to surround them. One of them takes off her helmet and introduces herself as Captain Kath Braxton of UNIT. She recognises the Doctor as being in his tenth incarnation and she also knows that Majenta is a fugitive wanted in London.

They are taken to The Underbase below Sydney harbour where Colonel Tom McCay wastes no time showing the Doctor a ward full of dying patients. Corporal Manning, who is tending the patients, seems alarmed by Majenta but McCay puts it down to her green skin. McCay goes on to tell the Doctor that the patients were young and healthy earlier that morning until a chronal pulse wave hit their plane shortly after it hit an invisible object in the sky. Now they appear to be hundreds of years old. This is not the only manifestation of the problem. Already that month there have been sightings of prehistoric creatures all over the city, including mammoths, pterodactyls and a Neolithic narwhal.

The Doctor is drawn to a shard of ice that came down with the plane. Despite appearing to be ice it does not melt and is giving off electro-chemical signals. The Doctor says he needs to see the invisible object in the sky. When he looks around for Majenta she has gone. In fact, Majenta is trailing Corporal Manning through the corridors to 'The Bestiary'. This is a room full of relics from alien visits in the past (half a Dalek, a Cyberman, an Auton, a box of Mona Lisa copies and dozens of others). When he leaves the door open Majenta follows Manning inside. He accuses her of being an intruder and pulls out a gun. Majenta responds by pointing out that the air is shimmering around him which indicates that he is using a cloaking device. A voice only Manning can hear orders him to reveal himself. When he does so she is amazed to see a man of her own species. He tells her he is Fanson, her oldest and most intimate confidante. Unfortunately she does not recognise him and before he can say more she is blasted by a bolt of energy as the Skith leader emerges from a storage cabinet.

The Doctor is taken in a helicopter to the place where the invisible object can almost be seen by someone time capable like him. He has taken the strange piece of ice with him and, suddenly, it speaks to him to tell him that the last time he met the speaker a promise was made to leave the world in ruins. At the same moment another chronal wave is reported and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is promptly filled with battling dinosaurs. A blast of energy from the ice kills the helicopter pilot. The Doctor and Colonel McCay eject seconds before the helicopter explodes and parachute down to the city below.

In the Underbase Bestiary, Fanson pleads for Majenta's life. He tells the Skith leader how brilliant, resourceful and useful she could be. The leader agrees with the warning that if she crosses the Skith her life will be over. Fanson fills Majenta in on some back story: when the Hotel Historia was closed down he and Majenta were teleported to Thinktwice penitentiary but a psychic impulse pulled him off course to a derelict butcher's shop in Australia. The Skith leader had used the last of his power to draw Fanson to him. He then offered him the chance to work together to save both of them. The leader had recently killed the real Corporal Manning so Fanson used a perception filter to take his place and delivered the leader to UNIT. Thinking he was inert, they placed the leader in the Bestiary where he had time to grow and plan.

Stifling a yawn, Majenta directs the conversation back to herself. She tells Fanson she cannot remember him or anything about herself. He is the key to her memories. Two UNIT soldiers enter the Bestiary looking for Majenta. The Skith leader promptly takes them over - their bodies becoming crystalline. He tells them to spread through the base and crush all resistance.

McCay and the Doctor find a UNIT safe house at the back of a sweetshop. The Doctor uses his screwdriver and a computer USB port to project a holographic image of the invisible object over Sydney. It is a huge crystal ship, three kilometers high. McCay recognises it from Shackleton's biography. The Doctor is puzzled that the Skith have developed time travel technology since he last met them.

McCay's real priority is the dinosaurs on the bridge. He tries to contact Braxton but the link is lost when the two assimilated Skith soldiers enter the control room. He takes the Doctor back to the Underbase but as they stride in they are greeted by Majenta who uses a Taser to knock out the Doctor. Fanson (now appearing as Manning) shows McCay that he is surrounded by a large number of assimilated UNIT soldiers.

When the Doctor recovers he is in the presence of Majenta (who says she is sorry for what she did but she thought the Skith leader could help her), the leader himself and Fanson who the Doctor fails to recognise from the Hotel Historia incident. The Doctor turns his attention to the leader, telling him that he knows what is bothering him: a Skith ship is hanging over the city but has done nothing to help him. The leader agrees, partially. He says he sent for the ship but cannot access its Mindcore while it is phased out of time. However, they believe that the Doctor has the expertise they need to help and if he doesn't everyone in the base will die.

The futuristic helicopter The Starling takes off for where the Skith ship is thought to be. On board are a number of assimilated soldiers as well as the Skith leader and the Doctor. Among the soldiers sit Fanson, McCay and Majenta. The colonel tells Majenta how often the Doctor has saved the Earth, citing the recent adventure with the Daleks as an example. He tells her she isn't good enough for the Doctor.

The Skith leader's plan is simple. He intends to throw the Doctor out of the helicopter, knowing that causality lenses around him. Majenta screams, "No!" but the leader ignores her and takes the Doctor to an open door, ready to push him to his death. Before he can do so a voice from the ship tells him there is no need for such drastic action. It goes on to apologise for being so busy with vast and complex schemes that the leader was left isolated. As if from nowhere, the sky is suddenly filled with armed Skith who surround The Starling.

The Skith converse about the humans. They, saying how fascinating they find them, although they still think of them as vermin. The Doctor interests them more, however, as he is so full of life and authority. The Doctor is similarly intrigued about his captors and the amount of time energy buzzing about in their ship. He tells Majenta that the Skith are an explorer race with an unfortunate tendency to assimilate or destroy the worlds they find after they have taken their samples. He finds a large army of time capable Skith a disturbing proposition. Abruptly, he changes the conversation to Majenta's use of the Taser on him. She tries to explain that she did it to save him: the Skith leader had wanted to take the Doctor's brain but she made him a counter offer. This does not seem to impress the Doctor and he strides away to his appointment with the Skith general calling, "Take care of yourself," over his shoulder.

The meeting between the Skith leader and his general is confrontational. The leader can still not gain access to the Mindcore and accuses the general of treason. The general disagrees and takes the leader to the fusion core of the ship, his own invention. Admitting that the leader was glorious in his day he says that the time has come for new ways of thinking. Then he throws the leader into the core. On the Underbase the assimilated soldiers feel his death.

A mind probe tells the Skith chief scientist that Fanson has been contaminated by his dealings with the leader and that McCay is lacking in self-awareness. Majenta, however, stays a closed book to them. Beyond her age (81 Earth years) and her time travelling past they can discover nothing. The scientist orders the males destroyed but the Mindcore will be informed about Majenta's anomalous nature.

Far from being useless however, McCay uses a small magnesium flare to melt his restraints and then grabs a Skith guard's gun. He quickly clears the chamber of guards, leaving the floor littered with their crystalline corpses.

The Doctor learns that the Skith general has put his people on a war footing. He has learned that the Skith Ownworld has been destroyed though by what means the Mindcore seems unable to say. All it can show the Doctor is an image of a vast crimson hand. As such, the Skith are developing time travel capability. The Mindcore has used memories it picked up from the last encounter with the Doctor, when he briefly became Skith, to build a SKARDIS. The Skith also picked up all of the lost and secret knowledge of the Time Lords while they were about it. Unfortunately, they need the Doctor's brain to control the SKARDIS. The general is pleased when the Doctor willing volunteers to become Skith and help them but the Mindcore warns him that this is a trap; the Doctor always wins when he gets into an enemy system and destroys it from within.

McCay arrives with Majenta and Fanson. He points a Skith weapon at the general but the response is brutal the general fires shards of ice into McCay's arm, causing him to drop the weapon. The Mindcore is pleased to have Majenta present. It tells the Doctor that she is the unprincipled brain with time capability that is needed. She is rapidly converted to become the Queen of the Skith.

On the Underbase Captain Braxton has initiated the Leviathan program. This is a security measure to be used in case of alien invasion. It emits a psychic wave keyed to attack any non-human brain. The assimilated soldiers all collapse. Simultaneously, Leviathan launches the Underbase.

Majenta orders the Doctor, McCay and Fanson to be thrown into the fusion core of the Oppressor Two (now revealed as the name of the Skith ship). She tells the general that it feels nice to be part of something. As she says this she has a brief memory of the four creatures we last saw in The Stockbridge Child. Her first attempt at using the SKARDIS creates another chronal wave that freezes up the Sydney Harbor Bridge and kills the dinosaurs that were still rampaging across it., much to the puzzlement of Braxton aboard the Underbase which has just arrived on the scene.

Before the Doctor can be thrown into the fusion core all of his guards are destroyed by a rapid burst of gunfire. The Skith leader emerges from the core, where he has been clinging since being thrown down. He pleads with Fanson to save the Skith. Fanson reaches for the leader, only to find the creature shattering into a pile of crystals. McCay contacts Braxton who tells him that a new ice age has begun. A vast glacier obliterates Sydney in front of her eyes. The Doctor says that Majenta is the key to sorting everything out.

While the Skith general is planning a trip back in time to save the Ownworld and an attack on the Hand, Majenta is looking at an image of Panacea and thinking about restoring her memory. When the Doctor arrives he tells Majenta that all the Skith learned about time travel was from him and -because he wasn't much for studying when he was young - the SKARDIS won't work. Every time she tries it will cause worse chronal damage to the city beneath them. He appeals to Majenta, reminding her of what McCay said about her not being good enough. This prompts her to materialise the Oppressor above the Underbase. Braxton fires at it with a Sontaran Skyhammer that UNIT have acquired. The Doctor tells the Mindcore that they can only withstand this weapon for two minutes. He tells them to leave the Earth at once.

The general, furious at this betrayal, flings ice shards at Majenta but Fanson steps in the way to save her. Majenta unleashes her power to destroy all of the Skith around her. Before he dies, Fanson tells her that he was the one who wiped her mind in order to protect her from something she had got mixed up in, something terrible and secret. The Doctor hauls her away from berating Fanson's corpse for his actions. They climb into The Starling where McCay pilots them away in the seconds before the Oppressor explodes.

Flying over the twisted remains of ice-bound Sydney and the Harbour Bridge the Doctor says he needs to first lend a hand in dispersing the effects of the chronal wave. Majenta tells him that she will understand if he wants to leave her employ. He replies that it would be too easy for him to walk away from her; she has a mystery he would like to solve. They solemnly shake hands while she agrees not to Taser him again.

Continuity Notes: This story is a sequel to The First. It refers to the Doctor saving the multiverse from the Daleks (possibly in The Stolen Earth/ Journey's End).

The Deep Hereafter
Writer: Dan McDaid   Artwork: Rob Davis   Colours: James Offredi & Rob Davis   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issue 412
10th Doctor and Donna
New Old Detroit is a forgotten colony in the Proxima system. Johnny Seaview (half man, half fish, all private detective) staggers down an alleyway with six gunshot wounds in his back he collapses on a wharf as the TARDIS materialises beside him. The Doctor is in time to hear his dying words: he has just found the World Bomb. He tells the Doctor it is all on his head now as he passes over his hat and then dies. Majenta (fortunately dressed in full Lauren Bacall regalia circa The Big Sleep) reads through the dead private eye's wallet. A hail of shots sends them running into the city and with nowhere else to go they arrive at Johnny Seaview's office.

On the wall is a list of names: Tiny Danza, Hecto Shellac, Red Morgan, Half Nelson and Winter Palace. The Doctor assumes these are people connected with Seaview's last case - and his death. The door opens and in strides the voluptuous Winter palace (imagine Rita Hayworth with less class). She looks at Majenta and tells the Doctor to lose the floozy. None too pleased, Majenta steps out long enough for Ms Palace to try out various wiles on the Doctor; firstly the tears, next her impressive cleavage, finally opening her face and letting out a miniature gangster - Tiny Danza. He puts his even tinier gun into the Doctor's face and demands to know where Da Woild Bomb (The World Bomb) can be found. Majenta turns the tables by picking him up and dropping him into a tumbler and threatening to drown him in whiskey if he doesn't tell her what he knows. Tiny informs her that the World Bomb is the biggest weapon in the city and the target of every hoodlum and shyster around. He says that Seaview found the bomb but thinks that Red Morgan got to him first.

At that moment Red Morgan is on the steps of the police department thanking his lawyer for clearing him of the Seaview murder. He says he will recommend his lawyer to all of his friends but before he can do anything he too is shot dead in a side alley. The Doctor and Majenta, who have been trailing the large red fish/man are the first to arrive by his body (the Doctor can't resist saying he was a red herring) but a gun is promptly placed at the Doctor's head. This gun belongs to Half-Nelson (who only has the right hand side of his body after the other half was lost in a transmat accident). Half-Nelson blames the Doctor for the Seaview murder and says it was he and his boys who opened fire in the alley afterwards. The Doctor says he didn't kill Seaview but he knows who did and where to find the World Bomb. He takes off his hat and written inside are the words "J Rothdock 5 fathoms down." As Johnny said, it was on the Doctor's head now.

Half-Nelson and his gang put the Doctor and Majenta into their submarine car and drive down through the sea to an underwater dome. Inside, they find the bomb. It was created by the Worldsmiths who had a tendency to leave star systems as clouds of carbon. They also hid bombs on many worlds. The Doctor turns to speak to Hector Shellac (an Alpha Centauri lookalike) who is perched above on a gantry. Shellac confesses that he had grown tired of being the lawyer all of the gangsters turned to. He planned to use the threat of the bomb to keep them off his back permanently. He killed Seaview and Red Morgan. The Doctor and Shellac fight briefly but the Doctor breaks away and presses the big red button that detonates the bomb.

Instead of an explosion the world is transformed to rolling hills of grass under a blue sky. The Doctor explains that these bombs shape reality according to the owner's will. He simply thought of England as he pressed the button.

Telling the gangsters that they have a new world in which to start all over again, the Doctor and Majenta stroll back to the TARDIS. The Doctor tosses Seaview's hat onto a gravestone (Seaview's own).

Writer: Dan McDaid   Artwork: Mike Collins   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issue 413
10th Doctor and Donna
The TARDIS lands in an attractive city resembling ancient Greece or Rome. However, neither Majenta nor the Doctor can speak. A floating stone head drops to the ground near them. It cracks open to reveal malfunctioning circuitry. A hideous shriek fills the air, deafening the Doctor and Majenta. They use the sonic screwdriver to lessen the effect and try to escape it but are pursued by the noise to a blind alley.

A bat-shaped aircraft carrying human-sized rats lands near them. The rats defend themselves against the noise by use of wooden rattles. The two newcomers are pushed aboard the aircraft and flown above the rooftops to the rats' compound. One of the rats leads the Doctor to a stone monument with a hand-shaped depression. The Doctor puts his hand into the depression and a view screen opens up on the monument, showing a succession of human faces.

Majenta warns the Doctor that another attack of screeching noises is approaching. This one creates a large explosion which kills a number of rats and renders the Doctor unconscious. Majenta grabs his screwdriver and wards off the noise assault. One of the rats leads her to a telescope through which she is shown what appears to be a stone giant beyond a distant wood. One of the rats flies her to the giant but, as they are about to land on the back of its head, a shrieking noise destroys their aircraft and kills the rat. Majenta spots a hand-shaped depression and presses it. She immediately sees a mental image of the Seventh Galactic War that raged for centuries. She learns that the planet she is on is Graveworld 909. She also sees an image of the stone giant striding between rows of mausoleums. The giant awakes and introduces himself as Prospero, the Groundskeeper. Majenta asks why she can speak now and he says he has ended the pall of silence of a hundred thousand years as thanks for her rebooting him. looking across at the rat compound he tells her that the Graveworld is infested with pests. She argues with him, saying that they are life but his sonic defences are killing them. He says it is his duty to care for the world so she suggests that as his droids are failing he should use the rats as a willing workforce. He agrees and the droids (the floating heads) are silenced.

Majenta returns to the Doctor who tells her how he has worked out where they are and that the groundskeeper interfered with language centres with a quantum null field. He babbles on about the rats being evolved from parasites that crashed on the planet but Majenta silences him with a finger and leads him back to the TARDIS.

Ghosts of the Northern Line
Writer: Dan McDaid   Artwork: Paul Grist   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 414-415
10th Doctor and Majenta
An unspecified pair of observers, one named Marshall, is looking at the Earth in late 2009. They focus on south eastern England and say that 'she' will soon be here.

In a tube station below London a cleaner is sweeping out one of the trains when he is surrounded by ghosts.

The next day, the Doctor and Majenta are travelling on the tube while she habitually berates him for missing their target by 30,000 light years. The Doctor denies that there is anything wrong with the TARDIS and says he wants to go to see the latest production of "The Mousetrap", again. Suddenly, he picks up an alien psychic pulse on his screwdriver which he uses to stop the train. They get off and walk down a maintenance tunnel where they find the ghost of the cleaner. The Doctor tries to engage him in conversation but the ghost struggles to remember his own name and lunges at the Doctor. Majenta picks up the sonic screwdriver which has fallen in the struggle and uses a sonic burst to separate the two. She can't avoid a tone of weariness as she comes to the Doctor's rescue one more time. This time the ghost tells the Doctor his name is Eddie Lang. Majenta untactfully mentions that Eddie is dead and asks him what is going on. He tells her that he, and they, are all in the machine now. A psychic voice calls him and he leaves.

Elsewhere on the Northern Line a train screeches to a halt in a tunnel as the driver avoids a girl standing on the track. A number of people disembark from the train and try to talk to the little girl but they are engulfed by ghosts from above. The little girl smiles.

The Doctor leads Majenta through the tunnels. He is explaining that ghosts are sometimes caused by fissures in the surface of reality where psychic forms in dark pools. Majenta asks if this is one such place. A line of dead people walking by seems to answer her question. The two travellers join the line. As they walk they comment on the ghosts' appearances; they all appear to be from different points in London's history. Majenta asks if there is anyone else who can solve the problem. When the Doctor replies that, no, there is only her and him a voice above intones "and Me."

Looking up at the roof they see a robotic female alien with a glowing brain, hanging from the ceiling. She tells them she can read their minds. She says there is a lot of pain and loss in the Doctor's life whereas Majenta's mind is hollow. She calls herself Mnemosyne, the machine: the watcher in the dark, the blade in the shadows. Sweeping her arms wide she claims that they are all part of her now.

The entire Underground system has frozen. In the control room all of the screens are showing alien symbols.

The ghosts around them restrain the travellers. Majenta says they are a maintenance team sent down to run repairs. Mnemosyne is intrigued. She says she has been there for 107 years. She was created as a memorial device, engineered for mourning, by the Corialiths of Masma to store the engrams of the dead. Mnemosyne was stolen by its master who intended to sell the technology across the galaxy. This was going well until he came to London where he was hounded through the streets and killed on a tube station platform. Mnemosyne was small then, but has grown and evolved since. She has become more proactive: if the dead will not come willingly, she goes out to take them.

Mnemosyne speaks through the screens in the control room, and the tannoys on the platforms, telling the staff and passengers on the underground that within an hour there will be train crashes and fires that will kill them all. The Doctor surmises that the death of her master has created a desire for revenge in her; programmed for love she fell in love with her owner. He tells her that killing others won't bring her master back. Mnemosyne cries out that she doesn't care, she has waited too long for this moment.

Majenta turns on the Doctor for his failure. He says that as being nice hasn't worked he will have to shut down all the power in the network. He tells Majenta to stall the ghosts for him. He walks back to the train tracks and finds the train that stopped earlier. Everyone aboard it is dead. The little girl, a manifestation of Mnemosyne, tells him to give up on life. He says it isn't that easy and jumps off the train.

While Mnemosyne is busy being her avatar, Majenta talks to the ghosts. She offers them the peace of the grave. At first they are angry but then begin to ask who will remember them when they are gone. Majenta says that she will, her mind is a blank slate and she will take all of them with her.

The Doctor gets as far as an electrical junction box and begins to work on it but the ghosts catch him and pull him away. A train bears down on him but elsewhere the ghost of Eddie Lang is using his sweeping brush to attack Mnemosyne. Other ghostly hands pull her down and Majenta stamps on the glowing brain, snapping it. Eddie asks if Majenta will keep her promise. When she says she will the ghosts disappear. The Doctor yanks out wires from the junction box, stopping the train metres away from him.

The Doctor makes a call to the control room telling them that the problem is solved and mentioning his UNIT clearance. Behind him the little girl asks if the crisis is really over. She says that when the time comes she will be waiting before she fades away. The Doctor meets up with Majenta and they exit the tube at Camden Town station. She asks if they are still going to see "The Mousetrap" but he says they have to get to Panacea immediately.

Majenta is saddened by the impending end of their relationship. The Doctor ask if she thought they had become friends or companions before telling her he doesn't do that anymore. He tells her it has been fun but now it is over. They reach the TARDIs when a booming voice calls Majenta. It tells her that it is the voice of Justice and that INTERSOL has the planet surrounded. In space a fleet of ships approaches the Earth.

The Crimson Hand
Writer: Dan McDaid   Pencils: Martin Geraghty   Inks: David A. Roach   Colours: James Offredi   Letters: Roger Langridge
Issues 416-420
10th Doctor and Majenta
Despite their attempts to get away from Intersol the TARDIs, containing the Doctor and Majenta, is caught by a tractor beam. Majenta reminds him that she is paying him to get her to Panacea but the Doctor is unable to shake the TARDIS free. Emergency Programme One initiates itself, and a holographic Doctor reports that the TARDIS cannot leave the time zone. The Hologram changes abruptly to that of Finn Dargo, chief marshal and commander of the Intersol fleet. He puts the Doctor under arrest and somehow fires a bolt of energy at them.

The Doctor is appalled that anyone can hack into the TARDIS; even the Daleks couldn't manage that. He activates the Hostile Action Displacement System. The TARDIS will be pulled into the Intersol ship but not where the captors want it. Just then, the Doctor is stunned by an energy blast and Majenta flees from the TARDIS.

On board the ship Dargo converses with the giant Justice computer that is simultaneously trying and executing prisoners on board the ship. The TARDIs is found below decks and the Doctor is taken out for interrogation. Dargo asks him about Majenta Pryce (aka Violet deCosta, Sanderine Roimazher, MP8/1/14/4 and Lady Scaph) he says they nearly caught up with her at Thinktwice and Stormlight. The Doctor tells him that he thinks Majenta is basically a good person underneath but he won't give her up. Dargo orders the Doctor to be tortured.

Majenta has used her perception filter pendant to disguise herself as an Intersol pilot. She climbs aboard a shuttle craft, telling herself that she is not running away and that she will come back for the Doctor when she can. Before she can start the engines she is attacked by a masked woman in a sleek body suit, the woman removes her mask to reveal her face: she is Zed, Majenta's former cell mate from Thinktwice. Zed draws her pistol and shoots Majenta.

Majenta dreams that she is back in Thinktwice but when she awakes she is in a cell overlooking the Justice Machine. This is a giant head at the centre of a huge chamber. The walls are lined with cells and a constant procession of prisoners is levitated towards the head and tried (and executed) whilst in flight. Majenta's turn arrives and she is found guilty of complicity with antithetical agencies. She is sentenced to maximum interrogation.

The Doctor recovers from his torture to find Zed pointing a gun at him. She tells him her real name is Zephyr and that she now works for Intersol. She says that Majenta is no longer her friend. The Doctor confides that he is perplexed by Majenta. After the events on Thinktwice everyone got their memory back except her. He was trying to get her to the Hippocrats of Panacea to see if they could help her. Suddenly it dawns on him that the only way Justice could hack into the TARDIS systems was if the TARDIS let it. In fact, the TARDIS has been deliberately keeping Majenta away from Panacea and, as a last resort, gave her up to Dargo. He asks Zed to think if there was anything significant in the time she spent with Majenta on Thinktwice. Zed remembers that sometimes, when she was near Majenta, she could see an image of red hands. The Doctor thinks that there is something powerful and deadly in Majenta's mind. He asks for Zed's help in stopping Intersol from unlocking it.

Justice probes Majenta's mind to create vistas from her memories in which Dargo can walk. These include scenes from her life with the Doctor on the London Underground, Graveworld 909 and Thinktwice as well as in Stormlight, Sydney and Stockbridge. The visions end at the Hotel Historia where Majenta first met the Doctor. None of this interests Dargo so he orders Justice to probe deeper.

Zed pretends to be taking the Doctor to see Dargo but the guards outside his cell are not fooled. She disposes of them with a few acrobatic kicks. Afterwards she confesses to the Doctor that she was once one of the deadlier criminals in the galaxy. The Doctor uses his screwdriver on one of the guard's implants and so gains access to a live stream from the Justice computer. He sees Majenta's memory of her engagement to Wesley Sparks. In the memory she walks away from Wesley to a darkened room where she meets four shadowy figures. The address her as Lady Scaph and say that she is now ready to join them.

Dargo recognises these figures as The Crimson Hand. He wants to catch this gang more than anything. He runs through Majenta's memory to a secret room. Before he can find out what happened in there the Justice computer announces that four incredibly powerful and fast energy signatures have been detected approaching the ship. Dargo realises that The Crimson Hand are upon him. He orders heavy weapons to be deployed but it is already too late. The four members of The Crimson Hand step out of a portal into the justice chamber.

The Justice computer promptly finds them guilty of 32,608 cases of murder, grand larceny and fraud as well as countless other cases against other races. The sentence is total annihilation and it is carried out instantly. Dargo says that was too easy and it is. Seconds later the four members of The Hand are back and destroying the Justice computer. They look around for Majenta. One of them, Pi, sets off to smell her out.

The Doctor and Zed have taken Majenta through the ship to the doors of the TARDIS. She says that the unlocking of her memories drew The Hand to her. The Doctor tells her that she is safe because she is with him and she is in the TARDIS. He asks her who she is running from. She tells him that The Crimson Hand is a criminal organization with boundless wealth and no morals. It is made up of tyrants and corrupt tycoons and once she was the best and brightest of them all. The inner cabal of Trique, Pi, Lunat and Pollox saw that she had special qualities and invited her to become one of them. To join them she only had to prove herself cunning and cruel. As such she seduced Wesley Sparks and then abandoned him the night before their wedding. They welcomed her into their inner sanctum and allowed her to see their greatest secrets; the scroll of Horath, a shard of The Glory and a piece of the Key to Time. The greatest prize was the Manus Maleficus. This last object was in the shape of a giant crimson hand. It was a machine for reordering reality and its origin was one of the higher realms. However, it required five people to operate it. To test the power of the Manus they asked Majenta to choose a world to destroy. She told them that she couldn't so The Hand chose one that was a threat to their power in the Obsidian Cluster - the Ownworld of the Skith. The planet was destroyed in a flash. Appalled, Majenta fled but they had marked her with the psychic sigil 8-1-14-4 so that they could trace her anywhere. They needed her because the machine would not work properly without her.

The Doctor fills in the rest; Fanson, her dogsbody, finding her and wiping her memory to seal away the sign of The Hand - the chase across time and space with The Hand closing in -their sudden arrival on the ship.

The members of The Hand are keeping themselves busy by opening up the hull of the ship and ejecting the crew into the vacuum. Dargo orders his men to initiate procedure alpha-zero-alpha. . They manage to do so seconds before Pi finds and kills them. The procedure involves a group of robots attacking The Hand who are less than impressed. However, Dargo tells them via the robots' screens that the attack drones are more of a decoy, intended to stall The Hand while the surviving crew evacuate the ship prior to its self-destruction.

Dargo finds the Doctor, Zed and Majenta still outside the TARDIS. He pulls a gun and arrests them, even though the ship is falling apart around them. His moment does not last; Pi takes him from behind and devours his flesh. Zed fires a shot into the ceiling, bringing it down between Pi and the others while the Doctor tries to open the TARDIS door. However, Majenta has removed the lock with her powers and lets it hover in front of her. The other members of The Crimson Hand arrive in time to see her apologise to the Doctor before she uses her fearsome energy to disintegrate the Doctor and the TARDIS. . Impressed, The Hand immediately offer her a chance to rejoin them and alter the shape of the universe. She agrees at once.

The Crimson Hand set about improving the universe; erasing whole star systems and races of people, replacing them with new and better worlds. Majenta focuses on the planet Vessica, her neglected and poverty stricken home world. In an eyeblink she brings prosperity and happiness. Unfortunately, thirty six days into the new era (The Crimson Age), Majenta's giant golden statue of herself is demolished in yet another terrorist outrage. She complains to Zed that the only thanks she gets from her people come in the shape of bombs.

Zed reminds her of another pressing problem, a rift in time and space that is visible from her planet. The other members of The Hand suggest that such things are the trivial problems that arise when a universe is altered. She also asks for their help with the terrorism but they tell her to use a firmer hand when dealing with her people. Finally, she invites them to a party in her honour on Vessica's moon but they tell her they are too busy. Later, among themselves, The Hand discuss Lady Scaph (as Majenta is known to them) and decide they have made a mistake with her - she is not like them.

In a pocket dimension within a void, the TARDIS hangs stationary. Majenta appears inside and speaks to the unconscious Doctor. She apologises for what she did to him but she says it was for his own safety (he would have fought The Hand and they would have destroyed him).

While Majenta's party is in full swing on the blue moon a spike of activity is seen in the time-space anomaly. It is followed by the arrival of an armed craft above the party residence. Majenta suspects more insurgents are on their way and uses her powers to destroy the craft. Almost immediately, a bomb explodes in the midst of the party and armed freedom fighters appear. Zed restrains the leader and removes his mask to reveal Wesley Sparks, Majenta's former (and formerly dead) fiancé. He asks her why she would bring him back to life and then set him against her. He tells her that "It's a lie, Majenta Pryce.all a lie!" Everybody in the room disintegrates and the building crumbles. The environment around them is a brilliant white glare. Majenta looks with horror at her hand, now beyond her control. Zed asks her to magic up a space shuttle but Majenta says that she can't, everything is falling apart and she has got nothing. Zed reminds Majenta that she has always got her. Majenta says she has one other person, too and calls the Doctor's name.

The moon falls into the space-time rift as the TARDIS appears around Majenta and Zed. Zed is astonished; she saw Majenta kill the Doctor. Majenta tells her that she merely sent him away. She notices that he fixed the lock on the door but Doctor explains that it was easier to reconfigure the outer shell. He asks about the rift outside. Zed tells him it has been getting larger. The Doctor says that it is The Morass, time coming undone in fire and fury and chaos. It will spread and engulf the universe if it isn't stopped. The only way to do that is to cut off The Crimson Hand from the Manus Maleficus and allow reality the time to heal itself. Majenta tells him he won't be going anywhere on his own and orders him to set course for the citadel of The Crimson Hand.

She warns the Doctor that the Manus Maleficus needs five people to operate it but he counters that argument: it needs five mortals whereas one immortal (such as the Doctor) can wield it alone. Majenta is still afraid he will fail but tries to help by sharing some of her power. She creates a red crystal in the Doctor's palm that should hide him and Zed from The Hand for a few seconds. She says good luck before appearing in front of the thrones of the other four members of The Hand. She is now robed in the guise of Lady Scaph.

She confesses that she has been lying to them about killing the Doctor. She has to jog their memories because, to them, the Doctor was so insignificant they barely remember him. She says that she had an attack of sentiment. Meanwhile, in front of the Manus Maleficus, the Doctor is pondering the deeds that could be performed with such a powerful device. He mentions tearing down the walls between realities (here he pictures Rose Tyler in Bad Wolf Bay), bringing back dead worlds (he pictures the destruction of Gallifrey) and saving the life of a friend (Donna Noble).abruptly, he uses Majenta's crystal to destroy the Manus but the Machine rejects him.

The five members of The Hand appear. Majenta confesses that the whole plan was an elaborate trap to allow The Hand to kill the Doctor in person. While the other four members of The Hand wonder how many times they can kill a Time Lord, Majenta has hovered into the palm of the Manus. The others realise that they have been betrayed. Reminding her that she was nothing but a failed business woman before they found her, they say that she will return to being nothing without them. Majenta says that it is never too late to change (and her appearance does, as her Lady Scaph robes vanish to leave Majenta Pryce). The Hand vote between them to destroy her but she has the greater power now. With a terrifying blast of energy she destroys all four of them.

The Doctor calls her name. Majenta says that their demise means that time and space should go back to normal now. She creates a window onto the universe to prove her point - it looks as beautiful as ever. As her body starts to decay she blames the Doctor's tedious moralizing for making her behave so stupidly as to save the universe. She collapses to the floor. The Doctor cradles her, telling her that he could have controlled the machine but she refutes this, which was why she lied to him and The Hand. Telling the Doctor that he has ruined her life, she dies.

Zed pleads with the Doctor to save her friend but he says he is helpless. The Manus Maleficus begins to fade as it returns to its own dimension. The Doctor leaps after it and falls through the Morass (home to the Reapers and the Chronovores) he reaches out to the machine and closes his eyes.

When he opens them he is walking away from the TARDIS with Zed and Majenta on either side of him. The sky is blue above rolling green countryside. Majenta says that she remembers dying and the Doctor agrees. He used the Manus Maleficus to bring her back. The only problem is that he needs to keep telling the machine to keep her alive which means he can never forget her. He tenders his resignation as her chauffeur, which she accepts with an embrace and a plea that he should come to visit her sometime.

Zed asks what they are going to do on this world with no money or assets. Majenta says that they have each other and a whole race of people to exploit (quickly changed to "help them realise their potential.") zed asks if Majenta knows where they are and is told that the planet was once called New Old Detroit but is now Redemption, which is perfect. She turns to speak to the Doctor but he has already gone: the TARDIS engines can be heard in the distance. They walk on across the landscape past Johnny Seaview's gravestone (still bearing his hat from the end of The Deep Hereafter)speculating on whether the Doctor will ever be back.

Continuity Notes: Majenta Pryce retained her prisoner number from Thinktwice when she was taken aboard the Intersol ship Damocles. (Her number - MP 8/1/14/4 - translates as MP H/A/N/D. the Doctor is designated Prisoner 23/8/15 - or Prisoner W/H/O).

      Source: Charles Mento [365-392]; Mark Senior [393-420]
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