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Land of the Blind
Writer: W. Scott Gray   Artist: Lee Sullivan
Issues 224-226
The TARDIS arrives in a spaceport on Denossus, but for some reason its engines continue functioning even after it has materialized. As the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe explore their surroundings, a young woman named Anna attempts to destroy the shield generator in the centre of the spaceport, but only manages to attract the attention of the Vortexians who now rule Denossus. The Doctor tries to intervene on her behalf, but the Vortexians politely arrest him and sentence him to five seconds in the speculum -- an ordeal which normally destroys the victim's mind. Anna's father-in-law, Max, explains to Jamie and Zoe that the Vortexians sealed off the planet from the rest of the Universe twenty years ago, and have ruled it ever since; his son, Anna's husband Luther, was recently placed in the speculum for attempting to destroy the shield generator. The Doctor, however, survives the speculum, and recognizes the force within as the Time Vortex -- which leads him to realize where they really are.

Upon being released by the Vortexians, the Doctor and his friends set up a trap for them, and catch them in mid-transit when Anna lures them by trying to destroy the shield generator again. While the Vortexians are trapped, the Doctor switches off the shield generator's holographic sky- projection to reveal that the spaceport has in fact been removed from real space-time altogether and suspended in the Time Vortex. The Vortexians intend to unite all races in harmony under their rule and had transplanted Denossus into the Vortex as a test of their abilities. They break free of the Doctor's trap and attempt to arrest Anna, but Max deliberately shouts a racial epithet at them, causing them to administer a shock to his nervous system as punishment. But his aging heart can't stand the shock and he dies, telling the Doctor he knew what he was doing. The Doctor points out that the Vortexians have broken their own moral code by killing Max, and the Vortexians punish themselves by restoring Denossus to its place in the Universe and departing.

Bringer of Darkness
Writer: Warwick Gray   Artist: Martin Geraghty
Summer 1993
The Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria encounter a patrol of Daleks conducting repairs to a damaged spaceship and building a beacon with which to summon reinforcements. As Victoria watches from hiding, the Doctor and Jamie distract the Daleks and board the beacon, and the Daleks are unable to fire upon them for fear of damaging their communications equipment. The Doctor taunts the Daleks until they reveal the fate of the humanised Daleks on Skaro; all were destroyed and the Emperor reigns supreme. The Daleks realize too late that they are facing the Doctor, "Ka Faraq Gatri", but before they can open fire the Doctor activates the beacon, redirecting the electromagnetic pulse to destroy the Daleks' casings. The living creatures inside perish in agony, and Victoria, appalled, sees both the Daleks -- and the Doctor -- in a new light. Soon, she will leave his company.

        Source: Cameron Dixon
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