Doctor Who Confidential is a series going behind the scenes of the new Doctor Who. It is broadcast on BBC Three at 7.45 PM on Saturdays, immediately after the broadcast of the weekly television episode on BBC One.

It includes behind the scenes filming, interviews with cast, creator Russell T Davies and the other writers, as well as the rest of the creative team.

Each episodes of the first series originally included clips from the show rich history. These links with the past were however cut from the Series 1 DVD release because of the high cost and legal difficulty of licensing the music and classic series clips for commercial sale.

Series 1 was narated by Simon Pegg; Series 2 by Mark Gatiss.

For the third series and the 2006 Christmas special, Doctor Who confidential was extended to a running time of 45 minutes. Anthony Head (Mr Finch in School Reunion) took the role of narrator.

  1. Bringing Back the Doctor 26th March, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm Doctor Who returns to our screens.
  2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 2nd April, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm Making aliens in the new series.
  3. TARDIS Tales 9th April, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm Inside the Doctor's time machine.
  4. I get a side-kick out of you 16th April, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm What does it take to be the Doctor's companion?
  5. Why on Earth? 23rd April, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm The Doctor's favourite planet.
  6. Dalek 30th April, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm Following the return of the Doctor's most feared foe.
  7. The Dark Side 7th May, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm Evil genii and sudden death.
  8. Time Trouble 14th May, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm Making the Reapers.
  9. Special Effects 21st May, 2005 7h15pm - 7h45pm The look and sound of aliens and alien worlds.
  10. Weird Science 28th May, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm Alien tech in the new series.
  11. Unsung Heroes and Violent Death 4th June, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm The importance of death to Doctor Who.
  12. The World of Who 11th June, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm The fans, the conventions, the reactions.
  13. The Last Battle 18th June, 2005 7h45pm - 8h15pm The end of an era.
  14. Backstage at Christmas Bonus episode on the first series DVD set A behind-the-scenes look at The Christmas Invasion.
  15. New, New Doctor 15th April, 2006 8h00pm - 8h30pm David Tennant is the New Doctor.
  16. Fear Factor 22nd April, 2006 8h00pm - 8h30pm Just how scary can Doctor Who be?
  17. Friends Reunited 29th April, 2006 8h05pm - 8h35pm Behind the scenes of School Reunion.
  18. From Script to Screen 6th May, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm The process of creating an episode of Doctor Who.
  19. Cybermen 13th May, 2006 8h05pm - 8h35pm The history of the Cybermen.
  20. From Zero to Hero 20th May, 2006 7h25pm - 7h55pm The journey of Mickey Smith over the two series.
  21. The Writer's Tale 27th May, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm Mark Gatiss talks about writing for Doctor Who.
  22. You've Got the Look 3rd June, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm The Design team
  23. Myths and Legends 10th June, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm The various religions and mythical figures on Doctor Who.
  24. The New World of Who 17th June, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm The development of the Abzorbaloff.
  25. The Fright Stuff 24th June, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm The scariest moment in the history of the show.
  26. Welcome to Torchwood 1st July, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm A look behind the spin-off series Torchwood.
  27. Finale 8th July, 2006 7h45pm - 8h15pm Behind the scenes of Army of Ghosts / Doomsday.
  28. Music and Monsters 25th December, 2006 1h00pm - 1h45pm The special Doctor Who concert in Cardiff.
  29. Meet Martha Jones 31st March, 2007 7h45pm - 8h30pm An introduction to the Doctor’s new companion Martha.
  30. Stage Fright 7th April, 2007 7h45pm - 8h30pm The making of The Shakespeare Code.
  31. Are We There Yet? 14th April, 2007 8h25pm - 9h10pm The making of Gridlock.
  32. New York Story 21st April, 2007 7h25pm - 8h10pm The making of Daleks in Manhattan.
  33. Making Manhattan 28th April, 2007 7h30pm - 8h15pm The making of Evolution of the Daleks.
  34. Monster Inc. 5th May, 2007 7h45pm - 9h00pm CGI and the making of The Lazarus Experiment.
  35. Space Craft 19th May, 2007 8h00pm - 8h45pm The making of 42 and the vessels of Doctor Who.
  36. Alter Ego 26th May, 2007 7h55pm - 8h40pm The making of Human Nature.
  37. Bad Blood 2nd June, 2007 7h55pm - 8h40pm The making of The Family of Blood.
  38. Do You Remember the First Time? 9th June, 2007 7h55pm - 8h40pm A look at the legacy of Doctor Who and the making of Blink.
  39. 'Ello 'Ello 'Ello 16th June, 2007 8h00pm - 8h45pm The making of Utopia and the return of Captain Jack.
  40. The Saxon Mystery 23rd June, 2007 8h00pm - 8h45pm The making of The Sounds of Drums and the return of the Master.
  41. The Valiant Quest 30th June, 2007 7h55pm - 8h40pm The making of The Last of the Time Lords.
  42. Confidential at Christmas 25th December, 2007 8h00pm - 8h45pm A look at the making of the past three Christmas specials.
  43. A Noble Return 5th April, 2008 7h10pm - 7h55pm The return of Donna Noble and the making of Partners In Crime.
  44. The Italian Job 12th April, 2008 7h10pm - 7h55pm The making of The Fires of Pompeii.
  45. Oods and Ends 19th April, 2008 7h10pm - 7h55pm The return of the Ood and the making of Planet of the Ood.
  46. Send in the Clones 26th April, 2008 7h10pm - 7h55pm The return of Martha Jones, UNIT, the Sontarans and the making of The Sontaran Stratagem.
  47. Sontar-Ha! 3rd May, 2008 7h05pm - 7h50pm The making of The Poison Sky.
  48. Sins of the Fathers 10th May, 2008 7h30pm - 8h15pm The making of The Doctor's Daughter.
  49. Nemesis 17th May, 2008 7h45pm - 8h30pm The making of The Unicorn and the Wasp.
  50. A New Dimension 26th March, 2005 6h30pm - 7h00pm A documentary covering the history of Doctor Who.
  51. The Ultimate Guide 18th June, 2005 6h15pm - 7h00pm A look back at the adventures of the 9th Doctor.
  52. One Year On 9th April, 2006 7h00pm - 8h00pm A look back at the first series of Doctor Who.
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