Produced and Directed by Bill Baggs
Written by Lance Parkin
Music and Sound Design by Alistair Lock

Jo Castleton (Lauren Anderson), P.J. Ochlan (Tom Mordley), Oliver Bradshaw (George Cooper), David Roeciffe (Ray), Camilla Aitken (Denise), Kerry Skinner (Nurse), Patricia Merrick (Nurse), Paul Griggs (Nurse / Cyberon), Blane Coughlan (Nurse / Cyberon); Catherine Barker, Bernard Lawrence, Jackie Skarvellis, Marian Baggs, Michael Baggs, Keith Fisher (Patients); Steve Johnson (Cyberon / Cyberon Voices), Glenn Supple (Pathologist), Mark Donovan (Bouncer), Jennifer Wagner (Lawyer), Nigel Fairs (Detective), Terry Cooper (Man in Lavatory), Chris Bell (Waiter), Keith Bell (Cyberon).

Doctor Anderson's patients have permanent brain injury or suffer from brain diseases for which there is no cure. When Thomas Mordley begins introducing tests of Cyberon on her patients, Dr Lauren Anderson thinks she already knows how the trial will end - there will be some benefits, but no significant improvement in their condition.

Doctor Anderson is wrong...

Cyberon is different. Mordley knows it's a wonder drug, and it's going to revolutionise medicine. He thinks it may even revolutionise the world. But does he realise that Cyberon has its own plan?

And if he does, could he do anything to stop it?

  • Released on video in PAL and NTSC by BBV.
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