Daemos Rising
Daemos Rising
Produced and Directed by Keith Barnfather
Written by David J. Howe
Music and Sound Design by Alistair Lock

Miles Richardson (Douglas Cavendish), Beverley Cressman (Kate-Lethbridge Stewart), Andrew Wisher (Ghost), Ian Richardson (Narrator).

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, daughter of Brigadier Alistair, receives an urgent message from former UNIT man Douglas Cavendish. She travels to his house in the British countryside. Douglas is in a terrible state, hitting the bottle, and terrorised by a sinister statue in the grounds and a presence that haunts the house…
  • Released on DVD in PAL by Reeltime Pictures.
    DVD Bonus:
    • 'Behind the Scenes' - video diary of the seven-day shoot.
    • 'Cast and Crew' - interviews Keith Barnfather, David Howe and other members of the cast.
    • 'Guy Leopold Speaks' - interviews with Barry Letts and Robert Sloman.
    • 'Creature Features' - featurette with prop-maker Philip Robinson.
    • 'Making Music' - featurette with score composer Alistair Lock.
    • 'Kents Cavern' - featurette on the principal location.
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