4th Doctor
The Relics of Time
by Paul Magrs

Cover Blurb
1. The Relics of Time
Written by Paul Magrs
Directed by Kate Thomas

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Richard Franklin (Mike Yates), Susan Jameson (Mrs Wibbsey).

Returning to Nest Cottage one year after the events of Hornets' Nest, the Doctor finds Mrs Wibbsey settled into the local community. But when a vital component of the TARDIS goes missing, it seems the Doctor's housekeeper is to blame. All they have in return is a bag of strange artefacts. Each seems to be a clue, leading them on a paper chase through Time. First stop: Roman Britain, and the case of a wizard who is not all he seems.
  • Released: September 2010
    ISBN: 978 1 40846 667 4
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