10th Doctor
Written by Phil Ford
Directed by Gary Russell

David Tennant (The Doctor), Georgia Moffett (Cassie Rice), Tim Howar (Jimmy Stalkingwolf), Lisa Bowerman (Saruba Velak), David Warner (Lord Azlok), Stuart Miligan (Colonel Stark), Clarke Peters (Night Eagle), Nicholas Rowe (Rivesh Mantilax), Peter Guinness (Mister Dread), Ryan McCluskey (Soldiers).

After the TARDIS materilizes in the Nevada desert, the Doctor finds an extraterrestrial artefact which draws the attention of a mysterious man in black...

Original Broadcast (UK)
  Dreamland		  5th December, 2009			 10h00am - 10h45am
  • This animated episode was first aired in six parts (1 x 12 minutes and 5 x 6 minutes) broadcast daily at 5h15pm between November 21st and 26th on BBC's Red Button Service and the BBC Official website. It was then broadcast in a single episode version on BBC Two and BBC HD on 5th December 2009.
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