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IDW Publishing is an American comic book publisher. They started publishing an original Doctor Who title for the US market in january 2008.
Agent Provocateur
Writer: Gary Russell
Artwork: Nick Roche [1], Jose Maria Beroy [2], Stephano Martino [3-6] and Marco Pierfederici [4-5]
Colours: Charlie Kirchoff [1-3] and Tom Smith [4-6]
Letters: Chris Mowry [1,3], Neil Uyetake [2,4,6] and Amauri Osorio [5]
Issues 1-6
10th Doctor and Martha
The comic begins with a brief explanation of what Time-Lords are/were and what the Time War. A young girl is shown with some robed Time-Lords in front of the Citadel reacting in fear to something before Gallifrey explodes (we see a view of Gallifrey from space showing it with two moons). The Citadel is depicted as we see it in The Sound of Drums.

Years later, the Tenth Doctor and Martha are in-between adventures. She has asked him to help her find “perfection”. We see flashbacks to the two visiting a malt shop in 1958 Wisconsin (sipping from two straws stuck into a whipped-cream with cherry-topped glass), strolling together on a beach at an alien resort called Costa Del Centauri VI (sipping from two straws stuck into another glass), and then we see them at some unidentified Mayan or Aztec location on ancient earth (sipping from two straws stuck into a wooden goblet as they avoid a sword-brandishing warrior; Martha is wearing an Indian headdress).

It turns out that Martha is having the Doctor help her find the perfect milkshake. The Doctor decides to try one last place. They arrive at a space station with what the Doctor feels is the galaxy’s best milk bar. The exact name of this place is unclear. There’s a sign saying Korova V.3 but this might be a brand of milk, and another character just refers to the place as The Milk Bar.

As Martha dreamily digs into a chocolate shake, the Doctor challenges a Gizou shape-shifter who is playing a videogame. The Gizou flees but is killed soon after by a laser whip. The Doctor and Martha investigate only to discover that the Gizou was killed by a Sycorax hunter who specializes in selling the last survivors of extinct races to be hunted as sport. In order to keep his business going following the actual extinction of these races, he “employs” Gizou against their will to impersonate these creatures (the one he killed apparently tried to escape). He knocks the Doctor unconscious, as he intends to add the last “Lord of Time” to his collection of rare species representatives kept in stasis, one of whom the Doctor recognizes as the last survivor of the Ventrassian System, which he saw destroyed when its sun expanded.

After using the sonic screwdriver to destroy the Sycorax’s sword and with the help of Martha neutralizing the collector’s other weapons, the Doctor learns that this particular Sycorax is himself the last of his people, specifically the Tribe of Astrophia, which died out during the Valhalla Wars of the 41st Century. (The Doctor also tells Martha that the Sycorax as a species will be one of three races to survive to the end of the universe; humans are another race (foreshadowing Utopia) and the third surviving race is not identified.)

Martha suggests selling the Sycorax off to the hunt, but the Doctor angrily admonishes her for suggesting it. Instead, the Doctor implants his sonic screwdriver into the ship’s console and programs the vessel to travel to an unnamed research planet where the prisoners will be released from stasis and given an opportunity to readjust to freedom. He escorts the Sycorax off the ship because he doesn’t expect the prisoners to be good company for their jailer. But a surge of greed (specially regarding the technology of the sonic screwdriver) makes the Sycorax run back into the ship, hoping to claim the Time Lord technology as his own. But the sonic screwdriver self-destructs and releases the prisoners and the Sycorax is left to his fate. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Martha head to modern-day London in order so that the Doctor can grow a new sonic screwdriver. But when they exit the TARDIS near the Houses of Parliament, the Doctor is shown raising his hands. “That’s not good,” he says. What did he see?

* * *
On the planet Kas, population 6 billion, an unexplained event occurs that suddenly reduces the population to one individual. "Why? Perhaps we'll discover later," says the narrator.

Meanwhile, it is the summer of 1974 in London and the Doctor and Martha have arrived in the midst of an outdoor art exhibition near the Houses of Parliament (the exact reason for the Doctor's shock at the end of Issue 1 is left unexplained). The exhibit consist of what appear to be sand sculptures of several popular British musicians. While they stop to admire the detailed work, a man in glasses, dressed in a hippie outfit, greets them and gives them an invitation to a formal exhibition of the artist's work - the artist is named Princess Hentopet. Unknown to the Doctor, this exchange is observed by a black cat.

The Doctor and Martha move on to Carnaby Street where Martha tries out the latest in 1974 fashions (and the Doctor, though initially stifling a yawn at her shopping spree, gets in on the act, too, briefly donning an outfit similar to that worn by the Third Doctor). Later, while riding an open-topped double-decker, the Doctor chides Martha for being more interested in "retro chic" shopping than travelling through the galaxies. Martha replies that it makes for a change from killer androids, Kolpasha satin markets and scarecrows. "It's great to be going somewhere normal," says Martha, which immediately puts the Doctor on edge as he sees such a statement as an invitation. (Meanwhile, the black cat which has been following them vanishes).

Moments later a gigantic cat made of sand (identical to the black cat but sandy and much larger) starts prowling down the street towards the bus. The Doctor and Martha pursue it, but the giant cat soon vanishes. The Doctor decides it's time to check out the sand sculpture exhibition.

Meanwhile, on a planet called Nyrruh 4 the population of 19 billion is going about its daily routine when suddenly, all but one vanish.

Back on earth, the Doctor and Martha arrive at Gallery 9 (followed by the normal-sized cat) and are immediately impressed by the detail of the sand sculptures inside, which include a mother and her child, a bobby, a ditch-digger, and a chef. The Doctor says the statues are too detailed to be realistically made of sand, and uses his sonic screwdriver to determine they're being held together by a forcefield beyond the scope of 1974 technology. The Doctor indicates that he's been aware of the cat following them all day and surmises that they've walked into a trap.

The hippie man from earlier arrives with an exotic-looking, bald-headed woman. The woman kneels to pet the cat and a link occurs between them. A beam of energy strikes Martha, turning her into a sand statue.

In a flashback, the man explains that he and the woman, Hentopet, originated in Ancient Egypt 4,000 years earlier. She is the daughter of a pharaoh who forbids her from consorting with her lover, a soldier he considers unworthy of her. In revenge, Hentopet prays to the cat-god Bast, asking him to protect her father against a supposed rebellion. Bast comes to life and attacks a group of men, providing a distraction as Hentopet follows through with her real plan to kill her father (with the "rebellion" story intended to provide scapegoats for the assassination). The killing is witnessed by the pharaoh's aide (the hippie man in 1974) who, out of loyalty, helps Hentopet escape.

As they leave, they are encountered by Bast, who reveals himself as Bubastion and a member of the Pantheon. Bubasion claims that, under the Shadow Proclamation (see "Rose") he had been assigned to oversee the "forward development" of planet Earth, but due to his being tricked by Hentopet into aiding in the assassination, has now been relieved of his duties. Bubastion curses Hentopet and the servant to live forever, and be forever linked with the "god".

As the flashback ends, the hippie tells the Doctor that Bubastion has remained silent since the curse began and they have no way of communicating with him. They started turning people into sand (including the well-known musicians seen earlier) as a temporary measure in order to attract the attention of someone able to help them, such as a Time Lord. The Doctor agrees to help, but Hentopet and the hippie are turned into sand statues by Bubastion.

After some coaxing, Burbastion agrees to speak to the Doctor, who asks him to free Martha (which he does - also freeing the other statues, too) in return for agreeing to take Burbastion home. Burbastion says that due to the Time War his sentence at home has been repealed, but he had no way of returning. He states that he has continued to keep the Egyptians under curse as punishment for the killing of the pharaoh.

With the Doctor and Martha briefly distracted by the freeing of the other statues -- except for the Egyptians -- Burbastion disappears. The Egyptians, instead of being freed, begin to disintegrate, as does the gallery around them. Before they finally die, however, the hippie warns the Doctor not to trust Burbastion.

Martha and the Doctor return to the TARDIS. The Doctor says the sonic screwdriver recorded the wavelengths of the forcefield used to hold the sand statues together. Using the TARDIS he is able to determine their next destination. "You're not gonna like it, Martha" and the TARDIS takes off, observed by Burbastion, who, after sending a message "home", dematerializes.

Epilogue: In an ornate building (location unknown), a man in a suit walks down a hallway, followed by two bald, orange-skinned bodyguards. The man in the suit (who looks human) excuses himself and enters an executive washroom. Inside is a holodeck-like environment where Bubastion and several other unidentified aliens are suspended (whether this is actually them or projections is unknown). The man in the suit announces that Burbastion has found "the agent we need" who he likens to a sacrificial lamb. He refers to the Doctor.

* * *
Somewhere in space, the population of the aquatic planet Mere is suddenly reduced to a single individual.

Meanwhile, the Doctor parks the TARDIS in deep space, near the location of where a planetoid is about to form, ostensibly to test the TARDIS's exo-shell against extreme heat. The effect sends the TARDIS flying.

Elsewhere, it is New Year's Eve on the planet New Savannah in the star system Felinus, home to a humanoid race of intelligent cats (apparently the same race as Novice Hame). Tomorrow marks the first day of the year 5 billion, and on that day New Savannah is scheduled to come under the complete control of the Earth Empire. In an office tower belonging to Vedela Defense Systems a board meeting is underway, where the chairman - a Catkind - has just been ousted as part of the changeover of ownership to Earth and to "Mr. Wain". Moments later, an explosion rips through the board room. In the street far below, the TARDIS materializes soon after.

Still giddy from their experience with the planetoid, the Doctor and Martha emerge to see the devastation caused by the explosion. Martha immediately goes into Dr. Jones mode and begins looking for people to help.

Elsewhere, the man in the suit and his red-skinned bodyguards (last seen at the end of Issue 2) arrive in another part of the city. Martha recognizes Catkind and asks the Doctor if they're back on New Earth, but the Doctor says the skyline is wrong. A Catkind wearing a suit and tie approaches the Doctor and asks him to go to the top of the bombed building in case any humans are in need of help. Martha stays below to look after other wounded, and the Catkind in the suit, who identifies himself as Garrard Townsend, stays with her. She is unable to save the life of a female Catkind (who nonetheless blesses her on behalf of Jehovah and inexplicably knows her name). Moments later, she is arrested by a group of cat police and taken away.

Meanwhile, the human in the suit and his cronies arrive at a building where they are briefly held at gunpoint by a cat in an outfit similar to that worn by Hame and her fellow nurses in New Earth. The man identifies himself as Silas Wain and is taken to Bubastion, the god-like creature that encountered the Doctor in Issue 2. Elsewhere, on the planet Omphalos, the population of 17 billion is, like other worlds in this and the previous chapter, reduced to a single individual. This time, however, the survivor is not surprised; in fact, he's lived his whole life in preparation for the moment.

Back on New Savannah, the Doctor questions the purpose of the Vedela corporation and is told it creates defence barriers to protect the city from the wilderness outside. When the Doctor questions this, one of the Catkind emergency workers changes the subject. The Doctor discovers part of the boardroom that wasn't destroyed and uses his sonic screwdriver to discover traces of human DNA among the Catkind present at the time of the explosion, only the human had teleported out. Further questioning of the workers reveals that he had been tricked into leaving Martha alone with Garrard and he heads back to the ground.

Meanwhile, Martha is into her fourth hour of being interrogated by a Catkind police officer, and rebuffs the efforts of her appointed lawyer. The officer reveals that Martha has been taken into custody in part for her own protection, as threats had been received indicating "there will be trouble" at the time of changeover to Earth rule. The officer explains that 250 years earlier humans had arrived on New Savannah and influenced the Catkind to adopt human customs and language. In return, the Catkind agreed to cede their planet to the Earth Empire on the eve of the Earth year 5 billion. This led to a revolt among the Catkind and the faction that refused to agree to these terms was banished into the wilderness surrounding the city.

However it was learned that the human intervention actually saved the Catkind species, as it allowed them to survive the reduced resources of their planet, whereas those who entered the wilderness starved to death within months.

The Doctor arrives, and says the Vedela shield had been brought down and that "whatever is in the savannah" will try to destroy the Earth influence.

Garrard is revealed to be a member of an anti-human cult. At midnight, the deactivated shield allows two giant robotic cats to enter the city and they proceed to spread death and mayhem throughout. The Doctor and Martha track down Garrard and the Doctor persuades Garrard to take them to the leader of the cult -- Bubastion. Bubastion states that he is from another universe -- his catlike appearance is coincidentally similar to that of the Catkind, and the Doctor makes Garrard realize that he's been fooled and the cat-man flees. Bubastion then reveals that he knows the Doctor is the last of the Time-Lords and reveals that he has been participating in a series of tests, which he has passed.

The purpose of the tests is only explained with the words, "Something is coming." The Doctor and Martha leave Bubastion and witness Garrard giving his life to stop the giant robotic cats. "I'm going off cats," the Doctor says.

* * *


Time Placement: The reference to scarecrows places this story and the one preceding it as happening after The Family of Blood and before Utopia (but likely before they were stranded in 1969 in Blink as no reference to this is made).In terms of chronological time, since the Sycorax covets Time Lord technology, that suggests he doesn’t have the ability to time travel, so this has to take place some time after the Valhalla Wars of the 41st Century that the Doctor mentions.

Continuity Notes:

  • Martha was born in 1984 as she says 1974 is 10 years before she was born. Based upon the exhibition flyer, the story takes place sometime between July 8 and Sept. 5.
  • The reference to scarecrows places this story and the one preceding it as happening after The Family of Blood and before Utopia (but likely before they were stranded in 1969 in Blink as no reference to this is made).
  • There is a continuity error between the first and second issues. The first issue establishes that the Doctor chose to return to earth in order to allow time for a new sonic screwdriver to be grown. Yet in this issue he is already equipped with another one.
  • It's not explained why the Tenth Doctor would be the one to answer the call for help and not the contemporary Third or Fourth Doctors. This incident may have occurred at a time when those incarnations were off-world.
  • The Doctor once again states that he used to be fond of cats (a probable Sixth Doctor reference) but not so much anymore (likely a reference to Fear Her and New Earth).
  • The TARDIS is shown taking off vertically as it did in The Runaway Bride.
  • The Doctor talks about liking Scotland, a probable reference to David Tennant being Scottish.
  • The Doctor exhibits more knowledge of modern-day pop culture by referencing the musical groups Westlife, Take That and Il Divo.
  • As noted in the synopsis during their visit to Carnaby Street, the Doctor briefly dons an outfit similar to that worn by the Third Doctor.
  • Although none of the musicians turned to sand are identified by name, one of the statues closely resembles Rod Stewart.
  • A longstanding continuity issue in Doctor Who is addressed when the Doctor tells Martha that there are two Loch Ness Monsters -- "a big cyborg" (Terror of the Zygons) and "a mutated DNA experiement" (Timelash).
  • Martha makes reference to the events of New Earth and the race is the same as that of Novice Hame first seen in the episode New Earth and later Gridlock. The era is also roughly the same as that of The End of the World.
  • Continuity error: the Doctor knows Garrard's name even though he is not present when Garrard identifies himself.
  • Cover art: A female Catkind very similar in appearance to Novice Hame (New Earth and Gridlock) appears on the cover, but the character herself does not appear.

    Source: Alex Frazer-Harrison
    The Forgotten
    Writer: Tony Lee
    Artwork: Pia Guerra [1-2,5], Stefano Martino [3] and Kelly Yates [4-6]
    Inks: Kent Archer [2,5] and Rick Ketcham [6]
    Colours: Charlie Kirchoff [1-2,4,5], Kris Carter [2,4-5] and Liam Shalloo [3]
    Letters: Neil Uyetake [1] and Comicrafts 'Richard Starkings [2-6]
    Issues 1-6
    10th Doctor

    The Whispering Gallery
    Writers: Leah Moore and John Reppion
    Artwork and Colours: Ben Templesmith
    Letters: Comicrafts' Richard Starkings
    Issue 1
    10th Doctor and Martha

    The Time Machination
    Writers: Tony Lee
    Artwork: Paul Grist
    Colours: Phil Elliot
    Letters: Malaka Studio
    Design: Neil Uyetake
    Edits: Denton J. Tipton
    Issue 1
    10th Doctor
    In 1889 Jonathon Smith, a physicist, is being led by his friend, H.G. Wells, through the misty streets of London. They are going to see the Doctor, a man he met in Scotland a few years ago. He has now turned up again needing help and Wells thought as a scientist, Smith would be able to assist, however he seems amazed by what he sees as steps into a dark building.

    The Time Traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us. His grey eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated...

    Inside, the Doctor is using one of the TARDIS console panels outside the TARDIS, connected by a wires and tubing. He moves and greets Wells and Smith, to whom he explains his problem. He needs to refuel his ship but cannot get to Cardiff to refuel. He could try and gather enough rift energy to jump start the TARDIS to reach Cardiff, the only problem is that the "Institute" is after him.

    Elsewhere an older man and a younger woman are looking at some advanced handheld equipment. Having measured Chronal signatures from Krakatoa and Perivale they believe have found the Doctor, however, there is only an arrival and not a departure signature, meaning he is trapped.

    Back in the darkened building, The Doctor decides to make a "petrol can" to store the rift power, however he needs to get some equipment. Looking at the Doctor's equipment he picks up a calibrator, but the Doctor tells him not to as it is drenched in Chronal energy and it will alert the institute to them. As the Doctor goes to change into something more fitting, Smith slips the calibrator into his pocket.

    Later the Doctor is walking down the street, dressed in his Sherlock Holmes coat and hat, with Smith and Wells. As they turn a corner they spy the two members of the institute hunting the Doctor. As the Doctor and Wells turn back, Smith rolls the calibrator towards the institute. The woman detects the signature and they give chase. Smith catches up with Wells and the Doctor crying that the Torchwood institute is after them. As they attempt to escape over a wall, the man from the institute uses some form of tazer on Wells. Smith convinces the Doctor to keep running, whilst the institute take Wells back to the West India Docks.

    Inside a darkened building, Wells is tied to chair and interrogated about the Doctor who explains he met the Doctor in Scotland and was taken to the planet Karfel. The man and the woman explain that the Doctor is a danger to the Empire and the Torchwood Institute is charged with stopping this alien, but they have been unable to find him. Wells explains that that is probably because the Doctor can change his appearance. Whilst the older man panics about this Wells offers to deliver the Doctor to them.

    Back in the TARDIS, Smith and the Doctor have been putting the ship back together when Wells returns. Suggesting he might have been followed Wells and Smith go to check the perimeter. Wells then tells Smith he will alert the institute and hands him the Doctor's sonic screwdriver to keep him here. After Wells leaves Smith points the Screwdriver at the Doctor, saying he will be a hero of the Empire and the Doctor will be dissected.

    Outside Wells leads Torchwood institute to the TARDIS as they surround it. Inside the Doctor tells Smith, he knows he isn't who he claims to be. Having known who Torchwood was he suspects Smith musts be a time traveller, probably from the 51st Century, attempting to stop the death of Magnus Greel. Smith confirms he is right, having used notes from the secret diary of H.G. Wells on the imprisonment and death of the Doctor to stop him. After that he intends to cure Magnus Greel and bring him back to the future. However, the Doctor reveals that he wrote the notes in order that Smith would find them. Smith attempts to use the Sonic Screwdriver but that, like the notes, is also a facsimile. Smith claims the Doctor is still trapped but the Doctor proves him wrong the dematerialising the TARDIS without Smith.

    Wells identifies Smith as the Doctor and Torchwood tazers him. As Smith is drenched in Chronal and Zygma radiation they believe he is the time traveller and store him in the vaults in the West India Docks. Wells is congratulated by the man from Torchwood and then leaves the institute down a back alley.

    'Will he ever return? It may be swept back into the past, and fell among the blood drinking, hairy savage of the age of unpolished stone...'

    Wells turns to see The Doctor reciting his future writing. He asks the Doctor to explain what happened. The Doctor says that Greel came back through time, who the Doctor stopped. One of Greel's followers was attempting to stop the Doctor doing this, so the Doctor had to stop him, which he did by planting Well's notes creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Confused by this, Wells asks what will happen to Smith and the Doctor says that he will be kept imprisoned until after Greel has been stopped. Eventually, a man named Harkness will discover he is a fake and Smith will probably be returned to the 51st Century to stand trial for War Crimes. The Doctor then leaves, promising to return after Wells is famous.

    'But that phantasm vanished as I rubbed my eyes. The Time machine had gone. Save for a subsiding stir of dust...' Wells says to himself.

    At that moment, Wells again hears the TARDIS but this time by the Dock. The TARDIS appears and out of it steps Leela and the Fourth Doctor. Leela says she feels ridiculous in her period clothes and hat but the Doctor tells her the skins will frighten the horses. Wells watches them from around the corner, amazed at another Doctor. The Doctor tells Leela he is trying to teach her how her ancestors enjoyed themselves and decides to take her to the theatre to see Li H'Sen Chang.

    Wells decides he will write, as the Doctor was always telling him to, in his honour and it will be called "The Time Machine"!

    Time Placement: Tenth Doctor travelling alone, after Planet of the Dead.

    Source: Chris Myall
    Writer: John Ostrander
    Artwork: Kelly Yates
    Colours: Kris Carter
    Letters: Kubikiri
    Edits: Denton J. Tipton
    Issue 1
    10th Doctor and Donna
    Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor and Donna experience phasing trouble. This is, the Doctor explains, due to them passing through the shield guarding Autopia against the outside world. Millenia ago the inhabitants became experts in robotics and attempted to use this to create a utopia where the robots did all the work and they sealed themselves away from the universe. However, when the Chronos mission attempted to invite the Autopians to rejoin the universe they were never heard from again.

    Leaving the now landed TARDIS they see a landscape of well tended gardens and round buildings. Following a path down, they find purple and gold robots, the Automatrons, tending the garden, who stare at them as they walk up to an arched metallic door, out of which emerges another robot.

    Initially it does not want to grant them entry, however it eventually takes them to its mistress for further instructions. As they walk, Donna enquires what its name is, however, finding it too difficult, she decides to name it Sam, after her cat. The Doctor is amused by this as he tells her Cats real names are much grander.

    At that moment they arrive and meet mistress Ixtalia, a pale, blonde woman in Romanesque attire. The Doctor asks her about a book of poetry she is reading, which she claims is perfect, although the Doctor believes it to be artificial. However, Ixtalia claims everything in their society is perfect and there is nothing left to do but contemplate on what already exists. The Doctor dismisses this as nonsense and asks what happened to the Chronos Mission. Ixtalia reveals she had them put to death as intruders. At that moment Donna draws the Doctor's attention to the Automatrons surrounding them.

    After failing to intimidate with his sonic screwdriver, Ixtalia orders them to be killed as the Mission were, burned alive in the solar furnace. Sam requests it does not do this as the task disturbed it last time, however, Ixtalia says this makes him most qualified.

    Shortly, the Doctor and Donna have been put in the solar furnace. Donna pleads with Sam not to do this but it claims it has no choice. Activating the furnace, a beam of magnified solar energy appears. The Doctor pleads with Sam as the room heats up but it continues to believe it has no choice. As the two time travellers fall to their knees, Sam decides that killing them is morally wrong. It turns of the beam and rescues the Doctor and Donna from the furnace.

    Once they are both conscious again, Sam asks the Doctor to kill it, as it does not want to exist as it does. Donna suggests instead that the Doctor could give Sam freewill, however the Doctor sees a flaw. If he does this to Sam it will happen to all the Automatrons, it will change Autopia's culture forever. Donna thinks that this is just what Autopia needs to progress. Convinced the Doctor agrees. Hours pass and finally the robots are sentient and they realise the reality, they are slaves. Sam then leaves to lead a robot revolution.

    The Automatrons take all the Autopians to a large building. Inside Ixtalia and Sam are arguing when the Doctor arrives. He asks Sam why they are doing this and Sam explains that whenever other robots have achieved any level of awareness they have been destroyed. Therefore they must destroy the Autopians before they destroy them. The Doctor refuses to accept this and therefore warns Sam if they do this he could use a virus to destroy all the Automatrons and that they should be better that the Autopians. Sam agrees to this, however, there is another problem as the robots no longer know their purpose. Donna suggests that they should turn the whole place into a luxury spa, which the Doctor thinks is ingenious. Some time later, this idea has apparently been put into practice and The Doctor, Donna and Sam enjoy some sunbathing.

    Time Placement: Tenth Doctor travelling with Donna in her standard grey top, brown coat and black trousers, promotional cover from Fires of Pompeii.

    Source: Chris Myall
    Room With A Déjà View
    Writer: Rich Johnston
    Artwork: Eric J
    Colours: Kris Carter
    Letters: Neil Uyetake
    Edits: Denton J. Tipton
    Issue 1
    10th Doctor
    Warning: Parts of this comic may read better backwards rather than forwards.

    Inside the TARDIS the Doctor decides that for once he needs to be alone. Therefore, he moves the TARDIS to the death zone, the closest the universe gets to absolute nothingness, in order to meditate. At the same time, Tx looks down upon the dead body of one of the Krotonic species, Tx then kills him with a spanner, he sneaks up behind Tx, as he later sees him sending a distress signal.

    It is this distress signal which disturbs the Doctor's meditation. Following it, he finds a space station in the middle of nothingness. After materialising, he runs out to find himself surrounded by armed guards of multiple species, who use foam to gag him.

    Inside a medical room, the Doctor is confirmed to be clean by Inspector Mozz, a green tentacled gasbag from Gallibuitas Xenax. After being by Inspector Looz, who is of the same species as Mozz, they explain the situation to the Doctor. The space station is the great refuge from a plague which ravaged the galaxy centuries ago, passed through communication. However, a distress signal was sent from the station and a Krotonic creature was killed trying to stop it. The culprit has been identified as Tx and is in custody. However, he is a member of the counter family, whose lives run backwards. This has meant that they cannot understand him and for some reason he calls Mozz his mother. He is a walking paradox.

    However, the Doctor works out how he can interrogate him through his TARDIS. Once the room is secured he concludes the interview and steps inside the TARDIS, meeting another version of himself along the way. Tx says he attempted to revive the corpse of the Krotonic communications guard. Tx knows nothing about the plague as his family never encountered it. Other beings apart from the doctor will come and they may be able to save the linear lifeforms. Tx sent the signal in order to save the linear life forms from the destruction which will be his ancestor's creation. This is because the counter family were born in the destruction of the space station. Tx knows this and did it in order to save them from creation. The Doctor says this is sending a signal from the perspective of linear lifeforms. Tx explains that when he leaves here he will receive a distress signal from the universe. He becomes angry when the Doctor suggests that he would stop his birth, claiming it is impossible. Tx explains that he was born one day ago from Mozz and Looz. Finally the Doctor commences the interrogation.

    Outside, the Doctor explains to Mozz and Looz that he is not guilty of murder but saved the communications guard, as if he hadn't done this he would have died a long time ago and his action of sending the signal will save the station in the future. However, Mozz and Looz take the Doctor's notes as a full confession and are determined to execute Tx. The Doctor manages to convince them that Tx should be allowed to spend a last day with his family.

    The next day Mozz and Looz come to execute Tx but are surprised to find the counter family so happy. The Doctor explains for them this is not a sad time but of birth. Mozz and Looz finally understand and execute Tx. He dies in the Doctor's arms getting Tx's blood splattered on his head. The Doctor then heads back to his TARDIS, telling the inspectors to prepare.

    Just outside his TARDIS, the Doctor meets himself from yesterday who then takes that TARDIS back to the cell the day before. The Doctor enters the newly arrived TARDIS and dematerialises. He concludes that he needs to find someone to talk to, as the internal monologue isn't for him.

    Time Placement: Tenth Doctor travelling alone, after Planet of the Dead.

    Source: Chris Myall
    Cold-Blooded War
    Script and Letters: Richard Starkings, from aplot by Gary Russell
    Artwork: Adrian Salmon
    Colours: Kris Carter and Ceri Carter
    Design: Amauri Osorio
    Edits: Denton J. Tipton
    Issue 1
    10th Doctor and Donna
    A blue skinned news reader reports the top story of the day that the situation on Draconia has worstened in recent weeks with the royal houses in embroiled in civil war. A Draconian explains that the federation's diplomatic entreaties have been refused. An Ice Warrior reports that the Shadow Proclamation has not been called in but that Judoon may soon have to patrol Draconian cities. A report then comes from an adipose who says that adjudicators have been dispatched by the president of Earth to make peace but that insurgents are claiming the problems are due to Earth becoming part of the federation. Further details come from a pale skinned humanoid, who reports the centre of the troubles come from the ascension of Lady Adjit Kwan to Empress of the royal house of Adjit Assan. The report then goes to the press conference of the Empress, who says she will not assume the traditional subservient role of females and will not shirk her responsibility.

    On board a spacecraft, adjudicators Hall and Splane are enroute to Draconia and are discussing the situation with a congressman. The congressman believes that the Empress cannot overturn the whole male-dominated culture of Draconia whilst Hall, although he believes that Kwan is a terrible diplomat, thinks that documents from the Draconian archive prove that, prior to the industrial epoch, Draconian women shared as much power as men and that their culture is brilliant and progressive. Hall attempts to open his box when a ticking sound begins and soon the spaceship is destroyed in a huge explosion.

    Unaware of these events, the Doctor is heading to the Opera on Coronis Minor, having attempted to get there previously in his Fourth incarnation with Leela. However, Donna steps out into a cloakroom. The Doctor realises this cannot be the right planet, and, exploring further, they discover Draconians of the house of Adjit Assan greeting Martian monitors. The Doctor shows them his psychic paper and they welcome them as the adjudicator from Earth and Lady Chiswick. It is then that Alpha Centauri runs through the room, unwilling to stay due to all the male hormones upsetting its metabolism.

    Suddenly, they are attacked by the Brothers of Fuseck Kljuco. They take the Doctor prisoner and attempt to kill Donna. However, one of the Martians uses his arm mounted sonic weaponry to save her, but the Brothers still flee with the Doctor. The different Draconian houses accuse each other of orchestrating the attack but Donna says they need to get the Doctor back, to no avail. It is when the Ice Lord insists they have to rescue him or enforce martial law that the Draconians pay attention.

    The Doctor is lead down darkened steps and has the hood removed from his head. Fuseck Kljuco, a scarred Draconian, removes his own hood and tells the Doctor he cannot be the adjudicator as there ship was destroyed hours ago. The Doctor then bows before him and reveals he is a noble of Draconia. Kljuco does not believe him and has him locked up awaiting execution.

    At the same time, Donna and the Martians are being led to the Empress' throne room. Donna asks the Ice Lord about the situation and he explains that the house of Jandi Hussan does not wish to accept the rule of women and it used to be forbidden for women to speak in the presence of men. Donna notices that the women appear to be wearing Burqas and complains, a Draconian explains the ceremonial dress is to prevent women from the prying eyes of men. Donna shouts back at him, however the Ice Lord tells her they must respect local custom.

    In prison, The Doctor notices a small Draconian in the cell adjacent to his and talks to her. She explains her name is Agita but she must be quiet as she is a girl or bad things will happen. The Doctor asks what she is holding and she explains it is a talking stick, which means she can talk about what she wants during council without being interrupted. However, her mother didn't have one when she told her husband, Kljuco, that it would be a good thing for Kwan to be empress. The Doctor then observes that the bars are sonic and so he uses his sonic screwdriver on them to disrupt the guards, whilst he and Agita escape.

    Inside the throne room, the Empress assures Donna that the Imperial guard will find the Doctor but the different Draconian houses once again start accusing each other. The Ice Lord says he will be forced to embark on military action. However, the Draconian from the house of Jandi Hussan uses this as evidence for the Empress' bad rule, whilst the draconian of Adjit Assan accuses the other house of being associates of Kljuco. Donna, annoyed by the squabbling, tells them to 'Shut It' and then finds everyone in the room staring at her.

    In the cell room, Kljuco returns to find the prisoners escaped and the guards dazed. He therefore decides he must kill the Empress himself. At the same time, the Doctor and Agita run through the Draconian streets towards the palace.

    Back inside the palace Donna berates the Draconians for squaballing when the Doctor is in trouble. The member of Jandi Hussan starts to protest, but Donna berates him back saying he already had a mother, and therefore should be used to a woman in charge, and he should spend more time conquering his insecurities rather than squaballing over who is in power. Instead he should accept Kwan as a good ruler. The representative appears to heed her words and both houses bow before the empress. It is at that moment the Doctor enters with Agita and explains about his escape.

    Kljuco scales the walls of the palace and sneaks inside, having learned how an assassin can sneak in anywhere after a female assassin almost killed him during his time as supreme commander of the Draconian forces. Now, outside the throne room, he intends to get revenge on the Empress for dismissing him. Jumping between the Martians he fires his gun at Kwan but at the same time Agita moves and is hit by the blast in the centre of the chest.

    Kljuco is restrained by the Martians and the Doctor moves to Agita, cradling her in his arms, but it is too late, she is dead. Whilst the rest of the room is in mournful silence the Doctor shouts at Kljuco, saying that he would kill both his wife and daughter as a way of demonstrating male supremacy. The Ice Lord tells the Draconian representatives they should immediately ratify Kwan as Empress and place Kljuco on trial for treason before they kill all their children.

    Back inside the TARDIS the Doctor sits holding his knees up to his chest and with Donna standing behind him. The Doctor blames himself for Agita's death but Donna tells him her death saved thousands of innocents. She hands him Agita's stick, to remember her by and in case he needs to talk.

    Time Placement: Donna still travelling with the Doctor.

    Source: Chris Myall
    Black Death White Life
    Writer: Charlie Kirchoff
    Artwork: Tom Mandrake
    Colours: Charlie Kirchoff
    Letters: Chris Mowry
    Edits: Denton J. Tipton
    Issue 1
    10th Doctor and Martha
    In a church in the Seventeenth Century, a man enters with the plague, asking for help. Father Vita inspects him and leads him to a room where Healers sits. Healer, a large figure almost completely covered in a monk's robes, lays his hands upon the man and a glowing light comes from them. Suddenly, the healer turns and exclaims the enemy has found Healer.

    The TARDIS materialises, with the Doctor promising to take Martha to the Beatles last concert. Instead they find themselves in a village. Inquiring with a collector of the sick, The Doctor discovers the year is 1669. The Doctor finds this bizarre as the last recorded outbreak of the bubonic plague was in 1666 and Martha confirms it is not anything she has ever seen on Earth. Behind them come three plague Doctors, in black robed and raven headed outfits. Martha tries to talk to them but they only reply with groans. The villagers tell The Doctor the Plague Doctors are upset because the faith healer has been curing people instead. The Doctor therefore thinks there must be a connection. He goes up to the church, whilst Martha tries to make the people more comfortable. As The Doctor leaves, one of the Plague Doctors comes up behind Martha and reveals a scythe-like claw.

    Inside the church Healer does not want to heal any more, but Vita convinces him he must do for the greater good. At that time The Doctor enters the church and follows one of the infected men into Healer's room. Vita claims he is an Angel but the Doctor says he is not but that there should be thousands of them.

    Convinced Healer is not the cause of the plague, The Doctor returns to Martha. He finds her collapsed and infected. Taking her in his arms Martha tells him the plague Doctors are aliens. Hearing a voice behind him the Doctor turns to find the Plague Doctors flying. They say that Martha ha been recruited for their army. The Doctor asks what they mean but they instead say that Healer must die and, at that moment, they break out of their robes to reveal themselves as a macro-virus.

    Picking up Martha, The Doctor runs to the church and holds the door shut. Too late, the Doctor realises what they meant be recruited as the infected begin transforming into the macro-virus. Vita attempts to stop them but is cut down. This does however allow the Doctor to reach Healer, telling him he knows that he is, Immunoglobublins, and he should have the power to destroy the virus. Healer explains that the virus attacked their home world, Mimosa 3, killing most them. In fear Healer fled and hid here. Because he was afraid he was unable to reproduce. The Doctor, however, is able to allow Healer to remember his bravery and therefore divide. The new army of Immunoglobulins destroy the macro-virus in the church and bring Father Vita back to life.

    The Doctor then picks up Martha and leads the Immunoglobulins to his TARDIS. Inside Healer heals Martha and the rest follow them to Mimosa 3. The Immunoglobulins then attack the macro-virus. Martha says she has never seen the Doctor encourage a war before, however he says that he has learnt that sometimes war is necessary, that sometimes there must be death in order for there to be life and sometimes it's just best to let it be.

    Time Placement: Martha is travelling with the Doctor.

    Source: Chris Myall
    Silver Scream
    Writer: Tony Lee
    Artwork: Al Davison
    Colours: Lovern Kindzierski
    Letters: Robbie Robbins [1], Chris Mowry [2]
    Edits: Denton J. Tipton
    Issues 1-2
    10th Doctor
    In Hollywood 1926, some of Hollywood's biggest names are gathered at the party of Archibald Maplin Esq. However Mr. Maplin is informed by Kato, his Butler, that he has a gatecrasher. It is revealed to be the Doctor telling an old lady about going over Niagara falls. The Doctor tells Maplin much he likes his work, especially his later stuff. This confuses Maplin who doesn't recognise the Doctor but he is assured they've met several times, just they haven't happened to him yet. Enquiring after the Doctor's accent he says it comes from the Powell Estate, Peckham. Maplin is pleased to hear this as he was also born in Peckham and asks the Doctor to come to the studio. Kato asks his name and he tells him Tom Cruise.

    As Maplin leaves the Doctor accidently elbows a blonde lady by the name of Emily Winter. He tells her that he is investigating a static point in space and time and somehow it is connected to her. They are interrupted by Matthew Finnegan, a runner at United Actors. When the Doctor mentions his travels to them they assume he is a movie extra.

    At that moment Maxmillian Love and Leo Miller enter the room to much commotion. Emily tells the Doctor that Maximillian Love is going to be the biggest thing in Hollywood but the Doctor has never heard of him. The Doctor manages to get Miller to grant him an interview tomorrow, whilst Emily thanks Miller for the chance to interview for him tomorrow.

    The next morning the Doctor goes to the United Actors studio. The security guard originally does not wish to allow the Doctor entry, however when he uses his psychic paper as an all-access pass he goes through.

    Inside he meets Maplin in his Charlie Chaplin film outfit. The Doctor tells him that he is here as this was the last thing Donna wanted to do and that the studio is in the middle of the Chronal Template. Maplin doesn't understand what the Doctor is talking about and goes off to filming, leaving the Doctor alone.

    Unbeknownst to the Doctor, he is being watch through a monochrome viewing screen by Love and Miller, from inside a black, blue and grey room, filled with what appears to computers and operating equipment. They conclude that his use of psychic paper means he is not human and is an obstruction that must be removed. At that moment a buzzing noise goes off, indicating Emily Winter is in reception. Miller goes to greet her and asks about the Doctor, although she does not know anything other than that he wanted to be called the Doctor. Taking Emily inside she is restrained as Miller tells her he shall take her hopes and dreams from her.

    Outside Matthew Finnegan is spying on Miller's offices. He is interrupted by the Doctor who enquires as to what he is doing. Matthew informs the Doctor that only ten percent of those who audition for him get through whilst the other ninety never want to act again.

    At that moment Emily comes out and is approached by Matthew and the Doctor. When asked about the audition she says she doesn't care. The Doctor looks at her and concludes they have altered the parts of the brain that give optimism and hope.

    It is then that Maplin arrives and the Doctor asks him about Miller. Archie says that his film, Fun Fair, was going to collapse due to running out of money when Leo Miller turned up and paid cash-in-hand for the studio space. The Doctor therefore decides to investigate Miller's offices with Maplin whilst Matthew attempts to take Winter to a hospital.

    Once inside they find the unusual audition room. The Doctor explains it contains a transference machine which takes other peoples hopes and dreams and puts them into Maximilian Love. On the side he finds writing on the side in Terronite revealed it was stolen from a museum. They are held at gunpoint by Miller, who has entered the room with Love. Maplin attempts to stop them but is stunned by Miller's gun, who then aims it at the Doctor.

    Outside Matthew is still trying to convince Emily that something is wrong when Miller and Love lead the Doctor outside. They duck behind some crates as the Doctor is lead into a car which drives off. Emily is angered that they might have done something to her brain and therefore gets Matthew to follow them.

    The Doctor is taken out of the car next to some railway lines which run close to the Hollywoodland sign. The Doctor is very talkative, to the annoyance of Miller, and enquires as to their mission. Love thinks they shouldn't say anything but Miller does so as the Doctor will die anyway. He explains they were actors on Terron V, where theatre was banned. They had to work as interactive guides at the science museum. Inside they found the Transference machine and, with some outside help, they got it working to make Love a better actor. However, they stun the Doctor before revealing the name of who helped them.

    When the Doctor awakes he is tied to the train tracks with the midday train approaching. The Doctor says Maplin will get the police but Miller reveals that Maplin is tied to a table at the office. As he and Love leave, Miller reveals he caused the problems at Maplin's studio. As the Doctor lies on the tracks he is opened mouthed as the train hurtles towards him.

    * * *
    As the train looks set to destroy the Doctor Emily cuts the ropes tying him to the tracks and, with Matthew, get him off the tracks just in time. With the Doctor freed they head back to the offices. Using his sonic screwdriver the Doctor he disrupts the security system and they search the reception room. Inside the Doctor finds some suggestibility paper, which makes someone obey you if you shake hands with them whilst holding it.

    At the same time Maplin is attached to the transference machine in the audition room. Outside they try to think of a way to distract Miller. Emily wants to shoot him but the Doctor says she does not want the stain of Death on her soul. Walking into the audition room alone, where the Doctor offers his hopes and fears in exchange for the machine been switched off. The Doctor wants to shake on it but Miller refuses.

    Maplin is removed and the Doctor is attached, where he hears voices from his past. It is then that Emily enters and shoots at Maplin, setting fire to the building. The Doctor gets up and finds Love in tears, reeling from all he has taken from the Doctor. In order to survive Love agrees to forget and green waves come from the top of his head. The Doctor instructs everyone to leave but Emily refuses, wanting Vengeance. However, the Doctor uses the suggestion paper to make her go before the building explodes.

    Outside they see Miller running away and the Doctor and Maplin give chase. When they pass by a scenery house Miller cuts the ropes but the Doctor and Maplin stand in the empty space for a window and continue there chase. Watching is a wheelchair bound director filming who is being wheeled around by Buster Keaton. They decide to follow this, as it looks to be something worth filming.

    The chase continues on bicycle, but Miller comes back after the other two with an axe, however Maplin knocks on the top of a door as they go past, resulting in it opening into Miller's face. Maplin and the Doctor chase Miller on foot past a workman laying concrete, whilst Maplin on the way kicks the workman's face into the wet surface. Miller then jumps into a car and the Doctor gives chase in a motorbike with sidecar. On the road in front of Miller two workmen are crossing with a ladder. Miller passes between them but the Doctor's motorbike snaps the ladder in half, and Maplin grabs one half. Maplin uses this to grab on to the back of Miller's car whilst the Doctor pulls level with him. Maplin uses his axe to knock Maplin off the ladder and onto the road. Miller looks back pleased but this makes him drive his car into a dip in the road, throwing him out and in front of Keaton and his director, who drops his camera in suprise.

    Miller runs to the top of the clock tower with the Doctor in pursuit. The Doctor attempts to convince Miller to come in quietly, with Love already having given back his stolen energy, however he does not believe the Doctor and instead chooses to hang from the clock face. The Doctor climbs on to it too but that causes it to come out from its holding, leaving them hanging from the bottom of the now horizontal clockface. Miller attempts to knock the Doctor off with his axe, but Emily shoots it from his hand. Archie and Matthew wind up the clock again and Miller is led away by the police.

    At that time the Bank Manager arrives to talk about the damage to Maplin's studio. However, the Doctor uses the suggestion paper and convinces him to scrub all of Archie's existing debts and give him a large new loan.

    As the Doctor heads back to the TARDIS, Matthew and Emily ask if they can join him, but he tells them he travels alone now, as his companions lives usually don't end well. However, as he is about to enter the ship, a temporal vortex opens up. Out of it emerge the Judoon and a Shadow Architect. She announces that the Doctor has interfered with a static point in time and ignored the rules of his own people repeatedly. Therefore, he is put under arrest and, if he is found guilty, he will be sentenced to death.

    Time Placement: Stated by Gary Russell as intentionally between Planet of the Dead and Waters of Mars.

    Source: Chris Myall
    The Fugitive
    Writer: Tony Lee
    Artwork: Matthew Dow Smith
    Colours: Charlie Kirchoff
    Letters: Chris Mowry [1], Robbie Robbins [2]
    Edits: Denton J. Tipton
    Issues 3-6
    10th Doctor
    Inside the Shadow Proclamation, the Shadow Architect declares that the Doctor has transgressed the rules of time. The Doctor, held by the Judoon, considers this impressive, as the last time he was here he was regarded as a creature of myth. The Shadow architect reveals that the Time Lords gave strict rulings on the manipulation of time and space before they left. The Doctor attempts to declare these repealed but the shadow architect reveals he needs a quorum of Time Lords to do so, which is obviously impossible. She further informs him that if he is found guilty he will be sentenced to death. The Doctor argues that the fire that was the static point in time which still happened, but the shadow architect argues that his saving of a life is the problem, as was shown in the case of Charley Pollard.

    It is then that the prosecution is called in, Mister Finch of the Krillitane. The Doctor protests that the Krillitane tried to take over all of time and space but Mister Finch claims they were looking for the Skasis Paradigm to help the Shadow Proclamation. Quietly to the Doctor he says that he should have taken the offer he made before. At that moment The Advocate, a blue skinned and yellow eyed humanoid in red and black robes, demands the trial must be stopped. She claims the Doctor has not been offered a counsel, therefore the Shadow Architect appoints The Advocate to defend The Doctor. The Advocate then asks for a recess to confer with her client. Mr. Finch protests but The Shadow Architect still allows it.

    The Advocate then tells The Doctor that The Krillitane, along with factions in The Shadow Proclamation, plan to kill him. The Doctor is annoyed the trial is a sham but The Advocate says it is real, the rest of The Shadow Proclamation want to lock him away for the rest of his life. In the main hangar they attempt to find a ship when they are spied by Mr. Finch with a Judoon. They then run back to courtroom, claiming just to have gone for a walk. The Shadow Architect apparently believes them and the trial begins.

    During hour six of the trial, the Doctor is put in the stand by Mr. Finch. He accuses The Doctor of having torn apart the structure of time and space, which the Doctor denies claiming to have repaired it. Mr. Finch claims The Doctor's exile by his own people proves he broke these laws but the Doctor counters by saying they also made him president. The Doctor goes on to claim that you can take any moment out of context and make any person guilty. At that moment the Shadow Architect claims this attitude is the problem, that he interferes in time leaving people alive that should be dead and likens him to The Master, The Rani and Morbius. The Shadow Architect then calls a recess until the morning when she will give her verdict.

    In a metal room the Advocate admits he will probably lose and sees if she can get a guard uniform for him to escape in. Suddenly a black outfitted assassin appears and attacks the Doctor. The two struggle and just as it looks like the assassin might succeed The Advocate enters with a judoon, who shoots him dead. The Doctor says the assassin was a Gizou, a shapeshifter, who was disguised as a potted plant, but that someone must have let him in and accuses the Judoon of being corrupt. He then says he cannot wait until tomorrow for the verdict and that he must get one now.

    An hour later, he stands before the Shadow Architect. She promises that those guilty will be hunted down but refuses to believe the Judoon are involved. The Doctor attempts to save his life by making a final speech about the importance of fighting evil in the universe but it is to no avail and he is sentenced to live out his remaining regenerations imprisoned.

    The Doctor is escorted to a circular room where he is asked to turn out his pockets. After taking out the numerous contents, the Judoon leaves and the Doctor happens to spy Mr. Finch ordering a Judoon to destroy the transport ship before they reach orbit. Before he can act upon this however, he is dragged off to the prison barge.

    In his cell, he finds it occupied by Kraden, a Draconian, Stomm, a Sontaran, and Brarshak, an Ogron. However, when the Doctor reveals his name the members of the cell turn hostile and Brarshak attempts to throttle him.

    * * *


    Time Placement: Continued from Siver Scream.

    Source: Chris Myall
    Writers: Leah Moore and John Reppion
    Artwork and Colours: Ben Templesmith
    Letters: Comicrafts' Richard Starkings
    Issues 7-8
    10th Doctor

    Don't Step on the Grass
    Writers: Leah Moore and John Reppion
    Artwork and Colours: Ben Templesmith
    Letters: Comicrafts' Richard Starkings
    Issues 9-12
    10th Doctor

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