The Panda Book of Horror
edited by Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrs
Cover Blurb
The Panda Book of Horror

Witness a slender neck being encircled by rough hands... sharp metal violently stabbing and twisting... the emerging viscous dark red liquid being guzzled greedily, lingering on the lips and teeth, followed by the laughter of madness. And that's just Iris & Panda at a wine tasting! "Pass me the bottle, woman! We might as well KILL it..."

THE PANDA BOOK OF HORROR will make your fur stand on end. Your blood AND your G&T will run ice cold..

  • This is a short-story anthology published by Obverse Books and featuring Iris Wildthyme. It also features the character of Panda from the Big Finish's audio range.
  • Released: December 2009
Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost by Ian potter


Framed by Mark Michalowski


Just the Ticket by Phil Craggs


The Party in Room Four by Simon Guerrier


Party Kill Accelerator! by Blair Bidmead


Apocalypse Slough by Mark Morris


The Delightful Bag by Paul Magrs


Iris Wildthyme's Rainy Day Adventure by Nicholas Nada


The Colour Scheme by Eddie Robson


Shadow of the Times Before by Matt Kimpton


The Fag Hag from Hell by Dale Smith


The Niceness by Jac Rayner and Orna Petit


Channel 666 by Mark Clapham


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