Swan Song
by John Dorney
Swan Song
Written by John Dorney
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Sound Design and Music by Howard Carter

Christopher Benjamin (Henry Gordon Jago), Trevor Baxter (Professor Litefoot), Louise Jameson (Leela), Abigail Hollick (Alice), Hywel Morgan (Dan), Andrew Westfield (Steven, Philip Bretherton (Payne).

The New Regency Theatre is haunted and Jago, Litefoot and Leela witness the spirit of someone in a silver wheelchair floating over the stalls. This is the story of Alice - a young woman who had Swan Lake so cruelly taken from her.
  • This is the eleventh audio in the Jago & Litefoot series.
  • CDs only available as a 5-CD boxed set. CD 5 contains behind-the-scene interviews.
  • Released: June 2011

  • ISBN: 978 1 844 35561 7
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