Doctor Who Links
Reference Sites
  • Link to Outpost Gallifrey
    Outpost Gallifrey: The Doctor Who News & Information Magazine
  • The TARDIS Library

  • A comprehensive database of all Who books, videos, DVDs, CDs and cassettes ever released, including user ratings and reviews.

  • A Guide To The Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Adventures
  • Torchwood.TV

  • News, commentary and secrets about the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood.
Missing Episodes, Restorations & Reconstructions
  • Restoration Team Website

  • In 1992, a group of Doctor Who fans, mainly from within the BBC, began working on a project to restore several episodes of the series back to their original colour form. The success of this project spurred the team on to pursue other restoration work. This page attempts to draw together details of that work into a central reference point.
  • The Doctor Who Gateway

  • A web guide to information about the missing episodes of Doctor Who.
  • Doctor Who Scripts Project

  • This is an on-going project to make available online transcriptions of the scripts of Missing Episodes, being undertaken by Earthbound Timelords. The scripts contained in these pages record what was actually said during the episodes, rather than what was originally written by the scriptwriter. In addition, the telesnaps and novelisations have been used to try and give accurate background details of each scene.

  • The Doctor Who Reconstructions made by Rick Brindell.
  • Altered Vistas

  • A website devoted to creating animated films about Doctor Who and the Daleks.

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