The Nightmare Fair
Serial 6Y/AA
The Nightmare Fair
Written by Graham Williams
Adapated and Directed by John Ainsworth
Sound Design and Music by Jamie Robertson

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), David Bailie (The Celestial Toymaker), Matthew Noble (Kevin), Andrew Fettes (Stefan), Louise Faulkner (Woman), William Whymper (Shardow / Attendant), Toby Longworth (Yatsumoto / Truscott / Manager / Man), Duncan Wisbey (Humandroid / Security Man / Geoff / Guard).

The Lost Stories: Adventures that were originally written for the Doctor Who television series but never made. Now available to hear for the first time.

The TARDIS has been drawn to Blackpool in the year 1985, where the Doctor intends to investigate a dangerous space/time vortex. while enjoying some local attractions along the way. But an old enemy is watching from his base deep within the amusement park, a timeless being who craves revenge.

The Celestial Toymaker has returned. The game is on. And, should he lose, the Doctor will pay the ultimate forfeit.

  • This story had previously been novelized by Target Books as part of their missing episodes range.
  • A fan-produced audio adaptation of this story was made in 2003 for charity. None of the original cast was involved in the project.
  • Released: December 2009
    ISBN: 978 1 84435 444 3
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