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Missing Pieces
edited by Mark Phippen and Shaun Lyon
Cover Blurb
Missing Pieces

Love may be only a story, but stories are the greatest things in the world.

From the dawn of time to the end of everything, the Doctor has fought against evil, challenged the darkness, righted wrongs and saved the occasional planet from disaster. And now, together with his faithful companions and his trusty TARDIS, the mysterious Time Lord from Gallifrey ventures forth on an all-new campaign for truth, freedom and a hot cup of tea, in this landmark charity collection featuring contributions from four actors from the long-running series, over thirty professionally-published writers, sixty prominent fan writers and a plethora of talented artists.

Join the First Doctor as he witnesses the Charge of the Light Brigade; the Seventh Doctor as he faces intrigue in ancient Antioch and injustice in Nazi-era Poland; and the Sixth Doctor's adventures in shopping malls. Be witness to the Fourth Doctor's battles against a murderous fury in modern London and a savage gangster war in 1950's Las Vegas. The Third Doctor's love/hate relationship with a clever white witch, and his perpetual game of chess with an old foe. The Second Doctor's encounters with Hollywood legends and time traveling filmmakers. The Fifth Doctor's adventures in a Florida retreat. The Eighth Doctor's sabbatical in the fine arts with Leonardo da Vinci. And the personal demons the wandering Time Lord faced before he left Gallifrey - before the mythos began....

The adventures span the universe: The Master's fiendish plot against a people in Paradise. The daring quest of the rogue Tharil Time Lord, Romana. Anji Kapoor's near-miss with the Sixth Doctor. The horrific truth behind the transformation of Kamelion. The apocryphal adventures of the young handmaiden Katarina. Benny Summerfield and her forgotten loves. A very peculiar visit with Iris Wildthyme. Nyssa's brush with showbusiness. Sara Kingdom's last great adventure. The timeless relationship between Samantha Jones and the soulmate she left behind. A game of golf with the mysterious Dominie and Alice, the Doctor and Ace's enigmatic shadows. The conundrum of the savage Leela, lost among the spires of New York City. The secret life of the Whifferdill shapeshifer, Frobisher. The ancient rage that strikes against the TARDIS itself.

Stories of intrigue, drama, action, suspense, and even a romance or two... all in a book featuring all eight television Doctors and nearly every companion from the television series, the novels and the audio plays.

  • This is an unoficial collection, privately printed, and distributed by the editors in return for donations to the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death and the Down's Syndrome Association. Introduction by Peter Davison.
  • Released: March 2001
Aspect of Evil: Part One by Craig Hinton 13th Doctor

The Doctor is approaching his final death, so the TARDIS brings him to the Rose Garden, a place he has considered home throughout all of his incarnations, a place he has shared with no-one, a place he has always gone when he needed solace and time to reflect on things. He remembers his past life: his companions dead or gone from him, his enemies vanquished or redeemed by him, his past incarnations and the Other before them. Now, as he approaches the final end, it seems only fitting that he return to this most private, most personal place.

However, even here his peace is interrupted, by the arrival of the Black Guardian and his counterpart, the White. He recognises and resents the part this two thirds of the Six-Fold God, the Council of Guardians, has played in his life and those of the rest of the Deca - the Master, the Rani, Mortimus, Drax, et al. But he is horrified to realise that all his life he has been a servant of the Black Guardian, a force for Chaos, while the White Guardian, Lord of Order, was served instead by the Valeyard. The Valeyard, that bastard reflection of him born when his twelfth incarnation was exterminated by the Daleks; the Valeyard whose final destruction had seen the eradication of the Daleks' timeline and the restoration of Gallifrey's. The Valeyard who was created by the White Guardian, as were the Daleks, the Sontarans and so many others, as forces to impose order, structure, on the universe.

Now, confused by the revelations laid before him, the Doctor is offered Enlightenment once more, and this time he accepts it...

Time-Placement: The very end, after all the other adventures.

Letting Go by Jim Catapano 1st Doctor, Ben and Polly

Having passed out in the South Pole Tracking Station, the first Doctor encounters the phantom of his next incarnation in his subconscious, who convinces him to stop fighting the coming regeneration.

Time-Placement: During The Tenth Planet.

An Inconsequential Death by Dave Stone Unspecified Doctor and Companion

Two people are trapped in the TARDIS; a young man and an increasingly senile individual who believes himself to be the Doctor in his last incarnation, kept alive only by machinery most of the time. However it turns out that the young man is the Doctor, while the old man is his companion, now aged nearly to death and confused as to who he truly is. They have been trapped in the Vortex for years, and the only way to release the TARDIS would also kill the human companion. So the Doctor waits, unable to end the life of his friend, letting him have his comforting delusions, until he finally passes away naturally.

Time-Placement: Missing Pieces states this is a future Doctor, in an unspecified time frame. But it could as easily be the second during season 6B, or the sixth after his trial but before he meets Mel.

How The Mighthy... by Shaun Lyon 7th Doctor

The TARDIS arrives at the toll plaza (last seen in Delta and the Bannermen), and the Doctor meets the strangely knowledgeable tollman Fergus. They discuss the seventh Doctor's life and his transgressions commited while acting as Time's Champion; abandoning Mel on Iceworld, killing Ace's lover on Heaven, leaving Bennie to deal with the Gods of Dellah alone, and dodging his promise to collect the Master's remains from Skaro for over a century after leaving Lungbarrow and Gallifrey. When the increasingly irritated Doctor tries to ascertain the source of Fergus' knowledge, he claims his awareness of the Time Lord's guilt and regrets came to him in a dream. The tollman makes his customer confront his feelings over the deaths of Roz, of Liz, of so many of his companions whose lives were shaped by their time with him. But the memories of his recent companions allows the Doctor to face up to what he has done, to recognise the good he has done to, and the need that the universe has for someone like him, to fight the darkness and the monsters. And Fergus reveals that it is his job to make the Doctor realise that he can remember the good as well as the bad, and that his friends have forgiven him for any trials he put them through. Now Fergus, servant of the Eternal Time, can release the Doctor from his position as Time's Champion, and the burdens that go with it, and send him on his way for one final time, to collect the Master's remains and return them to Gallifrey.

Time-Placement: The last seventh Doctor story before the TV Movie.

Fiction Paradox by Damon Cavalchini 6th Doctor and Mel

Iris Explains by Lance Parkin 8th Doctor

A Time to Choose by Olivia James Romana II

Waste by Daniel Blythe 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

Missing Pieces by Jonathan Blum 8th Doctor

Time Out by David A. McIntee 7th Doctor

Dinner Conversation by Charles Daniels 4th Doctor and Romana II

Of Chocolates and Queens by Kathryn Sullivan 6th Doctor and Evelyn Smithe

Irresistible Force by R.J. Anderson 5th Doctor

Magnificent Folly by Deborah T. Stevens 1st Doctor, Steven and Dodo

The Art of Compassion by Alan Taylor 3rd Doctor and Sarah with Compassion

Outside Forces by Greg McElhatton 8th Doctor and Compassion

Outside Forces II: Meanwhile by Greg McElatthon Victoria, Fitz

by Nick Walters Skagra

Revolver by Simon John Gerard 2nd Doctor

The Puppet King by Dale Smith Kamelion

Tea With Cthulhu by Lars Pearson 7th Doctor, Chris and Roz

The Ashes of Eden by Lorelei S. Jordan 4th Doctor and Romana II

The Dark Domain by Nathan A. Skreslet 3rd Doctor

Dead Men's Place by Martin Day 5th Doctor, Tegan and Turlough

A Whisper of Light by Matt Marshall 7th Doctor

The Breach by Daniel Kukwa 1st Doctor and Steven

A Tale of Monsters by David Bickley 6th Doctor

The Killing of a Flash Boy by Jonathan W. Dennis 8th Doctor and Fitz

The Painting by Robert Smith? 4th Doctor

The Shadow Knows... by Wendy Padbury 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

The Wings of a Butterfly by Colin Baker 6th Doctor

Old Scores by Bret Herholz 3rd Doctor and the Master

A Stone of the Heart by Erin & James Bow The Master

The Last Song I'll Ever Sing by Simon Exton 1st Doctor, Steven and Sara Kingdom

Watch Out! Wartch Out! by Mags L. Halliday 4th Doctor, Romana and K-9

The Isidore Corporation by Sarah Hadley 6th Doctor, Peri and Frobisher

A Winter's Tale by Robert Shearman Frobisher

Rock and a Hard Place by Mike Tucker 5th Doctor, Tegan and Turlough

Fitz Kreiner and the Onion Doom by Stephen Cole Fitz

The Doctor and the Dragon by Bradley McGrath 7th Doctor

Eurydice's Reprieve by Greg Gick 1st Doctor, Steven and Katarina

Brought to Book by Mark Phippen & Paul Leonard 6th Doctor and Peri, with Shellingbourne Grant

Oblivion Lurks Near the Coffee Machine by Sietel Singh Gill 4th Doctor, Romana and K-9

Tempus Refugit by James Ambuehl & Simon Bucher-Jones 3rd Doctor, Jo and UNIT

All the Time In the World by Susannah Tiller Sam Jone and Jacqueline McGuire, with the 8th Doctor

Just Love by Gregg Smith Bernice

On the Town by John Peel Leela and K-9

The Silent City by Jonathan Morris 1st Doctor, Steven and Vicky

Self Delusion by Jon Andersen 6th Doctor and Peri
7th Doctor, Ace and Bernice

The Arches by Caban Scott & Mark Wright 7th Doctor

Juggling by Zoe Ellis 5th Doctor and Nyssa

Mind Over Matter by David J. Howe 4th Doctor

In the Days of 'The Days of "The Days of Our Lives"' by Simon Bucher-Jones 2nd Doctor, Ben and Polly

For Queen and Country by Dylan Crawfoot & Peter Petroff 3rd Doctor and the Brigadier

Tee Time by Trina L. Short The Dominie and Alice

Loose Ends by Sue Cowley 8th Doctor and Sam

Time Gained, Time Lost by John S. Drew 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara

Fear and Logarithms in Las Vegas by Matt Fitton 4th Doctor and K-9

The Science of Magic, and Vice Versa (aka Attack of the Gluons) by Arnold T. Blumberg 3rd Doctor, Jo and UNIT

In the Frame by Steve Lyons 7th Doctor and Ace

A Renegade's Manifesto by Angela P. Wade 6th Doctor and Peri

Bedlam by Helen Fayle 4th Doctor and Sarah

Head in the Sand by Gary Russell 8th Doctor and Charley

Raymond's Room by Keith R.A. DeCandido 5th Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa

The Billion Year Heart by Steve Emmerson Dalek

Disturbance at the Heron House by Keith Topping Ian and Barbara

Fate Healer by Jon De Burgh Miller 7th Doctor and Ace

Shadows Cast by Mike Morris 8th Doctor

Casket 44 by Alex Steer 5th Doctor and Sarah

While Stocks Last by James Potter 6th Doctor and Peri

Blind by Witold Tietze 2nd Doctor, Ben and Polly

Coda by Joshua Lou Friedman Harry Sullivan and Liz Shaw-

The Star Racer by Trevor Baxendale 8th Doctor

The Memory of Stones by James Middleditch 7th Doctor and Ace

Here Again by Nick Campbell 5th Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan

Going Home by Cloin Brake Anji Kappor and 6th Doctor

Eye of the Beholder by Tom & Alryssa Kelly 8th Doctor and Sam

In vino veritas by Mark Michalowski 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara

Walk a Mile in My Shoes by Julian Eales 3rd Doctor, Jo and UNIT

Where Were You by Tom Beck Unspecified Doctor

Fathers, Friends, and Other Objects of Hate by Ian McIntire 1st Doctor

Aspects of Evil: Part Two by Craig Hinton 13th Doctor

Should Have Been Dancing by Paul Magrs --

A Moment to Myself by Mansoor Mir --

Just Who is the Doctor! by Jennifer Tifft --

Sonnet - The Room with No Doors by Jennifer Tifft --

Nursery Verse for a Loomling by Jennifer Tifft --

Source: Stuart Vandal
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