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Perfect Timing 2
edited by Helen Fayle and Julian Eales
Cover Blurb
Perfect Timing 2

Once again bringing you a selection of short stories and artwork by both fans and professional writers and artists, distributed in support of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death, and featuring TV's favourite time traveller.

Revecca J. Anderson, Peter Anghelides, Colin Baker, Dabiel Ben-Zvi, David Bickley, David Bishop, Jim Campbell, Damon Cavalchini, Finn Clark, Charles Daniels, Martin Day, Jonathan Dennis, Rebecca Dowgiert, Diane Duane, Julian Eales, Helen Fayle, Simon Fraser, Dave Gibbons, Gary Gillatt, Trevor Hairsine, Mags L. Halliday, Craig Hinton, David J. Howe, Gareth Humphreys, Huw Griffiths, Imran Inyat, Rich Johnston, Tim Keable, Paul Leonard, Stephen Marley, David A. McIntee, Ian McIntire, Lawrence Miles, Jon De Burgh Miller, Mary Mitchell, Jim Mortimore, Dave Owen, Lance Parkin, Philip Pascoe, Mark Phippen, Philip Purser Hallard, Simon Robinson, Stewart Sheargold and Paul Magrs, Mike Sivier, Dez Skinn, Nathan Skreslet, Dave Stone, Kathryn Sullivan, Bryan talbot, Alan Taylor, Susannah Tiller, Barry Williams, Kimberley Yale and John Ostrander, Steve Yeowell.

  • This is an unoficial collection, privately printed, and distributed by the editors in return for donations to the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. Introduction by Colin Baker.
  • Released: December 1999
Alien Nation by Peter Anghelides --

I'll Name That Tune In One by Peter Anghelides --

Darkness Before Me by Jim Campbell 1st Doctor and Susan

Identity Crisis by Nathan Skeslet --

Genesis of the Dustbins: A Report By Zoe Heriot by Charles Daniels Alternate 2nd Doctor

A Handful of Silver by Mags L. Halliday 3rd Doctor and Jo

Invasion of the Dinosaurs by Sarah Jane Smith by Mike Sivier 3rd Doctor and Sarah

Knitworld: A Fourth Doctor story set in the Missing Companion Series set somewhere between the Third and Fifth Doctors by Stephen Marley 4th Doctor and Sarah

Goodbye Rembrandt by David J. Howe 4th Doctor, Romanan II, K9

The Giving Invasion by Paul Leonard 4th Doctor

A Cup of Coffee by Daniel Ben-Zvi 5th Doctor, Tegan and Turlough

Kyreth by Kimberly Yale and John Ostrander 5th Doctor and Nyssa

The Effect Of Dimensional Transcendence On Mozzarella Cheese by Diane Duane 5th Doctor

Nameless by David Bickley 1st Doctor and Susan, 2nd Doctor and Jamie, 3rd Doctor, 4th Doctor, 5th Doctor and Nyssa, 6th Doctor and Mel

Painting History by Damon Cavalchini 6th Doctor

Black Snow by David Bishop 7th Doctor and Ace

safe in the Knowledge by Mark Phippen 7th Doctor

Adjucator's Holiday by Kathryn Sullivan 7th Doctor, Chris and Roz

Past Time Catching by Dave Stone 7th Doctor, Bernice, Roz and Chris

Pulp Cutaway by David A. McIntee --

Isolation by Gareth Humphreys 8th Doctor and Chris

Quicksilver Bees by Martin Day 7th Doctor

First Person by Philip Purser-Hallard 7th Doctor, 8th Doctor

Fishy Business by Lance Parkin Alternate 8th Doctor

Empty Nest by Jon de Burgh Miller --

Cause and Effect by Rebecca Dowgiert 8th Doctor and Sam

The Hand of the Goddess by Susannah Tiller 8th Doctor and Sam

Unseen Rooms by Imran Inyat 8th Doctor, Fitz and Compassion

This Hollywood Life by Jonathan W. Dennis --

Fangrrl Life by Phil Pascoe 8th Doctor

Mysterious Ways by Julian Eales Future Doctor

Memories to Forget by Barry Williams Future Doctor

Touching Indigo by R.J. Anderson Future Doctor

Grey by Jon Andersen ?

Apocalypse Angel by Finn Clarke Future Romana

The Next Universe but One by Dave Owen --

A Tapestry of Shadows by Alan Taylor --

It's Raining Again by Paul Magrs and Stewart Sheargold --

Unlimited by Ian McIntire 3rd Doctor and Sarah

Aria For The Broken Hearted by Richard Prekodravac Alternate 7th Doctor

From the Cutting Room Floor, Take 2: Craig Hinton's "The Crystal Bucephalus" by Craig Hinton Alternate 7th Doctor

Here be Dragons by Helen Fayle Future Doctor

Toy Story by Lawrence Miles 8th Doctor, Fitz and Compassion

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