Unnatural Selection
Unnatural Selection
Produced by Bill Baggs
Written by Mark Gatiss
Directed by Bill Baggs
Music and Sound Design by Alistair Lock

Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Louise Jameson (Patricia Haggard), Charles Kay (Julius Quilter), Geoffrey Beevers (Brian Rutherford), Stephen Bradshaw (Soldier), Keith Brooks (Soldier), Mark Gatiss (Alfred Emerson), Alexander Kirk (Col. Ackroyd), Oatricia Merrick (Dr. Gilchrist), Mark Moore (Soldier), George Murphy (Security Guard), Gabriel Mykaj (Soldier), Zoe Randall (Clare), Kathryn Rayner (Angela), Jonathan Rigby (Cummings), Simon Wolfe (Dr. Dennis Lancaster).

In 1975, the British Government quietly closed down a secret evolutionary project codenamed BEAGLE, ordering the destruction of all research materials.

Today, the horrific discovery of several oddly mutated bodies alerts Liz Shaw and P.R.O.B.E. to the fact that something is stalking the original site of project BEAGLE - something which may challenge the very nature of humanity itself!

With a crack security team at her disposal, Liz desperately attempts to track down the perverted results of the project.

But who or what is hunting whom?

  • Released on video in PAL and NTSC by Reeltime Pictures.
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