Summoned By Shadows
Summoned by Shadows
Written by Christian Darkin
Directed and Produced by Bill Baggs
Music and Sound Design by Alistair Lock

Colin Baker (The Stranger), Nicola Bryant (Miss Brown), Michael Wisher (The Controller), John Wadmore (Dane), Heather Barker (Tanya), Jon Sayers (The Interpreter), Helen Hewlett (Escaping Woman).

Battered by his experiences travelling through space and time, the mysterious Stranger has rejected his long time companion and is in self-imposed exile on a barren planet, where he determines to ignore the pleas for help from the victims of a macabre and strangely familiar Conjuror, who seems to have limitless power. But the Stranger soon finds he cannot ignore their please for long - just as he cannot ignore his own past...
  • Released on DVD in PAL and NTSC.
    DVD Bonus:
    • 'Making of' documentary
    • Interview with Colin, Pip and Jane Baker.
    • Coming of Shadows, an audio story by Stuart Robinson and James Potter.
      Cain and Able sent by the Preceptors to break the Estrangement Programme and reclaim the mighty Soloman. But unknown forces are working against them. This story is set before the events of Summoned by Shadows.
  • Previously released on Video by Reeltime Pictures.
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