Breach of the Peace
Breach of the Peace
Written by Nicholas Briggs
Directed and Produced by Bill Baggs
Music and Sound Design by Alistair Lock

Colin Baker (The Stranger), Caroline John (D.C.I. Diana Sellars), David Troughton (Egan), John Wadmore (Saul), Holly King (Rose), Nicholas Briggs (Evans), Emma Hill (Reporter), Ian Marr (P.C. Payne); David Rowston. Robin Pritchard (Police Constables).

They are terrorists from another dimension. They have completed their mission on Earth and now they want to leave. But they are trapped - and they are desperate.

In THE TERROR GAME, the Stranger discovered that he was Soloman, the leader of a Preceptor terrorist cell on an assassination run in this dimension. But he has decided to reject his violent past and has settled into a mundane, Earthly lifestyle. However, his fellow cell members, Egan and Saul, have assumed the identities of police officers to track Soloman down. In their ruthless determination to return to the war beyond our universe, they will let nothing stand in their way.

  • Released on Video by Reeltime Pictures in PAL and NTSC.
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