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Tales of the Solar System
edited by D. Paul Griggs

Cover Blurb
Tales of the Solar System

From the sorched surface of Mercury to the forgotten worlds of Vulcan and Cassisu, Tales of the Solar System brings together professional and fan Doctor Who writers in a selection of stories sending the Doctor and his friends to the many worlds of Earth's solar system.

A party to end all parties on one of Saturn's moons. Adventure among the nepotists of Neptune. Talk shows and temporal paradoxes. Daleks and diseases. Revolution. Murder.

There are a billion stories in the Solar System and these are only a few...

  • This is an unoficial collection, privately printed, and distributed by the editors in return for donations to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.
  • Released: 2000

MERCURY - The All by Ian J. Carter 6th Doctor and Peri

LUNAR - The Loud Lament of the Disconsolate Chimera by Gregg Smith Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart

VENUS - Blue Venus by Paul Leonard 3rd Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith

MONDAS - Research and Development by Richard Jones Stacy

EARTH - Covert Operations by James Ambuehl 3rd Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier

MARS - Wasteland Express by E.A. Blair 8th Doctor and Sam

PLANET FIVE - Exodus by John S. Drew 7th Doctor and Bernice

JUPITER - For Want of a Better Word by Martin Day 1st Doctor

SATURN - Saturnalia by Lance Parkin Future Doctor

URANUS - Duty Cools by Jon de Burgh Miller Ace

NEPTUNE - Being an extract from "The Amazing Adventures of Iris Wildthyme on Neptune" by Paul Magrs Iris Wildthyme

PLUTO - The Invisible People by Leigh Hooper 5th Doctor and Nyssa

CHARON - Who Pays the Ferryman by Helen Fayle Merlin

VULCAN - Separation Anxiety by Sarah Hadley 4th Doctor, Romana II and K9

CASSIUS - Watching you, Watching You by James Potter 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe


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