2nd Doctor
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Strips featuring the Second Doctor
Time-Placement: The adventures of the Second Doctor with his grandchildren John and Gillian, and then with Jamies, could only be excplained if they takes place during Season 6B.
The Extortioner Issues 784-787
After landing on a new planet, the Doctor leaves John and Gillian in the TARDIS while he explores a nearby volcano. He is taken prisoner by an alien called the Extortioner, who has a base in the volcano. The Extortioner's evil plans is blackmail; specifically to demand a ransom from all of the planets in the universe or he will unleash his deadly missiles. The Doctor is imprisoned in caves inside the volcano but escapes by using his pocket laser beam. He deposits the missiles' warheads in the volcano's heart. There is a massive eruption that destroys the base. The Extortioner chases the Doctor in a huge mechanical mole but the Doctor lures him to a crack caused by the eruption. The Extortioner falls to his death down an abyss, the mole explodes and the Doctor returns to the TARDIS.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #3

  • The Trodos Ambush Issues 788-791
    The Doctor, John and Gillian go back to Trodos to sign a peace treaty with the Trods but when they arrive the Trods have, apparently been wiped out by an invasion army of Daleks who are waiting for the time travellers so that they can kill them, too. When the ground collapses beneath their feet the travellers fall into the Trods' underground city and meet some of the surviving Trods. The Daleks search for the travellers but fail to find them. They send a single Dalek into the city as a kind of bait. The Dalek is killed by the Doctor but this only serves to give his position away. The Trods befriend the Doctor and help him and his grandchildren to escape back to the TARDIS. The Doctor promises to carry on his fight against the Daleks just as the Daleks are prepared to chase him to his destruction.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #8

  • The Doctor Strikes Back Issues 792-795
    The Daleks are approaching the height of their powers: conquering their way across the galaxy and establishing bases on almost every planet. The Doctor decides to help in the fight, arriving during the year 2135 AD with a Dalek casing he has made so that he can sneak into one of the outlying Dalek bases.

    He overhears a Dalek conference and finds out that the Dalek Supreme is coming to oversee the manufacture of thousands of new Daleks. The planet has mines rich in the materials necessary for the production process. Using his disguise, the Doctor goes to the Dalek mine so that he can sabotage the work. As he climbs from the casing he is seen but manages to escape, precipitating a massive search.

    Afraid that the Doctor is among them, the Daleks start to destroy each other. From his approaching ship, the Dalek Supreme, orders them to stop fighting. The Doctor pretends to be the Supreme and orders the destruction of all Daleks. The Doctor returns to the TARDIS but the Supreme is angered and is determined to get revenge on the Doctor.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #11

  • The Zombies Issues 796-798
    The TARDIS malfunctions and only partly materialises so that the Doctor has to affect emergency repairs to complete the landing. Outside, he realises he has arrived in 1969 London where the people have been hypnotised and become human robots. The villains are Zagbors, a humanoid alien race.

    Zagbors chase the Doctor back to the TARDIS. They take the TARDIS to their spacecraft and try to cut it open with ray cutters. When the Doctor tries to dematerialize again it malfunctions once more so that he, along with John and Gillian, have to surrender. The Doctor asks to be hypnotised first, before his grandchildren and overcomes the hypnotising beam, thus making the Zagbors his slaves. He reverses the hypnosis on the humans, and repairs the TARDIS.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #17

  • Master of Spiders Issues 799-802
    The TARDIS materialises in a sinister swamp where the Doctor intends to test his new invention - a ray gun. All too soon he and his grandchildren are being chased by a giant metal spider that contains the Master of Spiders. He is intent on killing anyone who trespasses on his territory. The Doctor, John and Gillian evade him so he unleashes an army of real giant spiders.

    The Doctor uses his ray gun to shoot one of the spiders and then the three travellers seek refuge in a cave. To their horror, they find it is the nest of the spiders. The Master seals them inside. They make their way through the cave. Doctor realises that the metal spider controls the other spiders with a high pitched signal.

    As one of the spiders closes in on them he plays a high pitched note on his recorder. This drives off the spiders but the travellers are trapped in a web and the Master orders his spiders to kill them. The Doctor uses his recorder again which lures the Master into an attempt to crush them with his metal spider and the Doctor gets the chance to destroy the metal spider. He then seals the cave with the real spiders inside.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #18

  • The Exterminator Issues 803-806
    The TARDIS lands on an alien planet and the Doctor and his grandchildren watch a vast futuristic train pass by. When they have followed the train to its destination they see an army of Daleks getting off. They learn that the Daleks have made a powerful weapon - the Exterminator to destroy the Earth. The Doctor eavesdrops on the Daleks and finds out that a specially trained crew will be arriving by train to use the weapon. The Doctor and John's derail the train.

    Gillian finds the instructions for firing the exterminator in the wreckage. Meanwhile the Daleks in the station come to investigate the crashed train and find the TARDIS. John and Gillian hide from the Daleks while the Doctor makes his way to the station and uses the instructions to operate the weapon. John and Gillian are almost caught by some Daleks but at the last second the Daleks receive a message to say that the Doctor has been seen near the exterminator. The Doctor destroys two Dalek guards with a metal bar before using the exterminator to wipe out not only the Daleks racing back to the weapon but also the Dalek saucers that are arriving. This Dalek threat is over.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #20

  • The Monsters from the Past Issues 807-811
    It is the 1960s and the TARDIS materialises in a museum in New York. The travellers emerge in a room full of artificial, model dinosaurs. The Doctor takes John and Gillian on a tour of the city and while they are away a scientist brings the dinosaurs to life. The Doctor manages to escape from the teeth and claws of the creatures and contacts the army. He tells the artillery where to aim their shells but the dinosaurs seem impregnable and burst out onto the streets. The Doctor makes for the zoo where he discovers the scientist giving drugs to the animals that will make them obey him. The scientist orders a panther to attack the Doctor who drives it off with acid.

    The scientist leaves his laboratory lair on a brontosaurus. This allows the Doctor to create an antidote to the Life Drug that the scientist was using. Before he can get the antidote to the army the scientist and his tame dinosaurs attack the Doctor's building. He escapes, however and gets back to John and Gillian at an army shelter. He puts his antidote into syringes which the army loads into catapults. The first three dinosaurs to attack are transformed back to the museum models that they began as but the other one that has the scientist on it attacks the Doctor and knocks him out. Gillian shoots the scientist and the dinosaur becomes a model once more.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #22

  • The TARDIS Worshippers Issues 812-815
    The Madar, a South American tribe, are praying for help to their gods to protect them from their enemies when the TARDIS materialises in the place where their idol is standing and knocks it over. The tribe thus begins to worship the TARDIS, the Doctor and his grandchildren. The Doctor agrees to help the tribe by making fireworks from gunpowder. The attackers are scared off and the Doctor tracks them back to their homes village. Their witch doctor explains that he knows how the gunpowder trick worked. The Doctor, listening in, realises that he will have to think of a new plan to keep 'his' tribe safe.

    He gets them to dig traps around their, including one with a jaguar. The enemy tribe sends an army of a thousand men but they are confounded by the traps and retreat. The Doctor's followers tell him that they now feel able to defend themselves rather than calling on 'gods' to protect them. The Doctor and his grandchildren leave.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #24

  • Space War Two Issues 816-819
    Earth has recently won a victory in a space war with robots from Verno in the Thirtieth Century. The traitor, Earthman Arborge Quince has survived the defeat and is keen to get his revenge on Earth. The Doctor lands on Verno where he and his grandchildren find Quince in a subterranean base where he is rebuilding a robot army to relaunch the assault the Earth.

    The Doctor sends John and Gillian back up to the surface of the planet while he goes in search of Quince. On the way he is attacked by a trio of robots. John and Gillian rescue him by returning to the base and knocking out Quince. They then destroy the control panel for the robots. They escape back to the surface in an elevator which they try to disable while the Doctor returns to the TARDIS to radio back to Earth for help. Quince dispatches four more robots to the surface to prevent the Doctor from getting back to John and Gillian.

    The Doctor tosses a grenade down the lift shaft and blows up Quince and the production line for the robots. The four robots are left leaderless and end up destroying each other.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #25

  • Egyptian Escapade Issues 820-823
    The TARDIS materialises in Egypt, 1880, right in the middle of a cricket match which is ended by an Arab attack on the British. The attackers force the British to flee and take the TARDIS, still with the Doctor, John and Gillian trapped inside, to their leader, Mahadi. He orders it to be opened and his men try to burn their way inside without success. The TARDIS is carried to Mahadi's his cave of treasures. Meanwhile, plans are being made to attack the British at Fort Cavendish.

    The Doctor decides to save the British soldiers in the fort and puts on an Arab costume so that he can escape from the Arab encampment. British soldiers find him and he is mistaken for a spy and beaten to the ground with rifles. When they hear him speak English they take him to General Harvey, who still thinks he is a spy and so the Doctor is locked up. The Arab attack takes place and the fort is set on fire. The wooden floorboards in the Doctor's cell collapse due the heat, allowing him to use smoke bombs to scare off the Arabs. The Doctor has more smoke bombs left which he uses to get away from the British. When he gets back to the Arab camp it is deserted and he re-enters the TARDIS.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #26

  • The Coming of the Cybermen Issues 824-827
    The TARDIS lands on the deserted planet Minot where the Doctor finds a crashed spaceship. He tells his grandchildren to wait behind some rocks while he investigates. However, the ship's crew of Cybermen comes back. The Doctor hides inside the ship while the crew repairs it and then lifts off. The Doctor searches the ship and finds a giant bomb that the Cybermen are going to use to destroy Earth.

    He sets the bomb to explode in twenty-five minutes which should give him time to get into one of their patrol ships and escape but he is discovered. The Cybermen fire at him but he escapes by hiding inside bomb. When he tries to get back out with ten minutes left on the countdown he finds he has been sealed inside.

    He manages to kick the casing open and gets back to a patrol ship where he overpowers a Cyberman before flying into space. The Cybermen try to shoot his ship but their spaceship explodes first. He flies back to Minot and meets up again with John and Gillian.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #26

  • The Faithful Rocket Pack Issues 828-831
    After the TARDIS arrives in a desert in Arizona, sometime in 1988, the Doctor and his grandchildren see a new jet aircraft crash. A rescue part arrives and the Doctor talks to them, telling them that he is able to fly the plane. They warn him that the last four test flights have ended in crashes but he is keen to pilot the next prototype. Not long after he takes off the plane plummets towards the ground.

    Fortunately, he has his faithful rocket pack and ejects to safety. He has noticed that all of the planes came down in the same area so he sets out to investigate. Using a detector, he finds there is a powerful magnet hidden below the sand but almost straight away he is attacked by enemy agents and taken to their subterranean control room. When he fails to report back to the base John and Gillian start to get worried begin to panic.

    The Doctor realises that he is an enormous base hidden in the caverns under the desert and that the enemy are deliberately destroying the planes. The enemy agents decide to shoot him but he still has his rocket pack and uses it to escape into the tunnels underground. Sadly, he loses his way. His solution is to radio to John and tell him to get the U.S military to fill a jet pack with explosives and send it over the base where it will be drawn down and destroy the agents. This duly happens and the base is destroyed. The explosion causes a crack to appear in the roof of the cavern that he can escape through and the Doctor makes it back to his grandchildren.

    Flower Power Issues 832-835
    The TARDIS lands in a meadow on a new and strange planet. The meadow is full of moths and butterflies as well as a giant wasp. This is soon revealed as a flying machine containing the curious Professor Gnat. He invites the Doctor and his grandchildren to help him look for rare insects but instead they find a dead Cybermat lying in some flowers. The Doctor warns the professor that this could mean danger but Gnat ignores him and is taken prisoner by Cybermen.

    The Doctor realises that the Cybermat must have been killed by the flowers and he decides that the same weapon could work on the Cybermen. They use the flowers to get past one party of Cybermen and find their way into the Cybermen's mountain headquarters. They trigger an alarm and are forced to hide and overcome the Cybermen in small groups.

    The Doctor, John and Gillian find Professor Gnat's prison cell but he won't leave because he has discovered a rare insect. They have to pull him away but now they find that the Cybermen are wearing face masks to protect themselves against the flowers. One of the dead Cybermen was carrying a gun which the Doctor uses to open up a shaft so that they can get back to the surface.

    As the shaft collapses the pursuing Cybermen think that the travellers are dead but the Doctor blast a path through the rubble. They are chased by more Cybermen and just make it back to the TARDIS with the professor.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Magazine #307

  • The Witches Issues 837-841
    The annual reunion of witches is taking place on Vargo when the TARDIS materialises. The Doctor steps outside and tries to pretend that he is the Wizard of Omega. The Grand Witch doesn't believe him so she conjures a large monster which the Doctor destroys with a ray gun from his utility belt. This convinces most of the witches that he is who he says, and they are so scared of his magical powers that they run away. Only the Grand Witch and two others stay behind. They spy on the Doctor and realise he is not who he says so the Grand Witch calls up a giant crab which pulls the Doctor from the TARDIS.

    The witches take him to their cave and strap him to a wheel that will drag the Doctor through boiling lead. Fortunately, John and Gillian have followed and John calls out from his hiding place, pretending to be the All Powerful Voice of Witchcraft. The witches have never heard of this but they let the Doctor go anyway. He runs back to the TARDIS but the Grand Witch uses x-ray vision to see John and Gillian. As the travellers reach the TARDIS the witches create an indestructible net over the TARDIS. The Doctor, John and Gillian hide behind a bush and then head back to the witches' cave where the Doctor finds a book of spells including one that turns witches to dust. When the three witches come back he uses the spell and destroys them.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Magazine #308-312

  • Cyber-Mole Issues 842-845
    A Cybership lands in a forest near London in 1970. The Cybermen open up their ship to release a huge drill which they use to burrow into the ground. The Doctor arrives after the local security forces but he finds a piece of metal and concludes that Cybermen are around. He keeps a vigil on the hole while the Cybermen tunnel into a secret weapons bunker to steal a doomsday bomb which they can use to destroy the Earth. The Doctor discovers their plan the following morning after he buys a newspaper.

    He takes John and Gillian to the Ministry of Defence and finds out that the Cybermen have made their terms known: the destruction of all Earth's weapons and demobilization of every army in the next five days. The Cybermen can then launch their invasion without receiving casualties. The Doctor takes a party of commandoes into the tunnel and finds the Cyber-mole. The Doctor knocks on the door and the Cybermen open it, allowing the soldiers to kill them with ray guns. The Doctor drives the Cyber-mole back to the bunker and gives the doomsday bomb back.

    The Sabre Toothed Gorillas Issues 846-849
    The TARDIS lands on a beautiful, wild planet where the Doctor and his grandchildren discover some sabre toothed gorillas in a cave. They decide to watch the gorillas from behind a bush until John treads on a twig and the gorillas are alerted to their presence. The gorillas chase them into a ravine when a stranger appears and tells them to go into a narrow crevice. As they do, Gillian twists her ankle so John and the stranger go to the man's laboratory to get some weapons. They return with clubs made of 'squidge' and drive away the gorillas.

    Once everyone is in the laboratory, the professor explains squidge, a material he has been developing for years. It is similar to rubber, but ten times more bouncy, and full of other wonderful properties. The demonstration of squidge is interrupted when the gorillas attack.

    The professor fights them off with his squidge clubs and the Doctor and his grandchildren take a squidge rope that they use to build catapult which holds off the gorillas for a while until the professor joins them. When the gorillas are too numerous to fight off, the Doctor, John, Gillian and the professor use the catapult to fire themselves into some trees beyond their attackers. They run to the TARDIS and escape, and agree to drop the professor on a safe planet to carry on creating squidge.

    The Cyber Empire Issues 850-853
    The Cybermen are at the height of their powers and are building a new city with a giant statue of the Cyber Controller. The TARDIS lands in the construction site where slave labour is being used to do the building work. The Doctor plans to liberate the slaves until a Cyberman lands near the TARDIS. The Doctor uses a pipe to knock out the Cyberman and then he and his grandchildren use the Cyberman's hovercraft to fly over the city with the cockpit windows painted black so that they can't be seen. They see that there are three gun positions guarding the slaves. Nearby is a rocket base. The Doctor goes back to the TARDIS and puts on a disguise to look like a slave. He also takes his utility belt.

    He gives the slaves their instructions and blows up the statue with a bomb. When it collapses the slaves take their cue and overpower the guards on the gun positions. The Doctor, John and Gillian pick up the guns dropped by some of the Cybermen and kill the Cybermen in the gun positions. The slaves take possession of the guns and the Doctor wipes out the guards at the rocket base so that the slaves can use the rockets to escape back to Earth.

    The Dyrons Issues 854-858
    The TARDIS lands on a volcanic planet and the Doctor, John and Gillian meet two boys who are part of a stranded school party that crashed on the planet. Their pilot and teacher are killed and the children are hiding from tentacled monsters called the Dyrons. The Doctor and his grandchildren ride on two of the boys' bikes to a volcano but he the tyres are ripped on the rocks and they have to hide before the Dyrons catch and eat them.

    The Dyrons miss them so the Doctor and his companions decide to head to a cave where the other boys are hiding. The Dyrons attack but it is growing dark and the creatures withdraw to the swamp where they spend the night. The Doctor uses this opportunity to get back to the TARDIS and gets a bomb that he intends to use to start earthquakes that will kill the Dyrons. Unfortunately it also causes the volcano to erupt.

    The earthquake kills a lot of the Dyrons and the Doctor uses his ray gun to start more tremors to finish off the rest. Fortunately, the seismic tremors alert a rescue party that has been searching for the boys and they rescue the party.

    Dr. Who and the Space Pirates Issues 859-863
    The planet of Neon is facing a problem: the ships carrying food supplies from the nearby planet Barren are being stolen by space pirates. The Doctor lands and offers to help by piloting one of the ships collecting the food. On the way back the ship is captured by the pirates and the captain, Burglass, orders the Doctor and his companions to walk the plank. The space police arrive to rescue them but are forced off by the pirates and the plank-walk is about to happen again when one of the ships stabilizers breaks off. The ship hurtles towards neon but the Doctor wrestles control with the retro rockets and manages to land safely. Burglass and his pirates are captured.

    Car of the Century Issues 864-867
    When the TARDIS lands on the planet Velon in 1989 the Doctor finds that he is on a racetrack during the Interplanetary Motor Racing Meeting. One of the cars crashes but the Doctor rescues the driver and to make it up to him he builds an indestructible car using the same material as the same TARDIS.

    The car is stolen that night and is used to smash its way into a bank truck and steal bullion belonging to the Central Interplanetary Bank.

    When the Doctor hears that the car is heading towards a police roadblock he hires a helicopter in order to run it off the road. He lowers himself down a rope with a can of oil but before he can make an oil slick he falls from the rope into the path of the car. John and Gillian pull him back into the helicopter and the car smashes the roadblock. The Doctor then uses radio control to take over the car's steering and the criminal is arrested.

    The Jokers Issues 868-871
    The Doctor, John and Gillian land on the planet Comedy where they become the victims of some evil creature, the Jokers, who play deadly practical jokes. The travellers are lifted high into the air to make them fall and then attacked by a paper snake with a real poisonous snake inside and then strangled by string. When the jokers play tennis with an explosive ball the Doctor hits it at them but one of them bats the ball into the distance. The joker then pulls a gun and leads the Doctor and his grandchildren into a funfair where they have to ride a disintegrating roller coaster. As the cars fall from the track the travellers jump clear and are left hanging by their fingertips while the jokers stamp on them.

    The three travellers fall but the jokers catch them and take them to the stocks to pelt them with missiles but the Doctor blows snuff in their faces. John, Gillian and the Doctor lock them in the stocks and throw rotten eggs at them before leaving in the TARDIS.

    Note: to all intents and purposes, this is the last of the strips to feature the Doctor's travels with his grandchildren. It is quite fitting that John and Gillian finish almost as they started by pelting their enemies with food.

    Invasion of the Quarks Issues 872-876
    The Doctor takes John and Gillian to the planet Zebadee where the children make some friends at the university. The Doctor pays a visit to a fortune teller, Madam Rosa. She warns him that he is going to meet some deadly robots and he decides that it would be wise to leave his grandchildren somewhere safe. He persuades them that it would be best if they studied at the University of Zebadee while he continues his adventures alone.

    He lands the TARDIS in an old Scottish castle and promptly sees a flying saucer landing in the courtyard. The visitors are Quarks, and they quickly see him and give chase. He tumbles down some steps and is knocked unconscious. One of the Quarks finds him but before it can kill him it is attacked and damaged by Jamie. The Quark calls for assistance and more robots arrive, forcing the Doctor and Jamie to hide in the torture chamber.

    Jamie tells the Doctor that he had been at a local tracking station when the Quark ship appeared on the radar. Professor Quantril was going to warn Earth security but the Quarks attacked the tracking station, killing everyone but Jamie. He watched the Quark ship land at the castle and decided to spy on them to see what sort of threat they posed.

    A Quark nearly finds their hiding place but is told to go back into the courtyard because the remainder of the Quark ships is due to land. The Doctor and Jamie manage to get into the Quark ship and launch it towards the arriving fleet.

    The Doctor fires the ship's weapons, causing confusion within the fleet. Unable to tell where the attack is coming from the Quarks begin to fight among themselves until all of the invaders are destroyed. The Doctor's ship is damaged in the crossfire but he manages to fly it back to the Castle. Jamie opens fire on the castle and destroys the remaining Quarks. the Doctor and Jamie enter the TARDIS, but unknown to them they are being watched by Quarks in another galaxy. The order is sent to Quarks everywhere to find and kill the two travellers.

    The Killer Wasps Issues 877-880
    The Doctor and Jamie land on the planet Gano. The Quarks have made giant wasps which they send after the travellers who try to hide, but when the wasps attack the Doctor and Jamie have to use an abandoned mortar gun to drive them away. When the wasps attack again the Doctor and Jamie escape underground into a subterranean city. Unfortunately, Quarks are waiting for them in the city.

    The travellers find themselves in a scooter factory and use scooters to get away but end up trapped in a cul-de-sac. The Quarks close in but the giant wasps arrive at the vital moment and attack the robots. The battle between the two sides results in the Quarks being destroyed and a single surviving wasp which chases the Doctor and Jamie as they try to climb away from the city. It attempts to sting them but misses and when its sting hits the girder they are clinging to it dies. the Doctor and Jamie return to the TARDIS as, yet again, the Quarks watch them go.

    Ice Cap Terror Issues 881-884
    It is1970 and a spaceship containing unnamed aliens lands in the ice at the South Pole. The aliens take over the Earth's television stations to broadcast their ultimatum: if their wishes are not met they will use a massive bomb to knock the planet off its axis. To show they have the capability they use a smaller bomb to make the whole world tremble. This has two side-effects: it forces the TARDIS to make a landing in the South Pole while also opening some underground caves where there are Ice Apes.

    The Doctor watches the aliens' broadcast and identifies their position but he knows that he only has twenty-four hours to overcome them.

    As they make their way to the alien ship, the Doctor and Jamie meet the Ice Apes and drop a block of ice onto them. This is only the start of their problems: to get to the alien ship they need to pass through the caverns of the Ice Apes.

    The Doctor takes some dynamite to blast through the ice and blows a hole in the spaceship's hull. The aliens leave their ship to see who has attacked them but the Doctor and Jamie hide so that the aliens only find the Ice Apes. The Apes are too strong for the aliens and battle their way into the ship, killing all of them. The Doctor disarms the bomb and tells world that the threat is over.

    Jungle of Doom Issues 885-889
    The TARDIS lands beside a cliff near a jungle. The Quarks fire at the cliff and cause a rock fall that buries the TARDIS. The Doctor and Jamie are unable to return to the ship and are chased by Quarks through the jungle.

    They try to hide up a tree and discover a leopard in the branches. The Doctor drops the leopard onto the Quarks to cause a distraction while he and Jamie escape to a clearing in the jungle. They warn some men who are felling trees to get away before the Quarks arrive.

    The men leave some bulldozers behind which The Doctor and Jamie use to fight against the robots. When the Quarks blow the front off Jamie's bulldozer he dashes into the Doctor's. The Doctor uses his bulldozer to obliterate the Quarks and decides to drive back to the rock fall to dig out the TARDIS.

    Before they get there a group of local natives attack them with spears but the Doctor uses the bulldozer to fend off the spears. The natives return to the Quark ship and tell them that the Doctor is coming but he takes the silencer off the vehicle's engine. The noise causes a stampede of animals that trample the Quarks, allowing him to get back to the TARDIS and dig it out from the rocks.

    Father Time Issues 890-893
    The TARDIS arrives at the Time Temple, full of enormous clocks. The Doctor and Jamie step out next to a large grandfather clock and then go on to meet Father Time. This man is upset when he hears that they are time travellers. He uses the bell on a giant alarm clock to knock them out. When they come round the Doctor is tied to a pendulum which is swinging him ever nearer to boiling. Jamie is slowly being buried alive in an hourglass.

    Father Time leaves them to their deaths so the Doctor swings his pendulum faster until the bolt flies out and the pendulum smashes the glass imprisoning Jamie. Father Time hears the crash takes up a clock hand to throw at them but the Doctor jumps onto a giant cuckoo as and is pulled into a clock. Father Time then arms himself with a crossbow and waits for the clock to strike again. As it does, Jamie leaps at him to stop him taking his shot. the Doctor falls from the clock and hurts his ankle.

    Jamie's sporran is full of sand and he throws it in Father Time's face so that he can escape with the Doctor. Clock robots are blocking the route to the TARDIS but Jamie uses Father Time's scythe to fight them off. When one of the robots knocks Father Time over they take their opportunity to get into the TARDIS.

    Martha the Mechanical Housemaid Issues 894-898
    The Doctor takes his new invention, Martha the Mechanical Housemaid, to Inventions International in New York. After leaving the TARDIS in Central Park he meets C. G. Slattery who says that he can put Marthas into millions of houses in just a few weeks.

    The Doctor's appearance on television to advertise Martha works a treat and soon sales are nearing a million. However, the Quarks have plans to use the Marthas' control frequency and take them over. The signal causes the Marthas to attack their owners.

    The Doctor soon works out that this is a Quark plan and returns to the TARDIS where he strengthens his own signal. A Quark ship lands near all of the cities in America and the Quarks expect their invasion to be quick and easy. The Doctor sends a command to the Marthas to fight the Quarks.

    The battle covers the country, with the Marthas joined by U.S. military. The Quarks retreat to their home planet, and the Doctor becomes a national hero.

    The Duellists Issues 899-902
    The TARDIS materialises on Hekton, right in front of two horses being ridden by Richard and Clive. The beasts are startled and the Doctor is surrounded by a pack of dogs. The two huntsmen decide to take him to their mansion to be punished. The tear is 2044 and the Englishmen who colonised this planet have made it in the image of Regency Britain. This involves a delight in honourable pastimes such as dueling and chasing their servants across the countryside with hunting dogs.

    AT the house, Richard orders the Doctor to pick up three balls from a table before Clive can chop off his hand with an axe. The Doctor does so by using a magnet. The two men are amused by this but then reveal that the real test is for him to win a pistol duel with Clive at dawn the following day.

    As the duel begins the Quarks arrive to see the outcome and to kill the Doctor if Clive doesn't. Clive misses and the Doctor uses his shot to disarm Clive. When the Quarks start to shoot, the Doctor dodges into the trees and back to the TARDIS. The colonists soon overpower the Quarks and the Doctor uses the cover of their fight to get back to his ship. The TARDIS is being guarded by a Quark but before it can kill him Richard and Clive arrive and capture them both.

    They take the prisoners to the mansion and force them to fight above a fire. The prize for the winner is freedom. Their weapons are whips and the Doctor uses his to knock the Quark off balance but when he does not kill it Richard decides to kill them both with his gun. the Doctor uses the whip to take the gun from Richard's hand and then exits through a window.

    This starts a new hunt and the Doctor is quickly found by Richard. He overcomes Richard and steals his horse. He gets to the Quark ship and decides to use it to locate the TARDIS in the dark forest. Clive and his friends are outside the ship but the Doctor scares off their horses with the noise of the engine so that he can land near the TARDIS and escape.

    Eskimo Joe Issues 903-906
    The Doctor lands on a snow-covered planet and decides to have a ski. He sees a group of Cybermen and turns to get back to the TARDIS at once but slips into a crevasse. The Cybermen notice him falling and when they also see the TARDIS they are delighted to think that their enemy is dead. They go back to their base to tell the rest of the Cyber Empire the good news.

    The Doctor has managed to grab hold of the edge of the crevasse and is pulled to safety by Eskimo Joe and his robot gull. Joe tells him that his own people have been attacked by the Cyberman and those that survived are scattered and hiding. He is going to use his robot gulls and egg bombs to fight back but the Cybermen have locked onto the gulls' control frequency and are using it to track Joe.

    Joe and the Doctor use the gulls' bombs to escape the Cybermen and head for the base. The Doctor realises that the bombs are nearly all gone and uses the last to start an avalanche. It buries the base and kills the Cybermen.

    Peril at 60 Fathoms Issues 907-910
    The TARDIS lands on the water planet, Nook sinks. The Doctor puts on a diving suit and leaves through the roof. He finds a crashed space ship that has plunged into the water nearby and goes to see if he can help. The ship is from Earth and the Captain explains that the ship is almost out of oxygen. The Doctor wonders if the ship could relaunch if it was upright but the fuses are damaged and there are no spares. The Doctor has a fuse in the TARDIS and goes back to get it.

    When he gets there the TARDIS is being attacked by a giant squid. The Doctor shoots it with his ray gun but it grabs him. He manages to shoot it between its eyes and it lets go. He gets into the TARDIS and locates the equipment before returning to the sunken rocket. The Captain makes the repairs while the Doctor tries to get the ship upright. The task seems impossible until the giant squid reappears. When the Doctor hides underneath the rocket the squid lifts it into an upright position to reach him. The Doctor shoots the squid again and kills it.

    The ship can now lift off and reach the planet Ebor to get more oxygen. The Doctor makes his way back to the TARDIS.

    Operation Wurlitzer Issues 911-915
    The Doctor lands in a jungle and the Doctor sees Jason Wurlitzer being held prisoner by a group of ugly dwarf creatures. They have shot Jason's plane down as it passed over and are demanding a ransom from his incredibly wealthy father, Kurt Wurlitzer. The Doctor is spotted by one of the dwarves who knocks him unconscious. When he comes to, the Doctor is instructed to take the ransom note to Jason's father. The TARDIS will be kept hostage until he does so.

    The Doctor uses Jason's plane to fly to Quotron and tells Kurt Wurlitzer the dwarfs' demand: three million tons of uranium. Kurt refuses because the dwarfs could use the uranium to threaten the universe. He asks the Doctor to mount a rescue. The Doctor puts together a team of rescuers: Hik Weller, big game hunter, 'Fingers' O'Flannegan, jail breaker and Professor Neob Frankel, scientist.

    The Doctor's team travel to the Planet of the Dwarfs in rubber ship invented by the professor that cannot be detected by their enemy. The Doctor, along with Weller and O'Flannegan, set off through the jungle where a giant rhinoceros attacks: Weller shoots it. They reach the subterranean city of the dwarfs. Jason is locked in a maximum security cell. After dealing with the guards O'Flannegan's breaks the lock's code.

    Unfortunately they are discovered in the act by dwarfs who take them deeper into the city. On the way the Doctor notices canisters of the bubble material that the dwarfs used to bring down Jason's plane. O'Flannegan steals a few canisters and the prisoners use them to overpower their guards. They then free Jason and use the bubbles to help them escape from the city.

    Action in Exile Issues 916-920
    The Time Lords have exiled the Doctor to Earth. He checks into an expensive hotel in London but he is bothered by noises from the room next door. He peeps through the keyhole where he sees the noise is being made by three brothers until their guardian (Mr Fitz-Walker) tells them off. As soon as the guardian leaves the boys plot to steal his private aeroplane. The Doctor decides to stop them but no sooner has he entered their room to tell them to behave than they knock him out.

    The boys leave the hotel in a taxi. When the Doctor wakes up he tells Fitz-Walker what happened. However, the guardian only wants to stop the boys from stealing his plane so that his own men can use it to escape in after stealing secrets from a nuclear weapons base near to the airfield.

    Fitz-Walker sets off to the airfield in his car, and the Doctor takes a motorbike. He catches up with the taxi carrying the three boys but they throw their cases at him and knock him off the bike. When he eventually gets to the airfield he sees that the plane has already taken off.

    The Doctor takes another plane to follow the boys. He loses them again in a cloud of smoke from a burning building but when he emerges he sees that the plane has crashed, the boys are parachuting to the ground but the wind is taking them back towards the fire.

    The boys run inside the building. It is the very same nuclear arsenal that Fitz-Walker's men are robbing. The villains grab the boys and discover that their plane has been destroyed.

    The Doctor finds some plastic explosive balls that bounce like rubber which he knows will only explode if a detonator is used. The Doctor and the three boys kick them at the villains to keep them at bay until Fitz-Walker arrives. However, the police are close behind and the evil guardian and his men are arrested.

    He will be replaced by the boys' Uncle Tom, their preferred choice all along.

    The Mark of Terror Issues 921-924
    The Doctor is staying at the Carlton Grange Hotel in London when he receives a phone call from Doctor Rowan (or Martin) Cartwright who has read about him in the Daily Record, and wants to find out about the effects that time and space travel have on humans

    The Doctor remarks that he isn't human but agrees to let Cartwright examine him. However, Cartwright finds the Mark of Blenhim on the Doctor's chest and screams "The Mark of Terror" before passing out. The Doctor says that the Blenhim were a race who terrorized their solar system causing refugees to escape to Earth in the Eighteenth Century. He surmises that Cartwright could be descended from these refugees and have recognised the mark as part of a race memory.

    He uses a thought-transfer device to try to remove the fear of the Blenhim from Cartwright. He remembers disguising himself to attend a stadium rally where the Blenhim leader is launching a missiles strike on the local planets that have refused to become slaves. He decided to put an end to the reign of terror by challenging the leader who promptly used his eyes to burn the mark of the Blenhim onto the Doctor's chest. The Doctor fought back, using a laser ring he had obtained from the Cybermen to destroy a monument.

    The Blenhim accept the Doctor as their new leader and he orders them to fly their fleet into the sun, which they do, unquestioningly. Cartwright revives from his coma when he finds that the Blenhim were beaten.

    The Brotherhood Issues 925-928
    The Doctor is giving a lecture at London University on advanced engineering. The lecture is watched by Carlos who is part of a criminal organization called the Brotherhood. Carlos has a plan to retrieve Aztec treasure from the dried up mud that formed the bed of a lake. The Aztec villagers had thrown their treasure into the lake to prevent the Spaniards stealing it centuries earlier. The lake has recently been drained but the mud is harder than concrete. Carlos has hopes that the Doctor will be able to obtain the treasure for them.

    The Doctor is on the terrace of the Carlton Grange Hotel when he is kidnapped. He is told that he will be killed if he doesn't help the Brotherhood. He acquiesces and concocts an explosive. The explosion succeeds in opens up the mud bed. The Doctor joins the exploration team and finds the treasure. The Brotherhood will now be able to increase their grip on Earth's organized crime.

    Suddenly, the explorers are attacked by a huge earthworm. The Doctor thinks that he may have brought monstrous prehistoric creatures back to life with his explosives. He warns the other explorers to climb up out of the crater but their leader says he will kill the Doctor if he doesn't go down and collect the treasure.

    Just then a worm rises up and drags the leader away. The Doctor sees that the leader has dropped his gun and uses it to take the others prisoner. The Mexican police arrive and the Doctor tells them that once the worms are dead he will collect the treasure and donate it to charity.

    U.F.O. Issues 929-933
    A ten year old boy, radio enthusiast called 'Specs' Crabshaw, intercepts a strange signal and tells the Ministry of Defence. They, in turn, call for the Doctor. He recognises it as a signal from a Quotron spaceship in distress but he keeps quiet so as not to upset anybody. He visits 'Specs', however, and tells him that the Quotrons navigation is damaged but he thinks he can help. He uses 'Specs' radio to tell the he can help. The Quotrons ask him to come to them in space - which is not possible - so he agrees to meet them in Tucson, Arizona. The Doctor and 'Specs' fly to the rendezvous point and the aliens land in the desert.

    The Doctor and 'Specs' drive out to meet with the Quotrons but they have been spotted by a local resident, Sam McLintock. He is terrified by the giant lobster-like creatures and is galloping away from the ship and warns the Doctor that aliens are real. The Doctor carries on and fixes the damaged Quotron navigation system. The aliens decide to kidnap the Doctor and the boy because they are afraid that they might tell the world that aliens exist, generating a mass panic that the Quotrons do not want to be responsible for. The Doctor tries to point out how many aliens he has already encountered and some of the Quotrons are on his side. However, the navigation systems fail again, flying the ship straight at the moon.

    The Quotron agree to let the Doctor return to Earth if he avoids the collision and, of course, he does so. After landing in Arizona again the Doctor manages to persuade the local media that sightings of aliens were not true and then he takes "Specs' home to England.

    The Night Walkers Issues 934-936
    The Doctor is gaining a reputation for himself and has been invited to appear on a TV show, Explain My Mystery which is chaired by Perry Conway. He explains one case, a poltergeist, but is puzzled by the tale of walking scarecrows on a farm. Perry Conway tries to humiliate the farmer, Glenlock-Hogan, who leaves the studio in a huff. The Doctor goes after him and Glenlock-Hogan takes him to the farmhouse.

    A ferocious storm prevents them from going out to the Doctor and Glenlock-Hogan are trapped inside by a storm investigate until the early hours of the morning when they see a bright light animating the scarecrows. As the scarecrows set off the two men follow them to a clearing.

    The scarecrows reveal that they are servants of the Time Lords and they have lured him to this desolate spot to carry out the Time Lord's judgment. He is taken to the TARDIS and placed inside where he begins to change his appearance. The TARDIS dematerializes and Glenlock-Hogan departs in horror.

    Note: the Doctor's regeneration is more than hinted at here, so this would seem to be the end of the Second Doctor adventures.

    Barnabus Holiday 1967
    The Doctor invents a labour-saving robot, which he names Barnabus. However, when the TARDIS lands on a planet, the inhabitants see Barnabus and assume that the travellers' intentions are hostile because they have brought robots to invade them. The TARDIS crew takes cover from the inhabitants' gun fire and it is up to Barnabus to save the day by disabling the gun position. All that is left to do is go back to the TARDIS for tea.

    Jungle Adventure Holiday 1967
    The Doctor lands the TARDIS on a jungle planet so that he can test his latest invention: an exploration truck. The Doctor finds metal roads that are being made by the Daleks to get through the jungle. The Daleks see the truck and destroy it but the Doctor and his grandchildren escape back to the TARDIS by swinging through the trees by using vines. The Doctor uses the TARDIS' to send a powerful electric current through the metal roads and the Daleks are destroyed.

    Return of the Witches Holiday 1968
    The TARDIS lands on a swamp planet where the Doctor wants to give a trial run for his latest invention - the Bug. The Doctor sinks his new vehicle into the muddy swamp but as he does so John and Gillian see the Witches heading for a meeting with the Grand Witch. The Doctor resurfaces and they tell him what they have seen so they follow the witches and see the Grand Witch creating man-eating bats that will fly to Earth. The Doctor uses the Bug to go back into the swamp where he claims to be a mighty demon that will rise destroy the witches unless the Grand Witch abandons her plans. She does so and the witches disperse, defeated.

    Masquerade Holiday 1968
    The Doctor wears a Cyberman costume to enter the TARDIS control room and scares John and Gillian. Afterwards, they land in a field and John and Gillian set out to explore, leaving the Doctor in the TARDIS making a cup of tea. John and Gillian are captured by Cybermen who take them to a Cyber outpost. Fortunately, the Doctor sees all this so he puts his Cyberman disguise back on and then he goes to the outpost and rescues his grandchildren. When the Doctor's disguise rips on some barbed wire the Cybermen realise they have been tricked but the travellers manage to run back to the TARDIS.

    The Champion Holiday 1969
    The Doctor is perplexed to find the TARDIS caught in a giant web. Giant apes take him to ring to wrestle the planet's champion, Grok. The locals catch time travellers just for this reason - their chief entertainment is watching strangers fight their heroes. The Doctor beats Grok and is put up against a Cyberman. The Doctor wins this fight too and is allowed to leave because of the entertainment he has provided.

    The Entertainer Holiday 1969
    The TARDIS lands in the garden of a huge city-palace and the Doctor meets the resident, Heinrich Karl, the richest man in the universe. Karl is bored and claims that he hasn't laughed for ten years. He sets up some traps to kill the Doctor for his own amusement but the Doctor escapes most of them. Just before he is killed in the final trap the Doctor sees a path back to the TARDIS and Karl tells him he is letting him go thanks to the entertainment he has provided.

    Attack of the Daleks Annual 1968
    The Doctor wants to test his new invention - a pedal-copter - so he lands on a barren, rocky world which he and his grandchildren can investigate from the air. One of the rotor blades breaks and the pedal-copter crashes. The Doctor, John and Gillian find themselves on some rocks near to a group of Daleks. The Daleks see them and open fire. This breaks large chunks of rock off and provides ammunition for the travellers to throw at the Daleks. Some Daleks are destroyed while the rest hide in a cave. They seal the cave entrance, trapping the Daleks inside, and then use the Dalek saucer to fly above the planet.

    Pursued by the Trods Annual 1968
    The Doctor realises that the Trods have invented their own time machine and are chasing the TARDIS through time and space. To avoid them he lands in Stone Age Britain. When the Trods fail to arrive he assumes they have lost his trail and he decides to spend some time taming some mammoths a by playing his recorder. John and Gillian go off for a ride on the mammoths and then the Trods arrive and take the Doctor back to their ship. They tie him to a conveyor belt that will carry him to his death by an atomizer so he plays his recorder again to call up the mammoths. They destroy the conveyor belt and the Trods' power generator. This immobilizes the robots, allowing him to escape.

    The Time Museum Annual 1969
    The TARDIS lands near some ruins on an alien planet. The Doctor, John and Gillian make their way to a time museum where they see a Cyberman among the exhibits. It comes to life and tries to shoot. They climb into a rocket from 2150 to escape but other Cybermen shoot them down. The Doctor uses a crossbow to kill the attackers but more arrive so the Doctor and his grandchildren hide inside model Trods, before running back to the TARDIS.

    The Electrodes Annual 1969
    The TARDIS lands in 2208 and causes the bus carrying pop group The Electrodes to crash. The Doctor, John and Gillian help the group get to their gig by giving them rocket packs. The group promptly hires him as their manager. At the gig the Doctor finds out that their previous manager tried to embezzle their money and threatened to kill them after they sacked him.

    The Doctor sees a wire leading into the speakers and realises the ex-manager is going to blow them up live on stage. John and Gillian and the Doctor use rocket packs to lift the band off stage as the speakers explode. The Doctor catches the manager and the Electrodes complete their global tour before the Doctor and his grandchildren leave in the TARDIS.

    Death Race Annual 1970
    When the Doctor lands at the London 2053 veteran car rally he stops to help one of the drivers to start his car in time to join the beginning of the race. The driver invites him into the car and the race begins, watched by spaceships from across the universe. Unfortunately, one of the ships is a Quark vessel. A Quark steals an AA breakdown patrol vehicle and chases the Doctor. Spurred on by the pursuit, the driver wins the race and the Doctor manages to evade the Quark.

    Test Flight Annual 1970
    A new rocket plane, the Dart, is being tested at a US airbase in front of a group of scientists. When the TARDIS lands the Doctor is recognised by Commander Knight who knows that the Time Lord is a skilled pilot. The Doctor is invited aboard the plane carrying the Dart but Cybermen have hidden themselves on the plane with the intention of kidnapping all the scientists.

    The Doctor gets into the Dart and flies it away from the carrier. He shoots the Cyberships that are closing in, destroying the one intended to take away the scientists, simultaneously causing the Cybermen to fall out of the carrier plane. He then turns the Dart on the rest of the Cyberships and destroys them.

            Source: Mark Senior
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