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Death Flower Issues 1204-1214
The Doctor and Sarah have been sent to investigate a research facility called Vegpro. While escorted by Mr Sillett, they discover the factory can make a plant called Sarricoid grow in less than an hour. After their visit, The Doctor and Sarah go to the nearest village knowing that the workers for the factory have to be locals. In a pub they meet a man called Joe Higgins, who tells them strange things have happened at the factory, one of them being Frank Lampard’s Accident.

The Doctor, Sarah and Joe set off to Frank’s house, not knowing that the pub owner has contacted Mr Sillett about where the Doctors going. Once arriving at the house, Mrs Lampard explains he just sits in his chair, never standing up. Frank’s accident had left him with scares on his arm, Mrs Lampard was told he doesn’t need to see a Doctor by the factory. But after an examination by the Doctor himself, he knows it’s far more serious. He and Sarah set off in Bessie, only to be chased by Mr Sillett’s henchmen. They manage to lose them on foot and head back to the factory knowing it’s the last place anyone would expect them to go.

Once braking in, the Doctor and Sarah put on protective suits disguising themselves as workers. They enter the Sarricoid room, when suddenly the plants come alive. Without warning the Sarricoids start to bombard the Doctor and Sarah with seeds. The Doctor manages to pull Sarah out of the room and decontaminates them both. The Doctor is surprised to see the Seeds dissolving when it is hit by cold water, meaning the seeds are acid based. The Doctor and Sarah head out into the corridors only to be confronted by Mr Sillett with a revolver.

He says he’s taking them to his master Professor Sarric, The Doctor tries to explain that Professor Sarric has far more evil intentions than he knows about. But Mr Sillett does not believe him, so in one quick move The Doctor knocks him out. They need to escape the factory to get help. So the Doctor uses a forklift truck to knock down the electric fence. Knowing his guards are useless, Professor Sarric uses Lampard by mind control to seek out the Doctor. While walking through the woods, Sarah trips over a rock spraining her ankle. Suddenly they see Lampard heading their way. The Doctor tells Sarah to keep down while he leads Lampard away from her.

Soon he returns saying he gave Lampard the slip at a stream. Back at the factory, Mr Sillett has climbed up the building to see into Professor Sarric’s room. He is stunned to see plant tentacles weaved around Sarric’s face. Unknown to Sillett, Sarric has a special spy detector. Looking at his monitors, Sarric sees Sillett climbing down to the ground. Sillett escapes the factory in his car. The Doctor and Sarah enter the house of Mrs Lampard, who takes them to the vicar and explains the situation. The Doctor rings the Minister of Defence explaining they need help. Near by the Vicar’s house, Sillett sees Lamapard standing in the middle of the road. Sillett rams Lampard. Sillett is knocked unconscious and the Doctor, Sarah, Mrs Lamaprd and the Vicar have gone outside to see what’s going on.

The Doctor picks up Sillett, but they are all horrified to see Lampard getting back up. They all run into the church but Lampard brakes through the widow so they head up to the top of the tower. Amazingly Lampard begins to grow in size and will crush the tower. Suddenly helicopters come and begin to spray water on Lampard killing him. So with the help of the Fire brigade they destroy all the Sarricoid and destroy Professor Sarric.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #5-6
  • Time placement: Sarah mentions she hasn't got used to the Doctor's new face yet. Meaning he's only just regenerated.
  • Source: Cameron Stewart

    Return of the Daleks Issues 1215-1222
    On earth the Doctor and Sarah are conducting an experiment in a laboratory. Suddenly, the Tardis dematerialises without anyone in it, meaning some high power has taken it away! Luckily the Doctor acts quickly, using a device to jam the time warp and the Tardis returns. They both go inside it only to discover once again the Tardis is being pulled to a point in time and space.

    On a space complex, a man called Shazar is the cause of the Tardis being manipulated. He himself is working for the Daleks, who want the Tardis brought to the station. Inside the Tardis the oxygen level is dropping and Sarah has passed out. In a bid to stop anyone from using the Tardis, he puts his hand into an electricity field located below the Tardis console, which destroys the Tardis circuts and then passes out too. Once The Tardis materialises, Shazar and the Dalek Leader enter. Upon seeing the Doctor, and the power circuits damaged, the Daleks immediately decide to exterminate him. However, Shazar explains that by using the girl they can get the Doctor to repair the circuits.

    The Daleks fire the stations engines and continue moving on the hope the Time Lords will not be able to find them. On Gallifrey the Time Lords have detected that the Doctor's Tardis has disappeared from the Time Thread. Once the Doctor reawakens he is not surprised to see Shazar helping the Daleks. He explains to Sarah that Shazar is a Time Lord banished to earth where he was trapped in a glass bottle, but one day he was accidentally released. Shazar says that the Doctor must fix the Tardis of Sarah will die. So with no other choice the Doctor agrees.

    While on their way to see the Dalek leader, Shazar shows the Doctor their station. The Doctor sees the Daleks making hundreds of Tardis'. They are almost ready except for the fact they need the time circuits in fitted and because the Doctor had destroyed his they cannot copy it. The Doctor sees the Dalek leader saying he can fix the Time Circuits but needs replacement for the Cirenuim Fuel Cell.

    So the Doctor and Sarah head off to the Tardis while Shazar and two other Daleks set off to find the Cirenuim Fuel Cell. While on their journey, their ship gets caught in some form of hold. In a matter of seconds Shazar finds himself in front of the Time Lord Council. He tells them that the Doctor is working for the Daleks and he himself was on a quest to get some Cirenium.

    Back on the Space station, the Doctor has rigged up the Tardis controls to emit a small energy impulse. When they activate it, it kills the two Daleks guarding them. They leave the Tardis in order to stop the construction of Tardis', however their escape does not go undetected and very quickly they are chased by the Daleks.

    The Timelords have decided to send Shazar back to the station with the Cirenium in order to stop the Doctor. The Doctor and Sarah are now hiding on the station, the Doctor decides that they must find the Cooling system and destroy it. Once this happens the station will fall into the sun they're orbiting.

    Shazar arrives back on the station and gives them Cirenium. Suddenly the Daleks spot the Doctor and Sarah and fire at them. Unfortunately for them, they have just shot the Cooling System that gave of a reflection of the Doctor and Sarah. Now, because of this, the station starts to head into the sun. The Daleks quickly head into the Tardis' they've made in order to escape now that they have the Cirenium fuel. Amazingly all of the Tardis explode destroying all the Daleks.

    The Doctor, Sarah and Shazar try to escape but before long, the Tardis almost becomes engulfed into the sun, when suddenly, they find themselves in front of the Time Lord Council. Immediately Shazar says he has brought the Doctor to them to stand trial. However they are not fooled and explain they also knew that Cerenium would destroy the Dalek's fleet of Tardis'. As a punishment, Shazar is shrunk back into a glass bottom and he is left on a primitive planet where he can do no harm.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #17
  • Continuity Note: Gallifrey is refered to as Jewel
  • Time placement: It comes between The Brain of Morbius and The Seeds of Doom

  • The Wreckers Issues 1223-1231

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #19

  • The Emperor’s Spy Issues 1232-1238

    The Sinister Sea Issues 1239-1244

    The Space Ghost Issues 1245-1250

    The Dalek Revenge Issues 1251-1258

    Virus Issues 1259-1265

    Treasure Trail Issues 1266-1272

    Hubert’s Folly Issues 1273-1279

    Counter-Rotation Issues 1280-1286

    Mind Snatch Issues 1287-1290

    The Hoaxers Issue 1291

    The Mutant Strain Issues 1292-1297

    Double Trouble Issues 1298-1304

    Dredger Issues 1305-1311

    The False Planet Issues 1312-1317

    The Fire Feeders Issues 1318-1325

    Kling Dynasty Issues 1326-1333

    The Orb Issues 1334-1340

    The Mutants Issues 1341-1347

    The Devil’s Mouth Issues 1348-1352

    The Aqua-City Issues 1353-1360

    The Snow Devils Issues 1361-1365

    The Space Garden Issues 1366-1370

    The Eerie Manor Issues 1371-1372

    The Guardian of the Tomb Issues 1373-1379

    The Image Makers Issues 1380-1385

    Subsequent issues are reprints of Third Doctor strips with the image of Tom Baker replacing Jon Pertwee:
    The Duellists					Issues 1386-1389
    The Amateur 					Issues 1390-1396
    The Magician 					Issues 1397-1403
    The Wanderers 					Issues 1404-1408
    The Metal Eaters 					Issues 1409-1415
    Moon Exploration 					Issues 1416-1423
    Size Control					Issues 1424-1430
    The Magic Box! Holiday 1975
    A colleague of the Doctors, Sir William Dakins, is kidnapped. Using an anti-terrorist device of Dakins, the Doctor manages to locate his friend. When Sarah is captured, the Doctor manages to infiltrate the kidnappers’ hideaway by playing the fool. Using Dakins’ device, the Doctor overcomes the kidnappers with Zorin knock-out gas.

  • Short story.
  • Illustrated by four photographs all taken from Robot.
  • The Doctor’s car is correctly called Bessie. In keeping with the TV Comic Who mythology, the Doctor’s cottage is mentioned

  • Which Way Out? Holiday 1976
    On the planet Sarto, the Doctor and Sarah discover a subterranean Dalek base. Using hydro-electric power, the Daleks are manufacturing a new war fleet. The Daleks discover the two travellers, but they manage to escape to the surface, but not before the Doctor has sabotaged the Daleks’ computer which subsequently blows the Dalek factory to bits.

  • Short story.
  • Illustrated by four black-and-white photographs. One of the Doctor and Sarah from Planet of Evil; one of two Daleks from Power of the Daleks; one of the Doctor from ‘Genesis of the Daleks’; and one of the Doctor and Dalek from a publicity photocall (with a slightly altered background).
  • This adventure is the result of the Doctor being sent on a mission by the Time Lords.

  • The Sky Warrior
    Artist: John Canning
    Holiday 1977
    A collision with a meteorite sends the TARDIS back to the Sixteenth Century where the Doctor is hailed as a god by Tatrac, high-priest of the Mandrans. The Doctor defends the Mandrans from attacking Spaniards by constructing a powerful electromagnet which effects the Spaniards’ metal armour and weaponry. Terrified by the Doctor’s apparent magical powers, the Spaniards agree to leave the Mandrans in peace.

  • The Doctor refers to Earth as ‘home’

    The Living Wax Winter Special 1977
    In Victorian England, the Doctor and Leela encounter the alien Linktons. Operating from an old wax museum and using stolen gold, the Linktons intend to open a gateway between their own world and Earth. The Doctor and Leela thwart the Linktons plan by destroying their teleport device.

  • Short story.
  • Illustrated with five black-and-white photos – two of the Doctor from Masque of Mandragora; two of Leela from The Talons of Weng-Chiang; and one of Change from The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

    Woden’s Warriors Annual 1976
    The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Sarah to Saxon England during a Danish invasion. The Dane’s abduct the TARDIS, believing it to be a gift from their god, Woden. The Doctor realises that their only hope of retrieving the ship is to help the Saxons repel the invaders.

  • Reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #14

  • The Tansbury Experiment Annual 1977
    The Doctor and Sarah investigate the destruction of a lighthouse on the Cornish coast. They discover that a giant lizard is at large in the ocean. Luring it into a harbour using an amplified mating call, the creature is destroyed by a missile.

  • Bessie is seen but not named.
  • UNIT and the Doctor’s cottage are both mentioned.

  • Master of the Blackhole Annual 1978
    The TARDIS is drawn far off course. When the Doctor tries out his new Timeloop device he is joined in the TARDIS by a servant of the Master of the Blackhole. The Doctor seems to be doomed but suddenly wakes to discover that his whole adventure has been only a dream.

  • Short Story.
  • Four illustrations.
  • It’s implied that the Time Lords have control of the movement of the TARDIS.

  • Jackals of Space
    Artist: John Canning
    Annual 1978
    The Doctor and Sarah rescue the lone survivor of a Lizardian space pirate attack. Together they track the pirates to their base where they cause the pirates’ ships’ engines to overload, destroying the pirates and their base.

  • Although the Doctor’s companion appears to be Sarah, she is never actually named.
  • It’s implied that the Time Lords have control of the movement of the TARDIS.

  • The Sea Devil Annual 1979
    A meteorite crash-lands in the sea off the coast of Scotland bringing with it a living, alien sea weed. Attracted by sound waves, the weed attacks a boat. Using sound, the Doctor and Miss Young lure the weed into a shallow cave where they cover it in oil and burn it.

  • The Doctor’s companion in this story – Miss Young, is clearly a replacement for Leela as Miss Young speaks and acts like Leela, including using a knife.

  • Milena Annual 1979
    Landing on an asteroid, the Doctor’s companion, Milena, is taken over by the Zicons. Needing intense heat to survive, the Zicon’s use Milena to pilot them in the TARDIS to a star. At the point of burning up, the Doctor uses a bluff to force the Zicons out of the TARDIS.

  • Short Story.
  • Three illustrations.
  • The title is John Ainsworth's suggestion as the story had no title when published.

  •        Source: John Ainsworth
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