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Walking in Eternity
edited by Julian Eales

Cover Blurb
Walking in Eternity

  • A charity fanthology benefiting the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.
  • Released: May 2001

In the Sixties by Paul Magrs ?

Pop Culture Reference by Scott Longmuir ?

Over Your Shoulder by Simon Exton ?

Wetware by Alex Steer ?

Changing Rooms (With No Doors) by Mark Michalowski ?

What Does it Profit A Man? by Arfie Mansfield ?

Hall of Me by Mike Collins ?

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Arnold Blumberg ?

Biggles And The Fractured Dimensions by Finn Clark ?

Mercy by Kelly Hale ?

Dark Time by John Smith ?

The Wee Man by Iain Hepburn ?

Cracks in the Pavement by Robert Parker ?

What Guns Do by Dale Smith ?

Dr Who & The Zodiac Of Death by David Bishop ?

The Rainbow Man by Robert Smith ?

Analysis by Mark Clapham ?

Pulp of the Black Lotus by Simon Bucher-Jones ?

Eucatastrophe by Mags L. Halliday ?

Caught in Margate: The Itching by Matt Marshall ?

Cabinet of Changes by Phil Purser-Hallard ?

Feeding Frenzy by Stephen Gallagher ?

True Colours by Steven Kitson ?

To Catch a Fox by Philip Parneker ?

The Courage of My Convictions by James Potter ?

Doctor Crypptic by Jon DeBurgh Miller ?

Davros: The Early Years by Rupert Booth & Barry Williams ?

Constance by Paul Ferry ?

Timebomb by Kathryn Sullivan & Selina Lock ?

The Feast of St Crispin Crispianus by Louise Sellers ?

Man of Smoke and Dust by Sarah Hadley & Nick Campbell ?

Executive Action by Lance Parkin ?

Out of the Shadows by Dave Whittam ?

Bell, Book and Candle by Julian Eales ?

Foule Death by Nick Lancaster ?

Thorns by Helen Fayle ?

No Regrets by Phil Hall ?

Loving in a Box by Rich Johnston ?

The Resurrection Event by Dave Stone ?

Dreams Per Chance by Ian McIntire ?

A Tale of Two Teachers by Paul 'Brax' Castle ?

Iris Wildthyme and the Spiders From Magrs by Alan Taylor ?

Don't Mention the War! by Jonn Elledge ?

Hanging Chads by Jonathan Dennis ?


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