3rd Doctor
The Three Doctors
Serial RRR
Barry Letts

Script Editor
Terrance Dicks

Roger Limiston

Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin
Directed by Lennie Mayne Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson

Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, William Hartnell (Dr. Who); Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), John Levene (Sergeant Benton), Rex Robinson (Dr. Tyler), Roy Purcell (President of the Council), Laurie Webb (Mr. Ollis), Clyde Pollitt (Chancellor) [1-2], Graham Leaman (Time Lord), Patricia Prior (Mrs. Ollis) [1,4], Denys Palmer (Corporal Palmer) [1-2], Stephen Thorne (Omega) [2-4].

Time itself is in peril! The three Doctors are united against an old enemy from the distant past of Gallifrey...

Vital cosmic energy is draining into a black hole and the Time Lords are under siege. The Doctor is their only hope but, trapped in the TARDIS, he's powerless. The only way out is to break the First Law of Time to let the Doctor help himself - literally...

Original Broadcast (UK)

Episode One30th December, 19725h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Two6th January, 19735h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Three13th January, 19735h50pm - 6h15pm
Episode Four20th January, 19735h50pm - 6h15pm

  • Released on video and DVD in episodic format. [+/-]

    U.K. Video Release U.S. Video Release


    • U.K. Release: August 1991 / U.S. Release: January 1992
      PAL - BBC video BBCV4650
      NTSC - CBS/FOX Video 3405
      NTSC - Warner Video E1100

      In the U.K., a remastered version of the story was released by W.H.Smith as part of The Timelord Box Set [BBCV7346].

    • U.K. Release: November 2003 / U.S. Release: March 2004
      U.S. DVD Release PAL Region 2 - BBCDVD1144
      NTSC Region 1 - Warner DVD E1925

      • Commentary by Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning and Producer Barry Letts.
      • Pebble Mill at One - Bernard Wilkie and Patrick Troughton interviews from Christmas 1973.
      • Blue Peter - Jon Pertwee and the Whomobile in studio.
      • 'BSB Highlights' - Excerpts from the BSB '31Who' weekend.
      • 'Five Faces of Doctor Who' trailer.
      • Original 1972 BBC1 trailer. U.K. DVD Release
      • PanoptiCon '93 - Jon Pertwee on stage at the PanoptiCon convention in 1993.
      • TARDIS-Cam footage.
      • Photo Gallery.
      • Production Information Subtitles.
      • Who's Who (Region 1 only).

      Also released in the U.K. as a limited edition with a miniature Bessie model car.

      LINK: The Restoration Team work for The Three Doctors DVD.

  • Novelised as Doctor Who - The Three Doctors by Terrance Dicks. [+/-]

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: November 1975. Reprinted in 1976.
      ISBN: 0 426 10938 4 (also 426 11578 3).
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: 30p.

    • Hardcover Edition - Allan Wingate Ltd.
      First Edition: November 1975.
      ISBN: ?.
      Cover by Chris Achilleos.
      Price: ?.
      Virgin Publishing Cover

    • Paperback Edition - W.H. Allen.
      First Edition: 1976. Reprinted in 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984.
      ISBN: 0 426 11578 3.
      Cover by Jeff Cummins.
      Price: 60p.
      Retitled Doctor Who and the Three Doctors.

    • Paperback Edition - Virgin Publishing Ltd.
      First Edition: August 1991.
      ISBN: 0 426 11578 3.
      Cover by Alister Pearson.
      Price: £2.50.

    • Poland, 1994. Doctor Who - Wladcy Czasu. Publisher: Empire Books. Translated by Juliusz Garztecki.

    • Released as a talking book by the Royal National Institute for the Blind, narrated by Gabriel Woolf.
  3. Released: 1981
  4. ?-Cassette Set
  5. ISBN: ?
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #260.
Episode One
(drn: 24'39")

On a small grassy bank, a silvery balloon attached to a small orange device is found by the Warden of the Bird Sanctuary in which it landed. The Warden walks over to it carefully. He bends down to examine the small box, still clutching his shotgun in his right hand. At the same time a Landrover Van makes its way to the sanctuary, passing by a river over two bridges. It passes a sign indicating the way to “Minsbridge Bird Sanctuary- Warden’s Lodge”. The vehicle arrives at a house and the driver is greeted by a pleasant woman who addresses him as Dr Tyler. He answers yes. He then apologises for being a trouble and thanks her for calling. The woman says that her husband, Arthur, is looking after the device. She informs Tyler that he hasn’t touched and Tyler’s relieved. The woman, worried about the birds, inquires about chemicals- Dr Tyler assures her there are none. Tyler then gets back into his vehicle and drives off again.

At the site of the device, the Warden and Tyler site each other. Then suddenly a crackling noise is emitted from the box and the Warden bends down again to examine it further. In a flash he disappears, quite clearly disturbing the birds who then fly off in panic. Tyler reaches the scene, surprise to find the Warden, Mr Ollis, missing. He looks around and then gets back to his vehicle. Then, over the radio he asks to be put through to UNIT HQ.

At UNIT HQ, Dr Tyler, the Doctor, the Brigadier and Jo Grant have assembled at the Doctor’s laboratory. Tyler explains his situation to the Brigadier, the latter going to explain that he and the Doctor will quite happily be of assistance. Jo asks what the orange box is for and Tyler explains that it’s for Cosmic-Ray Research. Tyler goes on to explain that “although we’re not NASA, we still get the results” when Jo asks why they’re still using balloons. The device inside is “the most advanced cosmic ray monitoring device between here (quite subjective) and Cape Kennedy”. Then Tyler tells the Brigadier that he was going to contact UNIT anyway, and produces a set of results which surprise even the Doctor, who has practically seen everything. Both the Americans and “the other lot” have seen the results and they’re confused too. The first sample is normal but the latest test sample is greatly different. The readout that Tyler gives the Doctor appears to suggest that the energy is travelling faster than light. Then Tyler suggests that the rays must’ve been deliberately directed at Earth. “But why?” the Doctor and Tyler then ask.

Just then the Brigadier asks if there’s anything he can do. The Doctor says yes and asks for a stirring rod. The Brigadier picks up a stirring rod and hands it over to the Doctor, who promptly uses it to stir his tea. This slightly irritates the Brigadier who rephrases his question, asking if there’s anything that UNIT can do about the “space lightning”, which the Doctor goes on to inform him is some sort of compressed light, a “controlled superlucent emission” (it travels faster than light). The Doctor asks if the machine is functioning properly and Tyler answers yes, but the latest plate hasn’t been developed yet. The Doctor suggests that Tyler does so immediately and lets him know. The Doctor and Jo then go off to where the balloon was found, not before informing Tyler of the facilities available. Dr Tyler immediately begins developing his plate. The Brigadier is still in the room and Tyler informs the officer that he can manage alright with the equipment, the Brigadier then sarcastically saying that Tyler can make himself at home before he leaves the room.

Once the Brigadier has left Dr Tyler develops his plate, and is shocked at what he sees when it arrives- a human face, Mr Ollis’ to be precise, Then as Tyler goes over to the box to dismantle it a crackling sound can be heard and suddenly Dr Tyler disappears in a flash too. Out of the box a strange organism crawls out and down the sinkhole.

Back at the Sanctuary the Doctor, Jo and Mrs Ollis are at the sight were the device was found. Mrs Ollis confirms that it’s the place the thing was found at and mentions that the other person has been and gone to collect it already. The Doctor then asks if Mrs Ollis has seen her husband since the morning, to which she answers no and says that it’s not unusual for that to happen, but she can go and look for him. The Doctor says it’s not important and he and Jo go back to Bessie, with Jo saying it is important and the Doctor replying yes.

At UNIT, the Brigadier walks into the lab with a set of reports for Dr Tyler, only to find the scientist gone, surprisingly. Brigadier calls Tyler’s name, waits, and then summons Sergeant Benton when there’s ultimately no response. The Brigadier informs Benton that Tyler is wandering around UNIT and that he’s to be found. Benton complies with the order and goes off searching.

Outside the Doctor is driving Bessie back to UNIT with Jo (who’s holding up an umbrella to keep off the rain). The Doctor parks the car and Jo takes down the umbrella, putting it on the rear passenger seat. The two are about to set off for the Laboratory when Jo spots something crawling out of the drain. The Doctor calls for he to get back with him as the creature approaches, slowly. Then as the Doctor and Jo run, Bessie too disappears in a flash whilst the Doctor and Jo look on. The creature returns to the drain and the Doctor and Jo return to the lab.

At the lab the Brigadier is waiting for Tyler and Benton. Benton returns to report Tyler missing from the grounds as well, and that there was an explosion in the garages. The Brigadier asks what explosion? The Doctor, walking in, informs him that it was actually a flash of light. Then the Doctor recommends that a guard if put on the drains, which Benton does, hesitantly. After that, the Brigadier tells the Doctor that Mrs Ollis has called, reporting that her husband hasn’t returned. The Brigadier then says that they do have 1500 acres to cover, when the Doctor says they don’t have to look further because he he’s found Mr Ollis- the plate Tyler was developing. Then the Doctor gets out his sonic screwdriver and has it act as a Geiger counter, getting the strongest reading as the bottom of the sink. The Brigadier hands over to the Doctor the reports he got for Dr Tyler. The Doctor reads through them and deduces that whoever it was scanned the Earth like a searchlight and picked on them. Then, with a reminder from Jo, the Doctor tells the Brigadier that Bessie has disappeared too. But the thing was after them, a thing with a very strong hunting instinct. It was hunting the Doctor. The Brigadier asks why it took Ollis and the Doctor says it was confused. Then the Brigadier asks about Tyler, the Doctor says that Tyler was in the lab, the Doctor’s lab and the thing thought that Tyler was the Doctor. Its third mistake was Bessie because the Doctor was in it at the time. The Doctor says that there’s a link between the beam and the organism- the beam was how the thing got to Earth. Now the thing is here and hostile. The Brigadier asks how it can be found and the Doctor says it’s to come to them.

Outside UNIT Headquarters. Waiting next to a jeep a corporal stands there. Then out of the blue several “gel” creatures appear and start advancing upon the base. Benton arrives quite quickly and begins to mount a defence. However the creatures are immune to bullets and fight back. The Doctor notes that the creatures and the organism are from the same source, first the scout and then the reinforcements. And so the fighting continues, Benton, realising that force is useless contacts the Brigadier, who orders a complete evacuation and for Benton to report to the laboratory afterwards. The Doctor notes it’s no use him going elsewhere as the Brigadier leaves, the thing slowly pouring out of a vent as he leaves. Then Benton climbs into the lab through the window. When Jo refuses to leave, the Doctor asks Benton to escort her out, but it’s too late. The creature enters the room and they all rush into the TARDIS and the force field is switched on. The Doctor tries to take off, he can’t, something is draining the power. So, as a result the Doctor contacts the Time Lords with a full report.

At the Time Lord Control centre, the two men, President and Chancellor, inquire upon another who is trying to help the Doctor. However the Time Lords themselves are experiencing problems of their own- more power drains. The source of the beam is revealed to be a black hole, a nowhere. Really nothing should exist there and yet, someone does and they’re draining energy. One Time Lord announces that the time travel facilities are in danger. If the drain isn’t stopped, the fabric of space-time risks destruction. The Time Lords are being consumed and can’t fight back in any way, and they’ve no one to spare to help the Doctor. The Chancellor deduces that they’re up against a force equal and opposite to their own, in a universe of antimatter adds the President. But with no one available to help the Doctor, the Chancellor suggests pulling the Doctor’s past self from his part of the timeline. The Chancellor is against this but it goes ahead anyway.

On Earth, the Doctor, Jo and Benton are trapped in the TARDIS. They find a recorder on the consol. The Doctor inquires about it when the Second Doctor pops up from nowhere and snatches it. He asks where it’s been and plays it, and then he asks if anyone else has been playing it. He comments on the new TARDIS interior and declares his dislike for it. The Second Doctor then looks at the TARDIS monitor and comments on the situation outside, declaring trouble. Then suddenly Benton calls out, the Second Doctor turns around and the two greet each other, Benton informing the Second Doctor of his promotion. Jo asks the (Third) Doctor who the Second Doctor is and it’s met with the Third Doctor being unsure how to explain the answer. The Third Doctor says that Second Doctor is one of him. The Second Doctor rebuts that and says that the Third Doctor is one of him. Jo says they’re both Time Lords, and is quickly informed that they’re the same person. After a slight tiff, Jo asks if it’s true and the Third Doctor says it is. Benton goes on to inform Jo that when he met the Doctor, he looked like the Second Doctor, Jo asks how and the Third Doctor replies with an offhand remark. He then tells the Second Doctor that he’s got no right to be here. The Second Doctor explains that he was sent here by the Time Lords and goes on to say that the Doctor’s effectiveness is now doubled. “Halved more like!” says the Third Doctor. Then they both have a look outside.

In the corridor the Brigadier and a soldier arrive to confront the organism. The soldier fires on the organism and in a flash the water cooler disappears. “Oh Dear! Lethbridge-Stewart blazing away as usual!” comments the Second Doctor, who was watching the spectacle. So, in order to share more information the two Doctors engage in a telepathic conference. The Second Doctor then learns it’s after him or the Third Doctor, or both. So the Doctor has to help himself. The Second Doctor begins to play the recorder (Twinkle-Twinkle little star). Benton asks Jo what all that was about, Jo says it’s a telepathic conference and is interrupted when the Second Doctor takes offence when the Third Doctor objects to his predecessor’s music. This leads to an argument which doesn’t go unnoticed by the Time Lords, who promptly remedy the situation by bringing along the First Doctor.

On the TARDIS viewer the First Doctor comes along right in the middle of an argument, and promptly calls his successors a dandy and clown. When he asks if anything has been done, the Second Doctor says they’ve assessed the situation which leads to the First say “Just as I though, Nothing!” The other two Doctors protest, saying they don’t know what the stuff is, the First Doctor tells them it’s a time bridge. He then asks what a bridge is for, the Third Doctor replies “crossing” and the First tells them to cross it. When Jo asks who that person was after he disappeared, the reply is “Me, ME!” The Second Doctor does heads and tails and the Third Doctor calls heads. The Second Doctor tosses the coin and (possibly cheating) tells the Third it is heads, and hides the coin quickly. Grudgingly the Third Doctor agrees to go outside. He orders the force field to be switched off and for Jo to stay put. The doors are opened, the Doctor steps outside and before he can push Jo away, in a flash they disappear…

Episode Two
(drn: 24'18")

As Jo and the Third Doctor disappear, Benton attempts run out of the TARDIS after them whilst the Second Doctor cautions him and says that his Third self knows what he’s doing. Benton asks about Jo, the Second Doctor says it was a pity that she ran after him in that manner. Then the Second Doctor switches on the scanner screen to take a look outside. There he sees the lab and the organism. Benton asks if the Third Doctor and Jo are alright and where they are, no reply, he then turns around and the Second Doctor remarks that the organism has gone to a lot of trouble to find “me, err, him”. He then deduces that whoever sent the thing didn’t want to kill the Doctor (any incarnation), instead the Third Doctor and Jo were transported somewhere. Benton asks where but before the Second Doctor can reply he notices something: the organism has “gone off the boil or so to speak”- the thing has calmed down for some reason.

Upon hearing the news, Benton decide to blow the thing up but the Doctor (number two here) objects as usual. The Second Doctor wants to try a more “subtle” approach, and he switches off the force field and opens the doors. Benton is about to go out but the Second Doctor advices him to go no further, yet, he decides to go out first. The pair walk carefully and slowly outside the TARDIS, where the thing waits, shimmering. “Awaiting further instructions I should think,” says the Second Doctor.

Then the organism shakes violently for a few seconds, Benton and the Second Doctor run back into the TARDIS as it does so. The organism calms down again. Benton and the Second Doctor walk out a second time, carefully. Benton asks if the Second Doctor is going to go near the thing, to which he replies “it was probably just hiccups” and approaches the vibrating red, black, blue and purple coloured mass lying on the floor. The Second Doctor observes the thing as it begins to shake again, only this time he does not flinch.

Then all of a sudden the Brigadier bursts in and the Second Doctor tells him not to shoot at the organism. The Doctor explains that the organism isn’t dangerous at the moment because it thinks it has achieved its mission, when the Brigadier turns round; surprise turning into horror when he realises who he’s looking at.

Brigadier: Oh no!
Doctor: Oh yes!

The Brigadier is about to ask the Second Doctor to confirm his identity when Benton does it for him. Then the Second Doctor happily shakes hands with the Brigadier, still shocked. After a brief exchange of pleasantries the Brigadier asks what the Doctor is doing and why he has changed his appearance (when in fact he hasn’t, yet). And then he asks where Jo is, when at the same moment Jo and the Third Doctor land on some strange planet, unconscious, just as the Second Doctor has finished explaining. The Brigadier doesn’t believe the story though.

Then the Brigadier, just as he’s about to walk off, turns round and asks if the Second Doctor is the person who he met during the yeti business (The Web of Fear), and then when the Cybermen invaded (The Invasion). The Doctor replies yes to both questions. Then the Brig mentions that the Doctor subsequently appeared on Earth during the business with the Autons, but as a tall thin bloke (Spearhead from Space). The Second Doctor goes on to tell the Brigadier that from his viewpoint, that incident hasn’t happened yet, and he goes on to call himself a temporal anomaly.

Upon hearing the Second Doctor’s answer, the Brigadier paces, thinks and then goes on the deduce (incorrectly) that the Doctor has used the TARDIS (or that infernal machine) to change his appearance and dump Jo on some desolate world. Benton tries to tell the Brigadier what really happened, but he doesn’t get far. The Brigadier goes on to ask the Doctor for a way of controlling “that stuff” and the safe return of Jo Grant. Benton asks about the Third (or “our”) Doctor, but the Brigadier, still having not got the bigger picture, says he’s already here and that he can look like whatever just so long as he does the job properly.

The Second Doctor informs the Brigadier that he’ll do whatever he can, but he isn’t promising anything. The Brigadier suggests that the Doctor goes and asks those “all powerful superiors” of his, but the Second Doctor informs the Brigadier that they are far from being all powerful and that it has been left up to “Me and Me and Me”, The last statement only confuses the Brigadier further.

At the Time Lord Control centre, the Time Lords are indeed far from being all powerful. The Chancellor approaches one of the operators and asks what is happening. The operator explains that the black hole is draining power faster than it can be pumped in, this met by a statement from the Chancellor, who says that it is being wasted too. He then goes on to voice his disapproval of the plan to allow the Doctor to cross his own time stream, a serious breach of the 1st Law of time.

The operator states his awareness of this and goes on to point out that the situation is an emergency. However the Chancellor says that this is no excuse and orders the operation to cease, when the President arrives and countermands the order. The President explains that the Doctor (1, 2 and 3) is their only hope of ultimately combating the devastating energy drain. The Chancellor says they could wish for more hope than that. The President reminds the Chancellor that they are dealing with a threat from somewhere that even they have no influence over- a black hole, the universe of Anti-Matter. Unknown forces equal and opposite to their own. The Chancellor then repeats himself and say that the first law of time MUST be obeyed. The President agrees, but says it will, later. The Doctor needs all the assistance he can get.

Handing the Chancellor a printed readout, the President says that this plan is already using more energy than they can afford. The Chancellor condemns this as criminal irresponsibility. The President explains that the Doctors only have a limited time together and warns that if this plan fails, the Time Lords will be left helpless like everyone else. The Chancellor suggests that they husband their resources, not gamble them away. The President is however prepared to risk it.

The Chancellor then informs the President that he has heard that their attempts to transport the First Doctor have only met with limited success. The President explains that his transport was stuck in a time eddy, so at the moment he can only advise. However he states that the Second Doctor has made it to Earth and is currently “assisting” UNIT in its operations. Then the Chancellor asks about the Third Doctor. The President then morbidly informs the Chancellor that he and his companion have passed into the black hole. The Chancellor is horrified and proclaims them dead.

The Third Doctor and Jo are however very much alive. The pair of them is lying on the surface of a strange planet. They wake up simultaneously, dazed and confused. The Third Doctor asks Jo if she can hear him, the answer is yes as she opens here eyes. Jo is the first to get up; as she does she looks around her. She asks “Where are we?” and comments that the surroundings are strange. The Doctor asks if she’s alright, Jo goes on to suggest they’re dead. The Doctor says that their landing spot is a place like any other and that they’ve been brought here (besides, it’s not much like heaven, is it?). The pair then stand up and begin walking to have a look around, unaware that they’re being watched by a gel creature.

Back at UNIT the Second Doctor is explaining that where ever his other self and Jo are, they can’t be contacted. “That’s the problem with anti-matter; you can see the effect but not the cause. Like being punched on the nose by the invisible man,” the Second Doctor explains.

The Brigadier then asks what the organism is. The Doctor’s reply is: “The invisible man, anti-matter.”

However the Brigadier states that the Doctor said that matter and anti-matter couldn’t meet without and explosion. The Doctor confirms this as correct. Then the Brigadier says the organism shouldn’t be here but it is. The Doctor confirms this as correct too. The Doctor then goes on to call the situation “awkward”. In fact the Doctor says he can only see one explanation for all of this, who or whatever sent the thing is cleverer than they are- unfortunate, isn’t it?

The Brigadier asks if there’s nothing the Doctor can do, but the Doctor hasn’t given up just yet. First off the Doctor decides he can make sure the thing remains harmless for a start. The Brigadier approves and then goes off to contact his superiors in Geneva. As the Doctor begins rummaging through his pockets, Benton comments that his (the Second Doctor) presence was too much for the Brig, and then asks what they’re going to do next. The Doctor says he’s going to keep the thing confused- feed it with useless information and then inquires if there’s a television set handy.

On the planet, the Third Doctor and Jo are approaching a sharp drop, where at the bottom is part of a computer unit and a water cooler. The Doctor comments that as being odd, and the pair of them climb down into the shallow ravine. Jo instantly recognises the water cooler as from being from the outside of the lab, and the Doctor recognises the computer a being the Brigadier’s. Then he spots the lab door. Jo notices that it’s locked and the Doctor points to a sign saying “NO ADMITTANCE”. The Doctor and Jo pass a few other things when they spot the lab bench and sink complete with cosmic-ray measuring device. Then suddenly the Doctor spots Bessie, much to the pair’s delight. The Doctor concludes they had been transported all along. The pair of them walk up to the yellow car and climb inside.

Once inside, Jo asks where they’re going and they both decide just to have a drive around. They are both still unaware of a gel creature watching them.

A few minutes later the Doctor and Jo stop when they notice a set of footsteps. “Man Friday” comments the Doctor and he and Jo begin walking off again. They’re still being watched, but this time by a hidden Mr Ollis, who is standing behind a white rock above the Doctor and Jo.

UNIT: The Second Doctor has finished work on his confusion device with the aid of Sergeant Benton. The Doctor looks at it, and then turns round and tells Benton it’s quite like old times as he looks on at his device, which he is pleased with. Benton agrees and asks if the device is ready yet. The Doctor says it’s ready for testing. Benton then suggests giving the “overgrown blancmange” the full treatment but the Doctor says steady on as he fiddles with a device he’s got in his hands.

However, before the Doctor can continue the Brigadier bursts in and informs the Doctor that the U.N. Security Council want a full explanation and it’s up to the Doctor to give it. The Doctor protests and reminds the Brigadier of his appearance (slight technicality- it’s a video link), to which the Brigadier says that the Doctor has to masquerade as his own assistant, especially as he feels the truth would be too much for his superiors. The Doctor agrees to come along, grudgingly (I just set this thing up- now I’ll be able to confuse it! That’s your forte Doctor, confusing people.).

But before he leaves Benton asks about the creature and the device. The Doctor tells Benton to give the creature a little jolt if it plays up, or the whole lot if that fails- the device still having not been tested yet. The Doctor and the Brigadier then leave.

Now alone, Benton says to the thing not to give him trouble as he pulls out a packet of chewing gum from his pocket. He then throws the empty packet away, towards the organism in fact when the thing begins to shudder again. Benton, cautious, walks over towards the device, picks up the controller and then gives the creature a jolt, which has no effect. He then increases the output but the creature just carries on shuddering like mad. “Doctor?” calls Benton, “Doctor, are you there?” he panics.

The Doctor and the Brigadier come rushing into the laboratory where they find Benton attempting to fend off the creature with the Doctor’s device, albeit unsuccessfully.

“What have you done?” shouts the Brigadier.

“What the Doctor told me!” replies Benton.

Then, the Doctor ushers everyone into the TARDIS hastily as the creature takes in the device too.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor, the Brigadier and Benton wait. The Brigadier looks around, slightly confused, whilst the Second Doctor comments that it’s “quite cosy”. Then, the Doctor assures the Brigadier will get used to it, “relative dimensions and such”. However, the Brigadier thinks that the Doctor made it using UNIT funds and equipment whilst he’s been staying on Earth, going on to ask if it’s all an optical illusion. The Doctor replies by saying “No, they come like this. Really!”

Benton comments that the creature’s “going berserk” outside the TARDIS, the Doctor agrees. The Brigadier asks what they do next, the Doctor says they think and promptly offers the Brigadier a jelly baby.

On the planet, Dr Tyler is writing equations out on the sand, notably “E=mc2”. “No doubt about that” he comments.

Then, standing up, he comments “But if you equate gravitation with acceleration, I must’ve travelled faster than the speed of light!” He then chuckles “That’s impossible!” He continues muttering and says that the light there must be travelling backwards because he can still see.

Then, as he does so, Dr Tyler is soon accompanied by a passing Third Doctor and Jo, the former pointing out the fact that Dr Tyler is down there in the pit. The Doctor then calls out for Dr Tyler, who turns round to face the travellers. When he finally turns round, he promptly greets the pair, and is then asked by Jo “How did you get here?”

Tyler replies: “Well, I was in your lab developing that plate and there was some kind of explosion and here I am. It’s fascinating!”

After that, Jo soon asks if he knows where they are, to which he replies no. However the Doctor quickly explains that they’re at the other end of the light stream, much to Dr Tyler’s apparent surprise: “What?!?!”

“We’ve been transported along it.”

“That’s in the black hole.”

The Doctor tells Tyler he is correct, and goes on to explain that they’re on a planet in the universe of Anti-Matter, “An anomaly within an impossibility”, finishes the Doctor.

This is however met with slight confusion from Jo. Dr Tyler tells her that the Doctor means that a place like the planet shouldn’t exist, and even if it does they shouldn’t be here. However they are there, and as the Doctor describes it, “Kidnapped and Marooned, but by whom.”

However, unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by a tall figure in an ornate throne room elsewhere on the planet. He cheers as he finally finds a Time Lord (the Doctor in this case), which he can use for his own purposes later on. He then orders a gel creature to escort “his guests” to his domain.

Meanwhile, Dr Tyler has been explaining how he got to the pit. The Doctor notes that the things described to him sound very much like those who attacked UNIT HQ. He asks Tyler what they looked like, and Tyler then points to one standing at the top of the cliff and says “Like that!” which is quickly followed by the Doctor with an order to run. Unfortunately they are surrounded by the things and afters a series of explosions the three finally give in. However, Mr Ollis has been watching from a safe location, undetected.

Back at UNIT, the Brigadier is ordering the Second Doctor to let him out of the TARDIS, only to be told by Benton that it’s too dangerous out there, a point shared by the Doctor. Also, the Doctor says that he appears to have increased to creature’s metabolic rate, only to then realise that it’s anti-matter, and instead of soothing it he stimulated it. In the background the Brigadier is persisting with his demands to be let out. When he does finally get the Doctor’s attention the Doctor seems more preoccupied with finding his recorder “a long thing with holes in it”. He then goes to look for it, then telling, the Brigadier who still wants to be let out of “this madhouse”, there’s no point in leaving. However the Brigadier still insists on being let out so he can rejoin his men, and not look for the Doctor’s recorder. But, to open the doors the force field will have to be switched off the Doctor explains. The Doctor points out further that the Brigadier would never make it and the Doctor then accepts responsibility for making the thing more aggressive. In the meantime all they CAN do is think, and the Doctor says he thinks best to music and continues to look for his recorder.

On the planet the Third Doctor, Jo and Dr Tyler have arrived inside their captor’s palace. They’re being escorted by a group of gel creatures when ordered to stop. Jo says the place looks like Aladdin’s cave, followed by the Doctor replying that he thinks it’s the entrance to some sort of palace. Tyler asks who brought them there, the Doctor says he wants to find out but Jo says she isn’t too sure. Dr Tyler doesn’t suspect good intentions, whilst Jo agrees. Then, much to the Doctor’s annoyance, Tyler announces that he’s going to try and escape.

UNIT, the Brigadier, Benton and the Second Doctor are still inside the TARDIS. The Brigadier attempts to contact Corporal Palmer over the radio, but is informed by the Doctor that the force field blocks conventional radio signals too. The Brigadier wants to know what’s going on outside, when the Doctor agrees to do something about the communications problem. He takes the radio, dismantles it (albeit in a botched way), and then fiddles around with it. This gets the Brigadier worried as the Doctor attempts to merge the radio with the TARDIS communications circuit. Benton on the other hand appears to be more worried about the Third Doctor and Jo, when the Second Doctor goes on to say that he rather envies then, and thinks that they’re having quite an interesting time out there.

At the palace, Dr Tyler is trying to convince the Third Doctor to make an escape attempt. The Doctor says that he wants to meet their host and that he might be able to find a way of getting Dr Tyler and Jo back home, pointing out that he allowed himself to be escorted primarily to meet their captor. However Tyler prefers to chance it by himself, and asks Jo if she’s coming or not. Jo opts to stay with the Doctor and meet their host. Dr Tyler then declares he’s going it alone then, and before the Doctor can stop him, saying he won’t stand for the endangerment of everyone else’s lives, Tyler bolts off, whilst a gel guard goes in pursuit of him. Tyler then hides behind a column to avoid detection and makes his way through the labyrinth of corridors, avoiding gel guards as he attempts to reach the exit. The Doctor describes him as an idiot, and Jo says he could be risking his life too. As Dr Tyler snakes his way through the corridors, being followed in the process, Jo points out to the Doctor they may not harm him as he is only there by mistake and that it’s the Doctor their host wants.

Then the Doctor says again that he’s sure that he could persuade whoever it is to send Jo and Dr Tyler back to Earth. Jo asks what if he can’t and the Doctor replies that to him intelligence and senseless cruelty don’t match. Elsewhere, Dr Tyler continues with his escape attempt, and bumps into the Doctor and Jo again, describing his actions as a waste of time.

In the TARDIS at UNIT, the Second Doctor is has finished the Brigadier’s new radio. At first it doesn’t work but when the Doctor bashes it against the consol the Brigadier finally makes contact with Corporal Palmer. The Brigadier explains to Palmer that he’s pinned down in the laboratory and asks for the situation. Palmer says that the building is surrounded and their awaiting further orders. The Brigadier orders Palmer and his men to remain vigilante but no offensive action should be taken. Palmer reluctantly agrees and signs off.

Then, the First Doctor reappears on the TARDIS monitor, as pointed out by a before, silent Benton. The Second Doctor rushes over to communicate and is asked if any progress has been made. He says “no” and returns the question. The First Doctor gives a likewise answer, being trapped in “that infernal time eddy” and all, and goes on to report the rest of the Time Lords are growing steadily weaker due to the energy loss. The Second Doctor is in no position to help things though, or so he says. The First Doctor however, suggests that the Second Doctor switches off the TARDIS force field. At first the Second Doctor doesn’t understand the request, but the first Doctor tells him to think about it.

The Brigadier then asks about the First Doctor, he asks about his identity, but the Second Doctor’s answer is a slightly enigmatic “I’m afraid you’d never believe me, Brigadier.”

Back on the planet, the Doctor, Jo and Dr Tyler are being escorted by the gel guards. Dr Tyler asks why there hasn’t been a colossal explosion as they’re matter in a universe of anti-matter, but the Doctor explains that they’ve been processed so they can exist there, just like the thing can exist on Earth Jo then points out. The Doctor says exactly but Dr Tyler is sceptical. He thinks the place is matter. The Doctor goes on to explain that things aren’t what they seen, and uses a simple conjuring trick, turning a pencil into flowers as an example, saying that the planet and palace are one great conjuring trick. Then one of the guards makes a groaning noise, which the Doctor takes as a signal that they’re moving again. So, they begin walking again, whilst Jo drops the flowers, which then lie there undisturbed.

In the TARDIS the Second Doctor is about to switch off the force field. The Brigadier asks why, the Doctor says because he was told to. Benton says that the thing would be able to get at the TARDIS then, which causes the Second Doctor to finally realise what the First meant. So, he calls out for the Brigadier and Benton to hold on tight as he switches off the force field of the TARDIS. Outside, Palmer and the troops wait. At first, to their surprise, the gel creatures disappear, and then, to their horror, so does UNIT HQ, which enters the black hole and enters the universe of Anti-Matter…

Episode Three
(drn: 24'22")

UNIT HQ is sucked into the black hole into the universe of anti-matter.

On the planet, the Third Doctor, Jo and Dr Tyler enter the throne room, escorted by a group of gel guards. Jo comments that her surroundings are very impressive, the Doctor agrees. Dr Tyler admits that to him it was almost worth the trip. Then Jo asks who brought them there, a question promptly answered by a tall, looming figure with a deep voice: “I did!”

Everyone turned around and the Doctor inquired about the host’s identity. The host revealed himself to be Omega, a legendary Time Lord who was believed destroyed. Omega then orders the gel guards to escort Dr Tyler and Jo away, and furthermore assure the Doctor that they won’t be harmed. Omega believes he has been wronged and is now after revenge.

Jo and Dr Tyler are escorted by the gels to a cell. At first it looks like escape is possible, but the archway turns into a wall very quickly. Dr Tyler soon confirms it’s a real door and asks what sort of place the palace is, followed up by Jo’s question regarding the identity of Omega. All that Tyler and Jo know is that the Doctor and Omega appear to know each other, and the two don’t appear to be friendly.

Back, in the throne room, Omega is telling the Doctor about how he allowed the Time Lords to travel in time, and defend those that they protect. Omega’s mission was dangerous, but he completed it. However he claims he was abandoned, and tells the Doctor that this place was a star, until he blew it up. The Doctor tells Omega that he was the Solar Engineer so it was his job; Omega said it was an honour, or so he though back then, as he was the one who would create and find the power source that would give the Time Lords mastery over time itself. The Doctor tries to assure Omega that he was revered for it, but Omega is disbelieving. The Doctor says that history says that Omega was lost in the supernova, Omega claims he was sacrificed to it, “and for what?” he asks. His companions became Time Lords be he was forgotten. The Doctor goes on to tell him that he honoured Omega as his greatest hero. “A HERO?! I SHOULD’VE BEEN A GOD!” protests Omega, loosing his temper as a result of thousands of years of isolation.

Back in the cell, Jo is wondering why Omega (though she doesn’t know that) would bring the Doctor here if they were enemies. Then she suggests that Omega must mean him some harm, but Dr Tyler just tells to pull herself together and stop worrying. He then points out that they don’t know if the two are enemies, and that he’s sure the Doctor knows what he’s doing. Jo hopes Dr Tyler’s right.

The Throne Room, the Doctor points out to Omega that the palace and the planet are theoretically impossible. Omega rebuts him and gives the Doctor a chair, which the Doctor is thankful for and he sits down. Then, the Doctors how Omega survived, and receives a rather witty answer: “Mind over anti-matter you might say (!)”

The Doctor then asks Omega about the organism, which Omega tells him, is made from the raw stuff of matter itself, an organism that can exist in both universes, and when it brought the Doctor and company over, they too were given its special properties. Next question, the Doctor asks where does he fit into it, and Omega tells him that even his capabilities are limited, and at this point in his plans he needs a second Time Lord to enter into the picture. The Doctor acknowledges them and is informed by Omega that he is going to be used against the rest of the Time Lords. The Doctor asks if Omega uses him, will he be able to defeat ALL of the Time Lords, and Omega tells him that he already is, through the power drain that is.

Predictably, the Doctor asks about what would happen if he didn’t cooperate. Predictably Omega’s answer is one that wouldn’t be too pleasant for the Doctor or his companions. Suddenly, Omega is alerted to a beeping sound coming from a communication device mounted in a column in the middle of the room. Omega goes towards it and receives information from a series of high-pitched tones. Omega say to investigate but not harm them. The Doctor asks who “them” is, and Omega tells him they have more company.

The new company turns out to be the Second Doctor, Benton and the Brigadier arriving in the TARDIS, in UNIT HQ. The Doctor notes that they have arrived, and the Brigadier attempts to contact Corporal Palmer. However the Doctor tells him that the radio doesn’t quite have the range, so he won’t be able to get through on it. The Brigadier thinks his men are just outside the building, but the Doctor appears to think otherwise, and tells the Brigadier to prepare himself for a shock. Benton asks about look outside, the Doctor agrees and they find themselves still in the laboratory at UNIT. Also, the creature has gone too. The Brigadier wants to go outside, the Doctor advises not to, but gives in this time. When they go outside the Doctor comes to the conclusion that the creature must’ve found the TARDIS a bit indigestible and took UNIT with it, like taking a pill with some water. The Brigadier thinks that they’ve got rid of it, and tells Benton to stay put. Benton asks the Doctor if he’s sure they’ve moved, and the Doctor is sure.

The Brigadier on the other hand is making his way to the door, opens it and is rather surprised to find sand outside instead of a green lawn. Benton asks where they are, and the Doctor says “not where he thinks we are”, pointing to an approaching Brigadier. The Brigadier arrives, and is rather irate, telling the Doctor he’s gone too far. The Doctor asks where they are, the Brigadier says there’s sand there and the Doctor then suggests going swimming, despite the apparent lack of water out there. The Brigadier accuses the Doctor of stealing UNIT, and then begins wondering what he’s going to tell Geneva. Then, he says that UNIT is now miles away from London, however the Doctor says it’s a bit further than that. The Brigadier interprets this as a different country, then mentioning that it could be construed as an invasion. Then Benton says he agrees with the Doctor, not just a different country but a different universe.

However, the Brigadier is still convinced they’re on Earth and that they’re on some beach in Norfolk. The Doctor on the other hand is getting impatient at not being listened to. The Brigadier tells the Doctor and Benton to stay put to prevent the place being overrun with holiday makers, whilst he goes and finds a phone to tell the authorities, “I’m pretty sure that’s Cromer”

As the Brigadier leaves, the Doctor groans and slaps himself and Benton suggests that they go after the Brigadier. The Doctor agrees and goes to look for his recorder, but Benton persuades him not to, and to accept that his recorder is gone. The Doctor still insists at looking for it in the TARDIS when suddenly a gel creature enters the room. Benton warns the Doctor, the Doctor panics slightly and they begin to run, but the pair soon find themselves trapped by the creatures inside the building.

Outside, the Brigadier is strolling around outside in the forlorn hope of finding a phone. It’s just then when he finds Mr Ollis, who calls for his attention. The Brigadier asks who M Ollis is, and Ollis replies as he climbs down the bank. The Brigadier then recognises him and asks what’s going on, but the two know as little as each other. The Brigadier asks for what Mr Ollis knows and Mr Ollis tells him about the Third Doctor, Jo and Dr Tyler and how they got taken away by the gel creatures (or lumpy things). The Brigadier asks Mr Ollis for a description of the man, and it immediately fits the description of the Doctor. Then, as Mr Ollis tells the Brigadier about how he avoided capture, Ollis spots another gel creature and the Brigadier and Ollis go and hid behind a large rock in a corner somewhere, out of sight. Then they spot the creatures’ prisoners, the Second Doctor and Sergeant Benton. Ollis knows where they’re headed and tells the Brigadier not to get up and “rescue” them. The creatures escort Benton and the Second Doctor into a cave whilst Mr Ollis and the Brigadier discreetly make their way up to a higher ledge and watch. Ollis asks what the next course of action is (incorrectly referring to the Brigadier as “General”) and the Brigadier says for them to do a “recce (reconnaissance)” and then mount a surprise attack. Then, the Brigadier tells Mr Ollis to consider himself under his orders.

In the meantime, Omega and the Third Doctor are having a discussion in the throne room. The Doctor tells Omega that if the energy drain can’t be reverse the fabric of the space/time continuum could be torn apart. Omega then says it’d make quite a spectacle, but the Doctor tells him that he’d be alone forever. But however, Omega is used to solitude, and when has had his revenge he shall be satisfied. The Doctor tells Omega that if he undoes all his damage he could have the freedom to do what he wished, but power is the only freedom Omega seeks. To him absolute power is absolute freedom, no bargains, well not with those who betrayed and deserted him so he says.

Just at that moment they are quickly joined by Benton and the Second Doctor, with gel creatures in tow. Upon seeing them Omega gets up and shouts at them for them to identify themselves. The Third Doctor gets up and describes them as more innocent bystanders scooped up by the “bungling” organism. But Omega says that its purpose was to find and transport a Time Lord to him, which is what it did. Omega questions whether the Second Doctor or Benton could be Time Lords and the Second Doctor then says that “appearances aren’t everything!”

Then, taking a closer look, Omega says to the Second Doctor that he doesn’t fear him. Then Omega pauses: “Can it be? Two Time Lords? The SAME Time Lord!” and goes on to say that the High Council must be desperate to transgress the laws of time.

The Second Doctor though, attempts to say that he and Benton were out for a stroll when they were scooped up by the organism, but Omega won’t be deceived. And when the Third Doctor attempts to speak he his soon silenced, as thunder rumbles in the background, and Omega deciding the fate of everyone else in the room.

When Omega’s back is turned, the Second Doctor rushes over to the Third and attempts to confirm Omega’s identity, which the Third Doctor does. Then Omega turns round, telling the Doctors that they have angered him and then threatens to kill them, finishing off with an order for the creatures to take them all away.

Outside, Mr Ollis rushes along the top of a mount, and then rushes down the bank, meeting the Brigadier. They ask each other if one of them house found an alternative entrance, no joy for either. So, instead the Brigadier suggests that they wait for the front gates to open up and then launch an attack, a full scale frontal one using all resources available- two men, a hand pistol and a shotgun. The pair of them get up and advance towards the entrance.

In the cell, the Third Doctor is telling the Second Doctor that he’d nearly managed to reach an agreement with Omega until he came along, and Omega started treating the Third Doctor like an impostor, or so he says. The Second Doctor’s reply is: “Well, you are really.”

When the Third Doctor questions this the Second then says that they both are in some ways. Then the Third Doctor says that the Second is just twittering on and a shouting match ensues, much to Jo and Benton’s unsurprise. They are soon told by Benton to work together, a point supported by Jo. So, the two Doctors then apologise to each other.

That done, they both begin discussion Omega, whom the Third Doctor describes a slightly confused. Also, Dr Tyler is a bit confused and asks about the Second Doctor. The reply is “Me”, as said by both Doctors, followed by Dr Tyler’s “I beg your pardon?”

The Third Doctor just tells him to ask Jo. Then, the Third and Second Doctor begin conversing again. The Third mentions that first Omega talks about revenge and destruction, and then freedom and power. However Dr Tyler interrupts again by asking about why the planet exists if everything is all anti-matter. Both Doctors reply by saying it’s the phenomenon of singularity, and then nominate each other to explain it to Dr Tyler, whilst he muses over it. However, before either Doctor gets a chance to explain, Dr Tyler makes his thoughts on the matter better heard. Dr Tyler says it’s supposed to exist but it’s just a theory, and it promptly told by the Third Doctor that it does.

Furthermore, Jo asks the Doctor to explain what they’re talking about in simple answers and one at a time. This time the Second Doctor explains it. He says that a singularity is a point in space/time that can exist only in a black hole, and they’re in one. They’re in a world of anti-matter very close to singularity, where all the known physical laws cease to exist. He goes on to explain that Omega has got control of it and that he can use the forces locked up inside the black hole. Then, the Third Doctor continues by say that it was because of singularity and such that Omega managed to create the world they’re on now, but he thinks the Time Lords have wronged him though. The Third Doctor also explains it’s because of that Omega is hell bent on revenge. Jo says that they’ll have to stop him, but the Doctors aren’t to sure of that.

Just then, Benton asks who Omega is. The Doctors explain that he was the first Time Lord, and supposedly the greatest of his race. The Second Doctor explains further by saying that when the Time Lords discovered the secret of time travel, they needed a suitable power source, and Omega was to be the one to get it through a feat of solar engineering. He was however thought destroyed, but instead ended up in the Universe of anti-matter, his imprisonment was the price for the Time Lords’ freedom to travel in time. However, Jo then tells them that they still can’t let him smash the universe up, she then goes on to note that he’s not all powerful otherwise he wouldn’t have needed the Doctor. The Doctors agree and Benton tells them that there must be something they can do. Jo suggests the sonic screwdriver, but the Third Doctor said it’d be useless on this world. The only natural law there is Omega’s will.

Thinking, Jo then comes up with a solution, if Omega can make a planet, the Doctors must be able to create a door. The Doctors agree, and with a bit of effort they are ultimately successful at willing up a door. They then decide to leave to find the singularity chamber and tell the others to say put, which they don’t, Dr Tyler saying he doesn’t want to miss the chance to witness a singularity chamber, whilst Jo and Benton just decide to follow Dr Tyler. When all are gone, the door vanishes.

Now outside, the Doctors wander down the corridor in search of the singularity chamber, and are followed by Dr Tyler, Jo and Benton. However they have to turn back as a gel creature appears from round a corner. Elsewhere the Third and Second Doctor have found Omega’s throne room, agreeing that the chamber must be near, somewhere. They approach an archway covered in mist, and they both go through together after the Third Doctor prevents the Second doing a coin toss to decide who goes through first. As they go through they find another room, this one with a column of smoke in the middle. They stare at it in amazement, only to be interrupted by an irate Omega, non too pleased to find the Doctors in there. He asks why they are free and the Third Doctor tells him by combining their wills against his, followed on by the Second Doctor telling Omega that he’s not so powerful after all. Then the Third Doctor tells Omega that if he frees everyone he’ll plead his case to the Time Lords or the two Doctors will destroy Omega using their combined wills.

At this threat, Omega challenges the Doctors to fight his will. The Third Doctors says yes, if necessary. Omega then informs him that he shall be fighting the dark side of his mind. Then suddenly, the Third Doctor finds himself in a black void where he also finds a hideous figure advancing towards him.

At the other end of the palace, Benton, Jo and Dr Tyler are still navigating the corridors of the compound. Benton complains that it all looks the same, whilst Dr Tyler says that they can’t stay put either. So, they three of them carry on navigating through the labyrinth, occasionally turning back at the sight of a gel guard. They then arrive at crossroad area, and Benton complains that they’re lost. But Dr Tyler says that they can’t just give up instead, though. Then suddenly, Jo finds the flowers the Doctor gave her. Benton at first doesn’t understand but Jo explains that they’re on the corridor to the main entrance and so they all run off together, whilst the guards continue their advance. At the doors, Benton struggles to get them open, and when he does he’s met by the Brigadier and Mr Ollis, who are mounting their attack. Soon, everyone is out and they then all run outside, away from the compound, followed by the gel creatures.

The group keep on running (and getting fired at) until they reach an out-of-the-way shallow pit. Benton asks how the Brigadier and Ollis knew they were trying to get out, but the Brigadier and Ollis were trying to get in. The Brigadier then asks Jo if the Doctor was with her, she says yes, but the Brigadier doesn’t believe her. However, the group have to go on the move again as a group of gel creatures continue to advance on them.

Meanwhile, the Third Doctor’s and Omega’s battle of wills continues.

On the Time Lord home world the President has made contact with the First Doctor. The Doctor asks what they want, the reply being that the President wants the First Doctor to go into the black hole, and the energy levels in the place are running low. They will use the last of their energy to send the Doctor through, and the Doctor agrees “better than being stuck up here I suppose!” says the Doctor.

The Third Doctor’s and Omega’s wills continue their battle. The struggle gets to a point where Omega’s avatar brings the Doctor down and begins to strangle him.


Episode Four
(drn: 25'07")

The Third Doctor is battling the dark side of Omega’s mind. Suddenly Omega’s dark side grabs the Doctor and is about to strangle him. Omega declares his intention to destroy the Doctor, but is stopped by a panicking Second Doctor who convinces Omega that his Third self would be able to grant Omega his freedom. Soon, the Third Doctor finds himself lying on the floor with the appearance of trying to shake off the invisible man. Soon, he stops writhing and gets up, with the help of the Second Doctor. Then, he “thanks” Omega for the “demonstration”, and is told by Omega that he won’t be so lucky next time, and that it’s useless for the Doctors and their friends to defy him. The Second Doctor tell Omega that his friends do not defying him, but Omega then tells the two Doctors about everyone else’s escape attempt.

Outside, the Brigadier, Benton, Jo, Dr Tyler and Mr Ollis run over towards Bessie. They then climb in and Jo asks where they’re going. The Brigadier says UNIT HQ and informs a confused Jo that it’s closer that she thinks.

Back inside Omega’s throne room, the Third Doctor tells Omega that he created a singularity to create the palace and planet for himself and Omega confirms it. Then the Second Doctor reiterates what’s just been said, and Omega asks the Third Doctor if he and his Second self are of the same intelligence. Then, much to Omega’s annoyance, the Second Doctor asks Omega for a recorder to replace the one he lost. Afterwards, not wanting Omega to lose his temper, the Third Doctor tells Omega just to ignore the Second Doctor, and the Second Doctor protests “Just because you’re not musical…!”

However, when the Third Doctor says for Omega to continue, Omega cracks. Omega accuses the Doctors of playing childish games and furthermore threatens everything in existence with annihilation, whilst going on to speak about the way the Doctors “wrangle and babble on about pipes”, a comment which is met by “It’s not a pipe!” from the Second Doctor.

The Third Doctor then asks the Second what he is doing, to which the Second replies that he’s testing the limits of Omega’s self control, and goes on to comment that they’re not very good. The Third Doctor concurs, but advises the Second not to push it. The Second Doctor notes that Omega’s temper is his only weakness, but Omega then suspects something. Omega inquires if the Doctors are plotting against him, but the Third Doctor tells Omega that he was telling his associate to show Omega more respect, “I am thoroughly repentant,” says the Second Doctor, “You mentioned some task?”

Omega confirms it. He then explains his creating the world and the organisms that brought its visitors to it, and also points to the singularity which the light beam came from and said that he created it.

After a bit more ranting, Omega subdues and says it’s not enough and complains about his imprisonment. The Second Doctor asks Omega why he didn’t transport himself down the lightstream, but Omega tells him that if he did the world they’re on and himself would be destroyed in an instant. Omega then compares himself to Atlas, if he let go he couldn’t escape, and he couldn’t escape without letting go; a prisoner of his own power- until now. The task that Omega wants the Doctors to perform it to take his place for him, whilst he runs off to freedom.

Outside again, and the Brigadier, Benton, Jo, Dr Tyler and Mr Ollis are travelling in Bessie, whilst dodging fire from the gel creatures lining the route.

Back inside Omega’s chamber, Omega is asking for the Doctors answers. Reluctantly, they both agree to do want Omega wants them to do. After getting a satisfactory answer, Omega then asks them to help him prepare for his departure. His first request is for the Doctor’s to help him remove his mask, and informs them that they too would need similar contraptions to protect themselves from the lightstream, but says that the danger isn’t immediate as it takes time. So, in anticipation of having his mask removed, Omega sits down and beckons the Doctors on. The Doctors slowly lift up the front visor, but then promptly put it back down again in shock. Omega asks them why they have deviated, but is then informed by the Doctors that all that is left of him is his will. To check this, Omega removes his mask in front of a nearby mirror, and where his head should be is nothing. All that is left of Omega is his will, and so Omega begins moaning in disbelief and then threatens everything with destruction when he finds that he can only exist in his universe.

The Doctors then flee and the Second comments that Omega does lack self control as the pair of them rush out of the door.

The Brigadier and company arrive outside UNIT HQ in Bessie. The Brigadier stops the car, after almost crashing it, and they all climb out of the vehicle into the HQ. They are followed by the Doctors, who spot Bessie’s tracks and begin to follow them. Once the Brigadier, Jo and company are inside they lock to door to keep out intruders as explosions fire off outside. Everyone begins bickering but the Brigadier restores order and informally cautions Benton and Jo. Then, he asks what can be done against Omega. Suddenly, they hear a banging on the door, and Jo guesses it’s the Doctors, and rushes over with Benton to unlock the door. The visitors do turn out to be a pair of panicked Doctors and they both rush inside and the Brigadier locks the door again. Then, on the Third Doctor’s orders, everyone climbs into the TARDIS, the Brigadier nearly not as he spots the two Doctors and gets confused.

Once everyone’s inside, the Second Doctor switches on the TARDIS force field. Outside the TARDIS a group of gel creatures approach. Omega watches on his view screen and goes on to describe the TARDIS occupants as fools, and says that they’ll soon come back running, but by then nothing shall be left of the Universe.

At Time Lord Control, the President asks the operator about the situation. The operator tells him that the energy supplies have nearly run down, and that they lost contact with the First Doctor since he passed through the black hole, and due to the power levels, he can only advise, not act.

Back inside the TARDIS, the Second and Third Doctors have been explaining the situation to everyone else. The creatures can’t get in and they can’t get out. The Second Doctor says that if he could find his recorder he could play something for everyone, and the Brigadier goes on to say that they should be thankful for small mercies, which causes the Second Doctor to glare at him. Just then, Dr Tyler speaks, and he says that he’s impressed with the TARDIS and its principle, but still doesn’t understand how he got inside though, and he doesn’t wish to die in it either. Jo concurs and then Benton asks how they can “knobble this Omega bloke”, to which the Second Doctor tells him that Omega is one of the most powerful “blokes” in the cosmos, and they can’t just “knobble” him.

But before they can go any further the TARDIS consol begins to bleep. The Third Doctor deals with it and finds that it’s the First Doctor trying to contact them. The First Doctor asks if they’re having a mass meeting, and the Third Doctor explains that it’s too dangerous outside so they had to come into the TARDIS. The First says that they’re in “a right pickle”, being trapped in the TARDIS. The Second rebuts this by saying the First can talk, he’s trapped in a bubble! The First Doctor explain that talk is all he can do, and not much of that either. The transference turns out to be unstable and then says to “get on with it”. The Second Doctor asks what the First means, and the First says to find a solution. The Doctors then engage in a telepathic conference, as Jo explains it to the Brigadier. When they finish, they all agree on what ever it is and then do it. The First Doctor then fades away.

Once the First Doctor disappears, the Third Doctor tells the Second they must strip down the force field, but as the Second says, the TARDIS would be defenceless. But they will have to risk it. The Brigadier asks what the Doctors are doing; the Third one explains that they’ve found a way of dealing with Omega. So, the Second Doctor goes to fetch the force field generator and just as the Third Doctor asks what if Omega should refuse, in it the Second Doctor finds his recorder in the force field. The Third Doctor tells the Second not to touch it as it is still matter and they are not, but it gives him another idea as well. It doesn’t take long for the Second Doctor to realise what the Third’s plan is and he recoils in horror, devastated that his beloved recorder is to be destroyed in an attempt to defeat Omega. However, the Third Doctor tries to make it up to the Second by promising to get him some more at the end of it all.

At Time Lord Control, the operator informs the President of a contact, it’s the First Doctor giving them a progress report. The President asks if the Doctor had made contact with the others. The Doctor replies yes, but only for a short while. The President asks the Doctor to continue and the Doctor tells him that there may be a possible solution, but he’ll let them know later.

In the TARDIS the Second Doctor picks up the force field generator complete with recorder. The Brigadier asks what is going on and the Third Doctor explains that they can now strike a bargain with Omega. The Brigadier and Jo ask if it’s to be with the generator (box of tricks according to the Brigadier) and the recorder (or as Jo calls it, a flute). The Third Doctor explains that the “box of tricks” is a portable force field, whilst the Second says the recorder is more than a recorder. The two Doctors then turn round to the consol and the Second Doctor hands the generator over to Dr Tyler. At the consol, the Second Doctor switches on the viewing monitor and the Third Doctor calls for Omega. On the screen appears Omega’s face, and he asks what the Doctors want. The Third Doctor explains that he thinks he may have discovered a way to grant Omega’s freedom, and the Doctor goes on to ask for Omega to free the TARDIS so that they can come to him. At first Omega is suspicious, but the Second Doctor explains they just want to avoid the long walk. Omega concedes and frees the TARDIS. Before the Third Doctor does anything, he walks over to the consol and tells everyone to do as he tells them, and looks over to Jo and reiterates the point. The TARDIS then dematerialises.

The TARDIS soon reappears in Omega’s throne room, where Omega himself is waiting. The Doctors and everyone else step out of the TARDIS, where a waiting Omega stands and watches. Omega waits for everyone before asking the Doctors if they think their “trickery” will save them for long. But the Third Doctor says he’s come to set Omega free- on the condition that Omega lets everyone else leave first. Jo attempts to protest but Benton holds her back. The Third Doctor continues speaking and informs Omega that he thinks that he has found a way of restoring Omega’s freedom. Omega asks what, and says that he knows that the Doctors can’t free him, but they can join him in the eternity that lies ahead of them. Omega then explains that if the Doctors will willingly accompany him, he’ll set everyone else free. The Third Doctor says that he and the Second agree to Omega’s terms; they will not attempt to leave. Jo tries to protest again, and is again restrained by Benton as the Third Doctor tells her she promised to do as he said.

Omega then tells everyone that they can now leave, but they must be thankful that he is merciful. Omega leaves the room and the Brigadier asks what to do. The Third Doctor explains that all they have to do is walk through the column of smoke which is the singularity and assures them that it’s harmless, a point backed up by the Second Doctor. Dr Tyler is the first to walk through, his reason being that he doesn’t want to miss the chance of a lifetime. Next it’s Mr Ollis, him having declined first time round. Benton is next; he walks through the smoke and disappears. Then it’s Jo, she is initially resistant but is persuaded by the Brigadier and the Third Doctor. Finally, it’s the Brigadier’s turn, and before he goes through he salutes the Doctors and disappears.

Once everyone else has gone Omega walks back into the room. He tells the Doctors that he has “played their game” and now they must “play his”, and they mustn’t escape. Just then the Second Doctor walks out of the TARDIS with the generator and recorder, and tells Omega that he is wrong. The Second Doctor explains that Omega can have his freedom and he holds up the generator, telling Omega that it is there. Omega calls is a childish contraption and inquires about it further. The Second Doctor says it’s the only freedom Omega can ever have and tells him to take it. Omega pauses, and then the Doctors attempt to “will” Omega to take it. However, Omega just laughs at their attempt and the Third Doctor shouts at Omega to take the box. However Omega is displeased at the Doctors giving him commands and in his anger he knocks the box onto the floor, recorder too. The Doctors run into the TARDIS and in a bright flash Omega’s world is destroyed and the black hole turns into a star again.

The Time Lords watch the black hole vanish and power to their facility is soon restored. The President is relieved at this. He comments at there being another source of energy and says “Once again, Omega…” as he looks on at the screen.

Back on Earth, UNIT HQ and its contents and inhabitants return to their positions. Jo, the Brigadier, Benton and Dr Tyler, although confused, are relieved to be back. Benton confirms their presence on Earth by looking out of the window and onto the garden outside. However Jo is still worried and asks about the Doctors. The Brigadier is sure that they’ll turn up as usual, but Jo begins sobbing and swings round into the arms of a comforting Benton. The Brigadier says “Wonderful chap…both of him.”

Suddenly, to Jo’s delight, the TARDIS appears again and out step the Third and Second Doctors. They are both chuckling away and the Third is commenting that Omega had no self-control as he walks out into the lab. The Doctors are greeted by Jo, Benton, the Brigadier and Dr Tyler, and the Second Doctor says that they managed by the skin of their teeth. Then, the Second Doctor asks about Mr Ollis, and the Third Doctor says he’ll be back where he came from.

Sure enough, Mr Ollis turns back up at the Bird Reserve. He’s disorientated but nonetheless relieve to be back. So, he begins walking again, back to the cottage.

Back at UNIT, the Third Doctor is busy explaining that Omega’s will was like the tension in elastic, and when it was broke, everything sprung back to its original position. Benton, at that, asks why they ended up in the TARDIS and the Second Doctor explains by saying it was the proper place for them. Jo then asks about the recorder (or flute), and the Doctors explain that when it fell into the force field, it remained matter when everyone else was processed, and when it touched the floor, which was anti-matter, the two annihilated each other. Dr Tyler finishes of by commenting that the Black Hole became a supernova as a result. However, the Second Doctor is still lamenting the loss of his favourite instrument.

Just then, the First Doctor calls from the TARDIS, and everyone rushes back inside it. The Third and Second Doctors walk in triumphant and the First informs the Second that they must now return to their original time streams. Then, as a final jest, the First Doctor comments that he shudders to think what his future selves would do without him and he then disappears. The Second Doctor does likewise, but saying goodbye this time, “Goodbye, it’s been so nice to meet me.”

Dr Tyler comments by saying “Now I’ve seen it all!” whilst Jo says, on the departure of the Second Doctor, “Pity, he was so sweet!” to which the Doctor says “Yes, wasn’t I?” with a knowing grin.

But as far as the Brigadier is concerned, one Doctor is enough! Then he and Benton go off to do an inventory, but not before Benton asks what to do should anything be missing, a remark met with a stare from the Brigadier, “Come along Benton…”

Dr Tyler says he’d better be going too, he thanks the Doctor and then comments that he won’t write about anything that has happened, not unless he wants firing that is, and so he leaves, smiling. Once Dr Tyler leaves, the Doctor paces, looking depressed. Jo tells him that everything worked out in the end. The she realises the Doctor is glum for having to trick Omega, though he says it wasn’t exactly tricking him; the Doctor promised Omega his freedom and he gave it to him, the only freedom Omega could have. Jo says it was either Omega or everything when suddenly, a wheezing/groaning noise sounds out and on top of the central column is a small object.

The Doctor picks up the object and says that it’s a new dematerialisation circuit. Furthermore, the Doctor notices he now has the de-mat codes back; his exile on Earth is over. But first he needs a new force field for the TARDIS of course. But the Time Lords have officially forgiven the Doctor now.

Back at the Bird Sanctuary, a slightly irate Mrs Ollis walks out of the cottage to meet up with her husband. She berates him and asks where he has been. Mr Ollis’ reply is: “I’m afraid you’d never believe me! Is supper ready?” and he walks back inside.

Source: Chris Gadsby

Continuity Notes:
  • For the First Doctor, this takes place after The Time Meddler and is a prequel to The Empire of Glass. For the Second Doctor, this likely takes place early during Season 6B since he not only recognizes Benton but his aware of Lethbridge-Stewart promotion to brigadier (The Invasion). Furthermore, he has not aged much since his last appearance (The War Games).
  • If the Time Lords could just pull the Doctor out of time as easily as they could here, the question is why they couldn't have used this while he was on the run from them in his previous two incarnations. However, back then they didn't know where the Doctor was at the present, wheras they knew it here, so it is possible that they need to have something to 'work backwards' from, if you will.
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